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Best Himalayan Salt Lamp UK

There has been a lot of buzz recently around Himalayan salt lamps. These strange, striking but very beautiful accessories are salt crystals that have been carved from distinctively orange/amber-coloured rock salt, with space in the middle hollowed out for a light bulb. When you light them up, they produce a very warm and soothing glow of red and pink salt and work great as night lights on a bedside table or even in a living room.

However, as stunning as they are to look at, it’s the health benefits that are the reasons why so many people are so interested in them. With bold claims being made that the lamps can help with air quality, improve asthma sufferer’s breathing, ease your allergies, improve your sleep and generally boost your mood, it’s really no wonder they have become so popular. After all, who doesn’t want to experience those positive results?

Given the demand for Himalayan rock salt lamps has increased exponentially, there is a lot more out there to choose from. While we’re not suggesting having a wider range to choose from is necessarily a bad thing, it does make it harder to identify which is the best of the bunch.

If you are on the search for the best Himalayan salt lamp in the UK, however, don’t fret as we are here to help you out. We’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting and leg work and compiled a shortlist of what we consider are the 10 best salt lamps available right now.

Best Himalayan Salt Lamp UK 2020

1. Needs&Gifts 2-3kg Prime Quality 100% Original Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

First up, we have this extremely affordable, high quality natural Himalayan salt crystal lamp from Needs&Gifts. The rock salt crystals have been sourced directly from the Himalayan foothills, so you are guaranteed that only the best materials are used to design this great talking point. Rather than getting a specific size, it’s important to note that as it is made from natural rock, all lamps are different. You are guaranteed to get a lamp that weighs between 2 and 3 kg and 17 and 21 cm. While the colours range from dark to pale pink salt or orange to a more orange/red amber glow.

Considering what you get for the price, we think it is hard to argue with the quality.

This would look great on a bedside table.

  • Easy to setup
  • Relaxing and comforting light tone
  • Bigger than you might think
  • Some customers have had bad experiences with faulty products
  • Packaged with no instructions
  • Doesn’t come with any features or functionality


2. LEVOIT Cora Himalayan Salt Lamp

The next choice of natural Himalayan rock salt lamp we have selected is this portable option from LEVOIT. Set in a small glass, it looks very similar to a more traditional accessory for the home with the natural wonder and earthiness that comes from having a piece of naturally occurring salt crystal rock in your home that can be lit up.

One of the issues you will find with so-called Himalayan rock salt lamps is that some of them are not even made from rock salt derived from the Himalayas. That is not the case with this LEVOIT piece. The rock salt used is 100% naturally occurring hand-mined rock salt from the Himalayan mountains.

The carving is produced by the company’s artisanal craftsmen and women and to produce the finest results they believe you need to use the finest materials.

We especially like the fact that you have the option to either plug the Cora salt rock lamp directly into the mains in the wall or you can use the USB connector to connect it up to your computer for an interesting table lamp near where you work or spend recreational time on the PC or laptop.

  • 100% hand-mined natural Himalayan rock salt crystals
  • A bright and rustic orange glow
  • USB and ac adaptor power options
  • Features dimmer control
  • The dimmer function is a little temperamental
  • The tone is not as orange as it is listed as being
  • Can be temperamental in general


3. Famirosa Himalayan Natural Pink Crystal Rock Light

From Famirosa we have this spherical shaped Himalayan rock salt lamp. The major difference with this product over some of the others available is that the illumination is produced by LEDs that are built into the design. This reduces the chances of accidental explosions happening when a traditional light bulb overheat.

The blow-moulded glass bowl that the light and salt crystal rocks sit within is really very stunning and a nice change from many of the others on the market. Some have a tendency of looking just like a hunk of rock. Which for some people is nice and what they are looking for, but if you are after a slicker or more refined version, this is the one for you. Another huge positive of this particular rock salt light is the fact it can be powered through your computer. However, the downside is that it doesn’t offer alternatives to this form of power.

We also really like the fact, like many others in our guide, that it comes with a dimmer switch. Rather than it being a dial, you need to turn; you simply tap it to dim or brighten the light to your own preference. We think it would make a great night light.

  • LEDs instead of a traditional bulb
  • Dimmer control
  • A generously long USB cable
  • No ac adaptor power option
  • Smaller than it looks in the pictures
  • Colours not quite as vibrant as the images


4. Tomshine Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

This natural Himalayan salt lamp is simply stunning with the 100% genuine Himalayan rocks sitting inside a spectacular octagonally shaped metal basket lampshade that has a very high refractive index. While the lampshade itself will always be the same, the size, shape and tone of the rocks will always be different from one lamp to the next.

