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Best Small Chest Freezer

Do you live in a relatively small property and don’t have space for a traditional freezer, or do you perhaps have a larger property and just need an additional freezer to store extra supplies in? A small chest freezer may be a good investment in either scenario. They are not quite as easy to organise and arrange, but there are many small chest freezers out there that offer a great amount of storage space for an affordable price.

When it comes to looking for one, though, you may find yourself going down a rabbit hole you never realised existed. There are a lot of small chest freezers available right now. How can you tell which is best? You could go through the painstaking process of looking through all the products and the reviews, but as your time is precious, we wanted to help you out.

That’s why we put together this guide to the best small chest freezers out there. As well as our pick of the top 10 models, we have also included a buyer’s guide that discusses all the important considerations you need to make when purchasing one of these handy appliances. That includes the features that most vital.

Let’s not waste any more time right now and let’s look at those top models.

Best Small Chest Freezer 2020

Igenix IG100 Freestanding Chest Freezer

First in or list is the IG100 freestanding chest freezer from Igenix. With a storage capacity of 100-litres, this is an ideal small chest freezer when you are looking for additional space if you like to stockpile or want to free up some of the available space in your main freezer.

It’s great for batch cooking. Like most modern electrical appliances, it has been designed with energy efficiency in mind and has an a+ energy rating. This makes it even more attractive investment because you don’t have the worry about using an excessive amount of electricity to run two freezers and the resulting energy bills will still be easy to manage.

In addition to the large open space of the main compartment, you benefit from the inclusion of a freezer basket. This can be used to separate and store some items you want more easily accessible than others. For instance, that turkey you are saving for Christmas can stay at the bottom, whereas the frozen chips and peas can be placed in the basket and then you don’t have to root around to try and find them.

Igenix products are constantly featuring high in the lists of top products across all categories, so it’s no surprise that this chest freezer has been designed and built to a high standard. The company have put their money where their mouth is, as further evidence of its quality and provided a 2 year’s guarantee for it. Just remember to register for this online, once you have bought it.

Cookology CCF99BK Black Chest Freezer for Outbuildings

Next up we have the first chest freezer in our list from the incredibly popular and highly regarded company Cookology. This is quite a classy and sophisticated looking electrical appliance to say the very least. However, it is more than just good looks and clean, smart black lines. It offers exactly what customers familiar with the brand have come to expect – extraordinary value for money and outstanding performance. A little under the above model, this has a capacity of 99-litres, which we still think is a reasonable amount for most regular-sized household’s secondary freezer. The thing we really want to highlight, to begin with, though, is the fact it is designed purposely with outbuildings in mind.

Therefore, if you are looking for a chest freezer for your garage, this is the right model for you. It has an average energy use of around 168kWh/annum, which works out as about 7p a day. Which makes it a must if you are trying to watch those utility bills and don’t want to be left in debt from running two freezers simultaneously.

Other key features we want to highlight about this model is the fact it comes with a basket so you can bring a bit of order to the chaos often associated with chest freezers, and that we really like the aluminium lining on the interior. Not only does it provide a nice bit of texture, but it also helps when you are storing items inside it.

Best of all, this freezer comes with a drainage valve that will help you when you need to clean or defrost the freezer, as any water that melts will be directed through the valve out of the front of the appliance, reducing the amount of mess.

The fact that it runs with an operating noise level of just 41 dB is simply the cherry on an already affordable and high-value cake.

Russell Hobbs 99-Litres A+ Energy Rating Chest Freezer

Another familiar name in the world of electrical appliances is Russell Hobbs. Another chest freezer with 99-litres, this is the ideal size to relieve your main freezer a little and provide you with a space to store a stockpile of batch cooking or any meats and other food you are collecting together for summertime barbecues etc.

As it has an energy rating of A+, rather than costing you too much, it will help you save money in the long run. The addition of a wire storage basket helps to give you a place to put the items you are more likely to need soon somewhere where they are closer to hand. Who really wants to search for those frozen cauliflower florets and Brussel sprouts through 99-litres worth of pre-cooked and frozen meats and chicken kormas? We certainly don’t and we expect you don’t.

Another relatively quiet model, the operating noise level of this freezer is just 42dB, which is hardly going to disturb the household or neighbours. With adjustable feet and adjustable thermostat, you have full control over the sturdiness of the appliance and can always ensure the food you keep in there is frozen to the right temperature.

