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Best Small Table Top Freezers For Work Surfaces

Depending on where you live you may not have enough room for a full-size freezer. Most people would rather have a large fridge as that’s used more often and have a smaller freezer. If you are stuck for space and live in an apartment or flat and there is no dedicated space for a freezer then this solution might be for you. A mini freezer can give you all the functionality without taking up too much space in your kitchen. All you have to do is find the one that’s the right size for you. To help you with this we have searched through lots of reviews online and compiled them into this 1 big article and done all the hard work for you. So let’s take a look at the best small tabletop freezers!

Let’s take a look at some of the best ones on the market today.

1. Igenix IG3751 Table Top Mini Freezer

This is the only one on our list with a lock and that’s the reason we love it. This would be great if you live in a student house to stop your drunk friends stealing all your ice cream at 2 am in the morning.

The size inside is 35 litres which is big enough. In the middle, there is a shelf that can be removed if you need it to.

The freezer comes with an A+ energy rating which is quite standard and it is said to produce only 153kw of energy each year which we really like.

In our buyers guide at the end we talk about features and one of them is an adjustable thermostat. This has one which means you can nicely regulate what temperature to keep your freezer at.

When doing our research we found this item to do the job very well. One user recommended not to take out the wire shelf or pack the food too tightly. This stops the air circulating and then your food won’t freeze as well. Another user said they loved the lock on the front and that it’s very secure. He recommended getting some spare keys cut as a backup. The negative we found was that this freezer can make quite a bit of noise at times and there is no built-in defrost mode.


2.  Cookology MFZ32WH

We love this item as its one of the cheapest on our list.

Cookology is a trusted branded when it comes to home appliances and this product is another great one by them. It comes in black as well as white, but it’s very rare you see a black fridge unless its in someone’s man cave or in a garage. We would recommend sticking to the white one.

It has an A+ energy rating which is pretty standard compared to most on this list. There is however no built-in defrost option so you want to make sure you keep that door closed and maintain the ice build-up regularly.

When doing our research we found that users were very happy with this product. Users said how quiet this freezer was as it operates at 42db which is great. It comes with a plastic scraper which is nice to keep the ice off and users gave it a small scrape each week just to stay on top of it. Overall, this one does the job perfectly.

  • Nice and quiet
  • Affordable
  • Thermostat
  • Ice can build up quickly

3. Vonshef 35L Mini Freezer


Vonshef is becoming a household name now. I have several items in my kitchen from this brand.

This is the only freezer on the list with a reversible door. If you are wondering what that is it means that you can have the door open from the left, or from the right, that is entirely up to you. This is great if its going in a tight space and you want the door to open a different way to what it comes with when it arrives.

As with most freezers, it comes with an A+ energy rating which saves you money on bills and looks after the environment.

Its capacity is 35l which is nice for a freezer of this side. It measures in at  49.5cm x 44.xcm x 48.5cm meaning it will fit nicely on your work surface.

When doing our research we found that users were very happy with the freezer. One user has it in their caravan as its a great portable option to use. They can always remove it when its not in use. Another user who is a physio said that its perfect for storing all their gel packs in for their clients.

  • Reversible door
  • Noisy

4.  Dometic B40 Hybrid Portable Freezer


This one is a bit different from others on the list, but we wanted to give you a whole range of options.

It looks and feels a lot more portable than others on the list and can be used on the kitchen work surface just like the others or used to go camping etc as it comes with a 12v plug.

What’s also good about this one is as well as being a freezer it can also be used as a fridge. It is a bit more expensive than some on the list but we love it.

When doing our research we found reviews of this item to be very good. A lot of people use it at home and then when they go caravanning or on a road trip, they have used it to take with them. Please note though, if you want to use it as a freezer when on 12v you will have to make sure the product is frozen first. It will not have enough power to freeze it but will be able to keep it frozen. When on the full mains supply it can freeze it no problem

  • Is a fridge and a freezer
  • Can be used on caravan and camping trips
  • Very portable
  • Expensive

5.  Vonshef 47L Mini Fridge and Freezer


This is the 2nd one on our list from Vonshef.

It is a slightly different one for you but we didn’t want all the freezers on this list to be the same. A freezer is a freezer and there’s only so much you can compare.

