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Best Water Filter Jug UK

Are you looking for ways to get purified water without the use of single-use plastics? Or are you concerned with the fact that the tap water you and your loved ones are consuming might lead to health complications?

You should know that drinking contaminated water, especially hard water, could lead to some serious health complications. Some of the leading ones include diarrhoea, vomiting, kidney stones, intestinal and stomach cramping, gastrointestinal problems, and even dehydration.

While you need to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily, drinking contaminated water will degrade your health drastically. Even if there are no signs or symptoms, it doesn’t mean there are no potential long-term effects.

This is why it is important to invest in a quality filtration system that ensures you clean and pure water that tastes good. However, a home filtration system could be an expensive affair. This is why people in the United Kingdom are turning towards a more economical yet effective option – water filter jugs!

If you don’t know how a water filter jug works, it is quite simple – the tap water runs through the filter cartridge and into the container. The filter blocks all the impurities like heavy metals, chemicals, limescale, and chlorine, among other contaminants, giving you a cleaner, fresher-tasting water.

But how will you know which water filter jug is the best since there are plenty of models available? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! In our handy guide, we will be reviewing the best water filter jugs in the United Kingdom. And together with our buying guide, we will help you solve the ‘contaminated water’ crisis in a pocket-friendly manner.

Let’s jump right into it.

Best Water Filter Jug UK 2020

Here are the top 10 best water filter jugs currently available in the market.

#1 BRITA Marella Water Filter Jug with MAXTRA Cartridges

The first in our list is the amazing BRITA Marella Water Filter Starter Pack that is designed to filter tap water. It features micro carbon pearls that help in reducing chlorine and organic impurities from the water, therefore enhancing the odour and taste of everything from food and drink. We noticed that coffee and tea gets creamy and become more fragrant after BRITA. It is an affordable alternative to bottled water. BRITA is a favourite brand when it comes to water filtering jugs in the United Kingdom. While there are many popular models available on the market, BRITA turns out good for a reason.

For starters, it incorporates ion exchange pearls that help in absorbing metals like copper and lead and reducing limescale content from regular tap water, that makes your water more healthy. All you have to do is fill the jug with water and it is good to drink in just a few minutes.

The best part is that this 2.4 litre filter jug boasts a slim and compact fridge door fitting design. What this means is that you also don’t have to filter the water and put it in separate bottles in the fridge. It will not take much space in your fridge, ultimately saving plastic bottle waste.

Last but not least, the Marella Memo Display on the lid of the jug shows the percentage of filter usage. This alerts you to replace the Maxtra Cartridge.


  • Reduce limescale, chloride, heavy metals, and other impurities
  • Environment friendly
  • Prolong appliance life
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Changing cartridge can be difficult
  • The water tastes neutral


#2 Epic Water Filters Water Filter Jug

One of the safest ways to ensure that you and your loved ones drink clean water every day without putting a dent on your wallet is to bring home the Epic Pure Water Filter Jug. Buying bottled water would have been ideal if it didn’t pollute the environment and don’t cost money. The Epic Pure Water Filter Jug is the choice of the households in the Uk for two primary reasons – first, it is affordable, and second, it promises to provide clean drinking water for everyday consumption and cooking.

It is equipped with 5-stage triple capacity filters that remove up to 99.99% contaminants in water. Each filter can produce 760 litres of contaminant-free fresh water in its lifetime. These replaceable filters are 100$ BPA free and made of FDA-approved materials that are completely recyclable.

The company warrants that its patented filter media can remove 2000% more impurities than BRITA, including mercury, chloramines, fluoride, chromium 6, and lead, among other contaminants. The pores of the filter media are measured at 2 micron, which is small enough to eradicate contaminants that other filters miss out and smart enough to keep healthy trace minerals like magnesium and calcium in your water, which RO, Kinetic Water systems strip out.


