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Clear Glass Kettles That Features LED Illuminated Display

So you fancy a new kettle for your house and want something that’s not traditional then why not try a clear glass kettle that features an LED illuminated display? These are becoming more and more popular and a hotel I stayed in a few months back actually had one in the room and I thought it looked really cool and suited the decor of the room really well. It just seemed a bit more elegant than the old fashioned metal or stovetop kettles.

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Best Clear Glass Kettles

We have put together a list of the glass kettles that we consider to be the best.

1. Neo Rainbow Blue and Red Kettle

We had to start off the article with this kettle as its a kettle like we have never seen before. Imagine this on your work surface when your friends and family come round? It will make a really interesting talking point so that’s the reason its at the top of the list.

What makes is so cool is that the LED lights inside are red when you start boiling the kettle, but as the water reaches boiling point the lights change to blue. It won’t make your brew taste any different, it is just a cool gimic that we really like.

The capacity of the kettle is 1.7 litres which is big enough to make a decent round of brews. The power output is a nice 2200w.

It comes with overhead protection and also comes with boil dry which means if there isn’t enough water in it will stop boiling as this will help prevent the kettle becoming damaged.

Obviously with it being 2020 its cordless.

When doing our research for this product we found that people liked the water but said that the outside of the kettle can become just as hot as the water and the LED lights around the base are always on unless its unplugged which could be a bit annoying if you live in an open plan kitchen.

2. Russell Hobbs Illuminating Glass Kettle

Russell Hobbs is a brand you would have heard of unless you have been living under a tree so you can be sure you are getting a quality product when you order this item.

Similar to the above item, the kettle will illuminate blue when its boiled but when its not in use it will not have any lights on which is good.

The kettle is 1.7 litres in size which is pretty standard and has some nice brushed stainless steel accents around the glass. Russell Hobbs claim it came save up to 66 percent energy by boiling just enough for one cup of water compared to boiling 1 litre.

With it being glass you need to make sure to be extra careful when using it and not bang it into the tap when filling it up as you don’t want any micro cracks to appear in the glass as overtime this will damage the kettle and the glass will expand when its heated up and this could cause fracture points.

When doing our research we found that people loved how elegant the product looked and most said it worked great. A few did complain about condensation that can build up though which was the only downside of this product we could find.

3.  Tower T100040BP Glass LED Kettle

If you are going for a girly design for your home then this kettle will fit the bill perfectly. We think it looks fab! If the pink one isn’t to your taste then its also available in black with blue LED’s. It will certainly add some glitz and glamour to your kitchen or maybe to your bed and breakfast for your clients!

The glass is called Schott glass which is a specially designed glass that gives it an extra level of durability.

Like most kettles on this article it comes with a 1.7-litre tank which is enough to make up to about 7 cups of tea.

There is an auto shut off feature so that when the kettle reaches boiling point it turns itself off.

The lid is opened by flicking a switch on the handle so this means you won’t have to touch anywhere near the hot glass. What’s also great is it comes with a 1 year guarantee.

When doing our research for this item we found people loved the way this looked and found that a lot of people who visited asked where they got it from as they wanted one as well. They also commented about how fast boiling it was.

4. Aicok Electric Glass Kettle.

This is a brand that only seems to sell on Amazon and other similar stores and they are not one we had heard of before putting together this article. However, what we read was pretty decent so thats our reason for including it in this guide.

The LED lights come on when the water is almost boiled and they turn the water a blue colour

The glass is made from borosilicate glass which is known for being scratch resistent and strong enough to not get scuffs on it. They claim that this will make the kettle last a long time.

It is a fast boiling kettle as the power output is 3000W which is on the more powerful side compared to some on this list.

It can hold 1.7 litres of water which again is the same as most on this list and brews about 7 cups in 1 go.

When doing our research we found that people had mainly positive things to say about this item and they were impressed by how fast the water boils. The minor complaints we found were it its full to the brim when boiled it can be a bit hot on your thumb when pouring.

5. Yoleo Blue Illuminating Glass Electric Kettle

This is a kettle with a difference as its essentially got a remove control with all different functions on the handle which we have not seen on a kettle before and we think its a great idea!