So this one is mainly a fridge which comes with a small freezer compartment. The fridge takes up most of the space with only a small part being for the freezer. The freezer part would be able to hold a tub of ice cream or a bag of ice cubes but that’s about it.

It comes with an A+ energy rating which I am sure you know by now is quite standard.

When doing our research we found that people had mainly positive things to say about this one. Users commented about how quiet it was and one guy was very happy as he now had somewhere for all his beer which kept his wife happy as there was now more room in the main fridge.

  • Bigger than a lot of the others on the list
  • Looks great
  • Not a full freezer

6. Amica Table Top Freezer


This is another with a reversible door which we think is a great feature to have.

It comes with a 39L capacity which is a really decent size and this one is 100% freezer and not a fridge. The internal measurements of the fridge at 14 x 14 x 14 inches

It’s pretty basic but will do the job well.

When doing our research we found great reviews with one user using it just for her dog’s frozen food so that it did not take up much space in the normal freezer. The only negatives we found were that some peoples fridges had small dints in when they arrived.

  • 39L in size
  • Quiet
  • Reversible door
  • Some fridges arrived dented


7. Russell Hobbs RHTTLF1 43L Table Top Fridge


Anyone reading this article will be familiar with Russell Hobbs. They have been producing household electricals for as long as I can remember.

This fridge is slightly larger than others on the list and comes with a large 43L capacity while most of the others were about 35L so you get quite a bit more. Obviously because of that its bigger in size so measure your countertop surfaces and make sure that it’s going to fit.

It comes with an A+ energy rating.

While doing our research we found that this item was very popular and came with great reviews except that some people commented on how loud it was. We recommended that this is not put in a kitchen but may be suitable for a spare room or garage just due to how noisy people said it was.

  • Affordable
  • Gets cold fast
  • Adjustable feet
  • Very noisy

8. Klarstein Garfield Eco Table Top Freezer


Klarstein are a well-known name in the appliance industry.

This freezer comes with the best energy rating on our list with an A++ rating which means it will definitely save you some money on your bills and look after the pennies in your pocket.

Inside it has 34L of storage with a shelf in the middle that can be removed if needed. However, we recommended not removing it as you want to allow some air space in the freezer so that everything can freeze.

When doing our research we found that reviews of this item were pretty solid.

  • An energy rating of A++
  • Some freezers arrived with dents


Buyers Guide – What you Should Know Before You Buy

You want to make sure that you have done all your research before buying so that’s why we have put together this guide for you. There are a wide array of freezers that may all look the same but they are full of features and there is something for everyone.  Choosing the right one will also help you save money in the long run. You have to think about what you need it for. Is it for the kitchen tabletop, will it be going in the garage, or maybe you are taking it to university? Maybe you need one with a lock on the front to stop the kids stealing ice cream or to stop your university mates from coming in drunk and stealing your best food. Or maybe you want a freezer that has a light inside?

Fridge as well as a freezer

A few on this list have dual functionality and can also be used as a fridge as well as a freezer. Some also work as both at the same time and the fridges have a small freezer section inside them.

Easy to defrost

I remember when I lived at my parents. The freezer we had in the garage was massive and would always need defrosting. This was a nightmare job and we had to wheel the freezer outside and blast it with the hosepipe.

These modern-day freezers still need defrosting but they are smarter and hopefully will be a lot easier to defrost. We recommended keeping the door shut so that frost does not build up. This will then make the freezer work harder and make more noise.

How Noisy is it?

Related to the above with how hard the freezer has to work. No one wants to have a loud freezer, especially if it is your dorm in university. Have a look at the number of decibels that the freezer produces.

Energy Rating

For those of you that want to be a bit more eco-friendly then you want to look for freezers that are at least A+ rating on the energy scale. As well as being better for the environment it will save you money on your bills.

Temperature Control

This is an overlooked feature and one you presume that a lot of people presume it will do automatically but you would be wrong. You want to make sure that there is an adjustable thermostat to keep your food from becoming too cold.

Which do we think is the best tiny freezer?

We hope that guide we put together was a useful one for you and that it helped you find the best small freezer for your needs. We recommended doing additional research and look at the reviews yourself and check across a wide range of sites. This is not a cheap purchase and one that should not be made lightly. It needs to be reliable, fit where you want it to and just right for your needs.

Our favourite option in this article was the Igenix IG3751 Table Top Mini Freezer.

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