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Best Silent Generator For Caravans

Search Generator Deals HereOwning a caravan generator gives you so much more flexibility than not owning one. We class it as an essential item for anyone who owns a caravan or motorhome.

It is a great backup option or could even be classed as a must-have item if you are someone who is living off-grid a lot of the time.

There is definitely no such thing as a truly silent generator for a caravan. When they classed as silent then mean as quiet as possible. We can’t think of anything more annoying than having a loud generator going. Isn’t caravan meant to be a way to get away from it all and enjoy the peace and quiet? Most people can survive off just a leisure battery with solar panels for a short trip but there will be times when a generator is a great back up option. What if you get stuck in the snow with your caravan and there is a lack of sunlight? For reasons like that, you will definitely need a generator.

There aren’t only yourselves to think about. You have to consider your neighbours as well who will not be happy to hear a loud generator going in the morning or the middle of te night.

The solution is to buy a generator that’s as quiet as possible that will help keep the noise levels to the lowest possible. Here are some of the best ones that we found during our research.

Best Silent Caravan Generators

1. Briggs and Stratton Petrol Generator

This is an expensive product, and one of the most expensive that we are featuring on our best silent generator list.

It makes use of special sound dampening mechanics that are inside the generator to produce as low noise as possible. It works on delivering the exact amount of power you need to run your essential appliances in the caravan

The model number of this one is the P220 which is part of Biggs and Strattons PowerSmart series.

They claim it has about 8 hours of running time none stop when it’s loaded to about 25% of its full capacity which we think is great. The fuel tank inside is 3.8 litres in size which produce a starting wattage of 2200 and when it’s running it goes to 1700.

Let’s talk ports! It comes with 2 x 230v sockets on it which you can run an extension lead from into your caravan. It also has a 12v battery charging socket which is great and that all-important USB charger which we all use nowadays.

When doing out research ew found that customers were happy with this generator and had it set up very quickly.

2. Wolf Petrol Generator

If you haven’t heard of Wolf then we want you to know they are also a great brand that should be considered.

This model is about the same size as some on the list and comes with a 3-litre petrol fuel tank.

There are 2 different power options available – a 1200 or 2000w unit. We recommend the 1200w if you are on a tighter budget

It is a lightweight model and comes with automatic voltage regulation meaning it should power your appliances nicely. It also has a smart thermal overload protection which we think is a great feature.

Another nice querk that it has is called the “Econo design” which means that it will switch into idle mode if it detects no power is being used from the generator.

They say it’s suitable for all types of electronics that you would find within your caravan and of course the noise that comes out if it is very minimal due to their ultra-quiet technology.

As with the above generator, it comes with a 12v charging port as well as standard sockets.

While doing our research we found that customers were very happy with the results they got from this generator and worked as described – powering all their appliances and keeping the noise to a minimum.

3. Autojack IG950 800w

If you are after the cheapest silent generator on the market then this Autojack IG950 would be our generator of choice. The power is slightly less than some of the others as it only produces 800w whereas most of the others are 1000w and more but with a generator just being a back up option for most we think 800w will be fine.

It comes with many of the features that the more expensive models do such as automatic shutdown and low oil shut down mode.

This model only weighs in at 8kg which is a lot lighter than some of the others on the list.

It is just as quiet as the others with just 58b output of noise.

4. Hyundai HY2000Si Portable Generator

Hyundai is a brand we would have all heard off as they are most well known for producing cars but they also produce a lot more such as generators that you might not have been aware of.

The noise levels on this one are 58b which is standard amongst most on the list.

It has an 8 hour running time (not at full capacity) and the fuel tank is a decent 3.8 litres in size.

We do like the eco feature mode that this one has that helps preserve fuel and also keep the noise levels down.

This model has 3 UK plug sockets while some others only have 2 sockets and it has a 12v output to charge leisure batteries or car batteries. It does not have a USB port though.

Overall this is a great generator that you will be very happy purchasing. It will cost you more but if you are a fan of Hyundai and a quality product then you won’t be disappointed.

