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Best Hoverboard Cart

An Introduction to Hoverboard Carts

Each one of us, no matter our age, has seen Back To The Future, the 1985 film starring Michael J Fox as Marty McFly, and the quite brilliant Christopher Lloyd, playing ‘mad scientist’ Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown. The films true star was, of course, the De Lorean time machine, which everyone remembers, complete with its famous ‘flux capacitor’ and 88mph speed at which it travels through time. The film, in which McFly goes back to 1955, was the biggest hit of the year, and remains great fun now.

But, it’s the second in the series – Back to the Future Part II – that we are interested in, for along with the usual stars carried over from the first instalment, this one featured something that kids would be dreaming about for years to come: the Hoverboard. In this film, McFly jumps 30 years forwards to 2015, where he finds that skateboards have become wheel-less, and fly just above the ground.

An interesting aside is that, in a short ‘behind the scenes’ promo film made at the time, the film’s Director Robert Zemeckis stated that the hoverboards in the film were actually real! The studio also inserted footage of ‘real hoverboards’ when the film was released on DVD. He said that they were being kept back from production as parents were worried about the safety of the devices. Many people thus asked for them in toy shops!

Sadly, with 2015 having passed, there is still no sign of actual, flying hoverboards. The devices we know as hoverboards now are actually a type of Segway – the curious electric personal vehicle – but without the upright section.

So, where are we going with this review? Well, we are not reviewing hoverboards as such, but hoverboard carts. You want to know what they are? Let’s have a look!

What is a Hoverboard Cart?

Let’s get something basic straight here: a hoverboard, as we are talking about, is essentially a handle-less electric motor powered scooter. You stand on it, and you ride along, and it’s great fun. It takes some getting used to – it can be an odd experience at first – but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it.

The basic idea is actually very simple: it’s a flat board – usually metal – with two wheels, sensors, and electric motors, one in each wheel. The sensors are there to detect when the rider leans to one side. The sensor sends a signal to the internal ‘logic board’ – effectively a computer control unit – that controls the speed of the wheels, and turns the board in that direction. Gyroscopes are built in to help keep the board balanced, so you don’t keep tipping over. That’s the basics, which we think should give you a good idea, and you’ve probably seen one around.

So, what about the cart? Well, for a bit more fun, some clever person decided that if you could fit your hoverboard to a sort of frame with a seat and an extra wheel at the front, then you could have a lot more fun, closer to the ground. So was born the hoverboard cart, and the word is it’s going to be one of the big things this Christmas (which, whisper it quietly, is only about 16 weeks away as I write this) so we thought we’d review the best ones for you.

So, here we go, the top 10 hoverboards for 2019 – let’s get cracking!

The Top 10

1. iScoot Hovercart Go Kart

Our first example of hoverboard go cart is this model, from iScoot, and it’s a great example to start with. With a durable metal frame that can be adjusted for different heights, this kart is also fitted with plastic clamps for attaching the hoverboard, so that no damage is done to the board itself when attaching it. The wheels are rubber, for extra grip and durability, and it can fit anyone up to 2m tall, with a minimum height of 1m. Maximum user weight is 120kg.

The racing inspired seat is wider than usual for added comfort, and it fits any hoverboard with 6.5inch wheels – the standard – plus the simple two- handle control makes it easy to drive. The clever design of this model means it is suitable for all terrains: take a ride on grass, across sand and on concrete, and you’ll have the time of your life.

The iScoot can turn on the spot, thanks to the hoverboard attached, and can also be inspired to drift once you learn how, and it’s very light, too. We like one, and at the price, we would buy two and have races!

  • Rubber wheels
  • Adjustable frame
  • Simple controls
  • Wide seat
  • Fits all 6.5” boards
  • Max height 2metres
  • Min height 1metre
  • Max weight 120kg
  • Doesn’t fit 10” boards

2. Yabbay Hover Go Cart


Our second example of electric hoverboard cart comes under the Yabbay brand, and is very similar in design to the one above. That’s because the two wheels at the back, one at the front layout is the easiest, and the most fun! This one also has a wide seat, an adjustable frame and simple twin-lever controls, and is easy to drive too.

This model will be compatible – so the makers say – with all 6.5”, 8” and 10” hoverboards, so is very versatile, and has a strong metal frame and plastic bumpers so the board does not get damaged. It also comes with safety straps, so mum and dad don’t have to worry about kids getting thrown out! The maximum height for this one is a recommended 190cm, minimum is 100cm, and the maximum weight is 120kg. It’s good, pretty standard, and well-priced.