This helps to ensure you are going to invest in a very unique product that there are no others like. It is powered by a mains adaptor with a very long cable. As a result, you can set it up just about anywhere without worrying about whether it will reach or not.

As a nice bonus, you get 2 E14 bulbs, one to use in the lamp and one spare. As is becoming a standard in modern Himalayan rock salt lamps, this TomShine model features a dial-controlled dimmer, meaning you can adjust the illumination to suit your mood and needs.

  • Ornate and eye-catching octagonal design
  • Adjustable brightness setting
  • Comes with a spare bulb
  • Not as many salt rocks pieces as you’d hope
  • The dimmer switch doesn’t always work
  • Hard to remove and replace bulb due to design


5. COOWOO Himalayan Salt Lamp

There is a lot to recommend the next product we want to discuss. For one thing, it has a striking tubular design with a square pattern all around the main body of the shade. To give it extra stability and durability it is set on top of a wooden base. It is powered by a mains adaptor with a 5-foot length cable, so it doesn’t need to be set up very close to where it is plugged in.

Weighing just 4-pounds it is hardly the heaviest light fixture ever. Thanks to the fact the Himalayan rock salt chunks have been carved by hand and they all come from the foothills of the Himalayas, this is an exceptionally well-priced item for your home.

The dimmer control helps to provide you with a degree of versatility when using it. You can keep the light low which would work nice as night lights or you can stick it on full power for a quick blast to give a nice amber glow.

  • Beautifully designed lampshade housing for the bulb and rock salt chunks
  • Dimmer switch gives you control over the brightness
  • The wooden base gives your light stability
  • Pictures are misleading with regards to the size of the light
  • Some customers have complained the square pieces of the shade break off easily


6. Needs&Gifts Himalayan Salt Fire Basket with Himalayan Salt Chunks

Another great product from Needs&Gifts, this time in the form of a basket, comes with large chunks of genuine Himalayan rock salt. It weighs approximately 3.5kg and although the basket is a set size, the rocks are unique from one light to the next.

This lamp, like many others, is powered by a 1.5-metre power cord that also features an inline on and off switch to easily control the light when you don’t need or want it which is handy if you use it as a night light. It features a 15W bulb and is easy enough to switch and change.

  • Easy to setup
  • Durable design
  • Nice, simple and appealing aesthetics
  • Some customers felt the cable could be longer
  • Bulbs don’t seem to last very long


7. COOWOO Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Another great Himalayan salt lamp next from COOWOO. This is another spherical-shaped one with lots of rings around the lampshade which forms a metal basket. As is the case in most, the salt rocks have all been professionally hand-carved from genuine and authentic pieces from the Himalayan mountains. This means that the lamp you invest in may not have the same size or shapes of rocks as the images show. In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that it won’t.

Like the other COOWOO salt rock lamp, this also has a dimmer switch and a wooden base, so you have a lighting fixture that can be fully adjusted to give that nice Himalayan glow. All of these features make it an undeniably good investment, as does the rather generous 6-foot power cord.

  • 6-foot mains adaptor cable
  • Hand-carved Himalayan rock salt chunks
  • Dimmer switch for adjustable brightness
  • No instruction included
  • On the small side, just a little
  • The packaging is not very good


8. Klass Home Collection 4 to 5 kg Finest Quality 100% Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Weighing between 4 and 5 kg, this is quite an accessory. It is set on an attractive wood base which elevates it into a class of its own compared to many of the other rock salt lamps on the market. Another major difference between this and other products is that rather than there being a collection of rocks of different shapes and sizes this consists of just one fashioned expertly into a globe shape.

Thanks to its rather slick and sophisticated look it will not look out of place whether it’s in your home or office as the wood base looks great. As standard it also benefits from a dimmer control and an on/off switch, so you don’t need to always switch it off at the wall.

  • One piece of beautifully and professionally carved piece of rock salt from the Himalayas
  • Dimmer switch and on/off switch for easy use
  • Affixed to a rosewood base for a sturdy lighting fixture
  • Packaging could be a lot better
  • Customers have noted issues with the bulbs


9. AscenLite Himalayan Salt Lamp

The second to last option in our choice of products is this rather nifty plug-in Himalayan rock salt lamp. Found in the Pakistan-based Himalaya Mountains, the rock salt is 100% natural Himalayan salt, genuine and fashioned by hand into attractive shapes of all sizes. This means that, like many others, although the size and weight of the lampshade and the plug will be the same for all products, the rocks that sit inside the shade will be different.

We really like the vintage styling of the lampshade and despite the fact the plug is very noticeable beneath it, we think in a darker room or when it is on full, you’d be distracted enough by the illumination to not even notice it. Besides, the plug can be rotated to fit the position of the plug socket.

