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Best Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Are you one of those jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts who enjoys jigsaw puzzles and other tricky 3D puzzles? Where do you normally enjoy this fun, if frustrating hobby? Do you do what most of us do and use the kitchen table or that piece of MDF that you never got around to converting into a full-size table with legs and everything? You know the one we mean – the one that you bought from B&Q when you were planning on building something but bought too many or abandoned the project.

Although there is nothing wrong with these options, in theory, they are not fully designed and dedicated to the purpose you are using them for. What happens when you want to have dinner at the dining table as a family, but are halfway through a gruelling 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzle? Do you sacrifice all that hard work or get the trays out and sit in front of the TV in the lounge with plans to do try again once the jigsaw puzzle has been completed? Or have you tried to use the coffee table only to find its too small?

Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t need to make the choice between whether the jigsaw puzzle was sacrificed or your chance to eat together was sacrificed? Fortunately, there are options out there that mean those kinds of sacrifices no longer need to be made for the avid jigsaw puzzlers of the word.

By investing in a purpose-built jigsaw puzzle table, you eliminate the need to use up your precious dining table for your hobby. How do you know which tables and boards designed for this purpose are best? Without spending hours browsing through the various options open to you on Amazon, that is. You use this handy guide we have put together here at Internet Eyes, that’s how.

As well as discussing the best jigsaw puzzle tables and boards, we have also put together a useful buyer’s guide that identifies the features you should look at when choosing a product.

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Table 2020

1. Jigthings Jigtable – Jigsaw Puzzle Table

First in our handy guide is this awesome and thoughtfully designed jigsaw puzzle table from the appropriately named company, Jigthings. This is touted as being one of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to work on jigsaws. The table fits snugly over the arms of your favourite chair so you can sit and relaxing while working on those complicated 1000+ piece puzzles without doing yourself a back injury. Its height can be adjusted, and you can angle it in a similar way to an easel an artist would us to provide the most comfort possible using the swivel system.

Worried about it taking up too much space in your home when it is not being used? Don’t. As it is built on castors it can be run along to a corner, where your jigsaw can be kept safe from harm. The important thing to note, though, is that the Jigtable is designed to be used with one of the purpose-built Jigboards, also made by Jigthings. These come in both 500 and 1,000 puzzle sizes and are a great investment.

Does that mean that when you are not working on a jigsaw the Jigtable will just collect dust? Not at all, it can be used for other purposes when the Jigboard is removed from it, for writing, reading and even as a handy dinner table, as well as other numerous uses as it can swivel system means it really versatile. The Jigtable is made from a laminated beech-effect material which is easy to look after and clean.

  • Height adjustable from 27 to 33-inches
  • Can fit snugly over armchairs up to 29-inches wide
  • Can be tilted to give you a better angle to work from
  • Set on casters for easy transport and storage
  • Needs to be used with the company’s own Jigboards

2. Display4Top Adjustable Drafting Table, With Stool and 3 Storage Drawers

Next, we have this smart desk, storage drawers and chair/stool/drawers combination that is not sold to be a jigsaw puzzle table but we think its perfect for use as one. It is made of high-end MDF features a sturdy and robust steel frame with powder coating which offers protection against rust and other issues.

What makes it so special and ideal for working on those tricky puzzles that often eat away at you for days and even weeks? The desk has a slick and stylishly arched design that is fully adjustable. You simply lift it up to the angle you need it to be set and then lock it into place. If you would prefer to use it as a more straightforward desktop, you just lift it to the highest point and then lower it down slowly.

This is perfect for when you want the best angle possible to work out where those trickier pieces fit in your jigsaw puzzle. As it comes with a set of drawers, you can also use it for a multitude of other applications. Are you a keen painter as well as a jigsaw puzzle? Perhaps you like writing, sketching or something else crafty? This is a great workstation for all those kinds of pastimes and hobbies. The three drawers can be used to keep all your tools, puzzle pieces, puzzle accessories and anything else you need.

  • Functional and practical
  • Versatile
  • Durable and robust
  • Includes a chair and three storage drawers
  • Adjustable desk
  • Instructions are vague

3. NRS Healthcare Wheeled & Tilting Over Bed or Chair Table, Adjustable Width and Height

This NRS Healthcare table has been designed so it can be wheeled around and can fit over a chair or a bed. The desk part of the table can be tilted up and down to suit your needs when working on your jigsaw puzzle. There is also a support bar that will hold things in place.

4 castors are placed to the bottom of the stand providing stability and a way to move it around. Two side tables can be removed and used separately but we think these would be good to store the pieces.

As both the width and the height can be adjusted, it can be set to suit your needs. The desk comes in flatpack form but is easy to assemble. There is no need for tools. We really love this table, because it has been made by NRS Healthcare, who have served more than 2 million individuals with various mobility issues. This means that it is not only stable and safe to use.

