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Best Utility Sink UK

I recently stayed in a big cottage with the family and it had a whole separate utility room off to the side that was bigger than my kitchen in my small terrace house. It was amazing and it made the kitchen feel like a proper kitchen with a normal sink and no washing machine in there.

The best part about the utility room was the massive sink it had in there! When we brought the dog back to the cottage after a long muddy walk we could simply pick the dog up and plonk them right in the big sink, stick the tap on and give them a quick clean. There was no need to take them upstairs and wash them in the shower.

It was also very handy with our walking boots and our friends brought their kids down for the day and it was great to rinse off items of theirs that got covered in sand after a day at the beach.

Best Utility Room Sinks

Now we will take a look at some of the best utility/laundry room sinks that are available in the UK today. These are sometimes called slop sinks, mud sinks or workshop sinks. We tried to include a mixed bag that are mounted in different ways, different sizes and made out of a wide range of materials so that there is something for everyone.

1. Sink With Drainage and Overflow

This is classed as an outdoor sink but there’s no reason it would not suit a utility room. It is a really big sink and measures at 57cm x 27cm x 43cm which is a lot bigger than what you would get in your kitchen or bathroom.

It is a wall mounted utlity room sink and comes with all the screws and plugs which will allow it to be fitted to your wall. Please make sure its a proper brick wall as chances are its going to be holding quite a bit of weight when its filled with water. It also comes with the plug, seals and pipes as well.

When doing our research we found that people said it was a nice sink and very easy to clean. They also said it was very light weight. One person recommended fitting a few extra brackets just to be sure it won’t come off the wall.

2. Negari Wall Resin Sink

This is another wall mounted sink that’s slightly smaller at 50 x 34cm but this one only has one tray at the side to put the soap on etc.

It comes with all the pipe work and fittings etc to attach it to the wall. We don’t think its quite as good looking as the first sink but then again, its just a sink and its more about doing the job than looking good.

People had positive things to say about this and said it was really easy to fit. Its actually an Italian brand so we found that one person said the threading is different to what we have in the UK so just bare that in mind when it comes to installing the sink.

3. Commercial Sink

This is very similar to the one that was in the cottage I stayed in. It is a large utility sink and if you have the room we think you should get it. it is actually available in all different models and sizes but the one we are focusing on here is the standard option with 1 sink as we feel this will be enough for anyone.

The size is 45cm x 45cm x 28cm (internal dimensions) with the overall size of the frame being bigger so bare that in mind.

This one is made from stainless steel which we actually prefer as it will be easy to clean and be sturdier and hopefully last longer.

It is aimed more at the commercial market but that’s not to say you cant use it to clean the dog or wash the kids football boots on the weekend.

It comes with just the sink and waste pipe as this one is not wall mounted so does not need fitting to the wall. We actually prefer that as you won’t be worried about it getting too heavy.

4. Negari Space Saving Wash Basin

This one isn’t quite a utility sink but we thought it was a bit different and perfect for use as one as it is. utility sink and cabinet in one. This sink actually comes on a cabinet which could be perfect for use in the garage or utility room. This means you already have a cupboard with it to store all your pet cleaning or car cleaning products.

The size of the item (not just the sink) is 55cm x 35xm x 78cm but the overall size of the sink is one of the smallest on our list.

5. Mustee Big Tub Laundry Sink

This is a great tub that is a really big and measures 24 inches x 40 inches. This is definitely our favourite for washing the dog after a muddy walk. They will have loads of room and its really deep so hopefully the dirt and water wont come over the top.

The legs on it are adjustable meaning you can get it to just the right height needed. When doing our research we found that users said it was very easy to assemble and it will not need to be fitted to the wall like a lot of the others. The one negative is that it is heavy.

6. Auguss Big Benny Sink

This is another free standing sink and is quite similar to number 5 above except that it a bit smaller. This could be great if you are a bit more limited for space but have decided that you want a free standing sink.

It measures 59cm x 25cm x 38cm and legs are made from steel so you can be sure that they can hold a good amount of weight.

When doing our research we found that people loved this sink for washing the dog in.

7. Mustee 11BT Utility Sink

Just a basic big sink here. This one however is made out of premium fibreglass that has been blended with special resins.

It measures in at 43cm x 50cm x 25.4cm.

8. JS Jackson Supplies Laundry Tub

This is a heavy duty tub that has thick legs to ensure a more secure and stable fit. The legs have holes in so that they can be attached to a wall or floor if needed.

It is made from heavy duty thermoplastic and is very rugged meaning it will not damage easily and can be used to clean the dirtiest of stuff.

Buyers Guide

We have put together some of the features that you might want to look for when deciding what type of utility sink is for you.


The sinks in this guide are made from 3 materials – stainless steel, porcelain and plastic.

Stainless Steel Utility Sink – This is our preferred choice as they will be easy to clean and keep clean.

Plastic Sinks – Lighter than stainless steel and cheaper if you have a smaller budget.

Porcelain Sink – This is our favourite but its very rare to find a utility sink that’s made of this unless you got a big farmhouse style sink.

How will it be installed?

There are 2 options when it comes to this and they are

  • Freestanding
  • Wall Mounted

We personally prefer the free-standing ones as they can hold more weight and don’t need as much DIY skill as the wall-mounted ones will need fitting to the wall.

What will it be used for?

We can see these sinks being used for 4 main uses.

Garage Sink – Used for cleaning car parts, washing your hands when working on cars or just generally cleaning bits and bobs. A great use if you are into magnet fishing or metal detecting and want to clean off your finds.

Dog Cleaning Sink – This would be my main use as it can be a pain getting a muddy dog upstairs into the bath for a rinse off.

Laundry Sink – Sometimes the normal kitchen sink isn’t quite suitable for doing clothes washing in and you need a big deep sink for the laundry room to hand wash those delicate items.

Garden Sink – Some of these sinks can be installed outside. You can then easily wash your plant pots and other garden items without bringing them inside the house.


If you have the room in a spare room then we would recommend getting a utility sink as you will be surprised how much you end up using it.

It is an all in 1 solution to get rid of all the smelly clothes/dogs/kids toys that just need a good rinse without using the nice clean sink in your kitchen that should just be used for the dishes.

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