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Best Breast Pads UK

Breastfeeding is beautiful and is healthy for both you and your baby but it can be messy as well.

When breastfeeding, especially in the beginning, you can experience milk leaks. Leaking can be triggered by such things as taking a long break between pumping and nursing times or when you hear another baby crying.

Walking around with wet circles on your shirt can be embarrassing for nursing mothers. Also, the moisture rubbing against your skin can cause nipple irritation and sometimes leads to infections. To prevent this, you can use nursing pads. You only need to insert them in your nursing bra to soak up the extra milk.

Nursing pads come in a variety of shapes and levels of permeability. This means that you need to experiment with a few brands to find out which ones work for you best. You can start by checking out our top picks:

Top 10 Breast Pads UK

1. KeaBabies Organic Bamboo Nursing Breast Pads

KeaBabies Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads offer you with the most affordable washable breast pad option. This is a pack of 14 reusable nursing pads that is enough to last you a week which is useful especially if you hardly have the time to do laundry.

This product offers you total dryness with its 4 layers: the first is an ultra-soft layer that ensures maximum comfort. You don’t have to worry about irritation anymore. Then comes the two inner layers that ensure maximum absorption of the leaking milk and finally there is the outer layer that is waterproof. This ensures that your clothes remain dry all day and you can go about your day with confidence.

It is also made of organic bamboo which makes it safe for your baby. It is also capable of reducing odor from residual milk ensuring that you stay clean and fresh all day.

Most importantly. The KeaBabies breast pads offer you with maximum comfort. The pads are designed to perfectly fit your nipples without any awkward twisting.

  • Machine washable
  • 100% organic materials.
  • Comes with a washing bag.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Take time to dry.

2. NatureBond Washable Bamboo Cotton Nursing Pads

The NatureBond breast pads are ideal for mums with sensitive skin. It is made using Hypoallergenic Natural Bamboo cotton that protects your skin. The bamboo pads also helps as an anti-bacterial cover which makes it safe for the baby to feed at any time.

You still have the chance to look sensual with this breast pad choice. It has a lace design that resembles your regular bra and most importantly comes with a choice of five colors. You can choose to match your outfit with the breast pad.

The product has a 3D Contoured shape which ensures that the pad perfectly fits your breast shape allowing maximum comfort. It is accompanied by a laundry bag that prevents the pad material from tear and wears during machine wash.

  • Comfortable
  • Comes in a choice of 5 colors.
  • Made from Hypoallergenic bamboo cotton.
  • Ideal for soft skins.
  • Cones with a drawer box.
  • Affordable
  • A little bit bulky.
  • Takes time to dry.

3. Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Breast Pads

For any busy mum, buying disposable pads is sometimes the best option as you will not be stuck with the stress and inconvenience of cleaning. This way, you can replace the soaked pad with a clean one and go about your business.

The Lansinoh breast pads are ultra-absorbent and can be used both during the day and at night. They feature a quilted honeycomb lining that helps to remove moisture away from the skin ensuring total dryness.

They come with a breathable waterproof lining to prevent leaks. While these pads are thin, they have the ability to absorb a lot of milk. They have a contoured design that helps them fit the breasts better and have an adhesive that is used to hold them in position.

  • Individually packed for easy carrying.
  • Waterproof
  • Adhesive tape to hold the pad on the bra.
  • Women with sensitive skin may find them to be irritating.

4. Tommie Tippee Closer to Nature Disposable Breast Pads

For a busy mum looking for the best value breast pad pack, then this is the best choice. The Tommie Tippee Closer to Nature Disposable breast pads come in a pack of 50. This allows you to use them for an extended period without worrying about running out of stock.

The pads are ultra-soft and absorbent to boost the confidence of any breastfeeding mum. They have a breathable and non-slip design that ensures comfort all day long. They come in twin packs allowing you to carry them in your bag wherever you go without taking up much space.

  • Discreet for easy carrying.
  • Ultra-soft and absorbent.
  • Twin packed for convenience.
  • Not ideal for women with sensitive skin.

5. Lansinoh Washable Nursing Pads

Lansinoh offers you quality breast pads that are ideal for your everyday use. Their washable pads are made using ultra-soft material which is gentle on sensitive skin. The pads have a unique absorbent layer featuring bamboo fibers for fast absorption and drying. You are also guaranteed of all-day dryness thanks to its outer waterproof layer.

The Lansinoh breast pads have a contoured shape that allows them to mold well to the breasts ensuring that they stay in place. They also have a sleek design which makes them less noticeable when you wear them.

  • Waterproof outer layer.
  • Ultra-soft inner layer that offers comfort for all skin types.
  • Dry quickly.
  • Hold less leakage compared to their disposable counterparts.

6. Medela Disposable Nursing Pads

Some women experience heavy leaking, especially at the beginning. When everything starts to get out of hand, and you are producing more milk than your little one can feed, then you will want to find a thicker and highly absorbent pad. Medela offers you the best breast pad if you are in such a scenario.