This table could be particularly good for someone with back pain who wants to complete jigsaw puzzles while in bed.

  • Features four smooth-running castors for easy manoeuvrability
  • The width and height can be adjusted, and it can also be tilting
  • Easy to put together
  • Can be used as three separate tables
  • Quite expensive for what it actually is

4. CLICK MEE Jigsaw Puzzle Table

The next jigsaw puzzle table in our guide is this model from CLICK MEE that is designed for 1500-piece puzzles and made with a solid rosewood stain, metallic clips and a metallic handle. The thing we really like about this puzzle table is foldable to make it easy to transport from one place to another.

The middle section of the jigsaw table top can be tilted, which makes it easy to work on your puzzles without pulling a muscle in your back. Worried that the jigsaw pieces are going to fall off when you are transporting it or tilting it? Don’t be, as the table is coated with a fabric surface that provides a secure place to keep the pieces.

As well as jigsaws, it can also be used for all manner of hobbies, work, eating off or just reading and writing.

You don’t even need to worry about assembling the table, as it is ready-made and boxed.

  • Comes ready-made in the box
  • Can be tilted and adjusted
  • Features a friction fabric that holds all the pieces in place
  • Features a sturdy rosewood stained frame
  • The table is a little on the heavy side and the legs wobble because of it

5. Harbour Housewares 2ft 10inches Square Trestle Table

From Harbour Housewares next, we have this square trestle table that is 2ft 10-Inches and made from high quality, stain-resistant synthetic material. The plastic top is therefore very easy to clean and was fitted to a sturdy metallic tubular frame that offered an exceptional amount of support and strength and could hold a maximum weight of 400lbs. Curiously, it was a simple metallic pin mechanism that was used to keep the table secure when it was erect.

Impressively, once you have finished using it, you simply can fold the jigsaw puzzle table down into half and tidy it away without any problem. Given how sturdy it is and the flat tabletop it offers, it’s perfect for using for jigsaws and other hard and intimidating puzzles. Having somewhere dedicated for that very purpose means that you don’t need to use a table or area in your home where you’d normally eat or use for something else.

  • Foldable design for compact storage
  • Metallic pin mechanism helps secure table once erect
  • Small and compact frame
  • Made from high quality, stain-resistant plastic and metal
  • Very simple in its design

6. Bits and Pieces Standard Size Wooden Puzzle Plateau – Smooth Fibreboard Work Surface

The next product we have to discuss is one that we are very excited about here at Internet Eyes. This wooden puzzle plateau is a complete workstation for completing jigsaw puzzles on, made by a company who spend their daily life working on puzzle mats and boards.

What we love about this jigsaw puzzle board, in particular, is that if it was just the puzzle board itself it would actually be close enough to be a great purchase. However, it’s not just the fact that you get such a wide and generously sized piece of fibreboard wood to work on, but you also get 4 generously sized drawers you can use to bring some much-needed order and organisation to your jigsaw puzzle approach and store all the pieces on them.

Ideally, and it will depend on the size of the jigsaw puzzle, it has been made with 1000-piece puzzles in mind and should fit on a table top easily.

  • Purpose made puzzle board
  • Four large and wide drawers that slide underneath the board
  • Very generously sized
  • Practical design, reins in the chaos
  • Would be better with beading/rim around all edges, especially the top not just two of the sides

7. Oypla Square Folding Standard Bridge Card Game Black Table

An official Oypla product is what we are highlighting next, this is a high-end PVC tabletop work surface that has a tough steel framework with a black glassy finish. As suggested in the title, it is a table that folds away, making it easy to store when you are not using it.

When it is in use and you erect it and unfold it, there is a special click and clock mechanism in the legs to make sure it does not fall down. Something crucial when you are in the middle of tackling especially difficult jigsaw puzzles.

Although marketed as a bridge and card game table, we feel this meets the brief as being rectangular, very tough and secure. What more could you ask from a puzzle table? Sure, if you are not working on a jigsaw puzzle and want to play a game of something else, like cards, or even a board game, this will do the trick just as well in those scenarios.

  • Multifunctional and versatile
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Folding design for easy and compact storage
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • The top is a very thin, albeit it, tough layer of plywood

8. LAVIEVERT Adjustable Wooden Puzzle Board Easel

Another interesting and aesthetically pleasing addition to your jigsaw puzzle accessories and tools is this easel-style puzzle board. Produced by the company called Lavievert, this is a puzzle board that is adjustable and consists of high quality, very sturdy wooden frame and a flannelette material to complete the jigsaw puzzles on.

