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Best Snow Foam Lance UK

So you want to take your home car cleaning to the next level? Then you most definitely want to take a look at snow foam lances in order to be able to do that. What they do is replace the old soap and sponge which gets put back into the bucket and means there’s a chance it is going to pick up some dirt, stones or debris and cause you to scratch your car.

In our eyes, the best one overall on this is Autobrite Snow Foam Lance as it is just the most well made. You will pay a bit more but we think its worth it.

Snow foams are certainly becoming more popular and there’s a good chance that after you get one a neighbour will ask you what it is and where to get one from. They are becoming so popular as it saves you messing around with a bucket and has so many more benefits!

Best Snow Foam Lances

1. Karcher Foam Jet Nozze

I wanted to start this off by talking about Karcher, who is probably the most well-known pressure company, but are they the best? Or is just that they are priced low that makes them so popular?

Karcher claims that this snow foam lance it is suitable for cars, motorbikes, caravans and can be used on pathways and windows.

This will fit most Karcher pressure washers between K2 and K7. All you have to do is add your snow foam solution and that’s it.

When doing our research we found that users of this item perfect for the average guy at home who cleans his car, but said that if you want to do it as a job then this isn’t the choice for you. People also said it was easy to use and a lovely piece of kit.


2. Nilkfisk Snow Foam Lance

Second on our list of snow foam lances is this one has the smallest bottle at just 0.5 litres in size but it’s only a tiny bit smaller than the others and there’s a chance you wouldn’t notice the difference. With it being smaller, this does make the price that bit cheaper than the others.

This snow foam lance should work with the majority of Nilkfisk pressure washers but check the packaging before purchasing just to make sure.

They claim that due to the way it works it will use 30% less detergent than its rivals which will save you money in the long run.

While doing our research we found that people did like this but found it not to last very long as it’s not made from solid brass or steel so be careful when using it.

3. Detailers United Snow Foam Lance

A few years back I didn’t know what “detailing” was but it essentially means a really deep clean of a car going through every little detail. This brand called Detailed United are known for making high-quality car cleaning products and this includes snow foam lances.

This snow foam lance is made from steel and brass which some of them there’s are not which means it should last longer and be able to withstand the high water pressure. They offer a 12-month warranty with this product which means they are very confident that it will last.

It has been made to work with Karcher pressure washers but may fit others but please double-check before buying.

When doing our research we found that people really liked this snow foam lance it but some were slightly annoyed that you have to self assemble it yourself and use PTFE tape around the thread.

4. Autobrite Snow Foam Lance

Autobrite is well known in the car industry and are based right here in the UK. Their snow foam lance is made specifically to work with the Nilfisk pressure washers and just like the Detailers United model above its a solidly constructed piece of kit made from solid brass which means it should last a long time.

The bottle is a massive 1 litre which we really like as it saves you having to fill up the snow foam lance bottle as much which is not what you want to do when you have wet hands as its always harder to open and close the lance bottle.

If you own a Nilfisk pressure washer then this is probably the snow foam lance you want.

When doing our research we found that people thought this item was expensive, but most were happy to pay that bit extra for UK snow foam lances made product that will last.

5. Pro-Kleen Snow Foam Lance

The Pro Kleen is the most expensive of the snow foam lances on our list but you do get what you pay for. This means that its made from brass with a really strong plastic nozzle which comes out with a pressure of 160 bar.

It works with the Karcher K-Series pressure washers from models K2 all the way through to K7.

It has a massive 1-litre bottle which we think is a great feature you should consider. Also, it comes with a 5 litre bottle of cherry snow foam which is a great selling point.

When doing our research we found that people loved this and said that the foam that comes with it smells amazing and comes out really thick. If you own a Karcher pressure washer then this is probably the snow foam lance you want.

6.  Autocare Snow Foam Cannon

Auto Care are one of the less well-known brands on our list but their item looks really good so that’s why we have included it.

This ones made for Karcher pressure washers and works with models K2 all the way through to K7.

When doing our research people were really happy with it and said it fitted really well on their Karcher pressure washer.

Snow Foam Lances – Buying Guide

As we have touched on already, using a snow foam lance is a lot more fun than soaping your car with a bucket and sponge, and it also looks a lot cooler as well. Your car will hopefully have a better chance of staying swirl-free and not getting any small scratches on it caused by grit.

Before you can just go out and buy a snow foam lance you need to have a pressure washer than will be compatible with it and that the build quality is good. Some say you can use a garden hose but we honestly wouldn’t recommend one as the water does not come out fast enough to make the foam worth using. You may as well just stick to the old fashioned method if you don’t have a pressure washer.

We have put together a great buyers guide below which will go through all the things you should consider before jumping in and purchasing a foam lance or snow cannon as some people call them in America!


This is the key feature here that you need to consider. Will it work with your current pressure washer? Each brand will have its own unique connectors for different attachments so you want to make sure the foam lance you buy will work with it.

The 2 main ones on our list were Karcher and Nilfisk but there are other ones out there for other brands such as Karcher, Ryobi, DeWalt or many others.

How To Use It

They all work in the same way, but here is a brief overview of how they work.

  1. Fill the bottle up with the desired amount of the foam shampoo and then adjust the nozzle for how fast/thick you want the foam to come out. The thicker it comes out the more shampoo you will end up using.
  2. Cover the whole car with a layer of foam. We recommend starting from the roof and working your way down the car as the foam will slowly drip down the car.
  3. Leave the foam on the car for a good 15 minutes. Go and make a brew or take a few pictures of your car to put on Instagram.
  4. Come back and rinse it off with the pressure washer. You will be shocked out how much dirt will come off it.
  5. Make sure you clean the snow foam bottle after use. The best way to do this is to fill it with clean water and blast through with the pressure washer to get all the remaining bits of the shampoo out.
  6. After all this, use a wash mitt to give it a nice wipe down.

Bottle Size

This all depends on how many cars you have to wash at one time. Some of the bottle sizes in our list are 0.5 litres, which some others are 1 litre in size. 0.5 litres will easily do 1 car twice over, whereas a 1-litre bottle might be better if you are doing your car, your wives and the kids cars all in 1 go. Try and make sure you use a ph neutral solution to help protect your paintwork.

How Long Will It Last

When they first came out it was well known that they would break quite easily. A friend of mine has gone through about 4 over the past few years but he’s now found one that has lasted for a while and he said that’s due to it being made out of brass which means its more durable. He also said the plastic on the bottles has improved and they don’t crack as much as they used to due to the pressure. However, don’t expect the one you buy to last forever as the water pressure they deal with is really high.


We think that a snow foam lance is a really cool piece of kit and if you want to take your car cleaning to the next level or have a new car that you really want to look after than its worth getting one. We hope that the 10 we have listed above are good choices for you and that you can find the best one suitable for your needs.

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