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Best iPhone 7 Wallet Case

The iPhone: one of the wonders of the modern age! It’s surprising to remember that, in fact, the first iPhone was unveiled to the world in 2007, just 12 years ago! It seems like a lot longer, perhaps because of the many iterations of the iPhone that we have seen across the years. While not the first smartphone – there are many contenders for that title, including the early BlackBerry models – it was perhaps the first smartphone to be user-friendly, and certainly the first one to become a mass-market model.

The latest iPhones are very capable devices, offering amazing connectivity and processing power as well as being superbly easy to use. Among the most popular of all has been the iPhone 7; despite their being models beyond it in the product range, many users have stood by their iPhone 7 as they find it perfectly capable, and the newer models are far from cheap!

But, it’s not the iPhone we are reviewing today. We’re going to look at iPhone 7 wallet cases. Why do you need a wallet case for your iPhone 7? Let’s have a look!

The Top 10 iPhone 7 Wallet Cases

1. iCareCase iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Our first selection of wallet cases is this very typical design. Do not be surprised if we feature a list of very, very similar items. As we have said, they all have to meet the same specification, so the detail and quality will be what sets the good apart from the not so good. This one, like many, is made from synthetic leather; it feels and looks like leather, but it’s actually polyurethane. That’s not a bad thing, it’s a tough and versatile material, and it’s cheap to use. It will likely have good drop protection.

The case is enhanced with stitching around the edges which looks good, and has all the relevant details in the right places for ease of use. It comes with cards and cash compartment, and also has a slot for notes underneath. It has a magnetic closing action, and the back can be folded into a rudimentary stand. It comes in black or brown. Most customer reviews give it a high score for quality, though one does complain that the cover won’t shut when cards are in place – a common complaint with these. It is, we think, a little expensive in this company.

  • Specific design
  • Nicely finished
  • 3 card slots
  • Section for notes
  • Magnet closure
  • Not real leather
  • Customer complaints about closing
  • Not cheap

2. Torro Genuine Leather Wallet

The above model, with its PU leather case, is the benchmark for basic items. We think this one, from Torro, might be the same for genuine leather, higher quality iPhone 7 wallet cases. We will start by saying that this wallet – we reviewed one in black with red stitching – looks very smart indeed, and is clearly a cut above in terms of quality. This one is made from Italian leather, and has a silicone internal frame which complements the quality of the outer lining.

Torro is very popular and has a signature emblem on the front of a bulls head, which is rather nice. The wallet portion has three card slots and a note compartment, a magnetic closure that actually works, and it is compatible with Qi wireless charging. This one does not have the stand-fold on the back, but it is the best iPhone 7 leather wallet case we have seen and we really love the magnetic closure.

  • Genuine leather
  • Popular brand
  • Quality item
  • Very attractive
  • 3 card slots and money compartment
  • Magnetic closing
  • No stand feature
  • Quite pricey

3. Ocase iPhone 7 Wallet Case

This model, from Ocase, claims to be leather – vegan leather in fact! This is a polyurethane leather substitute, so the blurb is quite misleading. However, it’s a nicely-finished iPhone 7 case and, unlike some, is available in some nice bright colours including a jazzy pink and rather attractive burgundy. Like most, it has stitching to give the effect of class, and it is precision-cut to allow for all functions to be accessed and operated easily.

It does have the fold on the back so can be used in ‘kick-stand’ mode for hands-free reading, and it is fitted with a magnetic clasp for closing. You get the usual room for three cards and a slot for notes. This one, like most of these, claims to be ‘handmade’ – although we are not sure whether that covers the whole practice – and as a bonus, also comes with a tempered glass screen protector, a nice accessory that may justify what we think is quite a high price for a faux-leather model.

  • Great colour choice
  • 3 card slots and note compartment
  • Kick-stand function
  • Magnetic closing
  • Tempered glass screen protector included
  • Vegan leather, it’s not real
  • Not cheap


4. Tucch iPhone 7 Wallet Case

At least the makers of this wallet cases are honest here and make clear that this Tucch wallet case is made from PU leather. It looks good, and has the brand name embossed on the front, and the usual stitching to give it that added touch of class.

Is there anything different here? Not really: you get the usual three cards slots and one for notes, it has the stand function that seems to be popular, it has a PU interior which is secure, and it has all the holes in the right places! It has magnetic closing, and it’s available in a range of colours options including a bright pink and a red one. The only problem for us – and it’s not unique to this one – is the price; for a few pounds more you can buy a genuine leather one.

