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Best Portable Dishwasher UK

What is the best portable dishwasher available in the UK today? There are many options but we have picked out 8 of the best ones available today and talk you through all the key details such as features, sizes, weight and everything else you need to know. Let’s get started!

Best Portable Dish Washers UK (Some Choices To Consider)

No one ever said they enjoyed doing the dishes but not everyone has a house or flat that is big enough to fit in a full-size dishwasher. That’s where a portable dishwasher comes in and solves this problem. These wouldn’t suit big families, but if you live in a small house or flat and have some room on the countertop then these could be for you! As well as being smaller they are also less costly to buy and run!

1. Klarstein Amazonia

I have to say I was not aware of the Klarstein brand before writing this article. This though is a great piece of kit that comes with 6 different settings which are enough for anyone. These go all the way from a light wash to a full hotter deep clean which will clean dishes that have the toughest of food left on them. Users commented that it did a great job when cleaning their dirtiest of dishes. However, don’t expect to be able to put big baking trays in here that need a deep clean at the same time as your plates and other dishes. This can hold a few big pans, but that might be all it’s able to hold and you may have to do two shifts if you want all the plates doing as well.

This item comes with an A++ energy rating which means you don’t have to worry about it using up too much energy on your bills.

To work this you simply connect the freshwater feed and then put the waste pipe into the sink. That is all there is to it. People say that the instructions that come with it are really clear and that is it easy to setup.

As tabletop dishwashers go this one is right up there with the best of them. We believe if you purchase this that you will be very happy with the results it produces and the price is good as well.

  • Great price
  • 6 different modes
  • Quiet
  • Easy to set up
  • Some users commented about tablets not dissolving

2.  Indesit DIF04b1 Dish Washer

This one comes from the well known Indesit brand who have been producing household appliances for a long time. It has an A+ energy rating which most new dishwashers have now, so this one will also help keep your bills down.

There is a fancy filtration system on this one that involves 4 different stages. I have to admit I don’t fully understand it myself but they say that it stops damaging particles from entering the dishwasher will help with the lifespan of the machine. Indesit seems very confident of this and have given the product a 10-year warranty which means you will definitely get your value from it.

There are not as many cleaning modes on this one compared to others but there is an eco mode for those of you who are trying to be kinder to the environment.

One comment that we found was that very large plates won’t fit in the machine. We then read that the top shelf can be adjusted to create extra room for larger plates that are up to 28cm in size so this might not be an issue.

  • Very quiet with a noise level o 49db
  • Cupboard doors can be fitted to the front of it to integrate it into your kitchen
  • Drain hose is over 1m long
  • This one’s a bit more of a permanent fixture compared to some of the other dishwashers
  • Eco-mode can take up to 2 hours

3. Bosch Series 4 Table Top Dishwasher

Bosch – A well known trusted brand that we have all heard of. This is their series 4 model but they do produce a few other models that you should have a look at as well.

This model comes with 6 different settings which include the eco modes that we all love to use. Expect this mode to take a bit longer to complete the wash as it does not heat the water up as long.

What this model has over some of the rivals on this list is that it has 2 special modes called Extra dry and Vario speed. What are these you might ask?

Extra dry: This does as it says on the tin! It gives the dishes an extra blast of heat to make sure they are properly dry. There is nothing more annoying than emptying the dishwasher only to find your plastic items still have water on top of them. With the extra dry mode, this should never happen.

Variospeed: This is best for people who might be in a bit of a rush and can speed up the time by 50% in some cases. The downside of this is it will use more water and more energy.

  • Noise levels are 48bd which is nice and quiet
  • The energy rating of A+
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable inside to fit larger plates
  • Is a bit more expensive than other models
  • Can be tricky to install

4. ElectriQ 6 Place Free Standing Table Top Dish Washer

This one has to be our favourite out of the ones on this list. Why you might ask? You can connect it straight to a tap which means its really easy to set up and very portable. It can also be plumbed in properly like a proper dishwasher or washing machine. I guess it just depends what your reason for getting it for is.

This machine is smaller than the others but if you live on your own in a flat or as a couple then it should be fine. I say that, but my wife uses about 100 plates and bowls and there is only 2 of us!

Just like the others, it has plenty of different modes from eco to a super-fast mode. The fastest mode on this one will wash the dishes in 30 minutes which really is pretty amazing.

The only downside to this dishwasher is that the energy rating is not quite as high as its only an A and not an A+. If you really wanted to be energy efficient you wouldn’t be getting a dishwasher and would be using eco soap which is meant to be just as good as normal washing up liquid but it isn’t.

  • Easy to setup
  • Does not need to be plumbed in
  • Would work well in caravans
  • Not quite as energy efficient
  • A bit smaller than others

5. Cookology CTTD6WH Portable Dish Washer

This Cookology model comes with not 6, but 7 modes. I am not sure why anyone needs so many modes but if you want more than 6 options this one is for you.

It is great value for money and people say that it does a very good wash even just on the eco mode. The energy rating is A+ as well which eco-friendly people will like.

