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Best Broom

One of the essentials of every household is a broom. Whether it’s needed for sweeping indoors, or outdoors, a broom needs to be close at hand at all times. We won’t go into a detailed ‘how it works’ – it’s a broom, and you know that – and nor will we give you a history of brooms just know that it sweeps up debris and dust. What we will say is there are different broom types that come in different sizes, materials and types of broom – stiff brooms and soft brooms for example – that you can choose from.

To help you make the right choice, we took a look at 10 of the best brooms available to buy, so let’s not hang about – here they are!

The Top 10 Best Brooms

1. TDBS Stiff Outdoor Broom

What is there to say about a push broom? Well, this one is a stiff broom that is designed mainly for outdoor use – great for sweeping up those fallen leaves and other debris that comes around this time of year – and is 10-inches wide. The brush itself is natural stiff bristles, and it has a screw-thread metal handle. This attaches to a plastic mount which is firmly attached to the broom head.

The connection is strong and the handle measures 120cm, so it’s the right size for most people, and it’s relatively light so is easy to use, and might rate among the best garden broom models. It’s not expensive at under £20 – although there are cheaper on the market – and it comes from a known brand. Customers like it, saying it’s easy to use and effective, but bear in mind we found quite a few complaints saying the handle snaps easily.


  • Natural bristles
  • Screw fix handle
  • Outdoor use
  • 120cm handle
  • 10-inch might not be enough for some
  • Complaints about handle breakage
  • Plastic mount

2. TDBS Trade Quality Dustpan and Brush

Trade Quality we assume means it’s designed and made to commercial level standards, so should be very hardy in use. This is another from TDBS, and is a broom and dustpan combination package. As such it is not really a powerful outdoor broom, but could easily be used for clearing up indoors and for some outdoor uses – it does have stiff, natural bristles on the broom head.

This dust pan not cheap, but then it does come with proclaimed quality, and both items have strong, aluminium handles that should last a long time. The brush and pan handles measure 93cm , so are long but might not be long enough for some, and it’s suitable for use on carpets plus has a large capacity pan. Overall it’s a good broom and dustpan set.

  • Brush and pan
  • Best for indoor use
  • Aluminium handles
  • Commercial standard items
  • Not cheap
  • Not great for outdoors
  • Not a broom as such
  • Pan can warp

3. Wolf-Garten Yard Broom

This colourful – it’s red and yellow – yard broom comes from Wolf-Garten, who have a long history of making garden and household products. It’s a 30cm wide broom head with tough PVC bristles and a plastic brush head, plus a fixing that will take any broom handle – the handle is not supplied, so you either have to buy another, or have one around that you are looking to use.

It’s designed for either indoor (perfect as a kitchen broom) or outdoor use and to be durable and last a long time, and while it doesn’t come with a handle, that does mean you can find one to suit your height. We found a large number of users who rated it ‘great’ and similar, while some said the bristles clog easily, and others complain about low quality. At this price, without a handle, we reckon it’s quite expensive.

  • Tough pvc bristles
  • Plastic head
  • Fits all handles
  • 30cm brush
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • No handle supplied
  • PVC bristles clog easily
  • Not cheap
  • Complaints about general quality


4. TDBS Professional Rubber Broom

Another example of a best broom from TDBS – it stands for ‘The Dustpan and Brush Store’ – this is a specialist broom with rubber bristles, designed primarily for removing pet hairs and other debris from carpets and wooden floors. The advantage of the rubber bristles is they are effective for the purpose, and will not mark wooden floors as stiff brush bristles will likely do.

It also features an in-built squeegee so you can mop your floor if you wish, the broom head 33cm wide, and comes with a tubular metal handle that is the standard 120cm long. Whole researching this model we found many customers who rated it very highly, saying it does the job of gathering hairs very well. There are, however, a number of complaints about the quality of the handle, which appears to be quite easy to break.

  • Rubber bristles
  • 33cm sweep
  • Indoor use
  • Won’t mark wood floors
  • 120cm handle
  • Squeegee
  • Specific use only
  • Handle is weak
  • Not for outdoor use

5. JVL Indoor Rubber Bristle Brush

Fifth on our best broom list is another rubber bristle model, and it is designed for indoor use on all kinds of floor including carpets, wood, tiling and any form of hard flooring. It broom head provides 31cm wide brush capacity, and has a telescopic handle that can be as short as 68cm, and as long as 120cm. It is very easy to extend with a simple twist and pull motion, and it is easy to clean – just rinse it with water when finished.

The telescopic handle is a neat touch that will certainly encourage many buyers who might otherwise look elsewhere, but the rubber bristles – while useful – mean this has limited appeal. Customers say it is great for pet hair, as is suggested by the maker, but again there are complaints that the handle is too easy to bend or snap, so beware on that front.

  • Rubber brush
  • Great for pet hairs
  • 31cm
  • Extendable handle
  • Decent price
  • Not an outdoor broom
  • Complaints that handle breaks easily


6. Jingyuan Dustpan and Brush

This is a dust pan and brush set – so not a broom – and we’ve included it as a companion to other similar items. Both items come with extendable poles so people of all heights can use them comfortably, and the handles are stainless steel with the other parts plastic – including, it would appear, the bristles.

