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Dog Baskets for Bikes UK

There is not much that can top just how freeing it feels to be able to jump on your bike and take to the open road on a trip, well, anywhere. We say not much, because if you are a dog owner, surely the one way you could improve and enhance your cycling experience would be if you could bring along your dog for the adventure?

Whereas there may have been limited options for making this fantasy a reality in the past, modern biking accessories have improved tenfold and to cope with the changing designs, shapes and sizes of bikes, special dog baskets have been released onto the market. It doesn’t matter whether you have a road bike, an electric bike or even a mountain bike, there is a dog basket for you out there somewhere.

Rather than letting you spend a lot of unnecessary time tearing your hair out searching high and low for the best dog baskets for bikes, we wanted to give you a helping hand here at Internet Eyes. We know how hard it can be to differentiate between on very similar product and another, which is why you won’t have to.

In the following guide we are going to highlight the small dog carrying baskets for dogs on bikes we have found. Further to that, to help you make the best decision possible, we also have put together a buying guide that will help you understand what you should be looking for in a dog basket for your set of wheels.

Best Dog Baskets for Bikes UK 2019

1. ANZOME Folding Small Front Dog Bike Basket

First in our guide is this foldable and removable multifunctional cycling basket that is very easy to mount onto your handlebars using the quick-release hardware. Likewise, it is also incredibly easy to remove, as necessary. Crucially, it is designed to hold pets that weigh a maximum of 11lbs.

It has a durable, but lightweight construction consisting of a tough metallic-based frame and featuring high-quality Oxford material. From a safety standpoint, it has been decorated with reflective stripes which ensure you and your dog are highly visible when cycling along in lowlight or when there is fog.

We know how bad the weather can be in this country, which is why we wan to draw your attention to the fact that this has been equipped with waterproofing. It is also a lot easier to clean than other options, which will suit anyone who doesn’t want to have a mild trauma trying to clear up after his or her dog.

  • Easy to mount and to remove
  • Equipped with high-vis reflective strips
  • Made from high quality materials including steel and Oxford fabric
  • Features nylon straps that won’t tangle and a removeable safety strap that doubles as a leash
  • Could benefit from improvements to the safety features

2. Cocooler Detachable Front Canvas Basket Carrier

Next, from the company called Cocooler, we have this great dog basket with a maximum capacity of 22lbs and a tough aluminium alloy frame which is virtually unbreakable. This has been finished and lined with a tearproof and extremely durable woven canvas material.

Rather than just being designed for dogs, this basket has been made with multiple functions in mind, from shopping to carrying your favourite, obedient and loyal four-legged friend. As is the case with the model above, this fits directly onto the handlebar via an ingeniously clever mounting system. When you are not out on your bike or taking your dog with you, you can use the basket separate from your bike.

Although it would be difficult to ensure it fits all styles and sizes of bikes perfectly, Cocooler have done their best to make this a reality. You just need to make sure that the distance between the front tyre and handlebars is more than 12-inches for the best performance possible.

A closure system that can be adjusted to suit your dog’s size and temperament and two plastic straps that can unfurl on he interior can help increase its overall capacity.

  • Easy to mount and remove from the handlebars of your bike
  • Can be used for multiple purposes, not just carrying your dog
  • Made to a high standard using excellent materials
  • Aluminium alloy frame for durability
  • Customers have commented on the lock switch and questioned its durability
  • Some have noted the instructions aren’t very clear

3. Trixie Front-Box for Bicycles

Trixie are a highly reputable dogs and pets’ accessories manufacturer and supplier and any product that has the Trixie branding is therefore made to a very high standard indeed. It’s no surprise then that this front box for use on bikes is a good investment to invest in. With a maximum capacity of 7kg, it can be used with a wide variety of dog breeds.

Trixie have ensured this is easy enough to install onto virtually any bike with a similar mounting system to the other products we’ve featured thus far. Your dog will be able to sit in perfect luxury and if he or she is jostled from side to side even a little, they will be okay, thanks to the padding incorporated into the whole design.

The material used in its construction is durable polyester, known for its long lifespan. Travelling with your dog means that you are going to need to take things along for the ride. Fortunately, Trixie have considered this already when designing the carrier as there are pockets to either side of it where you can store all your doggy essentials like treats, food, a collapsible water and food bowl and so much more.

