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Thick Ankle Socks

The summer is over, autumn is drawing in, and soon it will be winter – the season of thick ankle socks! Thick socks are the perfect choice for wearing inside boots on cold winter days, and for those evenings in the house by the fireside!

There are other uses for thick ankle socks, too: some are designed especially for runners – these tend to be made from material that wicks sweat for greater comfort – and others for climbing and walking, so we will be talking about those, too.

Now, usually we’d give you a ‘how it works’ section with most items, but is there really a need to explain what socks are all about? We don’t think so! Below, we have picked out ten pairs of thick socks that will be handy to have around this winter – and that might even make great Christmas presents!

So, let’s get down to business: the top 10 best thick ankle socks!

Thick Ankle Socks The Top 10

1. Kuzlo 5-pack Men’s Athletic Trainer Sock

This pack of five pairs of trainer socks is a good place to start. Designed so that they don’t show when worn with trainers, they are made from cotton and are available in sizes from 6 to 11. These are made from cotton and polyester, with no spandex, and are ideal as low cut socks for work, or for walking or running.

Choose from three colours – white, grey and black – or a mixed pack including all three, and you’ll also find the price attractive. Out of almost 50 reviews, more than 90% of customers gave these 4 or more stars, with the only complaints being that the sizes are not accurate.

  • 5-pack
  • Low-cut
  • Great price
  • Choice of colours
  • 90% satisfied customers
  • Low cut not for everyone
  • Some concerns about size accuracy

2. iStyleHome 5-pack Athletic Running Socks

Designed for athletic use but perfect for daily winter wear, these low-cut ankle socks are made from breathable material for comfort, and come as a five pack in nice colours. The material is designed for warmth in winter but also to wick sweat in the warmer months, and these socks also feature cushioning in the sole for added comfort.

This sock is available in sizes from 5.5 up to 9 for women and from 6 to 11.5 for men, and is sensibly priced for a decent quality product. Customer reviews are very good, with 85% rating them 5-stars and many comments about how warm and comfortable they are. There are a couple of buyers who complain that the fit is not great – perhaps try a different size?

  • Five pack
  • Great colours
  • Very warm in winter, wick sweat in summer
  • 90% satisfied customers
  • Not a bad price
  • Low cut not for some
  • Complaints about poor fit


3. Louise23 12-pack Outdoor Work Socks

Described as the ‘ultimate work sock’ and promoted as a perfect gift, this pack of 12 pairs of think ankle socks looks great value at what can only be described as a bargain price. Made from a cotton and polyester mix, they are available in sizes from 6 to 11 – that’s men’s UK sizes – and come in grey with yellow trimming, which is quite an attractive look.

They have a reinforced heel and toe for added life and comfort, but do they do the job? The 85% of customers who awarded these socks 4-stars or more seem to think so, with comments such as ‘perfect’ and ‘will buy again’, but there are a few complaints about them being of poor quality, and getting holes in them easily. At the price, we think this package is worth looking at.

  • Great price
  • Thickly made
  • 12-pack
  • Nice design
  • Reinforced heel and toe
  • 85% customer satisfaction
  • A few complaints about poor quality
  • Men only, although there’s no reason women can’t wear them!


4. Weekend Peninsular 3-pack

This pack of three unisex low-cut ankle socks is sensibly priced, and appears to be a quality item. Made for runners, walkers and others who like to take to the outdoors, they are made from nylon and polyester mix, with cotton for comfort. They have anti-blister zones designed in for added versatility, and are designed to be breathable. All in all, a nice pack of three pairs at a decent price.

You can have these socks in a range of colours – black, white, red or yellow – and they are ideal for sports of daily use. More than 80% of buyers rated these socks at 4 or more stars, which is encouraging. However, 10% say they are very poor quality and fall apart easily, and they get holes in very easily. The choice is yours, but we like them.

  • Nice design
  • Comfort aids
  • Designed for athletic or day use
  • Unisex
  • All the sizes
  • Only a 3-pack
  • Some complaints about quality


5. Raftaar Men’s Thick Premium Ankle Socks

When we think of thick ankle socks, it’s  this design that springs to mind. These are very typical men’s ankle socks, designed for warmth, comfort and protection, supplied in a pack of 12 at a great price. Available in sizes 6 to 11, and in black or white, they are 80% cotton so should  be very comfortable. So far so good – but what do the customers say about them?

They are popular, but it’s worrying that out of 20 reviews, a third of customers rate them at no more than 3 stars. The comments include the likes of ‘you get what you pay for’ – which we reckon is a fair assessment given how cheap they are – and ‘constantly shedding fluff’. However, 70% of reviewers were happy with their purchase so if you’re in the market for cheap, warm daily wear socks, they are worth a second look.

  • 12 pack
  • Black or white
  • Cotton-rich
  • Warm
  • 70% customer satisfaction
  • Men’s design
  • Complaints about quality


6. Sock Snob Ladies 3-pack

One for the ladies, this 3-pack of low-cut ankle socks is designed for winter use, being made from an acrylic material providing thermal properties They come with a cushioned sole for added comfort, and even more comfort provided by brushed inside which also adds insulation. They have mesh venting built in and a top designed for breathability, and are fully machine washable. Available in black, grey and cream, and in a full range of sizes, they are a decent price for a 3-pack.

Customer reviews are, as is always the case with products such of this – and in this price range – mixed. More than 70% of buyers gave them 4 stars or above, with praise including ’fantastic’, ‘really good quality’ and ‘nice and snug’. On the other hand – although nobody rated them a single star – complaints include them being oversized and poor quality.

