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Best Water bottle holders for walking UK

Walking is one of the most popular activities to do for people of all ages in the UK. We have some fantastic national parks and there’s nothing better than getting up on a Sunday morning, getting into the car with the family and dog and going for a nice long walk followed by a Sunday lunch.

However, you must make sure that you stay hydrated properly and sometimes you don’t want to be carrying around a massive backpack full of everything as it can really slow you down. That’s why a water bottle holder is sometimes all you need (and some sunshine of course).

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best water bottle holders that we could find.

1. LC Prime – Waist Pack

This is a decent bit of kit that not only holds a water bottle but has room for your mobile phone and a few other bits such as dog poo bags as well.

It comes in 5 different colours which means yourself and the wife could have matching bags but in different colours.

There is an adjustable strap with the usual buckle to close it meaning that it will stay sturdy for running as well as walking.

In total it says there are 1.9 litres of storage space.

2. Huntvp Molle Water bottle Pouch

A water bottle holder that is perfect for the outdoor fisherman or hunter in your family. It’s finished in a lovely green that will make them look the part when they are out enjoying the great outdoors. There are also 2 other colour choices which are black and camo, but we really like the green one.

The product is fully water-resistant and is made from a highly durable nylon fabric which is scratch resistant and should not fade over time.

It is just the perfect size to hold a small flask or larger water bottle with a small pocket on the front to pop your phone into as well.

As well as being able to attach to your waste like most other holders it has a strap that goes over your shoulder so that it can be worn like a handbag.

Reviews of this product are great with users saying it will hold a 750ml water bottle and can hold big phone with 1 person saying they could fit their Samsung Galaxy S8+ (which is a big phone) into the pocket without a problem.

3. HuntVP Tactical Water Bottle Holder

Huntvp Tactical Water Bottle Waist Bag Pack Military Molle Pouch Fanny Pack Bumbag for Outdoors Daily Use Black

This is another great product by Tactical VP who was featured at number 2 on this list as well.

A slightly larger product which has a dedicated water bottle holder on the side that can be fully detached. We actually think you could get 2 more water bottles in the main pocket as well, but that’s up to you. This would be a great one for if you are out walking with the dog as you can take a bottle of water for them as well.

Unlike the smaller product at number 2, this one is just made to go around the waist and does not come with a shoulder strap.

When reading reviews about this product they were all really good and people were using it for things we had not thought about. One lady commented about how she had used it at a festival to hold all her stuff as she didn’t want to be taking a bag and she could put a small bottle of vodka in there no problem. Another user who was a worker on a construction site liked that he could hold a bottle of water and some small tools for when he was working on a roof.

4.  Vivaglory 750ml insulated water bottle holder

A lovely looking product made by Vivaglory who we admit we have not heard of before doing out research.

It is available in 3 really bright colours (orange, red and yellow) and black meaning that all the family could get one and have a different colour each. The material is neoprene meaning that it’s nice and soft to touch and will help keep your cool water cold or if you have something hot inside it will help keep that warm.

What makes this one stand out over others is that it actually comes with a water bottle that fits perfectly inside.

This one is not made to go around the waist like a lot on this list and instead comes with a shoulder strap.

When doing our research we found it to have great reviews. A lot of dog waters bought it and seemed very impressed with it. People liked how comfortable it is on their shoulders and it did not rub or irritate them even after a long walk.

5. Wild Wolf Outfitters

A great piece of kit by Wild Wolf Outfitters who are based in Denmark.

This is one of the bigger water bottle holders on our list as it can hold a bottle up to 64oz which is a circumference of about 13.5cm meaning it can hold a nice sized flask or bottle as long as they are a bit smaller in height than some.

This item is a bit too big for your waist and comes with a handle for carrying and also comes with a shoulder strap.

It has 2 pockets on the front, one small and one big. The bigger one can easily hold a phone, a chocolate bar and a few small snacks and the small one on the front is perfect for your keys, wallet or a few coins.

Reviews of this product are very favourable. One pro tip we found off one user was to use a slightly smaller water bottle and pop two small ice packs inside the pocket to help keep your water cool.

