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Best Spray Mops

We are all familiar with the tiresome feeling of cleaning floors. Human hair and pet hair getting tangled with the mop fibres. Waiting for the floor to dry for hours only to find that it’s stained and having to do it all over again. Changing the water in the bucket over and over again and trying to clean the mop – it’s all a rather known and dull process and mop design has advanced over the years.

But it doesn’t have to be. It can get much easier if you have the proper tools. The best spray mop can change your whole experience of house cleaning. It can even help you get to know yourself a little better – you may find out that you aren’t so repelled by having to clean the floors – it’s just the method that was faulty. With the ones listed you just add your cleaning solution into the tank and away you go!

We have looked at the ten mops that you might find much more compelling to use. Would you like to be more in control of the whole process than you are now? Is easier floor cleaning something that you have longed for years? These mops can help you clean different floor types including tiles and hardwood floors, and even windows.

Being informed will help you make a well-educated decision and find the best spray mop that fits your needs.

Top 10 Best Floor Mops

1) Vorfreude – Floor Mop with Integrated Spray and Lifetime Guarantee


A great thing about this spray mechanism mop is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. The company offers a replacement if you aren’t satisfied with the mop that you got. This offers a chance for something hard to come by these days – secure investment.

What can you achieve with this mop? You can clean many kinds of floor type, including hardwood floors, laminate and ceramic, easily. The rotating mop heads will help you clean the fluids and the dust too.

The floor cleaning cloth is made out of microfiber – a soft material that won’t damage your floor surface. It’s reusable and easily washed in the washing machine. It can be reused for more than a thousand times. The handle is made out of metal and it’s durable. It features a 700ml spray bottle that doesn’t contain any BPA which you can add your floor cleaning solution into.

The feature that we like most is that the top of the handle can be triggered to release a mist that wets the cloth just enough for the dust to stick and the cloth to leave a thin layer of moisture. It will evaporate quickly, leaving the floor stainless and hopefully with amazing cleaning results. If you prefer, you can add a cleaning product to the spray bottle. It’s safe to leave the water in the mop, you don’t have to empty it after every usage.

  • Easy to assembly
  • Swivel head
  • Water can be left inside
  • Bottle can be hard to remove


2) Spray Mop – MEXERRIS Microfiber Mop Spray Cleaner


Second on our list of best spray mops is the MEXERRIS Mop is a convenient cleaning tool for a wide spectrum of materials: marble, tile, ceramic, etc. It’s got the spray mechanism which can make your microfiber pad wet. We like that you get two microfiber pads so you can alternate between them and use the one while the other is being washed. The grip handle is designed ergonomically. After all, it is a very frequent activity. The mop heads can rotate for 360 degrees! This makes it quite simple to manipulate and get to the most stubborn places and corners, including places beneath, and behind, the furniture.

A reusable spray bottle is connected to the mop handle. Its capacity is 300ml and you can fill it in with water or a cleaning solution of your choice to get excellent cleaning results. The aluminum handle makes the mop less heavy but keeps the same sturdiness level as the metal pole.

The MEXERRIS comes with a scraper which helps you remove pet hair and other stubborn pieces from the cleaning pad. The top of the scraper is made into the spatula to help you remove sticky items. The side is used to help you scrape off the additional residual water.


  • Two microfiber pads included
  • Multifunctional scraper
  • Aluminum lightweight pole
  • The grip handle isn’t comfortable
  • Pole isn’t extendable


3) Spray Floor Mop, PAPCLEAN Microfibre Spray Mop

What we like about PAPCLEAN Mop, apart from its great performance, is the team dedicated to further better the product. After complaints about the latest version of the product they heard the customers and made a product that’s better both for the customers and for the company.

This mop features a 410ml cleaning tank which is connected with the nozzle which you can fill with cleaning solutions of your choice.

The mop heads rotate for 360 degrees smoothly, making reaching the corners much easier. It’s advised that you clean the tank after you finish cleaning. The mops are made out of microfibre pad.

Just like the previous mops, it has a nozzle that lets out the mist in front of the cloth, allowing the dirt to catch on and the floors to dry faster. The nozzle is activated by pressing the top handle, so you can use the mop with, and without water. But then, what’s special about this mop? The handle is constructed out of stainless steel which is known to be very durable and sturdy material. Furthermore, it comes with three pads, which are all washable in the simple washing machine. The scrubber is included in the package.

  • Good for uneven, textured surfaces
  • Easy to assembly and use
  • Three pads are included
  • Pole should be slightly longer

4) Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop

Vileda offers a mop that can clean many types of wood and laminate with its rectangular head. A spray nozzle is placed above the head and activated by the handle on top of the pole. Water is refillable so the mop doesn’t require a water bucket. We like that the water or cleaning solutions are inserted directly into the pole and not in the tank that’s separate which often causes frustration amongst users that struggle to remove it. If you want to fill it with water it’s advisable to do it in the shower or with an additional container since fitting it in the sink or under the faucet is highly unlikely. The only downside is that you need to be mindful of the leakage if you want to turn the mop upside-down.