  • A great alternative to expensive home filters
  • Helps in maintaining proper pH level
  • Removes about 99% impurities from water
  • Filtered water tastes great



  • The handle design is a bit complex to use
  • It has a small spout that may lead to spills


#3 AmazonBasics Water Filter Jug

This model from AmazonBasics is an affordable yet highly effective filter jug that can deliver pure quality water in a desirable manner. Designed with convenience and reliability in mind, AmazonBasics 2.3 litre water filter jug comes with a large easy-grip handle that makes pouring water a lot more comfortable and its oval shape design ensures easy storage in your fridge door. It incorporates a transparent design with black accents that makes it desirable for everybody.

When we talk about its main features, the first thing that comes to our mind is its highly efficient water filter cartridge that enables it to produce quality drinking water. The filtration system is designed to effectively reduce the taste and odour of chlorine, as well as other unwanted elements like limescale, benzene, mercury, and copper that can be found in tap water.

On the other hand, AmazonBasics water filter jug is equipped with an electronic filter-replacement indicator that notifies you when the filter cartridge needs to be replaced.

The best part is that cleaning the components of this filter jug is a breeze. It is made of BPA-free material, which makes it safe for cleaning and handling. Except for the lid, which contains an electronic filter change indicator, you can also wash the entire jug in a dishwasher as well.


  • Durable construction
  • Regular BRITA filters can be used in this jug
  • Plastic is 100% BPA-free
  • The design is dishwasher safe



  • May add some TDS to your water
  • Doesn’t remove all the contaminants as compared to other filters


#4 Klar Fluoride Water Filter Jug

If you live in an area where the fluoride content in water is higher than normal, then you should consider having a look into this fluoride water filter jug from Klar. This 3.5 litre filter jug is the choice of the many households in the UK with high fluoride problem. It not only filters up to 95% of fluoride from water but also makes sure that other impurities are also removed with an extremely quick filtration rate.

What we like about this model from Klar is that it also filters microplastics found in tap water and bottled water, ensuring great tasting water. Most importantly, this filter jug performs filtration without demineralisation. That is, essential minerals like potassium, selenium, zinc, and magnesium are remineralised after filtration so that you can enjoy the benefits of drinking water.

Moreover, unlike your traditional filters, this fluoride filter jug comes with 60 day/350 litre lifespan, which is just the double of what most filter jugs offer. Further, the water you get from this filter is alkaline ionised water, as it shifts the pH of the water by 2.2 towards alkaline, ensuring that you enjoy all the benefits.

Finally, the water filter jug is equipped with a bacterial and viral inhibitor that prevents germs from growing inside the filter.


  • It is BPA and phthalate-free
  • High water filter and storage capacity
  • Best for removing fluoride from water
  • Long lasting filters



  • Replacement filters can be hard to find in your region
  • One may struggle to set up this filter jug as the instructions are brief and unclear


#5 LiveWater Inc NOUVEAUX Water Filter Jug

The next water filter jug in our list is the NOUVEAUX Water Filter Jug. There are several reasons why we included this model on our list. To begin with, this is an advanced water filter jug that is NSF certified and incorporates the United States FDA certified optimum granulated activated ion and carbon exchange resin cartridge. This is enough to ensure the safety of the water you drink. Most importantly, one filter cartridge can last for three months. That means you don’t have to worry about changing the filter every now and then.

Its filter system is capable of effectively filtering out any impurities found in tap water, such as residual chlorine, bacteria, sand, rust, and other contaminants. The filter does it all while retaining the essential minerals and trace elements required for the human body.

While the filter jug may look a bit big to fit inside your fridge, you can easily store it in your fridge without any hassle. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it is easy to use as well. It boasts an Open Ended Funnel design that eliminates the growth of bacteria inside the filter and jug. Last but not least, it is dishwasher safe and saves money you spend on bottled water.


  • Value for money
  • It is BPA free
  • Effective filter performance
  • Automatic outlet design



  • There have been cases where people had complained about the unfiltered water mixing with filtered water when tipped it too far
  • The taste remains ineffective


#6 BRITA Elemaris Water Filter Jug with XL Capacity


BRITA is a trusted brand in the UK that is popular for its quality water filter jugs. If you are looking for a filter jug with large storage capacity, then you can consider the Elemaris Water Filter Jug from BRITA. This 3.5 litre capacity water filter jug is all you need to provide your large family with quality, contaminant-free water for drinking and cooking. It is available in XL size with a total filter capacity of 2.4 litres.