It can heat up to over 70 degrees inside meaning that it can really clean all the stuck on dishes with ease.

This one cannot attach to the sink like the one above so you may have to get a plumber out to attach it to your water supply.

Our pro tip would be to measure your dinner plates first before purchasing just to make sure they fit in otherwise you will have to buy new plates.

  • Energy rating of A+
  • 7 cleaning modes
  • Quiet with a noise level of 49db
  • People have said it can be tricky to install
  • Only a 12 month guarantee

6.  Klarstein Amazonia 6 Luminance Table Top Dish Washer

Don’t confuse this with the other model in our list as this is the “Luminance” version.

This has a totally different look when to any of the other models on the list and at first glance, you might think it looks like a small oven. We actually think it looks really slick and would look better on your countertop than some of the other models.

The energy rating is the same as most of the others at A+ which is standard for most of these. None on the list are below an A.

This one needs to be properly plumbed in so you may want to get a specialist out to do this for you. What’s also nice about this one is that it can be a tabletop dishwasher or you can integrate it into your existing kitchen.

People say that if fits plates of up to 11 inches inside which is decent. One user even said they managed to get 10 of their plates in as long as they were angled correctly. You can’t complain about that.

There is a quick 15-minute wash program on this one that we haven’t seen on others. This is only recommended for dishes so might be good just before a party to make sure all your best glasses are sparkling clean.

  • Looks nice and modern
  • Quiet with 49db of noise
  • Can be integrated or stand alone
  • More expensive than others on the list

7. Zanussi ZDM17301WA Free Standing Table Top Dishwasher

Zanussi is another well-trusted brand who have been producing white goods for as long as I can remember.

After doing our research we found that people said it would fit 4 dinner plates in up to 26.5cm in size with room for a small pan, some bowls and the cutlery. That’s pretty good!

There are 6 program modes on this one which range from 30 minutes all the way up to 3 hours for an eco wash.

What we noticed this one has that other models don’t is that it has a time delay feature. This has 2 advantages as you can let it come on when your energy is at its cheaper price or when you are out so that the noise does not bother you. That being said, its a quiet machine that only produces 50db which is roughly the same as most on this list

  • Fits big plates in
  • Comes with a time delay
  • Slightly lower energy rating compared to others on the list

8. Cookology CMDW2SL Mini Portable Dish Washer

We had to include this one on the list as it just looks so cute when compared to the others and it has some pretty cool functions that we will discuss now. It is smaller than other models and the recommended maximum plate size is about 10 inches in diameter.

As well as all the usual cleaning modes, this one comes with a fruit cleaning mode that will clean your fruit for 12 minutes (hot) and 6 minutes (cold). There is also a great baby care mode that takes 120 minutes that will ensure your baby products are perfectly clean.

What’s good about this one is that it can be connected up to a tap which I think is what a lot of people want in a portable washing machine

  • We really like the way it looks
  • Lighter in weight at only 17kg (Most of the others are over 20kg)
  • Slightly noisier than other models

What To Look For When Choosing Your Table Top Dish Washer

There is a lot to think about when you are buying a table top dishwasher so we have put together this buyer guide for you to help you make the right choice. We will go through some of the key featured and considerations that you should consider before hitting that buy button.

The Size

By far the most important factor in choosing one is the size. The reason you are after a tabletop one in the first place is that you have a limited size to work with. Measure the area you want it to go in, and then measure it again just to be sure! The last thing you want is to order it and it not fit. That leads on to our next point, which is also about space.

Size (inside the dishwasher)

This one is just as important as the factor above. You want to measure your current largest plates and check that they will fit inside. If you don’t then you may have to end up buying new plates and a trip to Ikea to buy those is never much fun.

We also don’t want you to think that you are going to be able to fit absolutely everything in here. You may still have to wash your largest pans by hand if you want the dishwasher to wash all of your plates.

If you are hoping to use it every night for all your dishes then you might be thinking about a tabletop dishwasher in slightly the wrong way.

Programs and Settings

Each of these machines we have listed come with a whole array of different settings to suit everyone. If you are an eco fan then all of the machines have some sort of setting for that. These will take longer than a standard wash but save you money and save the environment a bit as well.

We like that fact that some had really fast modes. These use more energy but if you are in a rush then this is a great option. I know I get annoyed by how long my dishwasher takes sometimes. I live in a flat with a full-size dishwasher and the noise can be annoying if I am watching TV and there are times I just want it to finish quickly.

Our favourite feature on a few of these was the delay feature. This means you can set it to come at night or when you go out so that you don’t have to hear it make any noise.

The Looks

As well as the functionality it is important as to how the machine looks as well. Most of these machines look the same but we really like number 6 and number 8 as they just look that bit more modern and cool and don’t just look like every other appliance.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide has helped you decide which tabletop dishwasher is for you. We have certainly learnt a lot about them as well when writing this article and they really do perform better than I thought. Most of them have great reviews when I was doing my research.


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