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Outdoor Toy Storage

If you have kids and a garden, there is a good chance you have a whole host of toys of various shapes and sizes that seem to take up permanent residency in your garden? Although in some ways its better if some of your little one’s toys are at least not indoors getting under your foot and causing accidents, it can leave your garden looking less tidy probably than you’d prefer.

Even if you have a shed, where you keep all your gardening tools and possibly DIY equipment and power tools, you don’t really want to mix your children’s toys with your grown-up toys. Well, unless you’re hoping for a serious accident or at the very least, your pride and joy lawnmower or hedge trimmer to be tinkered with by little hands and possible damaged in some way.

So, what do you do? Well, fortunately there are plenty of outdoor storage solutions available these days that can help you keep the exterior of your property free from clutter and mess. So that not only is the space freed up and better maintained in the garden and around the outside of your home, but you don’t need to make room for it inside, thus saving space on interior of your property too.

It’s likely, unless you live in a seriously big house that you’ll need one or two boxes or benches. You just need to find the best one for your needs. Which is why we hope you appreciate the selection of the 9 best outdoor toy storage products we found online. In addition to our reviews, we have also provided a helpful buyer’s guide towards the bottom of the page.

Best Outdoor Toy Storage 2020

1. Keter Store-It-Out Midi Shed, 130 x 74 x 21cm

The first garden storage boxes and the first of many in our guide to the best outdoor toy storage solutions comes from Keter. As a company focused on durable, practical and stylish products that provide spaces for everyone, Keter have been operating for more than 70 years now. As an industry leader, they are one of the first you should turn to when looking to keep your kids toys out of sight and out of mind.

The Store-It-Out midi shed is the perfect place to keep all your kids’ toys. It has sophisticated wooden effect panelling and opens both from the top or the front to make it easy to store things and taken them out. On the interior there is a heavy0futy and very sturdy flooring with support incorporated into its structure to support shelving and a full capacity of 840-litres.

Everything is kept secure thanks to the lockable feature and with weather-resistant materials used in its construction, all the toys and anything else you keep in there will be safe from adverse weather conditions.

  • Easy to assemble

  • Minimal maintenance required

  • Smart and sophisticated looking
  • Structurally strong
  • Assembly instructions not included
  • Plastic feels flimsy in parts

2. Keter Store-It-Out Max Shed

The next in our garden storage units from Keter is another from their great looking and effective solution called Store-It-Out. This is the Max size option and offers a whopping 1200-litres of storage space. It has the same construction as the above, with wooden-effect panelling, but also benefits from a piston-assisted lid and wider doors.

Like others in this line of products, it features a hardwearing and sturdy floor and security has been improved upon with this more expensive model as there is a secondary foot bolt in addition to the bolt on the main door.

Despite its slightly larger frame and capacity, the Store-It-Out Max shed still retains the compact look and feel of others in the same range. And much like the others the external panelling, lid and other components have been made from fade and maintenance-free materials that provide weather resistance and exceptional durability.

It meets the same high standard that’s expected from Keter products across there many various areas of expertise.

  • Two-bolt closure mechanism
  • 1200-litre capacity
  • Weather-resistance and fade-free materials
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Bolt mechanism can also be tricky to use

3. Keter Store-It-Out Ultra Shed

Again, you’ve guessed it, another entry in our guide from the Store-It-Out line of Keter outdoor storage boxes. This is another perfect example of why Keter are highly regarded and often looked at for inspiration by other companies. The Ultra Store-It-Out is a little bit bigger still compared to the Midi and Max models, with a maximum capacity of 2000-litres.

It features the wooden-grain effect that’s almost synonymous with this range of storage products from Keter and has a piston-assisted lid that stops it closing too quickly and causing damage as well as wide opening doors to the front. You, therefore, have the option of using either or to take stuff out or load the box up. Although these are always marketed specifically to keeping garden equipment and tools in along with BBQ paraphernalia and other outdoor items, we think this, like the others, is a classy way to store toys, safety, securely and in a neat and tidy fashion. As standard with Keter Store-It-Out boxes there is support for shelving in the unit.

One of the excellent things about this model, though, is due to its much larger size, there is enough space to fit some kid’s bikes in there, if necessary.

It features the same bolt mechanism found in the others to keep it secure and the durable plastic it’s made from has weather-resistant qualities, meaning it will stand the test of time.