Elemaris XL Water Filter Jug features micro carbon pearls that reduce the organic impurities as well as chlorine content from tap water, which ultimately improves the odour and taste of the water. Moreover, for removing metal contaminants and limescale from the water, its filtration system also contains ion exchange pearls that absorb such impurities.

The water filter jug is equipped with intelligent metre technology that measures aspects like filter cartridge removal time, volume usage, and water hardness. When we talk about the ergonomics and ease of use, it features a pour through lid for hassle-free refill, an easy grip handle ensures optimum comfort while holding the jug, and the non-slip base prevents it from sliding off from the surface.


  • Gives fresh tasting water
  • Ultra large capacity
  • Recyclable filter cartridge: environment-friendly
  • Intelligent metre technology



  • Can be difficult to store inside a fridge
  • Poor construction


#7 JETERY Water Filter Jug with Wooden Handle

If you are looking for an inexpensive option for a water filter jug for daily use, you will find the JETERY Water Filter Jug quite handy. It is almost half the price of what other water filter jugs are offered for and is incredible in terms of functionality as compared to other traditional carbon filters on the market. The jug can provide you with 120 days of fresh drinking water to your family before you change the filter cartridge.

The fast filtration technology ensures that you get 1.3 litres of contaminant-free water in just under a minute. And unlike other carbon filter jugs, you will not find any black specks in your drinking water. What’s the most notable thing about JETERY Water Filter Jug is its wooden handle. It gives the jug a traditional appearance that will look amazing on your dining table.

Its reusable filtration system uses Japanese Activated Carbon Fibre (ACF) technology that adsorbs the contaminants in the water while making sure essential minerals remain in the water. The elegantly designed filter jug can effectively reduce up to 97% of chlorine, suspended solids, rust, mercury, and unpleasant odour and colour of the water. The carbon filter also helps in reducing limescale and hardness of your water.


  • Unique wooden pattern handle
  • High efficient filtration capacity
  • Incredibly cheap
  • 10 cup capacity



  • The filter does not last long as advertised
  • Formation of green algae underneath the jug is another complaint


#8 ZeroWater Fridge Door Design Water Filter Jug


One of the great things we love about this water filter jug from ZeroWater is that the manufacturer has included a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) metre as part of the package that allows you to check the TDS level of your drinking water. The lab-grade water TDS metre will show you the exact reading. And all this at a reasonable price. This way, you can have peace of mind that you and your loved ones are drinking clean water.

The ZeroWater filter jug is equipped with a five-stage water filtration system to ensure cleaner and better tasting water. Its sloppy design gets overlooked thanks to its filtration system, which is impeccable. The filters use ion exchange technology rather than carbon filters to reduce contaminants while making sure the water smells and tastes great.

The filters can remove contaminants like chemicals, minerals, salts, metals, and other solids to provide a safe drinking experience. And the best part is that its unique design enables it to fit inside standard UK fridge doors. Most importantly, its filters can be easily found and replaced whenever required.


  • It removes fluoride and chlorine
  • BPA-free for safe consumption
  • One filter can last for up to 151 litres
  • Slim, space-saving design



  • Removes essential minerals as well
  • Extremely low capacity – only 7 cups


#9 Aqua Optima Water Jug with Evolve Water Filter Cartridges

The Aqua Optima Water Filter Jug is a popular choice in many UK households for a good reason. It filters water at a rapid rate until it is free of any impurities and odour, and tastes great. You can get this product at a reasonable price. With a filtered capacity of 1.4 litres, you can ensure that everybody in your home has access to safe and clean drinking water whenever they want.

This filter jug comes with numerous features, and the most effective one is that the filters are 100% recyclable through their free programme with TerraCycle. The features ensure that you are well looked after in your water filtering experience. Its easy-to-fill lid makes it possible for even kids to fill the jug with water and filter it. The fast flow filtration system technology reduces heavy metals, leads, pesticides and herbicides, limescale, and chlorine from water. It is cheaper than bottled water, saves you a lot of money, and has less impact on the environment.

