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Internet Eyes Research, is a London based international research company with a particular focus on human behaviour. We develop innovative solutions for consumer and business intelligence, powered by data and people.

Internet Eyes aims at developing innovative solutions for consumer and business intelligence and delivers top quality research reports on various industries, emerging trends and technologies. Apart from this, we offer custom research reports and consulting services to help clients in forming their business strategies.

Internet Eyes is the product research and analysis blog to help UK shoppers make better, more informed purchasing decisions. It uses an in-depth, multi-disciplinary approach to ask the right questions, uncovering the hidden information in the retail environment that can be used to understand and improve the shopping journey.
The content on the blog covers all aspects of retail, from consumer trends to the latest changes to the way products are presented. Articles are peer reviewed by a panel of industry experts and are regularly updated with the latest research.
Internet Eyes’ international approach means that they are experts on the process and products they cover. As a member of the Consumer Goods Council, Internet Eyes can draw on access to international buyers, advisers and research from around the world to cover consumer trends and shopper attitudes to the products and retail environment.
The focus on making informed buying decisions means that they have access to information about new products and market developments that no other media outlet has, but that no media outlet has the resources to cover.
Readers are invited to join in on discussions on the blog to share their views and comments.

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