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Laser Tag Guns

Do you remember running around an old warehouse that had been kitted out to resemble some alien battlefield on a distant planet with nothing but a special, clunky vest and laser zapper that made you feel like you were one of the Space Marines in the Alien franchise? Laser tag in its many guises by many different companies and brands has been entertaining kids and grown-ups alike for many decades.

Now you don’t have to go to some converted warehouse and can take the battle to your back garden, the local playing fields or just about anywhere. How? With a laser tag gun set. These use-at-home sets have been gaining a lot of popularity over the years and it’s not hard to see why. However, if you’re at a loss as to which is best, we’re here to help you. We have selected 10 in this guide that we feel are the best. We’ve also put together a handy buyer’s guide to help you make your decision.

So, check these out, order, lock, load and battle!

Best Laser Tag Guns 2019

1. Strike Laser Tag 4 Multi-Player Pack

First in our guide to the best laser tag gun sets is this awesome and affordable kit from Strike Laser Tag. This includes a total of 4 laser blasters and a carry case to hold everything in. This is one of the most basic, but most ready out of box to play, as there is no need to invest in or wear vests. The guns themselves are the targets, so when you are playing, you just aim for the blasters of your opponents and fire at will.

There are plenty of options for gameplay with this simple kit, as you can battle one on one or team up for all-out-war between friends. Just choose one of the team colours and then work out the best strategy to survive and succeed on the battlefield. Additionally, you can add any number of additional laser guns to the 4 that comes with this pack when there are more players needing to tool up and go to war.

The lasers used are completely child-friendly and have a generous range of 40-metres. On the guns themselves, you actually have the choice of your preferred weapon from one of 4. Be aware though that these use different levels of ammo, but also take different numbers of player lives.

  • Doesn’t need vests – gun is the target
  • Choice of 4 different gun settings
  • 40-metre laser range
  • Multiple player modes
  • Range can be restrictive, hard to hit guns pointed to ground
  • Needs to be reset completely when lives are all lost

2. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Vests – Pack of 4

Next in our guide we have the ArmoGear infrared laser tag guns and vests set. This again is a pack of 4, which is a nice starter size. ArmoGear claim to have developed one of the most cutting-edge and advanced kits out there, namely because no other kit offers target vests, night vision flashlights on the guns, voice-guided instructions and invisibility mode, along with the extremely expansive 150-feet laser range.

You have the option of four different guns, rocket, machine gun, shotgun and pistol and you can have as many as four teams playing at any one time. The guns themselves have been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the user’s hand with a nice solid grip that means they are harder to drop accidentally. The guns and vests feature realistic shooting sounds and vibrations rumble when shots are fired, both from your own blaster and when your opponent successfully hits you.

  • Pack of 4 guns and vests
  • Realistic sounds and vibrations
  • 4 different gun options
  • Invisibility mode and night vision flashlights
  • They use a lot of batteries
  • Sometimes you can register hits through walls, so game can be cheated

3. Vatos Infrared Laser Tag Guns Set with Vests, 4 Pack

Another fine set of laser tag gun is next in our guide and available for a more affordable price than the above kit, from Vatos. This includes, again, 4 guns and vests and offers the same styles of gun to choose from on each separate fun, rocket, machine gun, shotgun and the classic pistol. Obviously, it depends how good a shot you are, but if you skilfully switch between these you may be able to bring the game to a close and become the victor quicker.

Although the range with this set is not as good as the above, you still can fire blasts at 100-feet away. As is pretty standard, you get the lifelike sounds of blasters and different sounds for different gun modes, along with those rumbles and vibrations that really bring things to life.

  • Pack of 4 vests and guns
  • 4 choices of gun modes
  • Multiple playing mode options
  • Sound effects and vibrations
  • Chest plate on vests are not made to same quality as other components
  • Some guns in larger sets have been known to not work, quality control issues

4. Nerf Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint

As you’d imagine, we couldn’t mention laser tag gun sets without highlighting Nerf’s release into this sector. They are more commonly known for their play dart guns, but their approach to laser tag is with the same level of action, excitement and creativity. This Laser Ops Pro Alphapoint kit comes with two laser blasters and armbands, more on them later.

Nerf are known for taking something and turning it into something more thrilling and laden with special options and features. That’s what you get with this kit. We’re especially excited by the fact that you have a stunning range of 225-feet with each blaster. The blasters themselves make great sounds, light up and offer you the option to quickly reload when necessary. You can also check things like your team and the amount of ammo and health you have.

