Best Pocket Hole Jig

In a rush? Here’s our number 1 choice! Kreg 613663 Master System It’s the original that started all this, the design that others strive to copy, and the one that really is the best in the business. This package has it all, so you’re set up and ready to go!   Introducing The Pocket Hole … Read more

Best iPad Bed Stand

In a rush? Here’s our number 1 choice! Mebber Tablet Stand for Bed Its cheap yet decent quality, simple to use with cleverly adjustable legs, fits most sizes of tablet and smartphone, and does the job to the satisfaction of many customers. iPad Bed Stands The iPad has become one of the most-used items for … Read more

Best Magnetic Charging Cable

In a rush? Here’s our number 1 choice! Hemamba 3-in-1 Cable Fast – 3A rated – and reliable and it comes with all three connectors so is compatible with all devices. There may only be one cable, but it’s the best one of the 10 we reviewed.   The Top 10 NetDot 3-pack 2nd Generation … Read more

Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

In a rush? Here’s our number 1 choice! ROC Premium Fruit Infuser It’s the right size, comes with a sleeve, is good quality and at the right price, and you also get a recipe book with it – it’s the one for us! Any dietician or health advisor will tell you that keeping hydrated is … Read more

Best iPhone 7 Wallet Case

In a Rush? Here’s Our Number 1 Choice! FYY RFID Blocking iPhone 7 Case It’s the only one with an RFID blocker, has universally great customer reviews, is good quality and a quite amazing price, plus it has all the features you need.   The iPhone 7 Wallet Case The iPhone: one of the wonders … Read more

Best Hoverboard Cart

In a Rush? Here’s Our No.1 Choice! HumanGold Hoverkart All Terrain The best by far; a full-suspension, rubber wheeled, top quality hoverkart that ticks all the boxes,  and one that you can genuinely take off-road. An Introduction to Hoverboard Carts Each one of us, no matter our age, has seen Back To The Future, the … Read more

Laser Tag Guns

In a rush? Here’s our number 1 choice! Nerf Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint We felt of all the options we looked at and all the products we reviewed that we really liked this one the best. Although there are major improvements that Nerf could make, their reputation is suitably upheld by this addition to the … Read more

Best Washing Up Gloves

In a rush? Here’s our number 1 choice! TopBine Reusable Rubber Long Sleeve Dishwashing Gloves, Pack of 4 Of all the washing up gloves we’ve reviewed, these stand out for a number of reasons – they are ambidextrous, made from high quality materials and come in four different colours – perfect for different jobs around … Read more

Best Back Scratcher

In a rush? Here’s our number 1 choice! G&D Wooden Bamboo Massager Back Scratcher With Body Stick Roller Although it was a hard decision, we decided that the G&D back scratcher and body stick roller was the best of the bunch. Not only do you get a high-quality back scratcher, but you also get a … Read more

Best Casual Shoes For Men

In a Rush? Here’s our number 1 choice Skechers Status 2.0 Pexton Boat Shoes From the moment we included the Pexton boat shoes from Skechers, we knew they were one of our favourites. When choosing one to highlight above all others, it had to be them. They are the perfect middle ground between casual and … Read more