Let’s take a look at some of the functions:

  • 70% boil for delicate brews
  • 80% – perfect for green tea
  • 90% for Oolong tea – not something you see that much in the UK
  • 95% – For french press
  • 100% – for black and Americano style coffees
  • Keep Warm – we are not sure how warm it keeps it, but if you have just made a brew and no your friends coming round you could hit that function and it would save having to reboil.

I love these functions as I always used to boil the kettle to the full 100% then I read a big article about how having the water too hot can actually burn the coffee and change the taste. I like to turn my kettle off before it reaches 100%. Another example of this is McDonalds whos coffee must brew to over 100 degrees as I have to wait about 20 minutes before its cooled down for me to be able to drink it.

As with all the other kettles it has a 1.7 litre size tank which makes 7 to 8 brews depending on the size of the cup.

It is a 2000w kettle which means it takes about 6 minutes to boil which is fast enough for anyone.

6. Cosori Glass Electric Kettle

This kettle is made with high-quality borosilicate glass which is scratch resistant and should not scuff.  This kettle contains no plastic on the inside which means the water should not have any of that plastic taste.

If features a built in overheating system which means you can be sure the kettle will not overheat and damage itself. It will also turn itself off if it realises there is no water inside which also helps protect it.

The size of the kettle tank is 1.5 litres in size which is slightly smaller than some o the others, but only by 0.2 litres or so which is not really a big deal.

When doing our research we looked at a wide range of reviews to see what other peoples thoughts were on this kettle. People found that they got a good tasting brew from this and they thought it was good value for the money. A few people said that if you live in a hard water area you may have to clean it more than a normal kettle as dirt will show up more than having a plastic or metal kettle.

7. Ascot Glass Kettle

This one is a bit different to what the title of the article suggests as this one does not contain any LED lights but we wanted to include it to show you that not all glass kettles have to have LED lights as they might not be to everyone’s taste.

Thisis a 3000w kettle which makes it a beast of an appliance and it will boil water up very quickly indeed.

Like most glass kettles on this list its made with borosillicate glass which is the standard for these type of kettles due to its robust nature.

The handle claims to be an anti scalding one which means it should stay nice and cool and not heat up from the glass.

Inside the filter is a removable silicone mesh that makes sure the water that goes into the cup is free of any big particles that should not be in there.

When doing our research we found a lot of positives. People mainly commented on its looks more than anything and we have to agree with them that its a lovely looking kettle and has a bit of a retro look to it.

8. Gevi Tradtional Style Electric Glass Kettle

Last on the list is this traditional looking yet modern glass electric kettle. It would look great in your kitchen or home office

It has a blue indicator light that comes on when the water is boiling and when the water is finished boiling it will automatically shut off after 30 seconds for your safety. As well as this it has boil dry protection when it detects that the kettle is out of water.

When doing our research on this item we took at a look at some reviews from around the internet. People did prefer the looks over the functionality as some said the build quality was questionable.

Buyers Guide


What we found is that most of the big name kettle brands do not actually make glass kettles. We have featured a Russell Hobbs kettle on the list, but none of the others are well know brands. If you are a lover of brands then a glass kettle might not be for you.


The main reason people go for a glass kettle is of course the way it looks. We think they look great, but that might come at a slight compromise as it might not last quite as long.


Now, these might not be quite as durable as a cast iron or your usual electric kettle. However, that’s only if you are planning on dropping them on the floor! For just being used to make a brew on the kitchen work surface these will be totally fine. You do have to pay special attention to not crack the glass on the tap when filling it up. Your normal kettles will be a bit more durable when it comes to this so just take care.


The sizes are roughly the same size as a normal kettle so you don’t have to worry about them being bigger or smaller. Most of these will easily make cups of tea or coffee for 7 people.


Let’s look at some of the features:

  • Auto switch off – This is normal on most kettle nowadays. You want to make sure your kettle has this.
  • Boil dry protection – If you turn the kettle on by accident with no water in then you want to make sure that the elements inside will not heat up and try and boil nothing.
  • A handle that doesn’t get too hot – The glass is likely to get hotter on the outside when compared to a regular kettle. You want to make sure that the handle is a good one that wont conduct the heat from the glass too much.


Glass kettles look amazing and we think they look so much better than a normal kettle. We hope that the above kettles have helped you some to a decision and have helped you find the best glass kettle with LED display for your needs. Will it make your brew taste better? Probably not, but it will look cool in your kitchen and all your friends will want one.

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