  • Easy assembly
  • Effective locking system
  • Generous capacity size
  • Weatherproof
  • The door is the flimsiest part
  • Some of the screw holes are very small

4. Strata Heavy Duty Storage, 145-Litres

Moving away from the fine products of Keter for the next couple of items. Instead we are going to be focusing on Strata Products Limited and, this rather awesome outdoor toy storage chest. 145-litres may not seem like a lot, but when you consider the steal of a price this is retailing for, you should reconsider your misgivings about it.

One of the things we particularly love about Strata products is the fact they make their products using recycled plastic. As well as being great for the environment, it also shows what’s possible, as their products are known to be weather-resistant, impact-resistant and incredibly durable.

With a padlocked and reinforced lid and base, along with easy to close handles, this is a great option for outdoor plastic toy storage. That’s even without mentioning the fact that this, along with a select other, features wheels that make it very easy to move from one place to the next, particularly when its full.

  • Made from recycled plastic, good for the environment
  • Stackable
  • Watertight and weatherproof
  • Highly durable
  • Assembly, especially of the lid, can be tricky
  • Padlock is not the best

5. Ward Enterprises 300-Litres Garden Store

Another alternative to Keter comes from Ward Enterprises and 300-litre capacity garden store. This would make a great addition to your garden as a smart and compact outdoor waterproof toy storage unit. The lid opens with a butterfly-style opening action meaning you can store it flush against a wall, without fear of restricting access to it.

The claim is that the garden store is so robust and durable that it can even cope with being sat on. What we especially love, besides its practical and compact construction, is the fact that its incredibly easy to put together. Absolutely no tools are required, and the instructions are simple – each individual piece click-locks into the right place.

Weatherproof, it has special channels that direct the water safely away to stop it causing any lasting damage. It may not be the cheapest storage option but consider the potential benefits. Perfect for all those sandbox toys.

  • Very quick and easy to assemble
  • Weatherproof, with channels that drive away the water
  • Easy access, butterfly opening doors
  • Generous 300-litres capacity
  • Plastic can crack if dropped or put under unnecessary force
  • Some components have been known to bow a little out of shape

6. Keter Garden Storage Box

Back with our friends at Keter and this awesome outdoor toy storage bench. There is a lot to love about the Marvel. Not only is it a 270-litre capacity storage solution made by one of the most popular and renowned companies in the world, but it is also UV and weather resistant so perfect for protection against the elements throughout the year. That’s not all though.

In addition to performing its role to a high standard as a robust and durable chest, the Marvel box can also be used as a seating area for up to 2 people as the lid can handle a maximum load of 220kg.

There are also hidden wheels that make it easy to transport this box from one place to another and a locking mechanism on the lid.

Did we mention that it’s also easy to assemble thanks to the click system, all the parts just connect to one another without the need for tools or fixings of any sort?

  • UV and weather resistant
  • Reasonable 270-litre capacity
  • Can be sat on, as well as used for storage
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Smaller than some customer expected
  • Pricey for what it is

7. Keter Springwood Storage Box

We’re sticking with Keter again for the next product in our guide, the Springwood garden box storage. This is made from a highly durable resin material that ensures it has all the good looks of natural wood with the durability and protection against weather and UV light you need. Much like the above, this has a lid that can support a load, with this it is a total of 250kg. This makes it ideal and kinda snug for 2 adults.

In terms of storage space, it offers 302-litres with access from the top thanks to the large and secure lid that opens. As is the case with all Keter products, it is impossible to screw up when you’re putting it together, thanks to the clickable components that connect easily. The design is bolstered by the addition of handles and rollers, so you always have options for moving it.

  • Can be used as a seat for 2
  • Weather and UV protection
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • 302-litres capacity
  • Some customers have had trouble with closing the lid
  • Others are unconvinced at its sturdiness and using it as a seat

8. Wido Large 320-Litres Plastic Garden Storage Box

For the penultimate product in our guide we’re again taking a break from Keter to look at this impressive outdoor toy storage chest from Wido. Much like the Strata, Keter and other brands we’ve featured, Wido have ensured the plastic used in construction of this storage solution is weather and waterproof.

As such, maintenance is relatively simple – you just need a clean sponge, some water and perhaps a little soap to make it as good as new. Though you won’t need to do that very regularly. Much like the Keter and Strata products, again, this is easy to assemble as the different parts click-click together.

With 320-litres of storage space and a large opening in the form of the hinged lid, this is as easy to use as it is to setup.

A great option for sandbox toys, pool toys and whatever other toys need storing.

