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Best Headboard Caddy

There are a lot of options when it comes to picking a headboard caddy. Today, we are going to look at the options available and why having one might make your life that little bit easier. They essentially all do the same thing and some of them are quite similar but we will take a look at some of the best headboard caddy’s to make sure you make the correct choice.

Best Headboard Caddy

1. Hakacc beside Caddy

Ok, so this one isn’t technically a headboard caddy but we wanted to give you some other options to consider. This one would fit perfectly under the mattress like on the picture.

It has 4 mains pockets. 1 large one perfect for a book or iPad and 3 smaller ones that will hold a mobile phone and whatever else you need.

It comes in black and measures 13cm by 18cm.

  • We like all the different sized pockets
  • The black mesh doesn’t look the best

2. Felt Bedside Caddy

This one really looks the part. It is finished in classy felt material and we really like the grey colour. Grey goes well with most other colours so this will suit the colour scheme of your bedroom very well.

It has 1 big pocket which as you can see from the picture will easily hold an iPad and mobile phone as well as some other accessories.

The one downside is there is no separate phone pocket meaning you might be fumbling around a bit in the night trying to find it.

  • Looks great
  • Nice design
  • Would prefer a smaller pocket on the front for a mobile phone
  • Not quite a bed head caddy

3. Odibess Bedside Storage Pocket

This one really stands out when you compare it to the two options above. It comes with 8 different size pockets which makes it perfect for holding your phone, TV remote, Ipad and maybe even a small cuddly toy. The pockets on the side are perfect for a water bottle or remove.

It has 2 pairs of hooks and loop fasteners meaning that you can adjust it be attached to the side of your bed, headboard or where ever else you like. It really is quite versatile.

This is one of the larger caddies featured in this article and measure in at 16 x 10 x 4.5 inches.

A great choice for travellers who may be in shared dorms and do not have a bedside table.

  • Lots of pockets
  • Adjustable loops on the back meaning it can fit on rails or headboards.
  • Nice design
  • I honestly can’t think of any

4. IPenny Caddy

This one is mainly designed to go over the arm of your sofa, but it could still definitely be used to go over the top of a headboard.

It has pockets on either side, so the side that went over the back of your headboard would need some kind of weight adding in it to balance it out.

Overall the 2 pockets is less than most on here but it would be perfect for a mobile phone and a TV remote.

This is certainly one of the most basic designs, but sometimes that’s all you need and if its only job is to hold a remote and mobile then this one might be right for you

  • Simple design
  • Only has 2 pockets
  • Not specifically made for a headboard

5. Mangata Bedside Storage Pocket

Although this is for the bedside, we think you could easily staple it to the headboard with a staple gun as this is what we have seen other users doing.

This one is one of our favourites and when we checked some websites we found that it had great reviews on those as well.

It comes in grey which will look great whatever the colour scheme of your house is. People say that the material is nice to touch and very soft.

This one has a fancy hole on the side of the bag that you can put your phone charging cable through. This means it can be charged easily and left in the pocket while charging.

Overall there are 5 pockets. The biggest of which can hold a nice sized hardback book. The front pockets are perfect for your phone, remote and headphones.

It is definitely on the larger size and measures 30cm x 20cm by 11.5cm but we think its best to get a large one that can fit everything in.

  • Holds in place very well and does not slide about
  • Perfect for if you have a baby – it can hold their bottle and a spare nappy
  • We can’t think of any

6. Yeclat bedside Storage

When it comes to design this one stands out the most. We love the little extra details on the pockets and the nice little branded logo that’s on there as well. It really does look classy.

It is finished in a lovely grey felt and would suit most bedrooms. The material is also non-slip which means it should stay in place nicely.

The size is 15.7 x 12.6 x 4.5 inches which are about the standard size of most bed caddies we have in this article.

It has 3 pockets, which we think is all you need. 1 big pocket for a book or iPad, and 2 on the front for the remove and your phone. It also has a hole on the side to put your charging cable through.