  • Extra thick
  • Thermal design
  • Mesh for breathability
  • Choice of colours
  • All the sizes
  • Women only
  • Only a 3-pack
  • Complaints about size and quality from a few buyers


7. iStyleHome Cushioned Men’s 5-pack

Designed for athletic use but perfect for daily winter wear, these low-cut ankle socks are made from breathable material for comfort, and come as a five pack in nice colours. The material is designed for warmth in winter but also to wick sweat in the warmer months, and these socks also feature cushioning in the sole for added comfort.

This sock is available in sizes from 6 up to 9 for men – with no woman’s option available. That’s quite a limited size range in our opinion. Customer reviews are very good, with 85% rating them 4 star and above and many comments about how warm and comfortable they are. There are a couple of buyers who raise concerns about the sizes not being accurate. The price is great too.

  • 5-pack
  • Breathable
  • Cushioned
  • Sweat wicking
  • Price
  • Men’s sizes only
  • Limited sizes
  • Concerns about size accuracy


8. Botack Merino Wool Low Cut Men’s

These socks immediately strike us as being of a higher quality than any of the above. Indeed, one pair of these socks – made from 45% merino wool for softness and durability – costs more than any of the multi-packs we have listed above. They have a knitted sole for added comfort and usability, are designed for insulation in the cold and to wick sweat in the summer months, and are available in black or red and in a wide range of sizes.

Are they worth the money? You can buy them as single or in multiples, and they are by far the most expensive so far, so they have a lot to live up to. 86% of buyers rate these socks 4-stars or above, praising the comfort and quality of the socks. There is, however, one solitary single star review claiming they are ‘bloody awful’ and poor quality. We like them, and tend to go with the majority.

  • Merino wool
  • Overall quality
  • Knitted sole
  • Comfort features
  • Very warm
  • Expensive
  • Men’s sizes
  • One complaint about quality


9. Heat Holders Thermal Slipper Socks

These well-made and very warm socks, from the Heat Holders brand, are designed for indoor use mainly, but would be fine worn with a pair of winter boots. They are made with acrylic for thermal properties, come black, grey or blue and have a gripper sole for added stability. They have a brushed interior and are made thickly so they keep you warm, and are available in men’s sizes 6 to 11. These are sold only as a single pair, at around the same price of some of the multi-packs.

They are popular – 240 people have left reviews of these socks – and 85% of buyers have rated these socks 4-stars or above. The few lower scores say they wear out very quickly – others say they last a long time – and that the ‘one size fits all’ design doesn’t work for them. Despite the price, we think they are worthy of consideration.

  • Very thick
  • Very warm
  • 6-11 sizes
  • Gripper sole
  • Brand name
  • Expensive
  • Men’s design only
  • A couple of complaints about wear and tear


10. Storm Bloc Ladies 3-pack

The least expensive of the ladies three-pack socks on this list, these socks come in nice striped designs and are very cheap indeed. The polyester and cotton mix means they are machine washable, they are a ladies 4 to 8 size, and they are designed for sports or daily use. The sole of the socks is cushioned for more comfort, and the material will be warm in the winter while wicking sweat in summer.

Are they a bargain, or is it too good a price to be true? It’s difficult to say as we reckon  these must be quite new to the market, and they so far have only a couple of customer reviews. However, each is a 5-star rating, with praise going to their value for money in particular, so we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt!

  • Very cheap
  • 3-pack
  • Nice design
  • Comfortable
  • Warm and insulated
  • Only for ladies
  • Limited sizes

That’s ten pairs of socks for you to have a look at, but which is for you? That will depend  upon a few factors that we’re going to run through before we give you a verdict.

Buyer’s Guide – What to Look For

One of the constants we came across when we were looking at these products is that most – even those with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – feature a few complaints about general overall quality. Our view is that if you are buying a pack of 5 – or 12 – pairs of socks for under a tenner, as most of the above are, you cannot expect the very highest levels of quality. You’re buying cheap socks, so expect them to have a limited, but useful, life.

What to look for when choosing thick ankle socks? There are a handful of factors, so let’s look at them in brief:

  • Men’s or Ladies: some of these are specific in size and style to male or female wearers, while a few are genuinely unisex.
  • Size: make sure your size is catered for, as some have quite narrow size options. Also, check if the socks are individually sized or are a one-size-fits-all design.
  • Pack: some of the above are single socks, others three or five pack offers, and a couple are for 12 pairs of socks. Make sure you know what you’re buying!
  • Colours: if you are concerned about colour, there are some great choices here, so look through them again.
  • Warmth: most of these are designed to keep you warm in the winter and also to wick sweat in the summer, so it’s worth checking if they do both.
  • Customer satisfaction: we think the customer ratings of these are important, but some of the complaints are from people who expect too much for little money.

So, now we have that sorted out, let’s see if we can wrap this up!

Our Choice

This is a difficult one to judge, as when it comes to clothing, there’s a lot of personal choice involved. So, we’re going to recommend two sets with two different criteria: one is the best quality item on the list, the other the best overall value for money.

The quality item – without any doubt at all – is the Botack Merino Wool Low Cut Men’s. Chosen for its combination of comfort, this very warm and stylish pair of socks is very warm, very versatile, and comes with over 85% customer satisfaction and, notably, just a single complaint which is entirely at odds with every other one. It is, however, the most expensive item on the list – which says a lot.

The value for money item, we reckon, is the iStyleHome 5-pack Athletic Running Socks. Unisex design, nicely made, good colour selection and very high ratings from customers make this a great pack of 5 socks at a sensible price.

We hope we’ve helped you find your thick ankle socks, so here’s to enjoying the winter months in warmth and comfort!

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