The Mop comes with two pads. Removing the pad is very easy – you just need to click on the studs.

  • Water inserted directly into the pole
  • Easy to use
  • Leaking when turned upside-down

5) DRYZEM 360 Multi Mop with Refillable Bottle

Next on our list of spray mops is one we like due its urban design and numerous features. Firstly, it’s comfortable. The top of the pole has an ergonomic handle and the pole has foam for the other hand as well. Having a mop that’s uncomfortable can make an already hard job even more challenging. Being motivated to do the chores with the mop that hurts your palms isn’t very likely. Secondly, the mop head is enveloped by the microfiber pad which has a carbon fiber hook design. Furthermore, it also has the ability to tilt in two axes and reach many NEZGODNI corners.

DRYZEM can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, ranging from laminate to the marble. The water tank is placed above the nozzle and the head, and spraying the mist is done by pressing the handle on the top of the pole. A tank can be filled with the cleaning product of your choice.

You can easily fit any cloth on the mop using its catching system which consists of the two yellow crack-like features on the head. The scraper will help you get rid of the residual detritus.

  • Ergonomic handle
  • You can use any cloth
  • Easy to assemble
  • Short pole

6) Tencoz Spray Mops


One of the best features of this mop is that its head is as flat as they get. It swivels and it can reach very far places. The pole can be bent to the floor and this allows you to clean the whole floor, even the parts further under the furniture. All of that, and you don’t have to move the furniture, scratch the floor and use up more energy.

Microfiber mops are very absorbent and have threads that make sure to collect all the water and dirt from the small cracks and holes. It’s a good choice if you need to clean the textured floor types. The mop comes with two pads so that you can use the one, while the other is being washed. The pads are machine washable.

The mop handle is ergonomic and it’s easily installed in four steps. All in all, this mop is very easy to use. Whether you want to clean the floor with a wet or dry cloth, you can do both. By pressing the trigger below the handle you activate the spray and release cold water mist. Water is contained in the 300ml tank placed on the pole. Alternatively, you can fill it with a cleaning product or a mixture of water and essential oils.

The scraper is included in the package. This mop is a great option if you clean surfaces under the furniture very often.

  • It can easily reach under the furniture
  • Works well on the textured floor
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • The water container is hard to remove

7) BMOSTE Floor Spray Mop

If you are looking for a microfiber mop that’s easy to use – you will be pleasantly surprised with BMOSTE floor spray mop.

Its ergonomic design unquestionably adds to the experience. You can adjust the pole according to your posture and height easily. If you want to expand the pole you only need to click the button which will unlock the pole. After adjusting, click it again to set it in place.

The head can rotate 360 degrees and the angle between the floor and the handle is adjusting as well. If you want to use both hands to clean the floor, you can do so – just grab the non-slip mat on the pole which will ensure that the liquid and the sweat don’t cause the mop to slip out of your hands. This characteristic becomes even more important when you realize that this mop can be used for window washing.

All of those features contribute to the claim that this is one well-rounded, easy-to-use mop. It can be used as both dry and wet. If you want to spray the floor, just compress the trigger below the handle. The water tank can fit 600ml of desired floor cleaner and it’s BPA free. The pads are washable in the machine. The package includes the mop, two cleaning pads, gloves, and a brush.

  • Extendable neck
  • Non-slip mat on the pole
  • 600ml water tank capacity
  • It’s not very durable

8) Spary Microfiber Mop

Spary mop has all of the necessary elements that make up one good mop: sturdy, metal handle, microfiber cloth and it can rotate in all needed directions. The trigger system on the handle will allow you to spray the mist from 450ml water tank which can be filled with any floor cleaner product. The mop can be used to clean everything, from the floor, over the ceiling to windows. It comes with a scraper that can be used to scrape off stubborn windows smudges.

We love that it comes with four cleaning pads. You won’t find yourself with all pads in the washing machine in case of an emergency. They have a good water-absorbing trait. They are reusable and the microfiber cloths are made from a polymer that’s known to last long. Its strings can also reach more cracks than typical fibers. Furthermore, the pole is surrounded by the anti-slip material which will make the guidance of the mop much easier. The head has a squeegee which effectively cleans windows and other smooth surfaces. In the case of uneven surfaces, it should be removed.

  • Anti-slip
  • Can be used to clean ceilings and windows
  • 4 cleaning cloths
  • Doesn’t last very long

10) Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop


Bona is used for cleaning only certain surfaces. They have to be unwaxed and unoiled, and if they have polyurethane finish it’s also okay to use it. The mop head is very large which some people favour as it allows you to finish your work faster, but for some, it leaves certain unavailable parts unclean.