A clever touch is that the brush clips into the dustpan when not in use for storage, and we were rather surprised after our initial assessment that it meets with a great number of very positive reviews.

  • Dustpan and brush set
  • Extendable handles
  • Cheaply made
  • Not cheap to buy
  • Handle snaps easily
  • Not for outdoor use


7. Strong Dustpan and Broom

This is another from TDBS, and is a brush and dust pan combination package. As such it is not really a powerful outdoor broom, but could easily be used for clearing up indoors and for some outdoor uses – it does have stiff, natural bristles after all. It’s nicely made – as we expect from this brand – and does the job it is made to do, but it’s not a broom in the true sense of the word.

It’s not cheap, but then it does come with proclaimed quality, and both items have strong, aluminium handles that should last a long time. The brush and pan handles measure 93cm , so are long but might not be long enough for some, and it’s suitable for use on carpets plus has a large capacity pan. There were many very good customer reviews of this one, but some point out it’s not a broom, and the pan can warp.

  • Dustpan and broom set
  • Stiff bristles, natural
  • Good customer reviews
  • Handle bends or breaks easily
  • Not a true broom
  • Expensive


8. Lakeland Rubber Buddy Broom

The Lakeland brand is known for affordable yet decent built quality products of this type, so we expect a product that fits the bill. This is a rubber broom, so not for outdoor use, and this broom comes with an extendable handle that can reach up to 122cm. It’s good for tiles and wood floors – which it will not mark – and also for carpets, where it will pick up dog and cat hairs effectively. It’s easy to clean, just rinse when done.

This is another that comes with a built-in squeegee feature that acts as a foam blade, so that’s an added bonus if you want to wash your kitchen floor or similar, and it comes with a 3-year warranty. On the whole, it does what it claims to do well according to customer reviews – picks up debris such as cat and dog hairs with ease

  • Lakeland brand
  • Rubber bristles
  • Extendable handle
  • Great for pet hairs
  • Rubber bristles not for everywhere
  • Complaints about general quality


9. Tyroler Bright Tools Rubber Broom and Squeegee

Although the maker claims this can be used indoors and outdoors with the same effect, we’re not sure a rubber broom is the one for, say, sweeping up leaves in the garden. For your indoor floors, however, this might be worth looking at. It differs from the other rubber broom/squeegee models only in that it has a 33cm brush width – wider than usual – and a handle with a set length of 140cm, made from stainless steel.

It’s good for removing pet hairs, and the squeegee is a good tool for washing your lino, wood or tiled flooring without marking, and it’s easy to clean too. Many customers rate it as excellent for getting hairs off carpets, and a lot of people have bought this broom, but beware once more of complaints that the handle is flimsy, keeps detaching from the brush, and the item is poor quality.

  • Rubber broom and squeegee feature
  • Works well with pet hairs on carpets
  • Good for washing solid floors
  • 33cm width
  • Extra-long handle
  • Rubber not for everyone or everywhere
  • Handle snaps and bends easily
  • Complaints about overall quality


10. Charles Bentley Heavy-Duty Yard Brush

Our final entry is this model of ‘bulldozer’ yard brush from the Charles Bentley brand. This broom comes with a 24-inch sweeping width – that’s 2-foot to you and me – which is plenty for sweeping up those leaves outdoors, and comes with both hard and soft bristles combined for added effectiveness. The handle is designed to be comfortable, the head is adjustable, and it is also surprisingly cheap to buy.

What’s the catch? Well, we will say that customers like it very much on the whole, although it is perhaps too big for some people, and is certainly too big for using indoors, so that limits its use. It is definitely more suited for use as a garden broom.

  • Very wide head 24”

  • Comfortable handle

  • Soft and hard bristles
  • Adjustable head
  • Cheap
  • Very wide head too big for indoors and some spaces
  • Poor quality complaints
  • Shaft snaps easily


So, there you have it, 10 sweeping brooms, brushes and dustpan combinations, but which is the best garden broom, best indoor broom or best outdoor broom for you? The decision comes down very much to what you want your broom for: are you looking for the best broom for hardwood floors, or the best yard broom?

Let’s have a quick look at the features you need to consider.

Important Features to Consider

First, there’s this question: natural or rubber bristles? Although the makers often claim otherwise, we don’t think rubber brooms are good for outdoor use, especially if it involves garden debris. They are good for indoor use on hardwood floors or tiles, and for cleaning the kitchen floor where the squeegee is involved. Also, do you want a broom, or a dustpan and brush set, as some of those on this list are?

Then you need to consider the length of the handle, and whether it is adjustable, and the width of the brush head. It’s not a decision that takes just a moment, even though you might think a broom is just a broom! So, we will make our decision below, but will do so on the basis of looking for a broom, which was what we set out to do! If you do want a rubber broom or a dustpan set, choose from any of those on the list, as they all come with similar specifications and customer testimonies to match.

So, which is our choice of the best house broom? Let’s wrap this up!

Our Choice

If it’s a traditional broom you want, the stand-out item on our list is the first one, the TDBS Stiff Outdoor BroomIt comes with stiff bristles, which makes it great for outdoor use and suitable for most indoor work, it’s a decent build quality item – although has the same complaints as all the others, although very few – and it’s not a bad price, and it comes from a known brand with expertise in this field.

There you have it, get yourself that broom you need, and start the yearly clean up!

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