  • Compact and lightweight plug-in rock salt lamp
  • 100% genuine and natural rock salt from Himalaya Mountains
  • Vintage design lampshade
  • Quite a bit smaller than the pictures may suggest
  • Not especially bright, but as a night light-type fixture it’s perfect
  • Lampshade looks good but is not made to a high standard


10. ACCEWIT Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Last but certainly not least in our guide to the best Himalayan salt rock lamps is this beautifully designed lampshade from ACCEWIT. As is the case with all the options featured here, the salt rocks are taken directly from the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains in Pakistan. Apart from the design of the lampshade, as all the rocks are the genuine article this means that they are all hand-carved and unique.

So, don’t expect to get exactly the same looking pile of rocks in your lampshade as pictured in this listing. The dimmer switch included helps you to adjust the brightness level to match your needs and preferences and could also intensify the night light.

We especially like the fact that instead of featuring a traditional bulb the lighting in this lamp comes from three LED beads. We also like the fact that it does not need to be plugged into the wall. You just plug it into your computer or device, and it will function powered through the appropriate USB port.

The blow-moulded glass shade is an exceptional piece of decoration that just helps give a very earthy and almost otherworldly feel to the light.

  • That incredible blow-moulded glass lampshade
  • That it uses LED lighting rather than a traditional bulb
  • USB connector
  • No mains adaptor, so no good if you don’t have a computer or appropriate device
  • The glass on some customer’s lights has arrived with defects and cracks


How Does it Work?

Before we look at some important features you need to consider when choosing the best Himalayan salt rock lamp for you and your home or office, it may be worth understanding how they actually work.

A lot of the reported health benefits of these lamps is related to the theory that they are thought to be natural ionisers, which means they alter the electrical charge of the air around them. Ions, without getting too scientific, are compounds that have an unstable number of electrons or protons and as a result, carry a charge.

When alterations happen to the atmosphere, they form naturally. Natural radioactivity, storms, waves and waterfall, as well as heat, all produce ions in the air.

Air ionisers are also used to produce these articulately.

When it comes to these lamps, then, it is thought that they could produce ions when the water particles are attracted to the salt solution when the lamp is heated.

It is, though, still a theory.

The positive effects of using a Himalayan salt rock lamp includes:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Better
  • Sleep
  • Reduced allergic reactions and symptoms suffered by asthmatics
  • Improved mood

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have looked at the 10 best Himalayan salt lamps on the market right now, you may still find it hard to single out one over the others. To give you a helping hand, we felt it was worthwhile looking at some of the features you should consider when looking to buy one.

Features That Are Important

How is it Powered?

If you’ve not skipped ahead and took the time to look through our selection you will see that most salt lamps are powered in one of two ways –

  • USB
  • AC mains adaptor

It really depends on what your lifestyle is like. If you do not have access to a computer, it’s hardly practical to invest in a lamp powered using a USB cable. However, you also need to be aware that if you do invest in the USB models, the cable may not be quite as long.

Ideally, we would suggest that you choose the models that offer both options for powering the light. That way you can switch and change between the two as and when you need.


We are all different and unique, which is what makes us a beautiful species. To match the different tastes we all have, there is quite a wide variety of different style of Himalayan salt rock lamps available. Whether you want a rather stunning blue hand-blown glass globe lampshade with orange rocks in it or would prefer just one big piece of rock carved into a smooth globe-shape or perhaps something more simplistic like a basket with some rocks in, you will find there is something for everyone. Maybe you prefer one with a wood base that would match other wood-based products in your home?

That’s certainly what we’ve tried to do with our choices highlighted above.

LED or Traditional Bulb

With all lighting fixtures these days, you will find this is an option that crops up again and again. Do you stick with a fixture that uses a more traditional bulb or opt for the more energy-efficient option of LEDs? Normally, we would be firmly in camp LED. However, if you are looking to gain the purported benefits of one of these great lamps, you need to be cautious with using LEDs. Why?

As you are probably aware, LEDs do not really heat up as much as traditional bulbs. That is part of the reason why people prefer them because they are safer. This can be a problem though when it comes to Himalayan salt rock lamps as heat is an integral part of what makes them so beneficial to your health. You need the rocks to warm up so they can start drawing the moisture, impurities from the air and atmosphere by producing negative ions.

With LEDs, there is a chance this may not work as well.


That’s it for the best Himalayan salt lamps. We can’t say with any real guarantee that they will provide you with the benefits you are hoping, but neither can the manufacturers.

However, they do still look great and we think if you are interested in decorating your home with something a bit different, even if you don’t get the amazing health benefits, they are still worth it.

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