The armbands though, are where things get really exciting and interesting, as you can use these in conjunction with your mobile phone and the app. This just opens up an even more expansive world of options and enables you to track your performance and customise your blasters more.

  • Compatibility with App for extra features
  • 225-feet laser range
  • Out of box instant play
  • Looks and sounds great
  • Batteries are not included
  • It uses lots of batteries

5. Strike Laser Tag 2 Player Pack

Back with Strike Laser Tag and their great 2-player version of their kit. This is very much identical to the 4-player version, with the main difference being it’s cheaper because it only has 2 guns. Like the others, these offer 40-metres of laser range and you can play in the same way. Make up teams or go it alone, it’s up to you.

They have lively sounds and vibrations and it all comes with a deluxe and very collectible storage case. The best thing about this set, though, is that you don’t need to use or wear vests. You just take it out of the box and start playing. Like the other set from the brand, this is fully compatible, and more blasters can be added.

  • Compatible with other Strike Laser Tag sets
  • Out of the box fun
  • Realistic sounds and vibrations
  • Reasonable range
  • Batteries are a big investment
  • Other sets are better

6. ToyStar Laser Tag Combat X-1000 4 Pistol Battle Set

ToyStar are the brand behind this next great laser tag set. It’s a four pistol-style set, though you can buy separate rifles and other sets too. Although there are many sets out there that offer longer laser ranges, this one is still reasonable at 60-metres. You get the choice of 4 different shooting modes from single shooter, laser gun, plasma gun and machine gun. As with other games, the different weapons inflict a different level of damage on other competitor’s life meters, but you need to be cautious as they also all have different reload times too.

It’s very similar to the others in our guide in that you can choose to go it alone or join up with other players to form alliances and teams. Each pistol comes with three lives. As there are no vests for this set, a successful hit is registered by aiming at your opponent’s gun and firing successfully. The lights and sounds are what really brings it to life. Another great feature is the ability to bounce the infrared laser beams from your weapons off walls and other surfaces like windows and mirrors. This can help you to impress the battlefield with your gutsy and strategic shots.

  • No vests required
  • Infrared laser beams can be fired off mirrors, walls and other glass surfaces
  • Realistic sounds and lights
  • Options for 4 different shooting modes
  • Quality control issues
  • Issues with the range

7. ToyStar Laser Blast X 2000 Infrared Battle Tag 2-Player

Next we have another great kit from ToyStar, this is a 2-pack version similar to the 4-pack above. As ever, the gun is the target, so there’s no need for clunky and irritating vests. You can choose from different shooting modes to inflict different levels of power and can work as part of a team or fight as a battling lone wolf.

We really like the lightweight nature of these and although they offer just 20-metres of range, they have enough options and features to keep things interesting.

  • 4 teams of unlimited players can combat one another
  • Option to choose 4 different shooting modes for each gun#
  • Realistic sounds, lights and vibrations
  • Out of the box immediate fun and action
  • Short range compared to others
  • Not great at keeping score, no way to track progress

8. Light Battle Laser Tag Game, 2-Pack

The second to last laser tag option is from the company called Light Battle. This 2-pack is another colour set of easy to use guns with the option of 4 different ammo settings. A little different from some of the other options in our guide, this includes targets which can be used to play capture the flag type games, with the winner being deemed the player who has captured the most ‘flags’. Like others though, you don’t need to rely on vests, you just aim for the gun of your opponents and shoot.

Although this is just a 2-pack it comes with the capability of being used in conjunction with multiple other sets of guns for an even bigger battlefield. A nice medium playing field is what you get with it also, as each gun has a range of up to 50-metres.

  • Handy 2-pack
  • Quick and easy gameplay, straight out of box
  • Medium-level shooting range of 50-metres
  • Child-safe lasers
  • Others on the market have longer shooting ranges
  • More sophisticated sets are out there

9. Laser X Tower Game

From Laser X, the last product in our guide is this awesome little set. This is a great way to fine-tune and improve your laser gun skills, with the option of 9 different pre-programmed games for single players and multiple players. This laser tower game is compatible with Laser X guns and other accessories. The one thing we would point out about this product is that it doesn’t come with any guns, you just get the tower.