  • Easy to mount system
  • Made from reliably robust polyester
  • Multifunctional design means it can be used even when not on the bike
  • Built-in pockets with Velcro and zipper closure are perfect for keeping important supplies
  • Is quite heavy
  • Only features a short strap to attach to your dog’s collar and/or leash


4. Petsfit Bicycle Front Pet Carrier with Small Pockets

Next in our guide is this delightful option from Petsfit. This has been designed specifically with smaller dog breeds in mind and has a maximum capacity of 4kg. As we know you will not want to throw money away on a single-use item, it’s worth noting, as is the case with most dog carriers for bikes, it can be used even when not attached to a bike. Whether you use it as a shopping bag or to carry your animal, you have those options.

This is another dog carrier that also utilises the highly effective and reliable Oxford cloth, which offers durability and protection against the elements for the box itself and your pet.

No one really wants to faff around too much with anything, and you shouldn’t have to, which is why we are pleased to say that this carrier is easy to mount. It uses a similar quick-release clasp fitting system that many others we’ve highlighted do too. Your dog will feel comfortable in the box thanks to the padded fleece mat that sits on the bottom of the interior and there is a storage pocket where you can keep all doggy essentials for your trips. For safety, to keep your dog secured there is a very short leash that attaches directly to their collar.

  • Made from high quality Oxford material
  • Features comfortable fleece mat with padding
  • Short, tough leash on the interior to secure your pet
  • Quick and easy mounting system
  • Needs to be lined with extra padding and material


5. Arkmiido Dog Basket for Bike

Like most, you probably want to make your money go as far as it can and get as much out of any purchase you can as possible. That’s why we’ve chosen to highlight this dog carrier for bikes next. Designed and made by the company called Arkmiido, this actually a 3-in-1 bag. It is predominately used for carrying dogs on bikes but can also be used in your car or simply as a backpack. This is ideal if you are taking a trip that is not all bike-based.

It has been constructed using high quality mesh and Oxford cloth to make sure it will stand the test of time, as well as a lot of use and abuse. The mesh will also ensure that your dog benefits from proper ventilation, particularly on those especially hot days (when they actually happen).

Keep in mind though, that as it has a respectable but low capacity of 20lbs, it’s only really suitable for small to medium dogs and pets.

  • Very spacious and comfortable
  • Foldable design
  • Made using high quality, tough materials for longer lifespan
  • Best for smaller dogs


6. Lixada Foldable Bicycle Front Basket Dog Carrier

Another great product worth considering for small to medium dogs is this dog basket from Lixada. With a maximum capacity of 22lbs, it features removable side plates and a base that can increase the stability of it. Although predominately made from high-quality Oxford fabric, it features a robust metallic frame. Be aware, though, that it has been designed with handlebars smaller than 2.5 cm in mind.

Like other manufacturers operating in this field, Lixada have made a carrier that is very easy to attach to the handlebars. You simply slide it onto mount it and slide it down to remove it. There is no complicated or intricate fastenings or fixings.

When not in use for your dog, it can be used for any other multiple functions

  • Multipurpose and multifunctional
  • Aluminium frame and Oxford cloth construction
  • Easy to mount and remove
  • Lightweight
  • Not ideal for a foldup bike
  • Not the safest option, needs improving


7. Pecute Multifunctional Dog Bicycle Basket Bag

Next up, we have this awesome option from Pecute. This is a multifunctional and multipurpose dog carrier bag which can be used in a variety of different way. However, rather than focusing on the fact it can be used as a shoulder bag, backpack or even car seat travel bag, we are going to look at it as the robust and reliable dog carrier bag that it is.

It has been designed to be very secure and sturdy and features 4 tough compression boards, 2 to the side, 1 base and 1 backplate. This gives it the structure and robustness needed to cater to small pets. Incidentally, it has a maximum capacity of 20lbs. Your pet can be secured in place thanks to the tough safety belt that attaches easily to your animal’s collar.

On the interior there is adequate space for your dog to turn around, lie down and much more. The bag even comes with a top section and skylight-style opening, this means you can sit your pet inside it, and they can pop their head out while still remaining secure, warm and comfortable.

Due to the way it has been constructed, as outlined earlier, it is very compact and folds down to a very streamlined package, making it much easier to store away when its not in use than some others available.