  • 3 x UK sockets
  • Well known car brand
  • No USB ports
  • More expensive than most

5. Stanley 2000W Silent Generator

Stanley are a well-known tool manufacturer. Check your garage or shed and I bet you have at least 1 item in there that are made from them. When you buy a Stanley product you know you are getting a quality item.

It is a suitcase design which is like most on this list. The 2000w quiet generator is an absolute beast. It has a 4-litre tank which is more than some and offers around 4.2 hours of use.

This one claims to output 52b which is about 6db lowest than most on here.

Stanley have a unique low oil consumption system. This works by having a smart throttle inside which helps to regulate the amount of fuel used. It also helps to keep the noise nice and quiet when it is not be used at full power.

Reviews of this item were very positive with most finding this really easy to use straight away. The handle makes it easy to carry and no one has anything bad to say about it.

  • Comes with a cable to charge car batteries
  • Expensive

6. True Shopping Petrol Generator

Out of all the brands on here, this is probably the one you would not have heard of. We had to do a bit of research on them ourselves when writing this article and it appears true shopping sell a wide range of products, not just tools.

This is an 800w model which is on the lower end of the quiet generator scale. The fuel tank is also smaller at just 2.1 litres in size.

It comes with a power overload option built-in which helps protect itself and your appliances if anything happens.

Overall customers seem happy with this generator for the price and we think it really is a great model if you are on a budget. It comes with everything you need and if it is just being bought as a backup option then it might be all you need.

  • A great starter model
  • Just 1 UK plug outlet

7. Bohmer-AG Petrol Generator

Ok, so this one we left to last as its a bit different than the rest. All of the others are suitcase style which is better for caravans but if you need something that bit bigger and powerful then this one might just be for you.

Bohmer claims that this one is more powerful than others on the market due to it being copper wound.

It is a beast of an engine with 3000w output which is 1000w more than any of the others on this list. The fuel tank is a whopping 15 litres which means the run time is longer than any.

We are not sure how many of you will go for this option as it is heavier and bigger than the others but if you have a big caravan and have the room for it then it could be an option for you.

  • Massive fuel tank
  • Very powerful
  • Could be too big
  • Heavier than others on the list

Buying Guide

Buying a silent generator for your caravan is not a cheap purchase and it is one that really needs some thought given to it. They are a great backup option and can be a great back up when needed. Imagine the power going and the kids not being able to charge their iPads or the wife not being able to watch Netflix and everyone screaming at you? Nobody wants that!

Let’s look at the key things to consider.

Noise Output

The key reason you are on this page in the first place is that you most likely wanted to find a generator that’s nice and quiet.

All the ones on this list except the last one are 59db and under which is really good. They were the quietest ones we could find when doing out research.


All of the ones except one on this list are the suitcase-style which essentially means it has a handle on it to easily move it around. The weights of these do vary from 8kg to just over 30kg for the higher wattage models but once you move them outside the caravan you will likely not be moving them again until the end of the holiday. We recommend a suitcase-style over the one on wheels just because it’s easier to move and smaller.


The fuel tanks on all of these differ slightly so that is one thing to consider. The smaller the fuel tank the less powerful the engine and usually the less amount of time it can run.

Most of the models we featured have an eco mode which is great and helps save you fuel and money.


We are brand snobs and we do like to go for a brand we have heard of. Are you a brand snob?

Silent Generator FAQ

How do I make the generator even more silent?

We could write a whole article on this but that isn’t the focus of this article.

In short – you can build a wooden box around it, put rubber feet on it to stop vibrations and give it plenty of ventilation. Having it run at a lower output will help as well. This guy here reckons he cut 10db off his generator by following a few simple steps.

How many decibels is a silent generator?


Final Thoughts

If you are a seasoned caravanner and often visit sites or remote locations then we think you should invest in a caravan generator as you never know when you might need one. You cannot always rely on your solar panels as the British weather is not the most reliable.

Most sites nowadays do have power supplies but they will also charge you for this. You have to think about how long you would be staying there and if in the long run, it would save you money.

There is also the neighbour situation that we touched on earlier. I know I would not like to be close to a generator that’s making noise all the time even if was a quiet one. I go on holiday to get away from all the noise of everyday life.

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