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Best Beginners RC Helicopter UK

Whether you are venturing into RC flying for fun or other reasons, you are sure to enjoy doing it. Your early days flying RC helicopters will surely be fun. But it can be even better if you are flying some of the best beginner’s RC helicopter. Radio-controlled flying could pack all the ease for a beginner no doubt. But it could be complicated too if one starts out using the wrong type of helicopter.

Over the years, the RC flying realm has evolved significantly. Going from 2-stroke methanol engines to motors powered by lithium polymer batteries. The performance of RC helicopters has improved greatly and they have become more accessible to everyone.

Asides flying them as a pastime, there are other great applications of RC helicopters. They are used for filming, surveillance, aerial photography, and 3D flying. As a beginner going into RC flying for any of these reasons, you want to be sure that you are getting what is right for you. This article was written to guide you as you make that choice. The remaining parts of this article look into the details of some of the best beginner RC helicopter and there is a buying guide too.

1. WanNing RC Helicopter, 2.4GHz 3.5CH

When you get the WanNing RC Helicopter, you will find 8 items in the pack. These items include the helicopter, a manual, a battery, a USB cable, a 3.5-channel remote, 2 small propellers, 2 big propellers, and a screwdriver.

First off, the WanNing RC Helicopter operates using 2.4GHz radio frequency for control. This is good news for anyone that uses it because it makes for long-range control. At such frequency, the likelihood of interference is reduced. You can be in the same place with other RC helicopters and not have moments where the transmission to your helicopter is affected.

When it is your first time flying an RC helicopter, you might feel shaky. That is quite normal. But this product makes things easier for you. It has a gyroscope built within for smooth and stable flight. This way you can pay more attention to other dynamics of flying your helicopter without being distracted by its shakiness. Lift-off is smooth, changing direction is easy, and these are made easy by the gyroscope.

If it bothers you that you might not be able to use your helicopter in the dark or at night, then worry not. The WanNing RC Helicopter has a LED light installed on it to allow navigation in the dark. The parts of this product are all environment-friendly yet durable. With this helicopter, you can do move left, move right, move forward, and move backward. Of course, it is a helicopter so you should expect that it can rise from the ground and fly. But that is not all, it can also hover and descend. The battery charges in a short time, usually in about 30 minutes.

  • It has stable aerodynamics.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It can be used in the dark.
  • It can be operated over long ranges.
  • It is made from environment-friendly materials.
  • It charges quickly.
  • It has only a single battery option.


2. Syma 2nd Edition S107 S107G New Version Indoor Helicopter

The Syma S107G Indoor Helicopter is available in red and yellow. It comes assembled so that is one thing you do not have to bother about. Just get it out of the box and you are ready to go. In the box, you will find the helicopter, the remote, a USB charger, and the manual.

This RC helicopter operates using 2 frequencies. With this feature, you can fly 2 helicopters at the same time. The remote control connects using infrared technology and it operates between 26.96 – 27.28 MHz. One thing to note is that the remote functions best when used indoors.

It packs so much stability too. The gyroscope is an upgraded version of the first. With this gyroscope, you can control the helicopter smoothly and with precision. When the helicopter does what you want when you control it, your first time flying feels less tense. Although the helicopter is lightweight, the design is one that favours balance in the air. This design coupled with the upgraded gyroscope offers an overall smooth flying experience.

The helicopter runs on lithium polymer batteries. But you will not find this in the pack. You have to get this yourself. Recharging the battery is quite easy, it takes a short period for a full charge. The battery would last about 10 minutes after a 30-minute charge. The body parts are mainly made of metal although there a few plastic materials too. Although this RC helicopter is lightweight, it offers a good degree of durability.

  • It has 2 frequencies of operation.
  • The remote can control 2 helicopters simultaneously.
  • It has stable aerodynamics.
  • It charges quickly.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It is suitable for indoor use only.
  • The battery could last longer.


3. Remote Control Helicopter, Mini RC Indoor Helicopter Rechargeable Infrared Induction Drone

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