6. Huntvp Water Bottle Holder

Huntvp Tactical Military Molle Water Bottle Pouch 900D Nylon Kettle Bag Holder Black-550ml

This is the 3rd item on the list by this great brand. This is the smallest one and is designed to just hold a water bottle and to fit onto your waist or as an add on to their Molle  system or your own bag as it can be clipped on with a caribina or using the loops that are on the bag.

It can hold a water bottle up to 550ml in size which is a decent size for a few hours walking.

Reviews of this item are pretty solid with most saying the item does the job. We will be honest, the reviews are not as good as some other items on the list but we wanted to include it as we like this brand and this one is a very basic holder for your water bottle.

7. Mycarbon Running belt with water bottle holder

This one is designed with runners in mind but it can also be used for walking or hiking.

The belt will fit all the way from 27 inches to 49 inches meaning that it should fit most people without any issues.

It has all the pockets you need for running – a large one on the front for your water bottle and another for your phone and keys.

What’s smart about this one is that there is a hole in the bag itself that you can put your headphones through. This means that the bag can stay zipped up while you run which will help protect your phone from the elements.

Reviews of this product were great and one lady uses it for her nordic walking and has nothing but praise for it. It is much easier to just reach into the small waist pocket to grab your bottle from than to keep reaching into a backpack.

8. Airun tech hydration belt

A great piece of kit where the water bottle goes in at a slight angle which means it should never fall out. The pocket is a nice snug fit that will automatically grip the bottle to hold it in place.

There is a pocket on the side as well which, although small, can hold a phone and keys without any issue. The pocket has the earphone outlet which we really like as that saves any messing about or having the pocket left open.

One thing this belt has over the others is a reflective strip which is good for if are running the mornings when its dark or the evenings. It is also attached via velcro which although you might think would not be sturdy it actually very comfortable and means there is no plastic digging into your side.

Reviews of this product were amazing when we did our research. People could fit their large mobiles into the pocket with ease and everyone said how comfy it was wearing this around their waist.

9. Waterfly water bottle holder

This product comes in 5 different colours which means there will be one to suit you. It is very light and weighs in at only 172g which means it very comfortable to wear.

It is made from nylon material. We don’t think this will be quite as waterproof as some of the others on the list but it should be no problem if there is a light shower. If you are up in the mountains all day and its raining then this might not be the best option for you.

The pocket on the side is big and has 2 zippers, you will easily be able to fit your mobile phone, dog poo bags and a few snacks into it with no issues.

Reviews of this product were very good and people commented on how sturdy and strong the item felt. It has breathable mesh on the back which helps keep your skin dry and stop you getting sweaty on the waist area.

10. Waterfly Hking Bottle holder

This is the second bottle holder on the list by Waterfly. This one is a slightly bigger item and might be suit those on a long walk or run. There are 2 bottle holders on this product. This means one could be for your child or dog, or in the picture the 2nd one is being used for a small fold-up umbrella.

As well as the bottle holders there is also a pouch on which has 3 zip compartments which are plenty big enough to hold everything you need. They claim it will hold up to an iPhone 5 size in the largest part of it, but who is out walking with their iPad?

Reviews of this product were very good with people saying they had been using it for a long time with no real issues.

Buyers Guide

We have put together some things you should consider before making that final purchasing decision.


You will want to think about how they fit. Most in the list are made to go around the waist or clip onto your belt. We do like the ones that have dual functionality and come with a shoulder strap so that you have another option to carry it.

Don’t forget about the ones that will also clip onto existing backpacks.

It just depends what you are using it for. Runners will just prefer the waist one as they will want the fastest access possible.

Ease of access

This is linked in with the above. How easily do you need to access it? We like number 9 on the list for a runner as it just slides in very quickly on an angle with no unclipping needed.

If I was a walker then I would go for one of the HuntVp products as these really look great and as you are going a bit slower they are still easy to access.


Very important. You are most likely on this page because you want an alternative to a big bulky back pack which can slow you down or give you back problems. If you are just out for a quick run then pick the lighest option possible. If you are out on a mammoth 8 hour hike then pick one where you can maybe store a bigger bottle of water or even 2 as you do not want to run out of water.


Not all on the list claim to be waterproof that and thats fine if you are just out for a quick run. We like the Huntvp ones when it comes to material as they look like they would last all day on a big hike without letting water in.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has helped you find the best water bottle holder for your walking situation as there really are a lot of different options out there that you may not have considered before.

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