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Best Finger Nail Printers

Fingernail printers are a fantastic piece of kit that will make your nails look amazing. They allow you to print whatever design or artwork you desire and print it directly onto your nails.

Here at Internet Eyes, we have researched some of the best fingernails printers that are available on the market and do all the hard work for you. These are perfect for a girly night in or if you have a beauty salon and want to offer something that bit different for your customers.

Normally we take a look at the top 10 products but as this a new technology there are not that many manufacturers so we will be looking at the top 6 and list the pros and cons of each. Some will be suitable for a nail salon, others will be great for personal use.

Best Finger Nail Printers

1. TZ Nail Printer Machine

This is a very high-end nail art printer and we were slightly shocked at how much it costs. This one is definitely recommended if you are a nail salon and looking for a high-end piece of kit to really impress your clients and for your nail technicians to use. It comes with a lot of features that make nail art really easy to do, including a touch screen and some built-in pattern designs. Most machines on the market only allow you to do 1 finger at a time, but this machine can do 5 in 1 go. In the long run, this will save you and your customer time and could be worth the extra investment.

  • Can do an amazing 5 fingers in 1 go.
  • Easy to connect to a PC, Mac or phone
  • Suitable for both toenails as well as fingernails
  • You can upload your own photographs
  • Very expensive when compared to others on the list
  • Quite a bulky piece of kit, but how often will you actually move it around?

2. 0’2 3d Nail Print Machine

This digital nail printer is probably the most recognisable brand on the market as they have been around since about 1993. When many people think of a 3d nail printing machine brands this is usually the one that first comes into their mind. Its small in design and a lot more portable than the model above. This does come with a drawback though as it only can only do 1 nail at a time. This could be a great option if your nail art business is going round to clients houses to do their nails as its easier to carry around.

  • Very high-quality prints
  • This item has great reviews
  • You can upload your own photographs
  • Comes with a great app
  • Very portable
  • People have said the ink can run out fast and is expensive to refill
  • Can be a bit fiddly to setup

3.  3d Nail Printer

This nail art printer looks like a generic chinese brand as it does not have a brand name. We did some more research into it and found it selling on other sites and here is what we found about it. This machine can do 1 nail at a time which is the same with most on this list. You can upload your own photograph and its a nice portable size which can be transported easily. Would we pick it over the 2 above? Probably not, as the lack of branding and price puts us off. I would recommend researching this one a bit more.

  • Portable
  • Takes 20 seconds to print 1 finger
  • Comes pre-loaded with loads of great designs
  • Unknown brand
  • Expensive for an unknown brand

4.  Digital Nail Printer by TTSTR

This nail art printer looks the most impressive out of them all. It has a big touch screen and just looks the part. When not being used for nail art it can be used to play music or even watch films on.

We are not sure if this is a good thing that it can do these extra functions, or if it should just stick to being a nail machine? I guess it depends on what your needs are. This printing machine, despite looking really fancy can only print directly onto 1 nail at a time. This would not be our first choice based on the price and unknown brand but would grab peoples attention if it was in a salon when compared to the others. You could always have a little promotional video playing on the movie screen which tells passing people what it actually does.

  • The cartridges can print up to 800 nails
  • Can also be used to play music and films
  • Comes with over 1000 patterns loaded on
  • It’s pretty big
  • It is not a well-known brand
  • We are not sure how good the support would be if you have problems
  • It can only print on 1 finger
  • Expensive

5. Nailgogo High Quality Portable Nail Printer

This digital nail printer looks the part and comes in 4 different colours – green, orange, purple and white which means you could buy the colour that suits your salon. This machine, like most, does 1 finger nail at a time but that seems to be the industry standard. it is also well priced when compared to the others.

It is a nice portable size and is quite light which means it could easily be transported if you are doing house visits to clients.

The support for these look good and we found lots of youtube tutorials showing you how it works and overall reviews across a number of sites were pretty good with mostly positive reviews. What people really liked was the app and how easy it was to get your own photograph from your phone onto your nail. Lots of people had pictures of their pets or loved ones printed onto their nail.

