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Best Can Crusher UK

With the major problem of pollution and everything that goes along with it, we are all encouraged to recycle when we can. One of the easiest items to recycle is the humble aluminium can. Once it has been disposed of, tins of beans and cans of Coke can be transformed into new cans of Coke and tins of beans and a whole lot of other things too. Did you ever have fun as a kid stamping on a can that was standing upright on the ground to crush it right down?

If you want to conserve space in your recycling bin and fit as many cans in there as possible, you need to crush them down like you did as a kid. However, not many of us probably find too much joy in stepping on cans or trying to crush them with our bare hands. What’s more, if you and your family or household, drink a lot of fizzy drinks, energy drinks, cider, beer and lager, it could be quite a laborious and (slightly) dangerous task to do it manually.

That is why you should consider investing in a can crusher. These ingenious devices help make crushing and recycling aluminium drinks cans in their many forms quick and easy. As there are many available, to stop you from spending too long looking through various pages of amazon and google search results, we have selected 10 of the best available to discuss in this guide.

Best Can Crusher UK 2019

1. Adeptina Heavy Duty 16oz 2-in-1 Can Crusher with Bottle Opener

First up we have this extremely nifty and well-designed can crusher from Adeptina. We like the fact that it is available for under a tenner but has a very sturdy and reliable build quality. It’s made from 16-guage steel and features pre-drilled holes to make mounting it to the wall of your choice in your home very easy with the included fixings.

Crushing cans is easy, as you just place one on the shelf and then pull the lever with an easy grip handle and hey presto, your can is now reduced to 20% of its original size. It’s the perfect addition to your household and helps make recycling very easy. What’s more, it’s a nice talking point at social gatherings, BBQs and any parties you may host at your home as people can crush their own cans while also opening fresh bottles of beer using the handy bottle opener.

  • Cushioned grip handle
  • Easy to mount on wall
  • Crushes cans to 20% their original size
  • Made from high quality, heavy duty 16-guage steel
  • Fixings supplied only suitable for mounting on wood
  • Need to put a hand against can to hold it in place


2. KitchenCraft Floor Standing Foot Operated Can Crusher

Want a more refined way of crushing a can with the power of your foot, without causing any undue pain and discomfort to the sole of your feet? Check out the KitchenCraft Floor Standing foot operated can crusher. Now apart from the fact that this looks like a huge and very cool hole puncher or stapler, and makes recycling fun, we really like that it can handle on a wide range of different types of cans and tins.

As well as soda, beer, energy and cider cans, it can also take on dog food tins and your average soup, beans and chopped tomatoes tins. You can even crush plastic drinks bottles. All this means it can compact your entire recycling by as much as 60%.

With a simple, yet ingenious design incorporating a support bar and piercing screw, you have the ultimate in foot pedal-style can crushing. Did we say it was portable and does not require mounting on a wall?

  • Portable, lightweight and compact
  • Tough and can crush everything from soda cans to plastic bottles and tins
  • Does not need to be mounted
  • Foot operated, easy to use
  • Catch that keeps it closed doesn’t work when bar is in place


3. ASAB Beer Can Crusher With Bottle Opener

From ASAB now, we have a wall mounted can crusher, also with the bonus feature of a bottle opener incorporated into the design. It is easy to attach to the wall and as it has a very soft and comfortable handle to use, it doesn’t cause too much pain, discomfort or fatigue to crush cans. Like the other wall mounted beer can crusher I can reduce your aluminium can waste to 20% of its original size.

This is designed to handle 16-ounce cans, the normal 500ml sized ones.

  • Can reduce aluminium cans to 20% their size
  • Incorporated bottle opener
  • Easy to wall mounting
  • Soft grip handled lever
  • Not the best made
  • Metal is rather flimsy
  • People have had trouble using it


4. ASAB Beer Can Crusher With Bottle Opener (For 12-ounce 350ml cans)

The second from ASAB, this can crusher is a smaller version of the model above. It features the same bottle opener incorporated into its design but differs in that it is made to crush cans hat are 12-ounc/ 350ml cans, the smaller variety.

It is also wall mounted like the above product and is as easy to attach to the wall. The holes re predrilled and it includes all the fixings you need. Although the size of can is different you can use with this crusher, it will reduce it to 20% of its normal size.

