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Best Back Scratcher

Back scratchers may just be one of the best inventions human beings have ever come up with. Well, they certainly feel like that when you’ve got a killer itch on your skin and need to scratch your back with you need a reliable back scratcher that can deal with it in minutes, rather than the half an hour it may have taken you to deal with it on your own.

Admittedly, back scratchers don’t represent too big of an investment compared to other health and well-being products. So, you might wonder, why put together a guide to the best backscratchers in the first place? Well, cheap and affordable most back scratchers maybe, but they are not necessarily all equal. Some are better than others and if you really want good value for money, you need to take a pause and think carefully about your buying decision, rather than just opting for the first one you come across.

Best Back Scratcher 2020

1. WOVTE Bear Claw Black Telescopic Back Scratcher

First, in our guide we’ve got this awesome and unique telescopic back scratcher from WOVTE. This has a very unique design featuring a bear claw on one end(though we think it looks pretty human to us). Both the bear claw scratcher and the handle are made from stainless steel. The Wovte bear claw handle is built in three sections and can fully extend to 23-inches in length, so it should be long enough to reach for getting to those awkward spots.

If the idea of running a bear claw over your back sounds a bit too much, don’t worry. The bear claw has been made to be sharp enough to get rid of itches easily, but rounded and blunt enough that it won’t cause lasting damage to your skin. The handle of the bear claw scratcher is made from a durable, but very soft rubber grip material that fits nicely into your hand making this a lot of fun and easy to use.

  • Durable and comfortable rubber handle
  • Robust stainless-steel construction
  • Extendable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Claw has tendency to swivel
  • Need to be careful not to scratch too hard

2. DGI Back Scratcher

Next in our guide, we’ve got this fun little thing from DGI. Their telescopic back scratcher is very small, about the size of a pen, but can extend to be long enough to scratch those itches in those hard to reach places on your back.

Beneath the sharp enough but not too sharp prongs is the delightfully comical OUCH! If you’re looking for a no-thrills, no bells and no whistles design, then this is the one for you. No-fuss or hassle, simply take it out of the packaging, adjust it to the length you need and scratch until your heart and back are content. We can’t say fairer than that for something that costs roughly the same as a four-pint carton of milk!

  • Simple design
  • Metallic construction
  • Extendable
  • Brightly coloured
  • There have been issues with quality control and consistency
  • A bit flimsy – get what you pay for though!

3. OWUDE Portable Telescopic Back Scratcher Pack of 2

How about, instead of just one back scratcher, you buy 2 for the price of 1? This is a great idea if are looking to get something to deal with those itches for you and your partner or more than one person in your household. Made from stainless steel, this particular scratcher has a five-section handle with telescopic back scratcher that extends it from just 6.29-inches to 19.6-inches with no trouble at all, meaning it should find those hard to reach places easily.

There is nothing out of the ordinary with the design of this back scratcher, but really, why fix something that didn’t need breaking. It’s actually very similar to the above item. We like this one though because you get two, so whether you’re buying it for two different people or just so you have a spare, we think this offers great value for money.

  • Money-saving 2 pack
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Extends to 5 different set lengths
  • Features handle hook for storing it on the wall or a rack
  • Can be a little tough to open and retract
  • Smaller than you may think


4. Anself Stainless Steel Extendable Back Scratcher

Next up is a very similar option to the two products directly above. This time from a company called Anself, this stainless steel back scratcher can extend to 26.-inches long to get those hard to reach places. It features a very soft rubber grip that means even when you need to have a good and long scratching session, your hand won’t feel too fatigued holding it for that time.

We should point out that there’s no reason why you need to stick to just using back scratchers on your back. They can be used just about anywhere you get an itch. Again, this is hardly the fanciest or glamourous product. But, really, do you need that from something you’re just going to use every so often to work at those itches? The bottom line is that it has been made using good quality materials and has been finished to a high standard and offers you relief and comfort for under a fiver.