  • Probably the best looking design on our list
  • Has a hole on the side for your phone charger
  • Non slip material
  • Might be a bit tricky to put on a headboard. Best suited for under your mattress.

7.  Simboom Hanging Pocket Organiser

This is the first one we have seen that has a dedicated bottle holder on the front. We quite like this and as well as being used for a bottle of water it might also suit new parents who are up a lot in the night. This could hold the babies bottle and be dedicated to baby equipment which would keep your bedside table free.

It comes in black and grey, and we prefer the grey as its more neutral.

It has 3 pockets, 1 for an iPad or book and the other 2, as usual, are good for a phone or remote control.

This one does not come with a hole for your phone charging cable.

  • We like the dedicated bottle holder that it comes with
  • Could be great for parents with a newborn
  • Not quite as stylish as some we have covered

8. Easy and Eco Life Caddy

I know what you are thinking, this one is not a caddy, and you are right. However, we wanted to include it just as a different option as the others are all more of less the same except for a few different pocket sizes.

If you don’t have room for a bedside table and your bed doesn’t suit a caddy then this might be a great choice. it is small but also stylish. there is a gap in the design which allows your phone cable to go through it to be charged up easily. It will also hold an iPad and phone nicely. Overall, we quite like this one and it might even suit children who are in a bunk bed that want somewhere to put their phone at night.

There are 2 ways to attach this to the wall. You can either screw it in or use the adhesive pads it comes with. We quite like the idea of using the sticky pads but that would mean you can’t put that much weight in. I wouldn’t fancy putting a heavy hardback book or a drink in there just in case it fell on me in the night.

  • Stylish design
  • Has a gap in the design for your phone charger
  • Has to be screwed into the wall to be 100% secure

9. 12che bedside Pocket

This one is also different to the rest as it has hooks on the top which would suit someone that maybe has a metal-framed headboard. This one won’t really fit on the side of the bed. It would fit at the end of the bed if you have a metal frame and this would be perfect for holding baby items such as nappies and wipes etc for at night.

It is not the best looking product but we think it’s very functional and would do a great job. The reviews we read of it seemed to praise it. This one can be easily unclipped and moved around if needed.

  • Big storage area
  • Will fit on a grab rail easily which is good for older people
  • Can be unclipped from the bedside and put onto a walker if needed
  • Might only fit on metal frames

10.Bedside Shelf for Bunk Bed& loft Bed, Bamboo Attachable Bed Shelf

Bedside Shelf for Bunk Bed& loft Bed, Bamboo Attachable Bed Shelf, Great Use as Teens Nightstand, Dorm Room Bed Tray for Students, Organizer for Laptop,...


We wanted to end the article by looking at something that is slightly different. When we thought of headboard and beside caddies we did not imagine seeing one like this but we really like it!

What makes this one different is that its more of a shelf than a storage pocket. This might not be to everyone’s taste but if you the kind of person who loves a brew in the morning and has no room for a bedside table then this one might fit the bill.

It is a touch more expensive than the others, but it is made from wood and not just material, so that’s probably why.

  • Can hold a cup of coffee
  • Nice wood finish
  • Fits most bed frames
  • Have to be careful in the night not to knock into it
  • Not quite a headboard caddy

Buyers Guide and FAQ

Compared to a lot of guides on this website we don’t feel there is much to write here in the buyer’s guide. This is a really basic product that has no real moving part and only has 1 purpose. Although the article is entitled best headboard caddy there is not actually that many that are made just for the headboard.

I think this is mainly due to headboards being a different shape and size. Some peoples are low down which means that you might bump into them or knock them in the night. A bedside caddy is definitely more universal and actually easier to use so that’s why we included more of these in our list.

All we would advise is that you pick one that has enough pockets for what you need. Sometimes you don’t realise how much stuff you put on your bedside table and how much stuff is at the side of your bed (or even on the floor).

If we had to pick one from the list above, it would be number 6 as it looks classy and has just the right amount of pockets.

If I was a new parent then I’d be looking at number 10 as its got bigger pockets for stuff like nappies and a bottle.

Hopefully, our guide has helped you decide on the right head

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