The brand designs the pads with double adhesive to ensure that they stay in place and you won’t have to keep finding them all the time you reach into your bra. If you have had a problem with your pads in the past then this could be your solution.

These pads are made from cotton, nylon, and a greatly absorbent polymer to ensure complete dryness. This will boost your confidence throughout the day and you can comfortably go about your business. They are individually wrapped for safe and clean keeping in your bag.

  • Affordable than most disposable breast pads brands.
  • They hold a high amount of leaks.
  • Contoured fit for women with larger breasts.
  • Slightly visible through clothes.

7. NUK Ultra Dry Comfort Disposable Breast Pads

NUK offers you with the thinnest, most discreet disposable nursing pad. They have a virtually invisible and highly absorbent inner layer. Your nipples can remain comfortable and soothed thanks to the breathable outer layer which allows air to circulate. They are made from extra-soft fleece that prevents the pads from sticking to the skin.

The brand offers nursing pads that are designed to perfectly fit the breasts. They have an adhesive strip that holds the pads securely to the bra preventing them from falling off.

The NUK nursing pads are ideal for mothers who are looking for some backup against unwanted leaks.

  • Super thin and discreet.
  • Extra soft and gentle on the skin.
  • They lack a sticky back hence move when inserted in the bra.

8. Vital Baby Nurture Ultra Comfort Breastfeeding Pads

Vital Baby Nurture ensures that you are dry both during the day and night. You don’t have to worry about the pads falling off the bra anymore. They come with double sticky tabs for added security and prevent them from slipping.

For maximum comfort, the Vital Baby Nurture comes on a 3D contour that ensures that the pad fits in naturally. This also ensures maximum absorbency by locking in wetness away from the nipples preventing irritation and infection. They are made from breathable fabric that is leak-proof to help keep the moisture away from the skin.

  • Double sticky tabs for increased attachment.
  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Breathable
  • Designed to fit even women with larger breasts.
  • Non-washable

9. NatureBond Disposable Nursing Breast Pads

This is a lightweight nursing pad that offers you maximum absorption of leaks. NatureBond offers pads that are thin and discreet that nobody will notice them when you wear them. They are an ideal choice for everyday wear regardless of the occasion.

The pads have a hydro blue layer that allows for quick absorption of the liquid. This is paired with Honey Comb Quilted lining to better improve the absorption rate. They also come in large sizes which ensures that all breast sizes are catered to. They have a contoured shape that holds on to the breasts comfortably.

Breastfeeding is made easy and comfortable thanks to their 2 adhesive strips that hold the pads in place to ensure they stay in place in nursing tops or bras. They are individually sealed in waterproof wrappers so you can carry it outdoors and maintain them clean and dry.

  • Large size than most of the disposable nursing pad.
  • Great absorption.
  • Thin and discreet.
  • The adhesive sometimes fails.

10. Philips Avent Disposable Breast Pads

The Philips Avent Disposable Nursing Pads have a natural shape, round with one dart for contouring. They are available for both day and night use. The night use pads are extra-large to ensure maximum absorption overnight when you lay down even on your side. They have a honeycomb textured design to offer a silky-soft feel.

The pads have multi-layers for maximum absorbency and an outer layer that ensures that the moisture is drawn into the core and remains there ensuring that your clothes remain dry. They have two adhesive strips that hold them to your bra to avoid them slipping.

  • Two adhesive strips.
  • Individually wrapped.
  • High absorbency.
  • The crease shows.
  • Doesn’t stick well.

Best Breast Pads – Buyers Guide

When it comes to buying the best nursing breast pads, there are certain things that you need to consider before you can make any single choice. First, you need to decide whether you will go for the washable or disposable option. Each of the two has its own set of advantages and disadvantages so it is up to you to decide which ones you can put up with.

There are other features and factors that you need to look into when buying your the best nursing pads. In this section, we will take you through all these factors and hopefully offer helpful information that will help during your next purchase.

Disposable vs. Washable Breast Pads

Disposable pads are convenient and their plastic back prevents milk from soaking your clothes. Washables are softer, safe for the environment, and offer a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Let’s take a look at each of these options below.

Disposable Breast Pads

Disposable nursing pads are the best for busy mums and are liked by many for their convenience. These are easily changed and soaks up the milk quickly. They absorb moisture and leave you feeling dry all through.


Thin – Most disposable pads are thin thus almost invisible. Nobody will know that you have one on unless you reveal it to them. They are, therefore, ideal for use during any occasion.

Waterproof – They are highly porous and have a water-resistant layer that prevents the milk from drenching your clothes.

Hygienic – The disposable pads usually come in individual packs and conveniently allow you to carry them anywhere. You can pack a few of them in your purse and you are set for the whole day.

Practical – They are easy to change and dispose of making them the ideal choice for always on the move mom.



Not Breathable – They have a waterproof lining that doesn’t allow air to flow through them. They trap heat and moisture in them that can lead to thrush.

Skin irritation – Some nursing pads are made from plastic materials which can cause irritation to sensitive skin. This way, you cannot use it for extended periods of time.