  • Range of colours
  • Stand function
  • 3 card and one note slots
  • Magnetic closing
  • Very good customer reviews
  • Fake leather
  • Not cheap


5. ULAK iPhone Wallet Case

This next one in our lost of iPhone 7 cases, from ULAK, offers something slightly difference, which we will come to in a moment. First, the basics: it’s a PU leather model, is finished in a rather nice ‘rose gold’ colour – others are available – and has the usual stitching to add to the effect, and it looks good. It also has a hand strap, which is a neat addition, but we will see this: it’s quite clear from the design and the way it has been promoted – plus the colour – that this one is aimed at the ladies!

Now, inside is where this one gets interesting. Normally, the slots are on the inner-side of the cover. They are on this one, but there is another, internal flap hinged on the spine. This gives you no fewer than 9 card and money slots, including one with an open face for picture ID. Now that’s all great, but our question is – will it close with all those cards in it? More than 200 customers have reviewed this item and it rates 4.5/5, so we take that as further assurance it does the job!

  • 9 card and money slots
  • Detachable hand strap
  • Great colour rose gold
  • Clear slot for ID
  • Looks impressive
  • No stand feature
  • Not real leather
  • Very feminine-looking!

6. iPhox Folio Case

So far, all of the cases we have reviewed have had a ‘leather look’, but this model goes for something different. Made from PU leather, the outer of this one is almost a denim effect – we reviewed one in blue – and customers (who give it a massive thumbs-up) have described as feeling and looking as if it is woven. It’s very attractive and stylish, and made even more so by the contrasting colour of the interior and the magnetic clasp, which in this case is lime green.

There are several colours to choose from, each of which looks equally good, and you get the usual credit card and money slots within, plus the aforementioned magnetic clasp. The stand on this one is also a touch more impressive than some, and actually works, while the cut-outs are all precision cut in the right places. All in all, a great looking iPhone 7 wallet case, and there’s one added area of appeal: it’s very cheap, with plenty of change from a tenner, so even if it lasts a year or so, you’ll get our money’s worth.

  • Great looking case
  • Contrasting colours
  • All the usual card and money slots
  • Magnetic closing
  • Multi-angle stand
  • Very cheap to buy
  • Not real leather

7. Terrapin iPhone 7 Wallet Case

The Terrapin case we reviewed was in the ‘Cognac’ colour, and looked very nice indeed. It’s also available in black, a rather unusual grey, and red, the latter of which is nicely presented. This is a genuine leather item – the interior is PU – with stitching that looks the part, and is designed specifically for the iPhone 7 (and will fit the iPhone 8) so all the cut-outs are in the right place. It’s nice, and looks well-made.

The inside features not three cards but room for four cards – one more than the standard – and one for notes, and the magnetic clasp is strong. The stand function offers different angles, and all in all, it does what you want it to do. Indeed, with more than 120 reviews and almost full marks, it comes highly recommended, although we did notice one comment that there is no cut out for the microphone, so the case needs to be open to take a call. One last thing – this is cheaper than most of the PU leather models, so goes high on our list.

  • Genuine leather
  • Choice of colours
  • Four card slots and one for notes
  • Looks great
  • Stand function
  • Magnetic closing
  • No cut-out for microphone
  • Can’t be used with wireless charging


8. FinestBazaar Leather Case

Occasionally we come across items where the specification seems too good at the price. This is one of them. However, there are a few provisos, which we will come to in a moment. This is genuine leather, finished with nice stitching, looks very sleek and stylish, and has the usual magnetic closing and stand feature.

You only get two card slots and the full-length money compartment, and you can choose from black, brown, red or pink, and here’s the thing: you can buy this real leather wallet case for not much more than a fiver. So, what’s the catch? Well, a few of the customer reviews that were not so good mention quality issues – including the leather peeling, and the plastic interior being very poor indeed – while others say it’s great quality, and does the job for an amazing price. We’ll leave it up to you!

  • Genuine leather
  • Very cheap
  • Choice of colours
  • Looks stylish
  • Stand function
  • Only two card slots
  • No cut out for microphone
  • Some poor reviews re: quality from customers


9. FYY RFID Blocking iPhone 7 Case

This is a PU leather case that comes in a massive range of colours. We reviewed one in ‘Rose Gold’ which we would alternatively describe as pale pink, but you can choose from 42 different colours and designs, so the choice is yours! We will say that most of the colours veer towards the feminine – although you can get black, brown and other ‘business’ colours – so this is a case that is clearly going to be popular with the girls!

In fact, in addition to all the standard stuff – a card slot, the stand, and so on – there is a major difference between this and the others reviewed so far: it features patented RFID-blocking technology. What does this mean? The information on your credit and debit cards is stored in the chip. This is accessed using radio frequency readers. There are devices that can ‘steal’ the information from your chip from as far as 10ft away. The RFID blocker protects you against this and, at the price, is certainly worth considering as one of the best iPhone 7 wallet case UK buyers can purchase.