  • Simple design
  • Strong metal frame
  • Fits all sizes of board
  • Twin lever control
  • Wide seat
  • Limited to 190cm tall riders
  • Not for under 6 years of age


3. Hehilark Hover Board Cart

The whole point of a hoverboard cart is to be able to race around while close to the ground, having a laugh and enjoying things. The fact we have three with very much the same design says that this concept works. This one is branded Hehilark – it may be that it is a design that has been licensed by a number of different brands, as they are all too similar to be true – and features the usual strong metal adjustable frame, wide seat for comfort and all other standard features.

What is noticeable about the specification for this one is that it says ‘suitable for age 5 upwards’; the one above limits use to those over 6. Take that as advisory,  then! The height maximum is not specified with this – and nor is the minimum – but it carries the usual 120kg weight limit. It’s available in a variety of colours – we do like the red one – and is very cheap, so we reckon it’s pretty good value.

  • Durable frame
  • 5 years and up
  • Various colours
  • Wide seat
  • No mention pf height recommendations
  • 120kg weight limit


4. Enyaa 2018 Model Hoverboard Cart

While following the same design principle, this model from Enyaa is a slightly different design of self-balancing hoverboard cart. It has the same single wheel at the front layout, comes with a fully adjustable frame, and is made from durable steel that will last a long time. However, where it differs is that rather than just a single bar that reaches from the seat to the wheel, this one has twin bars running alongside each other. Perhaps it gives it extra strength, but it looks cool anyway.

Available in some great colours – including a pretty impressive pink – and able to handle all sizes of hoverboard, this one has proper rubber wheels, twin handles for driving, a wide seat and is suitable for off-road use with twin shock absorbers. We do like the idea of suspension, especially if you are going off-road, as it will give a whole new dimension to the ride. The height maximum and minimum are as standard, and it takes up to 120kh. We like this one as it really looks the part.

  • Strong frame
  • Great colours
  • Full suspension
  • Wide seat
  • Twin front beams
  • Maximum 2metres
  • Maximum 120kg

5. MarkBoard Hoverkart

When we took a close look at our 10 chosen hovercart attachments for hoverboards, we came to the conclusion there are two distinct classes involved: those that offer sprung suspension, and those that don’t. The benefits of suspension via shock absorbers include a comfortable ride and, potentially, better handling, but this one doesn’t have any! So, it’s the usual, basic design with the adjustable frame, wide seat and twin handles for driving.

Once again, the maximum and minimum for height are as standard, and the weight limit is 120kg. It can handle all wheel sizes of hoverboards and – oddly – is marketed as being suitable for 3 years and upwards. As driving these is very easy, we can see that a supervised 3 year old would be fine, but wouldn’t want to let them out of our sight as these things can go very fast. This one is OK, but doesn’t stand out.

  • Titanium steel frame
  • Easy to ride
  • 3 years and upwards
  • Adjustable for height
  • Standard min and max height and weight limits
  • No suspension


6. Hiboy Kart

We think that this one looks very racy, and quite sinister, in all-black, so that’s a plus. It’s the standard single front strut design, which is adjustable for different heights. It’s also available in other colours, and it has the wide seat that is favoured by most riders. The twin handle design means it is easy to ride – in fact, we haven’t gone into what you can actually do with one of these, but they can be pretty spectacular – and this one has a plastic wheel at the front.

There is no suspension with the Hiboy, and it’s up to you whether you pay the – very little – extra for a model with shock absorbers. For us, however, we think the added comfort and better handling makes all the difference. Nevertheless this is a neat, simple and basic hovercart for hover board model that is nicely made from durable and tough materials, and while there is no mention of max or min height, we expect them to be as standard. There is, however, some confusion over the maximum weight: in one part of the description it is listed as 150kg, and in another, just 100kg.

  • Simple design
  • Black looks cool
  • Strong materials
  • Adjustable frame
  • Wide seat
  • Confusion about max weight
  • No shock absorbers
  • Plastic wheel


7. Zerimar Aerial Hovercart

This is another of the standard type of hovercart – the basic model if you like – and it’s very similar to those that it is in direct competition with. That is, those that do not have suspension. Nevertheless, it’s a neat little model that comes in some decent colours, and has a specification that matches all others in the class. It perhaps looks best in black, which seems to be a very popular colour with these machines.

This one can be used with hoverboards with all sizes of wheels, is made from durable metal for the frame and strong plastic for the seat, and has the usual twin-lever control system. The single front wheel is solid plastic, and there is debate as to whether this is the preferable option over rubber. It comes down to what you are expecting to use your hovercart for. A decent basic model at a mid-range price, but there are cheaper that do the same job.