A material like a flannelette is ideal for a surface like a puzzle board because it provides friction and traction for the pieces to stop them falling or slipping off easily. You can secure it in place once you’ve adjusted the angle you want it set at, by using the special hook and loop fasteners. This is ideal if you suffer from a bad back or want to avoid any feelings of fatigue and stress in your waist or neck.

What happens if you are halfway through working on that eyesore of a puzzle and don’t want to give up (who gives up on jigsaws once they’ve started anyway?)? Although you can’t fold it up into itself, you can release the clip holding it open at an angle, have it folded down flat and then place it somewhere out of harm’s way until you are ready to work on the puzzle some more.

  • The sturdy easel-style puzzle board
  • Puzzle surface made from flannelette which has friction properties keeps pieces in place
  • Designed for use with puzzles of 1,5000 pieces, or thereabouts
  • Can be tilted up or folded flat as necessary
  • Could be strengthened and have a thicker frame

9. Hartley’s 2.5ft Adjustable Height Folding Table – Portable and Wipe Clean

From the extremely highly regarded and popular brand name, Hartley’s, comes our next item, this folding trestle-style table which is perfect for completing jigsaw puzzles on. It has a powder-coated table top and highly superior steel frame and the tabletop itself is made from a blow-moulded, high-density plastic.

When you want to use it, you simply take the table out and fold it open. The ironing board-style frame can be set to three different height settings, depending on your needs.

As the tabletop is essentially high-quality plastic, it is very smooth and easy to wipe clean. Although it has been designed with more than just puzzles in mind, we think this is ideal for the occasional jigsaw completion. When you are not using it for that, it has such a versatile design that it can be used for virtually anything from a mini dinner table if you fancy watching some TV while not at the main dinner table in your property, or to enjoy a board game or two with loved ones and friends.

  • Height adjustable
  • Easy to wipe clean and very smooth surface
  • Powder-coated and therefore stain and rustproof metal framework and legs
  • Versatile and multifunctional design
  • Take care when lifting it up if it’s set up as the frame will fold down easily

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Table – Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve discussed each of the best jigsaw puzzle tables we’ve selected above, you should have a better idea of which will meet your needs. If you are still struggling, though, we understand. They are, after all, wildly different from one another in many ways and each has its own merits and downsides too. Therefore, to further aid your decision making, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide as a suitable accompaniment to the above reviews/overviews.

This will help you to whittle down our shortlist further to find the best product for your puzzle completing needs and requirements.

Features That Are Important

The best way to figure out what you need from a puzzle board or table is to look at some of the key features that are most important in this kind of product. This is the approach you should take with just about anything you buy, so it’s no different when choosing a table or board to complete puzzles on.


First and foremost, we think, here at Internet Eyes, that the size of a table or board you intend to work on jigsaw puzzles on is incredibly important. After all, if you don’t have a board big enough to accommodate the size of puzzles you are planning to complete, it won’t be useful at all. So, before you choose a table or board, identify the biggest puzzles you imagine you may want to work on, even if it’s not any time soon but further in the future, and then find a suitable workstation with the right dimensions.

Friction Properties

As you will have spotted, there are some boards and tables designed with jigsaw puzzles and other similar puzzles in mind. They feature materials like flannelette and others on the actual puzzle surface that keep pieces secured to the table and stop them from falling or slipping off. This is obviously important if you are working on a puzzle and don’t want to lose sections you’ve completed or lose the pieces you’ve yet to put into place. There is nothing more frustrating than reaching the last couple of pieces of a puzzle only to discover some have gone missing.

Can it Be Used For Other Things?

Whereas some, like those mentioned above, have materials and designs that are best suited to jigsaws, there are others in our guide that are essentially lightweight tables. If you do a lot more than just work on jigsaws in your spare time, or just don’t like buying large pieces of furniture with one specific purpose, you should pay closer attention to the items in our guide that are versatile and can be used for several different applications.

Foldable and Portable

If it’s only on rare occasions you work on jigsaws, and not an ongoing thing you do week in week out, or even just so you have downtime between puzzles, it can be handy to choose a table or board that can be folded away. If you find one that combines the friction material and a folding frame, you can store it away easier without even needing to finish the jigsaw first.


If you are a keen jigsaw puzzler and have been looking for a suitable board, table or workstation to enjoy your hobby, we hope our guide proves useful to you. We feel strongly that if you invested in any of the above products, it would be money well spent.

The important thing is to buy the one that meets your needs. That is why we made sure we included a wide variety of different designs and options. We are quite sure there is something for everyone in our guide. Whether you are looking for a purpose-built jigsaw table or board or want something that can be used for multiple functions.

Whatever you decide to invest your money in – Happy jigsaw puzzling from the team here at Internet Eyes!

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