  • Fatigue-free soft handled lever
  • Easy to mount on walls
  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Reduces cans to 20% their original size
  • Can be tricky to use for some people
  • Despite its metal construction, it is flimsy
  • Not made to especially high standards


5. Ossian 16-ounce Can Crusher

This time from a company called Ossian we have a can crusher that is capable of reducing standard 500ml 16-ounce aluminium soda, beer, energy and cider cans to 20% of their original size. It has a similarly soft grip handle that won’t ever feel uncomfortable operating.

This is another wall mounted option that comes with the holes predrilled and all the fittings supplied with it. It is made from heavy duty and high-quality steel.

  • Robust and durable steel constructed can crusher
  • Easy to mount on just about any wall
  • Fatigue-free soft handled lever for comfortable use
  • Reduces 500ml cans to 20% the original size
  • Not ideal, unless you are strong
  • Can break easily or warp if you are not careful and use cans that are too tough


6. KitchenCraft Lever Arm Wall-Mounted Drinks Can Crusher

Another fine can crusher option from KitchenCraft is what we want to speak about next. This will crush, like others in our guide, traditional sized cans of 500ml in size, but also plastic bottles with volumes of 600ml. It can be affixed to any strong upright surface or flat wall and you are supplied with everything you need to set it up. It doesn’t require a complicated setup process or anything too fiddly. This will help reduce the amount of waste generated by all those used cans by compacting it down by 20%.

This means you will be able to fit more into your recycling bin or bag and don’t have to try and stomp on it and potentially ruin your best shoes or even cause yourself an injury to your feet.

You just need to use a little upper body strength and watch as those cans and bottles are reduced to next to nothing at all.

We really love that it is so easy to use and so effective and the fact it is made by KitchenCraft is a sign of a high-quality product. It also has a very streamlined and space-saving design and shape. Did we mention that this one comes with a bottle opener built into it, making I an excellent talking point at parties and social gatherings?

  • Easy to mount on virtually any sturdy vertical surface or wall
  • Strain-free use, thanks to a foam padded handle and easy action lever
  • Reduces cans and plastic bottles to 20% their original size
  • Can be wiped clean easily
  • Not nearly as tough or bulky as you might expect
  • Remains to be seen whether the foam handle will last a long time or not


7. HFT Multi-Load 6 Aluminium Can Crusher Heavy Duty

Next in our comprehensive guide to the best can crushers available on the market right now is this rather impressive-looking product from a company called HFT. Instead of crushing just one an at a time, this will actually crush up to 6 at a time, saving even more time compared to competitor’s models available right now.

Although the fixings may make it look a little more intimidating to mount to a vertical surface or wall, trust us, it is just as easy as the others we’ve featured so far. We really love the substantial design and build of the lever and handle at the end.

This is definitely a monstrous looking thing and might be a little big for some kitchens or homes, though. If you have space for it, we think it is a worthy investment.

  • It looks and feels like a substantial product worthy of the price tag
  • Easy to mount with pre-drilled holes
  • Large and easy to operate lever with comfortable handle
  • Can crush an astonishing 6 cans at one time
  • Some customers have questioned its quality, some have had bad experiences
  • There is a chance some cans will get trapped in the slot


8. Can Crushers Can-ram Aluminium Can Crusher 10 Cans in 10 Seconds

If you thought the last product was impressive with its ability to crush 6 cans at one time, wait to you read about the next awesome invention we want to highlight for you. The Can-ram aluminium can crusher from Can Crushers is able to crush a whopping 10 cans in just under 10 seconds, if the manufacturer is to be believed.

That is some serious level of can destruction right there. As you probably expect by now, having read the other reviews of products in this guide, all the mounting hardware is included in the package and the unit has pre-drilled holes to make it quick and easy to do.

There is something truly satisfying, even a little empowering about being able to crush so many metal cans at one time. That’s what we think anyway. Although it is a high quality and very practical product to use as part of your recycling efforts, we also think it’s a cool gadget to have.

Can you imagine having a party, BBQ or some other kind of social gathering and using the fact that you have this gadget as an excuse to rope in people and get them excited about clearing up their cans of soda, beer or whatever they are drinking?

  • Makes it very easy to crush 10 cans in next to no time
  • Sturdy and robust mounting hardware included
  • Can crush 10 cans at once (We may have mentioned that already!)
  • Features a nice long-length lever and comfortable handle
  • Some customers have commented the build quality could be better
  • Others have commented it is not convenient for crushing small numbers of cans


9. Babz 16oz Crusher-Crush Cans Up to 500ml, Black

Another incredibly affordable and effective product is what we have to talk about next. This one comes in the form of the 16-ounce can crusher from Babz. Like many of the others featured in this guide, this too has a wall mounting kit supplied with it that is very easy to follow. It consists of wall fixing screws that you simply screw into place through the predrilled holes. There is no additional drilling, or any other complicated tool work or DIY involved.