The mop comes with Bona Hardwood’s own floor cleaner. If you want, you can also use your preferred cleaning product. The handle that propels water out of the nozzle is very easy to press and it won’t cause your hand to get tired. One of the most beneficial features of this mop is that you won’t have problems replacing the cartridge because it’s designed with the notion that changing the detergent shouldn’t be a struggle.

The pad is made out of microfiber, of course. The pole is enveloped slightly under the handle to allow for a secure, non-slip grip. Bona spray mop features the hook which allows easy storage of the mop and its head’s corners are covered in rubber to avoid ruining the furniture.

  • Large mop head
  • Easily replaceable cartilage
  • Hook for easy storage
  • Water sometimes leaks from the container

Buyers guide

Thanks for reading our spray mop reviews. We have now This guide is here to help you choose a mop that will work best for you. What should you look for in a mop? How does this feature contribute to the quality of the product? Those are just some of the questions that we will tackle in this guide.


When it comes to design, we already know that mops aren’t supposed to look pretty, they’re supposed to do their job. So what are we doing here, reading about the design? People often forget that design is also in charge of efficiency. If you want your mop to be easy to use, it’s important that you pay attention to the angles – look for the mop head that can rotate. That will help you reach the corners and hardly accessible areas. It will also allow you to reach more surface while you are standing at one point. If the head wasn’t rotating, you’d have to change position constantly. You also want the head to be able to tilt back and fort – this makes reaching under furniture possible, as both the pole and head of the mop can get parallel with the floor.


Strenuous and tiresome tasks like mopping the floor can be much easier if you find the mop that has an ergonomic handle. Non-slip textured pole, the sponge or the mat that can help gloves and sweaty hands keep in place are characteristics that can contribute to the comfort and also lessen the physical pain of the chore.

Extendable neck

If you have lower back pain being bent forward is likely a painful position for you. Lower back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the world. Almost 70% of people experience some kind of lower back pain at one time in their lives. Even people who don’t have lower back problems can feel awkward and uncomfortable having to wipe the floor with a mop that has a short pole. Extendable neck solves that problem while also allowing you to choose the perfect length according to your body and personal preference.


Opting for sturdy materials isn’t overdoing it – it’s a necessity. Mops are cleaning tools, the materials that they are made of must be durable as well. When thinking about poles our minds usually picture plastic or metal poles. While plastic nowadays can be very durable as well, that kind of plastic isn’t usually used in mop manufacture. This is why you should look for a steel or aluminum pole. Both are sturdy and durable, with a little difference – aluminum is lighter. For many people, that’s a downside which makes the mop feel cheaper and harder to manipulate. For some people, it’s a better option because it’s easier to transport, especially if you have to clean more floors and use the staircase.

Pads and cloths 

Cleaning cloths for mops that are made from microfiber are very common. And rightly so! Microfiber used for cleaning products is made of conjugated fibers of polyester and polyamide. This combination can absorb and hold a lot of water. Surprisingly, it can also bind oil very well. Microfiber mops can be a little more expensive, but they turn out cheaper in the long run because they last much longer and are machine washable. Microfiber variations are all suitable and durable materials for mop cloth.


If your living space contains many nooks and crannies or items that require a delicate approach and special cleaning methods, then you will probably want to get the mop with a smaller head. It may take you a little bit longer to clean the whole surface but it enables for easier manipulation and reaches more places.

Water tanks

Water tanks can vary in size. They can have the capacity for 200ml or 600ml. The more water you can pour in, the heavier the mop will become. This is a good time to think about whether you’d want your mop to have aluminum pole but a larger water tank, for example. Keep in mind that 600ml is 0,6kg or roughly 1,3 pounds. If you get the smaller container you will likely need to refill it during the cleaning. The bigger tank allows you do get everything done at once. 


Having an appropriate tool to get to grips with your task isn’t only investing in your money, time and energy. It’s also investing in your well being and mental health.

My personal favourite best spray mop is number seven, BMOSTE floor spray mop. It’s not only BPA free, but its tank has 600ml capacity. When I’m mopping the floors and cleaning the windows I love to do it at once, without any distractions. Having to add water constantly definitely counts as a distraction. The extendable neck is another reason why this is my top pick – it can reach further under the furniture and you don’t have to bend. My back tends to feel very sore after vacuuming and mopping, so this is a must-have on my list of necessary traits.

You won’t have to deal with heavy buckets of water and all the other tools and cloths that you also have to clean after cleaning the floor. Achieving the same, or higher, level of cleanliness in less time will make you wonder why you didn’t invest in a better mop earlier. The truth is, ordinarily, a mop is an item that we simply purchase with a preconceived notion that nothing can help us – no matter what kind of mop we buy, the chores will be exhausting. Hopefully, reviews have helped you realize that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

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