  • Tough and durable design and construction
  • Made from high-end materials noted for their long lifespans
  • Foldable and compact
  • Very comfortable and secure
  • Lid is not as high quality as the rest of the product


8. Lixada Bicycle Basket

Another fine product from Lixada we have here is this folding and detachable bicycle carrier basket. Lixada are known as a brand who focuses on producing products that help people with their outdoors activities. This is no different. Made using a padded and reinforced base plate, metal supports and 4 side plates, this also features Oxford cloth in its construction. Like others it benefits from a quick-release strap system for mounting.

  • Multiple pockets for excellent storage purposes
  • High visibility reflective strips
  • Quick-release straps and mounting system
  • Can become unstable a little if you turn handlebars a bit too quickly or suddenly


9. Petcomer Pet Bicycle Basket

The last in our guide to the best dog baskets for bikes comes from the company called Petcomer. This, like many others we’ve featured before it, does not require any fiddling with tools or intricate setup and can be installed onto the handlebars in next to no time at all. Made with 600D Oxford, you know this is going to last a long time. To Further the comfort your dog can benefit from using this, there is a removable padded chin rest and inner pad for them to rest and relax on, even while the roads or paths get a little bumpy.

Rather than just featuring a one strap system, this model benefits from an adjustable two-point system that will keep your dog safe and secure at all times. Speaking of safety and security, when you are out and about in lowlight conditions or at dusk or night, you will appreciate the incorporated reflective strips this basket has.

  • Easy to mount and remove
  • Foldable
  • Secure two-point strapping system on the interior for your dog
  • Removable padded chin rest and inner pad
  • Only suitable for pets below 4kg


Buyer’s Guide

We understand here at Internet Eyes that while 10 items to choose from is a lot easier and less of a headache than 100, it could still be whittled down further to make it even easier for you. That is why we would recommend you read through this handy buyer’s guide that covers the most important features you should be considering when making the decision of which to invest in.

Capacity and Size

Probably the most important aspect of the dog baskets above that you need to consider with regards to your own dog is whether it offers the correct weight capacity and is big enough to fit him or her. The general rule of thumb as far as the weight capacity and size is concerned is that it should be big and spacious enough that your dog can turn around, lie down and stand up safely. You will normally find the important dimensions along with the vital details printed along with the features and other key details on the listings page by the manufacturer.

Safety Features

Obviously, road safety is important when you are out on the road on your bike, whether you are navigating across busy main roads, country roads or mountain trails. While you may be safe enough in your current setup, you need to make sure the dog basket you choose will keep your dog safe at all times. That’s why you should pay close attention to the specific safety features that are offered with each model.

Look for features like high-visibility reflective tape and other forms of similar decoration, strapping and leash clips. Anything, in other words, that will keep your dog within the basket while you are moving.

Level of Comfort Provided

You can’t just rely on your dog enjoying the experience because they are with you. They need to feel safe, secure and comfortable or they won’t enjoy it. You will find that many dog baskets designed for use on bikes come with cushioned and padded lining. It’s best to look for options where this lining can be removed to ensure it is always relatively clean.

You also need to think about whether your dog will have adequate ventilation or not. After all, the last thing you want is for your dog to overheat and become ill. Another aspect of comfort you need to consider is if you are intending on cycling out and about in an area with very inclement weather, you will want to ensure you have adequate protection for your pooch from downpours and showers. Even if a dog basket you are interested in doesn’t come with a removeable rain cover, it is something you should invest in as an accessory.


All the reputable and most reliable dog baskets for use with bikes are made from high-quality, strong and durable materials. Wear-resistant Oxford fabric and wicker are just two materials you should look out for. You also want to make sure that the construction of the dog basket is completed to a high standard.

Rear or Front Mounted?

You will find that most dog baskets, and you may have already seen this with other dog owners on cycles around your local area, are available in two different styles – those that are mounted on the rear of the bike and those that are mounted on the front. If you are not sure which is right for you, there are also some models that can be mounted on either.

There is a certain degree of convenience with dog carriers that can be mounted to the front as you are always able to keep an eye on what your dog is doing and how they are feeling. They are better suited to the smaller breeds of dogs. If you have a dog that weighs more than 12lbs, for instance, though, the more secure and stable option would be to invest in a rear mounted basket.


We hope that our guide to the best dog baskets for bikes available in 2019 is a helpful one and that you and your beloved four-legged friend are able to get out on the open road and enjoy time together on your two-wheeler. We don’t really see there as being a right or wrong answer as to which is the best choice – it all comes down to what’s best for your dog and his or her unique personality and what fits in best with your own cycling setup.

Happy riding to both of you!

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