If you already have some guns or opt for another Laser X product or set, then this is a great and fun addition to your collection. It also means that you can play either indoors or outdoors and at any time of the day or night, as your shots will still be registered, as long as they are within range.

  • Great accessory to go along with Laser X
  • 9 different pre-programmed games
  • Ideal for both single and multiple layers
  • Great way to finetune skills
  • Doesn’t come with laser tag guns
  • Only compatible with Laser X guns

Best Laser Tag Guns – Buyer’s Guide

Although you may want to get laser tag guns for your kids to enjoy some fun, we’re sure we’ve shown how it is just as much fun for adults too. If you’ve read the reviews before checking out this buyer’s guide, you’ll already have guessed that there is way more to laser tag and he equipment you need to play this fun and exhilarating game than meets the eye. As a complement to the reviews, therefore, we’ve put this buyer’s guide together, so you have a good idea of what you should be considering when buying one of these sets.


Quality is something you should always consider when parting cash for a product. You want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth, after all. Generally, laser tag guns are designed to be extremely portable and lightweight, so are usually made from plastics and then reinforced somewhat by composites. The price, mentioned later, is crucial when it comes to the quality of the set and the materials used in their construction, as well as how long-lasting and durable the set will be. Therefore, some will be better than others.

Kids, as all parents will know, can be heavy-handed with their toys and because of the nature of this kind of game, guns can easily get dropped and knocked around. So, you may just have to accept that the guns will eventually break regardless of how high quality they are.


As they are portable and designed to be more or less handheld, most laser tag guns run on battery. So, it’s important to think about performance level when buying, as you or your kids are not going to want play to stop every 20 to 30 minutes to change out the batteries. The amount of batteries you are going to need on a daily basis will depend on the age of the player really too, because younger users are less likely to be precise and aim properly, rather than just blasting at everything, whereas older users will be more about getting the right shots at the right time, so will use batteries up less quickly.


The price is not the most important thing to consider but is still worth thinking about. It all depends on what you are looking for. For example, the most basic set with just the basic blasters and nothing else, will keep the price down. If, however, you are looking for added features and games, the price will increase considerably. You also need to think about, as noted above, the fact that you might need to replace the batteries often and even the guns, which could further increase the price.

Features That Are Important

In the next section of the buyer’s guide we’re going to look at some of the features that are important. These are options and accessories that can make or break a set and make it more enjoyable than if they weren’t present.

Number of Blasters in a Set

One of the most crucial components of any laser tag gun set, is of course, the laser tag guns themselves. You need to figure out how many people are going to playing the games with you or your little ones. Generally, there are sets featuring 2 guns, 4 guns and even 6 guns. If, though, you and/or your children are looking for larger scale battles, you can always buy additional sets that are compatible.


You’ll find that some of the more advanced sets of laser tag guns and equipment give you the option to switch between different shooting modes, like shotguns, pistols and rocket launchers for instance. This will obviously impact the amount of lives players lose. As well as the shooting modes, though, there is also the range of the laser guns to consider. This can play a big part in the accuracy and aim of player’s shots.

Unless you have a lot of space indoors, most games may well take place outside. This means you need to find a set with a reasonable range so that players can make use of the area, without going out of range and ruining all the fun.

The Different Settings

The settings available on laser tag guns will depend on the features that are available with that set. The most basic settings a gun will have will be the trigger, reload button, target area, speaker and power button. If a set features vests as well, you may get extra settings and indicators for ammo and health bars or these could be on the blaster’s side showing you how much longer you have before you are out of the game. You may also want to consider settings like invisibility modes and the use of a flashlight on the guns, for those areas where there is lower light.

Sounds and Effects

The sound effects and noises that a laser tag gun set is programmed with, if any at all, can really make the game come to life. It makes it more exciting if you fire your weapon, when it’s set to say shotgun mode and it actually sounds like a shotgun. The same is true of the noises your opponent’s blasters or vests make when you successfully hit them. Additional sound effect features that are worth thinking about are music which can add tension and drama and instructional voice coaches that provide information about your ammo, when you need to reload and other tips.


So, are you ready to take up the mantle of a warrior and go to battle with your nearest and dearest? What we really love about laser tag is that it’s a great leveller and balancer when it comes to age, creed and background. None of that matters when you have a laser gun in your hand are aiming at your opponents.

Choose the right laser tag set for you and your relative, friends and colleagues and get battling!

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