  • The support for this product seems to be really good
  • Comes in 4 fancy colours
  • The app is slick to use
  • It’s a nice price, not the most expensive on this list
  • Hard to find any at this price and size

6.  Nail Art Stamp by Salmue

I know what you are thinking, why have we included this one as its nor a printer machine? Well, we wanted to show you that if you don’t have a big budget then there are other options. This one is almost too cheap though but its a great little starter kit if nail art is something you want to get started with. This one is a manual process and does not come with anything fancy like the others but it looks very easy to use. We think this one is more suited for the person at home who wants to do their friends nails or a great one for younger girls. There is no phone connectivity with this one but for the price it will give you lots of fun.

  • Very cheap compared to the others on the list.
  • Does not need any expensive ink cartridges
  • More for personal use than salon use
  • Might not be as accurate as others
  • Takes a bit of getting used to
  • You can’t print any of your own designs, you just have to use what comes with it.

The Overall Benefits of Owning a Nail Printer

You still might be unsure about buying one, so here are some of the overall benefits you can expect by owning one.

  • Some can print on up to 5 nails at a time which saves you money
  • These machines can print all day and not get tired like a human
  • Makes you more money in the salon
  • These machines automatically work out the nail size
  • They are small and portable so won’t take up much space in a salon or at home
  • They work using normal nail oil

Buyers Guide and FAQ

We hope that the above options have helped you make a decision as this is an expensive purchase that needs to be given some thought. It is worth checking what the return policy is before ordering as you may want to send it back if it isn’t working out for you as it is a lot of money to risk.

We have put together some frequently asked questions that you may have about these machines and we hope you find them useful.

1. Which one would Internet Eyes pick if they had to pick just 1 from the list?

The best nail printer machine in our eyes is number 2 by o’2 nails. They are the most trusted brand, its a nice portable size and is the overall one with the best reviews when we did our research. If you ran nail salons, then number 1 might be your best choice

2. How much money could I make with a nail printer?

We think that it could be a great asset to nail salons and help bring in extra income. It might be a piece of printing technology that your rival businesses don’t have and it could set you apart from the competition.

3. What happens if I run out of ink?

Replacing a cartridge is similar to replacing it on a standard inkjet printer. You might be able to get the cartridges refilled which would be cheaper than buying new brand cartridges each time. Sometimes refilling them can cause issues but it is worth giving it a go first.

4. Do they work on toenails?

We would recommend sticking to just printing on fingernails. Toenails are a different shape and size and your toe probably won’t fit in the machine. It is hard to move 4 other toes out of the way to get 1 toe in the machine. Chances are it won’t print correctly.

5. How long will the print stay on the fingernails before it falls off?

They will look really good for a week or 2 but like any other kind of nails, they will start to show some scuffing and general wear and tear after a while. Other factors will affect this such as the quality of the technique that was used and the materials.

6. What if I have really short nails? Will they work on those?

Yes – these machines are pretty smart and will detect the nail area. This means it will work fine but the size of the nail may affect the pattern you want printing as some might be cut off.

Nail Printing Machines Vs Hand Painting

This is something that really needs some thought. Some customers may like the more personal experience of having their nails hand-painted by a beauty technician while others might like the options of having their favourite photo or a funky design that can’t be painted put onto their nails.

There is also a time aspect. Hand painting each nail can take the salon employee a long time to do. These machines will cost more at first, but overall they may save a lot of time for their customers.

This is especially true if you get a machine that can do 5 nails in 1 go. I asked my wife about this and she said she prefers to be in and out of a nail salon quickly and sometimes does not want to make small talk and would happily pay a bit more for a machine to do it and for her to be in and out quickly. I guess you also need to consider how easy to use these machines are as well.

Final Thoughts

We think that nail printing machines are a fantastic piece of kit for the price. We would just always recommend having plenty of back up ink in as you may go through it quicker than you are expecting. If it was our choice we would also get the machine that does 1 nail at a time, it might be a bit slower, but its a cheaper cost but this gives you more time to chat to your client which could always end up in upgrades or upselling on other services that your salon offers. People go to a salon for that personal experience!

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