  • Strong adjustable frame
  • All sizes of board acceptable
  • Good colours
  • Strong seat with adjustable lumbar support
  • Usual height and weight restrictions
  • Plastic wheel
  • No suspension


8.Gift Gadgets Official Racer Hoverkart Adjustable Gokart for Smart Self Balance Heavy Duty Frame Scooter Fits 6.5 Inch, 8 Inch, and 10 Inch


Let’s get the usual stuff out of the way first: this is the basic model – no suspension – and it has the usual height and weight restrictions, plus it is a single forward strut design, with that strut being fully adjustable for height. It’s made from strong metal for the frame, and has a durable plastic seat – we will come back to the seat in a moment – plus it has the usual twin-handle control for ease of use and pulling stunts, and it is fitted with a solid plastic front wheel.

But, there’s something different about this one, and we think the maker has pulled of a clever trick. It’s the colour, and the way it is finished. The frame is bright yellow, which will stand out among any of the colour schemes we’ve seen so far, but it’s the seat that makes it work. Rather than the standard dull black, this one is done up in true surf or skate style in a brilliant psychedelic multi-coloured design, and we think its great. You can have it plain in dull colours if you want, but then it would be the same as every other hoverkart UK riders can buy.

  • Fantastic design in yellow
  • Strong metal adjustable frame
  • Great seat design
  • Fits all sizes of board
  • Easy to drive
  • Standard model
  • No suspension
  • Usually height and weight restrictions


9. Kawasaki Hoverkart

We were surprised – and also quite pleased – to see the Kawasaki brand appear on one of these karts. The great Japanese motorcycle manufacturer is associated with quality and speed in all of its products, after all. However, when we looked a little closer – and checked on user comments – we became concerned. It would appear that this hoverboard go kart is nothing to do with Kawasaki, and some reports state it is very poor quality.

Others, though, say it’s a great machine, and we can’t see any reason why it should not be. It’s a basic model, without suspension, has some slightly different design touches such as curved control arms, is made from strong materials and has a plastic front wheel, and is compatible with all three hoverboard wheel sizes. If you choose this one for what it is, it’s not bad in our eyes, but nothing special. And not a Kawasaki!

  • Simple design
  • Strong frame
  • Adjustable
  • Nice finish
  • Brand name misleading
  • Plastic wheel
  • No suspension

10. HumanGold Hoverkart All Terrain

Have we saved the best until last? Well, this model from HumanGold is certainly the most expensive here – and by quite a margin given the average cost of one of these – but whether it’s the best depends upon what you are looking for. We’ll begin by saying it looks the part – it’s intended for use on any terrain so comes with impressive-looking suspension shock absorbers at the rear, giving it a very rugged and aggressive stance – and it is made from strong steel for durability.

The front wheel is a full rubber one, rather than plastic, and it uses the usual twin-arm steering and control system. The seat is pretty standard, the adjustable areas are all the same, and it suffers from then usual height and weight restrictions. However, it simply looks and feels like it is a serious machine. Some of the others we have reviewed we viewed primarily as toys, while this is certainly not a toy. It might be pricey, but it’s worth looking at.

  • Great looks
  • Full suspension for off-road use
  • Strong frame
  • Usual adjustability
  • Rubber front wheel
  • Usual height/weight limits
  • Costlier than all the rest

So there’s our list of 10, and we believe we’ve given you  a good cross-section of what is available. Before we go on to give you our verdict, let’s just talk about a few important features to look for.

Brief Buyer’s Guide

With some products that we get to review, there are a lot of factors that may influence your decision. In this section we would usually make a list and talk about each one, but with these hovercarts, there are really only a couple of factors that you need to think about.

Where price is concerned, most of these are between £40 and £50, with one touching £70, so that’s not really much of a difference across 9 out of the 10. The defining factors will be as follows: looks, as kids – and adults – want to be seen on something that looks cool; suspension or not, which depends upon what you’re going to use it for; and the option of plastic or rubber front wheels, which – if we’re honest – makes little difference unless you want a serious hoverkart.

9 out of the 10 can be used with all the sizes of hoverboard, all have similar minimum and maximum height limits, all are adjustable, and all have the same weight limit imposed, or thereabouts. So, it’s really down to what you want your hoverboard for: is it for a child to play with friends, or is it for an adult who wants something more? Do you want to go off-road, or just run it on flat surfaces?

There’s little difference between most of these, but there are a couple that stand out, so let’s wrap this up.

Our Choice

Which one is for you? If you want a cheap hovercart for a child, we recommend the Hehilark Hover Board Cart. It is a simple, no suspension, basic design that will be great fun, and you’ll get change from £40.

If you want something more serious – with suspension and with all-rubber wheels – the HumanGold Hoverkart All Terrain kart really is the best of the lot. It’s got everything you need for serious off-road karting and, while it is a touch more expensive among this list, we reckon it’s worth the extra.

So, there you have it – get yourself a hovercart, and have a lot of fun!


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