  • Affordable and effective
  • High quality stainless-steel construction
  • Comfortable rubber handle
  • Telescopic design
  • Stainless-steel is coated with enamel paint that dulls the scratching ability somewhat
  • Scratcher head swivels around when extended

5. G&D Wooden Bamboo Massager Back Scratcher With Body Stick Roller

Next up we’ve got a great wooden back scratcher that does more than just tackling itches. This is a 2 in 1 type of product that features the hand-like scratcher at one end, as you’d expect. At the other end, however, it features four generously sized rollers that can be used to provide a soothing and therapeutic massage. If you like the idea of prolonging your itch scratching session and transforming it into a full-body tension reliever, this is the back scratcher for you.

It’s made from 100% bamboo and wood and measures around 18-inches in length, so is more than big enough for most people. We really like that it’s not metallic and has that more natural look and feel to it. If it were as long as it is and hand just the scratching end, this would still be a great deal, but the fact it has the rollers and can offer tension relief in two different ways makes it a great investment for yourself or as a fun and practical gift.

  • 2 in 1 design, back scratcher and massager
  • Robust and durable bamboo and wooden construction
  • Natural look and feel
  • Decent length
  • Not extendable
  • Scratcher head may be a bit too rounded and soft

6. BackBliss Back Scratcher And Exfoliator

Next, we have another interesting twist on the back-scratcher formula, this time from a proudly British company called BackBliss (emblazoned on the front of the packaging is the fact it’s made in Britain). Rather than looking like the other backscratchers we’ve featured so far; this is similarly designed to a brush.

The scratching head is made of more than 110 pointy plastic cones, that’s able to cover a surface of 60-sq-cm, meaning at any one time you’ll have at least 50 of them working on those itches. Although it’s not extendable, some thought has been given to make it easier to reach the tougher parts of your body. The handle tapers in gradually from the head, allowing you a degree of flexibility when using it.

Thanks to the flexible design and construction of the scratching cones, it bends with the shape of your back. This means that you can always have just the right amount of pressure against that itchy skin, from the top of your shoulders to just above your buttocks and beyond. Did we mention it can be washed in the dishwasher or that it was featured on Dragon’s Den? Oh look, we just have!

  • Can be used as an exfoliator or back scratcher
  • Available in 5 cool colours
  • Bends with your back
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Some people thought the handle was a little too short
  • Bit on the pricey side for what it actually is

7. Renook Bamboo Wooden Back Scratchers, Pack of 5

Made from high-quality mature bamboo, these are strong, sturdy and as they are handmade each one is slightly different. This makes it great if you’re buying a set for the family and want to assign one to each member, so there are no fights, bickering or arguing about who’s turn it is. As they are not completely identical you won’t have the confusion and arguments of ‘Dad, he is using mine’ or ‘Why are you using my one mum?’. With these back scratchers bliss in more than one way is possible.

Even if you’re just buying a set for you or one person, they are a great option. You can have one in different rooms, so you never lose them and always have one at the ready.

  • Money-saving pack of 5
  • High quality mature bamboo construction
  • Robust and durable
  • Good length and scratching ability
  • Cheap looking and feeling, but what do you expect?
  • Some items have been noted to have splinters – be careful

8. KissDate Telescopic Back Scratchers & Handheld Scalp Head Massagers Kit, Pack of 4

At Internet Eyes, we are always on the lookout for a great money-saving bargain and we think we’ve found just that with this back scratcher and scalp head massager 4-pack. Like most people, we’re sure that it’s not just your back that needs relief from time to time. Heads can get itchy too and even if they’re not itchy, a head massage can be a sublime thing, to say the least.

First of all, this pack as claw-style extendable back scratchers that can grow from 21.8 to 58cm. The scratcher part of the device is made from stainless steel, while the handle is made from a comfortable and easy to grip rubber. The scalp massagers do not have extendable handles, but then who really needs extendable handles when you’re working on your head or someone else’s?

  • Great value for money
  • Both items do a great job
  • Extendable back scratcher
  • Well-made and lightweight
  • Scalp massager prongs can easily bend out of shape
  • Might not be sharp enough

9. Amazing Health High Quality Antique-Style Brass Back Scratcher with Wooden Handle

It’s fair to say that a lot…okay, most of the back scratchers in our guide, apart from this one, are well-made but lack anything special in the design side of things. If you’re looking for something a little more outlandish, then this next back scratcher should be right up your street. It features a nice long wooden handle with ornate finishing to really make it stand out.