Russell Hobbs are well-known for their manufacturing ingenuity and the attention they pay to the aesthetics of their products and this model is no exception. To help ensure you get the most out of your investment, you are covered with a standard one-year manufacturer warranty. However, if you register the freezer online after purchasing it, you will be entitled to a completely free extended warranty of 5 years. To help with cleaning and defrosting, like many other models in our list, this also has a defrosting valve where all the excess water is redirected.

IceKing 51-Litre Chest Freezer Suitable for Garages and Outbuildings

The next item on our list is the first from the appropriately named IceKing brand. This company has a growing reputation for designing high performance and popular machines. Although smaller than the others in our list so far, this 51-litre. It is 36cm wide, and the perfect storage solution for extra foodstuffs that you don’t have space for in your main freezer, particularly if you are in a smaller property and/or have a combination fridge freezer.

Rather than being wide and more horizontal, the slimline and vertical design prevents it from taking up too much space. It is also worth noting that this model has been made not just with interior spaces inside your home in mind, but garages and outbuildings.

So, you don’t need to worry about trying to fit it into your kitchen or utility room and don’t need to worry about it not functioning properly in the garage. Like many of the others, this has an energy rating of A+, so it will eventually start to save you money in the long run, rather than adding to your bills and debt.

The standard inclusion of a wire basket for storing those items that you want to have quicker and easier access to on a more day to day basis is also a major plus point. We especially love, though, the counterbalanced lid, which makes rooting around even in the very bottom of it, easier and safer.

Fridgemaster MCF95 95-Litre Chest Freezer

Another big name in the world of electrical appliances and fridges/freezers along with those we have already featured products by is undoubtedly Fridgemaster.

The MCF95 is a great example of the company’s attention to detail with regards to the design and functionality of practical chest freezers. This only offers 95-litres, which makes it smaller than some, but we still think money spent on it would be money well spent for several great reasons.

For one, it has the almost standard energy rating for modern freezers of A+, which is high enough to ensure you will start saving money, especially if this is a replacement or help for an existing chest freezer or the main model in your household. As you’d expect, there is a wire basket for storing items you want easier and quicker access to, particularly items that are already opened and you don’t want to spill out and those foodstuffs that you use more regularly, like frozen veg and sausages.

When working it only generates a noise of 45dB so is not going to create major disturbances, wherever you decide to install it. There is not a lot negative to say about this freezer. If the price and dimensions suit your budget and available space, we would highly recommend it.

Cookology CCF99WH White Chest Freezer for Outbuildings

Another great model from people orientated Cookology is this chest freezer in white. It offers the energy class rating A+ that most expect of modern freezers and provides you with a total of 99-litres of storage space. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but trust us, if this is a secondary freezer, that is more than enough. Whether you are a batch cooker, like to buy bulk or just want to ensure you always have enough meat, fish and veg, then this is a great appliance to invest in.

As it has been designed with outbuildings and garages in mind, you can set it up virtually anywhere without worrying about its losing freezing performance.

There are so many great features to really appreciate in this freezer, beyond the above fact though. For one, it has its own easy to use drainage valve which is useful for reducing the amount of mess when you are defrosting or cleaning it, as it directs all melted ice water to one place to easily collect it on the outside.

Although you get 99-litres of storage space to play around with, it can be a real nightmare trying to get anything you actually want quickly out of a chest freezer. That is why, like so many others in our list, it features the obligatory wire basket. Want to keep opened bags of broccoli, chips, peas or fish fingers somewhere you can easily grab them? That’s what that’s there for.

Russell Hobbs RHCF150 Chest Freezer, 142-Litres

Another great chest freezer from Russell Hobbs now – the RHCF150, which offers the rather generous, and largest so far in our list, the capacity of 142-litres.

That is a lot of frozen food storage space to play around with and with the use of a counterbalanced lid, it couldn’t be safer to root around those legs of lambs, chickens or whatever it is you like to store in your secondary freezer.

As you’ve probably guessed if you’ve followed each review that has preceded this one, it does come with a wire basket. This is just a nice accessory to have as it allows you to keep things up higher, so anything you want to use soon or things that are already opened, can go inside it.