  • Very quick and easy to put together

  • Weather and water resistant

  • 320-litre capacity
  • Hinged lid for east storage and easy use
  • Plastic is not especially thick
  • Best for toys and light items, not heavier stuff

9. Keter Capri Garden Storage Box

We’re going to complete our list of the best outdoor toy storage solutions as we started it with a Keter product. This has a lot in common with a box we highlighted further up the list, called the Marvel box. This, the Capri, offers the same protection against the elements and particularly UV rays from the sun. It can also be used as a seat with a lid capacity of 240kg, so suitable for one or two adults.

In terms of actual storage space, it boasts a generous 305-litre capacity and features the same lateral handles for carrying, the effective locking device on the lid and stable and easy to use wheels for transportation.

As this is another made with the smart click system, it is very quick and easy to assemble, without much of a look at the instructions at all. Due to its design, it also requires little to no maintenance, other than a quick wipe down occasionally.

Durable, tough and very stylish, this will not look out of place or stand out like a sore thumb when placed in your garden.

  • UV rays and weather resistant material
  • Well-constructed and compact
  • Roomy 305-litre storage capacity
  • Can be used as a seat too, takes 240kg
  • Looks a little on the flimsy side
  • Some have had problems with the lid

Best Outdoor Toy Storage – Buyer’s Guide

In addition to the reviews we’ve provided for 10 of the best outdoor toy storage options available right now, we’ve put together a little buyer’s guide covering everything we think you should consider when buying this kind of product.

Available Space

Obviously, the last thing you want to do is invest in something and then even attempt to put it together only to discover that you really don’t have enough space for it in your garden. Even if it seems like you might have enough space, you need to be sure it’s not going to get in the way or distract from the view, aesthetics and general ambiance of your garden. So, think carefully about how you are going to lay your garden out, if you are making any changes, and where the storage will be placed.

Measure the space and then find the product with the dimensions that match. These are normally included in the description.


The materials used in the construction of the outdoor toy storage solutions you are interested in buying is crucial. Especially if you are planning on leaving it outside, potentially uncovered, throughout the year. It is vital that it is made from durable and robust materials that have suitable water and weather resistant properties. All the products in our guide have those qualities and while also benefitting from having UV resistant properties.


It’s not just the size of course that you need to consider in terms of how it will sit in your garden, you need to think about whether it will be big enough. Big enough to store all you need to store in it. If you intend on using it as a solely outdoor toy storage unit, and you only have small items to keep, the capacity may not need to be particularly big. Whereas if you are looking to keep your children’s bikes and other larger items in it, it will not only need to be tall and long, but heavy duty and capable of holding larger weights and bulkier items.


It goes without saying that the budget is something you should consider, though we would not recommend solely basing your buying decision on this factor alone. It’s much better to consider the materials, the size and then also that it meets the budget you have available to invest in it.

Is it Easy to Assemble?

As most of the outdoor storage units we’ve highlighted in our guide are not the kind that will be delivered already setup, there will normally be assembly involved. To save you stress and a whole lot of time spent trying to put the storage unit together, look for products that are flatpack, come with detailed instructions or are self-explanatory. We have featured a few great options that don’t even require any fixings or tools. Not even a screwdriver.

Features That Are Important

In addition to the pointers above regarding what you should consider when buying outdoor toy storage for your garden and property, there are certain features you may want the product you buy to have. We are going to discuss some of the most common,


With many having capacities of 200-litres and upwards, these outdoor toy storage solutions are not the lightest things in the world and therefore may be challenging to move. Especially if doing so while they are full. Fortunately, many manufacturers equip them with wheels that make moving the box from one place to another much easier.

Bolts and Security

If you are going to be using the outdoor storage units in our guide to store toys, as we’ve hinted, and are worried about theft, you need to look for products that offer a degree of security. Obviously, the onus is on you to secure your storage chest or storage bin, but if there are tough bolts and a padlock, this will help you somewhat.

Load-Bearing Lid For Use as a Seat

While it may not be the first thing you think of when you are choosing an outdoor storage solution for your kid’s toys, as it’s going to be up and in use all of the time, you may as well try and get as much use out of it as possible. Some of the storage options we’ve discussed have multi-functionality, thanks to load-bearing lids that mean you can use them as a handy seat.


The problem of toys in the garden and around your property can be easily solved with the use of outdoor toy storage, like the products we’ve discussed in this post. We have tried to provide you with as many different options as possible, so you have a lot of different options to choose from. Whatever you decide, if you pick one listed above, we are sure you’ll have a long lasting and effective storage system for your garden to keep it neat and tidy.

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