  • RFID blocker
  • 42 colour choices
  • Slots for cards and money
  • Detachable hand strap
  • Stand function
  • Great price
  • Very favourable customer reviews
  • We can’t find any


10. Promixc iPhone 7 Case

Our final choice is one that has a distinct difference: available in three colours – pink, purple and blue – this case is embossed with a butterfly and flowers design. We don’t want to appear sexist but, if you’re a man reading this, you’re only going to buy this one if you have a girlfriend, wife or female relation for a gift! For girls, it’s a great design in PU leather – it’s not trying to be anything else – at a sensible price, and one that offers all of the standard features.

You get the usual 3 card slots – including a clear-front one for ID – and the note compartment, all the cut-outs are in the specific places for iPhone 7 and 8, and it has a standard-type kick-stand function. Customer reviews are almost entirely 5-star – 89% in fact – and every one we have read is from a woman! If you want one that looks different and don’t want to pay too much, it’s a pretty decent iPhone 7 case and wallet and you can get one of these with plenty of change from £10.

  • All the card and note slots
  • Magnetic closing
  • Clear view slot for ID
  • Cheap
  • Nice embossing
  • Interesting colours
  • Very feminine design
  • Very feminine colours!


Why You Need an iPhone 7 Wallet Case

A wallet phone case serves a number of purposes. First, it is extra protection for your phone, preventing scratches from keys and such when you put it in your pocket or bag. Second, it means you can carry just one wallet with you as the best have slots for money and credit or debit cards. Some also have protective barriers to stop people using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to steal your credit card information. And, they look cool!

So, convenience, protection and cool – what more could you ask for? Now, before we take a look at the best iPhone cases, it’s essential you make sure you buy one that is specifically for the iPhone 7 (they usually also fit the iPhone 8) as you need the camera lens hole in the right place, and other features to be accessible. Furthermore, the fact that they are all designed so specifically means there are going to be few differences between the following 10, so we will be majoring on quality and capability in this review.

So, are you ready? Let’s get cracking and find the best wallet case for iPhone 7!

So we reach the end of our list of the top 10 iPhone 7 wallet cases, and we must admit we are actually surprised. When we set out to do this review, we fully expected many of these to be exactly the same. In fact, most of these have a unique element to them – whether it’s colour, material or fitments – so you have plenty of choice.

Which one is our choice of best iPhone 7 case? Before we get to that, there are a few things we want to recap with you, so you can be sure you are making the right choice, so let’s have a quick buyer’s guide!

Buyers Guide – Important Factors to Consider

When you buy the best wallet case, you want it to look good, last a long time, and fit properly. All of the above are specific to the iPhone 7 – the standard model – and also fit the iPhone 8, so you have no problem where fit is concerned. However, there are some factors that you need to think about, so let’s have a look at a few of the considerations you need to make when looking at cases.

Leather or Not – be very careful when you see the description ‘leather’ or even ‘premium leather’ as we have come across some using these descriptions that are actually PU, or synthetic, leather. There is nothing wrong with PU – it is cheap, durable and can look great – but you don’t want to buy a case believing it to be real leather and find it is not.

How Many Card Slots – the number of card slots varies from two to a quite amazing nine across these wallet cases, so it’s up to you to decide how many you need or want. You want one that holds not just one card but can hold at least two cards.

Stand – do you want your wallet case to double as a stand? Most of the above do, but there are a couple that don’t so we advise you check carefully.

RFID – there is some debate as to the effectiveness of RFID blockers. The sole wallet case that features this offers it as a patented function and claims that it will block the chance of anyone stealing your card details. If this is important to you, then you only have a choice of one!

Price – usually we leave price out of the considerations as, when reviewing specific items, the price range is generally very narrow. However, across the 10 items above the price runs from not much more than £5 to around £25, and we believe that – in most of these – the selling price pretty much reflects the quality, with a couple of notable exceptions.

Wrist Strap – Do you need a wrist strap? This could help with you not dropping it as much

Screen Protection – Does the case come with a screen protector as well as the case? A lot do, so its worth checking.

So, which one do we recommend? It’s not an easy choice, but let’s try and wrap this up.

Our Choice

This is not an easy one, because there will be colours and other factors that also influence personal choice. If we are talking about quality, and you want a leather case, then the one for you is the Torro Genuine Leather Wallet. It is great quality, very stylish and popular, and superbly made from quality materials. However, we should add that the FinestBazaar Leather Case is a superb price for one that is genuine leather, but the quality is not quite there.

If leather is not important to you, there are a few here that you should look at, but we recommend that if you’re going to buy non-leather, you should go with the FYY RFID Blocking iPhone 7 Case. We really could not find fault with it, and at the price, it’s unbeatable for what is a good quality and a great phone case for iPhone 7.

We hope this review has helped you find the iPhone 7 wallet case that you need, so read through again, and choose the best!

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