The real star of the show, however, is the antique brass shaft and claw back scratcher. This really makes it feel like more than just a practical gadget and something that won’t look out of place in the sophisticated décor of your living room or bedroom. The fact that it’s a hand also gives it a quirky vibe that would definitely be a talking point with guests. Even on those swanky dinner parties and soirees.

  • Appealing Antique-brass design
  • Ornately finished wooden handle
  • Generously long
  • Works as well as an ornamental piece as it does a functional back scratcher
  • It’s sharp…some say too sharp
  • Needs to be filed down a little before use

10. Fanwer Plastic and Wood Composite Materials Double-Sided Massager Scratcher


The final product we’ve got to discuss in our guide is this awesome and practical 3 for the price of 1 back scratcher from Fanwer. It includes a massage hammer and massage comb at the top and an itch scratcher that can be removed, in the handle. The massage end is also extendable.

There is something extremely clever about having all this functionality in one handy and lightweight product. It’s like a swiss army knife of personal relief. It’s also extremely affordable.

  • 3 in 1 product
  • Extendable massager
  • Removable itch scratcher
  • Two types of massage implement
  • Good, but not great
  • Scratcher could be a little bigger and longer


Best Back Scratcher – Buyer’s Guide

As you can see there are a lot of different back scratchers available on the market. With so many different types and styles, though, it’s tough trying to find the best product to help you reach those itchy skin easily and comfortably. That’s why alongside the guides we’ve put together a handy buyer’s guide to help make your decision even easier.

Size and Shape

It may seem like a fairly obvious place to start, but the size and shape of the back scratcher is a crucial aspect to consider. There is no one size that fits all, no matter how much advertisers and brands try to make you believe there is. We are all different heights and shapes, and all have different levels of flexibility and mobility. So just because one may seem to be right for many people, it doesn’t mean it will actually be the best choice for you.

You obviously need to choose the back scratcher with the right amount of length to cover the entirety of your back. As you’re undoubtedly aware and especially if you’ve looked through the reviews before this section, not all back scratchers are made exactly the same way either.

Some back scratchers are minimalist and simple pieces of stick, that are completely straight and offer no bells or whistles. Whereas other back scratchers have flexible handles that allow you to bend and twist them to allow you to reach even the toughest parts of your back to reach. Others still incorporate strapping that connects to a small circular plate or ball that you can then hold at either side and rub from side to side up and down your back in a similar way to drying using a towel.

The Construction

The construction of a back scratcher, including the method and materials used, should always be at the forefront of your mind. This is true when you’re buying anything, but given you want to invest in one that will last a long time and handle a lot of use, it’s crucial when buying a back scratcher.

There are a wide variety of different materials used to make back scratchers, including metal, plastic, silicone and wood. Although the traditional back scratcher was made from wood and while that’s still a popular material, stainless steel and plastic back scratchers have increased in popularity over the last couple of years. This is largely because, as mentioned above, many are now retractable and extendable and use tubing within the design to make this possible. That kind of design is most commonly found in metallic and plastic products, as it’s harder to achieve with wooden back scratchers.


Although you should never base the decision to buy something solely on price alone, it’s still an important factor to consider. The price can be used as an indicator of quality. While it’s true that most back scratchers are fairly inexpensive, some are cheaper than others with good reason. Either because of the materials used or how they have been constructed.

If you have a tight budget, you might not be interested in getting the priciest of back scratchers. However, if you want one that is going to stand the test of time and regular use, you’ll want a high-quality one. That’s not to say that expensive = better quality. You need to use your common sense, while relying on our reviews, this buying guide and checking out customer reviews on sites like Amazon, to get a clearer and fuller picture about the quality of a product.


Well, there you go, folks, a look at the intriguing world of back scratchers. We hope from the various different options we featured in our top 10, that you’re able to find the best back scratcher that meets your needs most!

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