IceKing CF97W 97-Litre Chest Freezer for Garages and Outbuildings

Back again with IceKing for the final time, we have the CF97W 97-litre chest freezer to discuss. Like its counterpart, this has been designed not just with placement on the interior of your home in mind, but also garages and outbuildings too.

One great feature is the Fast Freeze tech that this model utilizes which means you can, as you’d guess from the name, quickly freeze to retain the freshness and nutritious nature of food. This benefits from adjustable temperature controls and a counterbalanced lid, making it versatile and easy to use. Say goodbye to those bumps on the head that you may be familiar with if you have used a model that doesn’t have a counterbalanced lid in the past.

IceKing has a sterling reputation but has backed up its reputation by providing a 2 years labour and parts warranty on this model.

Cookology CCF142BK Black Outbuilding Chest Freezer

For the final time in our list, we look to a product from Cookology as one of the best solutions for that chest freezer you are looking for to keep in your garage or outbuilding. The CCF142BK is another energy-efficiency model with an energy class rating of A+ and offers a generously large capacity of 142-litres. Who really needs more than that?

To make it even more of an enticing offer it is backed by a full 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Fridgemaster MCF194 Freestanding Chest Freezer

Last but certainly not least in our list is the second product from Fridgemaster we wanted to highlight. This is by far the biggest chest freezer that we feel is worth investing in offering a massive 194-litres storage capacity, which is the equivalent, give or take a few items, of 10 bags full of shopping. Yes, it’s not a small thing and excellent if you like batch cooking or bulk buying to save money.

With an energy class rating of A+, it will also contribute to you saving money eventually on your utility bills. As it is capable of operating without any problem in temperatures as low as -15-degrees Celsius, it is also perfect for keeping in an outbuilding or garage.

There are shelves and a wire basket which mean you can keep it from becoming a chaotic mess of batch cooked spag bol, frozen veg and whole chickens.

Best Small Chest Freezer – Buyer’s Guide

Now, we are confident we have included the best of the best small chest freezers. However, we realise that for many of you, you will need a bit more information before you can pick even from such a shortlist as the 10 above.

That is why we have put together this buyer’s guide – to help you understand what you should be looking at and thinking about when you buy a small chest freezer.


One of the biggest considerations you need to make when buying a small chest freezer is the cost. It should not be the only feature you factor in. You will find that most freezers of this style and size are available between £150 and £230.

Where Are You Going To Keep Your Small Chest Freezer?

Another thing you need to think about when choosing the right model of a chest freezer for your home is where you might keep it. If you are intending on keeping it in your kitchen or another room actually inside your home, then this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

However, If, for example, you are looking to set it up in your garage, you will be restricted in the models you can buy. The reason for this is that the majority of freezers are designed to function in rooms that are no colder than 10-degrees Celsius.

Features That Are Important

In addition to the advice above, we want to take the opportunity to also discuss some features we feel are important and that you should look out for when choosing a small chest freezer.

Lid Lock

There are two good reasons why a lid with a lock is a great feature to have on a chest freezer. Firstly, it is a great safety feature if you have young children in your house and want to prevent them from accidentally falling in. Secondly, if you do intend on keeping it in your garage, a lock will help to prevent your food from opportunist thieves.

High-Temperature Warnings

Many chest freezers are fitted with some kind of high-temperature warning, either in the form of lights or alarms that automatically activate when the internal temperature of the freezer begins to increase. They give you a chance to check out the issue and find a solution that, at the very least, could save you having to throw away everything in your freezer.

Counterbalanced Lid

A counterbalanced lid is a handy feature to have as it ensures the lid remains in a fixed position when you open it, enabling you to take food out of or put food into the freezer with both your hands. If you invest in a freezer without this feature you would need to find some way to prop the lid up, either with your hand or another tool or implement.

Storage Baskets

As we have already noted, chest freezers, whether they are big or small, are not the easiest storage appliances to keep neat, tidy and well organised. You can help to bring a bit more order into the chaos though with a freezer that features storage baskets. These tend to be suspended above the main section and are ideal for storing smaller items so that they are easier to find. You can also use them to store bags of things like chips and peas in an upright position to stop them from spilling out and making more mess for you to clear up.


We couldn’t think of something better to have as we are now in spring and looking ahead to summertime than a small chest freezer. We sincerely hope the list above helps you to find the perfect frozen food storage solution for your household. You have all the information you need and 10 great products to choose from. What’s stopping you?


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