The best part is that the original and Evolve filters are universal to all the Aqua Optima water jugs. That means you can simply purchase any water filter of the brand.


  • Easy pour lid
  • Improves the taste of drinks and meals
  • Each filter can last up to 60 days
  • Compact design allows for easy storage in the fridge



  • The jug is way too thin
  • It leaks badly when pouring


#10 Aqua Optima Liscia Water Filter Jug

With a slimline design and ease of use, the Aqua Optima Liscia Water Jug offers great value for money. This 2.5 litre water filter jug uses the fast flow 5-step filtration technology that helps in reducing the impurities and contaminants from tap water. Not only that, but it also provides odour-free, purer, and great tasting water every day. One of the great aspects of Aqua Optima Liscia Water Jug is its easy fill lid. All you have to do is open the lid and put the jug under the tap and fill.

Like the previous Aqua Optima water jug model, the Liscia Water Jug also incorporates recyclable filters. Most importantly, it has a free filter replacement mobile app for iPhone and Android. Basically, you need to change the filter once every 30 days. However, if you forget to change the filter for any reason, the app will remind you.

The five-step purification process helps in removing hazardous contaminants from tap water, including heavy metals, chemicals, chlorine, and fluoride. And you can use any Aqua Optima filter for this water filter jug.


  • Fast flow technology filtration purifies water in just under a minute
  • Free filter replacement reminder mobile application
  • Easy fill lid
  • Easy to use



  • One may find it difficult to attach the filters
  • Poor plastic quality


Best Water Filter Jug UK – Buyer’s Guide

As you can see, these are some of the best water filter jugs currently available in the United Kingdom. With these jugs, you will be able to maintain the quality of your tap water. However, you might be wondering how we decided that these 10 products are the best water filter jugs. Well, this is where the ultimate buying guide comes into the play. With a buying guide, you will be able to look into the most important aspects when choosing a water filter jug. We have created this guide to help you understand that there are several factors you need to consider in order to make an informed decision.

With that in mind, let’s get started.

The taste of water

First and foremost, when looking for a water filter jug, you need to determine the hardness of the water in your area. Based on the hardness level, you will be able to choose the filter accordingly. Hard water can influence the taste of water. If you live in a region where water is quite hard, look for a filter jug that specialises in treating hard water.

The quality of the jug

The majority of the water filter jugs you will find are made of food-grade plastic. However, their quality will differ according to the manufacturer. Choose a jug that’s quite sturdy with a robust handle.


Coming down to the main part, the filters are what determines the efficiency of the water jug. There are plenty of models that use different filtration methods. Some use carbon filters while others use ion exchange filters. Both are great options, but you need to choose depending on your filtration goals. Make sure that the filter you choose enables some essential minerals to remain in the water for health purposes.


Just like any filtration system that requires thorough cleaning and replacement after a certain period of time, these water filter jugs also require thorough cleaning and filter replacement for optimum efficiency. Depending on the brand and model, a filter cartridge can last from 30-days to 120 days.

Ease of use

Last but not least, ease of use is another aspect that you need to look into when buying a water filter jug. Everything from filling the water into the jug to pouring the water into the glass for consumption, storage of the jug in the fridge for convenience, and more, these are ease-of-use factors that cannot be overlooked.


If you are concerned with the quality of water you and your loved ones are consuming, then it is time to bring home a convenient water filter jug. These jugs are designed to filter out impurities and contaminants from your tap water so that you and your family can enjoy healthy drinking water. There are several models of water filter jugs available. So, you just cannot buy any. Essentially, you need to buy a water filter jug that meets your needs. In our review best water filter jug review guide, we have made sure to include a diverse range of models so that you can explore your options before making a decision. All we want you to do is make an informed decision because when it comes to drinking water, you have to make sure that you are providing the best for your family.

We hope that you find this review guide informative. If you have any queries regarding the products discussed, feel free to ask. We are happy to help!

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