Price – Disposable nursing pads absorb less milk than reusable nursing pads. This means that you will constantly need to change them which can be costly in the end.


Washable Breast Pads

Reusable nursing breast pads allow you to reuse them. Quality nursing pads are made bamboo or cotton fabric that is highly breathable. They offer your breasts maximum comfort all day long. Large, well-made, and high-quality breast pad can last you from one baby to the next.

Pros of Washable Breast Pads

  • Durable – Quality reusable breast pads can be used over a long period of time. This way, you will be saving on the cost as well as contributing to environmental conservation.
  • No harsh chemicals – Unlike most plastic disposable pads, the washable pads are chemical-free and gentle on your skin.
  • Comfortable – Reusable breast pads are soft and are ideal for tender, sore skin.
  • Breathable – These pads allow air to flow through them thus helping in keeping away soreness and infections like thrush.
  • Greener option – Since you are reusing them, you will protect the environment from greenhouse gases.
  • Cheaper in the long run – This is a one-time investment. You don’t incur any recurring costs when you buy reusable breast pads.

Disadvantages of Washable Breast Pads

  • Maintenance – You need to have a planned laundry day and use your washing machine so you don’t run out of breast pads to use.
  • Expensive – The initial cost of buying reusable nursing pads is a bit higher compared to disposable ones.
  • Not waterproof – Some washable breast pads lack the waterproof lining. Therefore, if you leak excess milk it will wet your clothes.
  • May be visible – Washable nursing pads are usually larger and bulky than the disposable ones. This means that some fabric may protrude from the bra and become visible to people. Women should switch to washable when their milk supply it levelling out.

 Features to Consider

Now that you have decided on whether to go for the disposable or washable breast pad option, you need to select from one of the many brands available when deciding on the best nursing pads for your needs. Some of the factors to consider include the following.

  • Comfort Level -It is common that after breastfeeding, your nipples be left feeling sore and sensitive. It is important for you to choose a breast pad that is comfortable to wear since you will be wearing it throughout the day. It is important that is soft on your breast to avoid any irritation that is likely to lead to more soreness.
  • Price – While a low priced breast pad appears to be the best choice at first, the quality is often compromised. You need to note that not all nursing pads are the same. Quality pads are the best option as they can help soak up the leaking breast milk sparing you from public embarrassment.
  • Leak-Proof – Some nursing pads cannot hold many leaks especially if you have a heavy leak. The best breast pad is one that can prevent milk leaking and soaking your bra or top.
  • Not Visible – A nursing pad shouldn’t be easily seen through your clothes. The thinner the breast pad is, the best it is at staying unnoticeable. But be warned, the thinner you go, the more absorbency you have to sacrifice. Even as you choose a thinner one, look for those that are reasonably unnoticeable.
  • Ease of Wearing – Considering that they will stay in your bra throughout the day, it is important to wear a breast pad that can hold still in your bra. A good pad should not slip and cause discomfort as you go about your daily routine.
  • Breast Size and Shape – If you have large breasts, finding breast pads that give enough coverage and stay in place may be hard. A pad that hangs below your nipple will not offer much help. On the other hand, if you have smaller breasts, you need a more contoured nursing pad. What is important is that you find breast pads that perfectly fit your breasts for the best results.
  • Materials – When it comes to the make of the pad, you need to consider both the inner and outer materials. Most disposable breast pads have an inner lining that contains a superabsorbent polymer. If you are open to the idea of using pads containing a polymer, you can opt for those with wood pulp. If that doesn’t sound pleasing either go for the reusable bamboo nursing pads which are made of bamboo, cotton, or a blend of the two. In most cases, you will find little information being offered on the materials used to make disposable nursing pads. If you are concerned about the material in use you can contact the manufacturer directly or choose a brand that discloses that information.
  • Skin Sensitivity – If you have sensitive skin, you need to avoid breast pads with fragrance or any components that may trigger irritation. As mentioned, you may already be having sore nipples so the last thing you want is worsening the situation.
  • How Much You Leak – This may not be clear to you before the birth of your child. But you will know it within a couple of weeks after birth. If you leak a lot, then you will be concerned about absorbency. You will want to buy nursing pads that can hold much of the leak and also one that is waterproof to avoid wetting your clothes.


Breastfeeding can be enjoyable if done correctly but there are so many different baby products on the market that it can be confusing.

You can avoid all the messiness that comes with nursing your baby by taking a few extra steps like buying breast pads. Breast milk leaking is common with most moms and most feel embarrassed and lose confidence. Don’t be that mom! Invest in quality breast pads for your daily use. You can choose from either the disposable or washable options available in the market depending on your preferences as well as your routine. The disposable pads are more ideal for the up-and-and about moms as it offers them the much-needed convenience. The washable options also offer you great comfort all day long. Whichever one you choose to buy, always go for good quality pads to ensure your comfort and avoid irritation and infections. Our pick of Best Breast Pads should serve as a starting point.

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