Compared to some of the others, despite it having virtually the same mechanism, this is a very stripped back affair. The lever has a soft foam handle with padding that protects your hand as you use it, preventing you from feeling fatigue or pain.

As we have stated several times, these can crushers make for great party focal and talking points and with the addition of a bottle openers, that is almost standard for these kinds of gizmos, this is sure to wow your guests. It actually makes recycling seem like a whole lot of fun.

  • Effective can crusher
  • Stripped back and streamlined design
  • Features obligatory bottle opener
  • Some have commented on the build quality
  • There have been comments suggesting it doesn’t have the durability of other products


10. Eddington’s Eco Can Crusher

The last on our list is another floor-based can crusher and therefore, does not need to be wall mounted at all. Now although most of the wall mounted products we’ve featured have very easy to use hardware and fixings, the fact that this doesn’t require any work at all, makes it ideal if you are not looking to create new holes in the pristine walls of your property.

As well as soda, beer, energy drink and cider cans, this can also be used to crush some tins like tomatoes, soups and pet food cans along with plastic drinks bottles as well. It has been made to a high standard using high-end coated steel and can be stored flat, saving you space. Do you want help reducing the amount of space your recycling takes up in the designated bin or bag? Use this to compact it down to 50% of its original size.

  • No wall mounting required whatsoever
  • Easy to use foot pedal-style lever
  • Can crush almost all household cans and tins, along with plastic bottles
  • Stores flat so it never takes up too much space
  • Some reviews suggest it can be fiddly to use
  • Needs a bit of practice to perfect the position of the cans


Best Can Crusher UK – Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve given you the lowdown on the best of the best when it comes to can crushers available on the UK market, you may still be none the wiser about which is best for you. That is why we have put together this buyer’s guide. In it we will discuss some important considerations you need to make with regards to what you should be looking for in a can crusher.

Features That Are Important

There are numerous features that are important to look for in can crushers, including the following:

Wall Mounted or Not

As far as we are concerned here at Internet Eyes, we can really say for definite if it is actually better to have a wall mounted or floor-standing can crusher. It is very much down to personal preference. Do you have the wall space to have a can crusher installed in your home? If so, this may be the right option for you.

With wall mounted can crushers you need to bear in mind that once it is in place it can’t be easily removed. So, if you are looking to take it out only when you need it, wall mounted is not right for you.

Floor-standing can crushers are ideal, therefore, as they are normally designed to be stored away flat. This means you just need to take it out of the cupboard or a drawer as and when you need it and store it away again when you are finished with it. No hassle or fuss.

Floor can crushers also require less exertion, especially in terms of your upper body, as all of the work is done with your lower body and feet.

What Are You Looking to Crush?

This is another important consideration to make – what you are actually looking to crush. If you are simply looking to crush down those cans of Lilt, 7-Up or whatever your drink is and are not concerned about plastic bottles or even the tougher tins you may have in your home, then wall mounted options are probably going to suit you better.

Whereas if you are looking to crush as many different recyclables as you possibly can, you may want to consider a floor-standing model. These are often designed to deal with soda and other drinks cans, plastic bottles and tougher cans like those containing dog food, cat food and non-perishable food ingredients like baked beans and tinned tomatoes.

How Many Do You Want To Crush at The Same Time?

This may seem like an arbitrary question to some people, but something that’s incredibly important to others. Which is why we knew we had to discuss it a little. We are very much in the camp of wanting to be able to crush as many cans as we can at one time.

Perhaps we are impatient or lazy, or we just like to see the maximum level of destruction. Whatever the reason, having a product that will actually crush more than one can at a time will make a quick and important job even quicker to complete. It also looks extremely cool.

Fortunately, there is not much difference in the price range between the one crusher and the multiple crushers.


There you have it folks, a look at the best can crushers available. There is no longer an excuse to avoid recycling or trying to improve the effectiveness of your recycling routine. With great products like those outlined above, you can easily deal with the problem of all those soda cans taking up too much space in your recycling bin, by compacting them and reducing their size.

We are sure you will find the right choice for you in the selection above.

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