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Best 4 Wheel Shopping Trolley

If you are shopping for the best 4 wheel shopping trolley on the market you have come to the right place. We have scoured the internet and read a lot of reviews and put together a list of some that you should consider. There is also a buyers guide at the end which will go through some features that you should think about before making that final purchase decision.

1. Carlett Lett460 Shopping Trolley


The first one our list is this trolley from Carlett.

The bag on this one is a large 40L, which means it can hold quite a large amount of shopping. It can support up to 50kg in weight which is really quite a lot when you think about it. We are not sure anyone can carry that much weight in a shopping trolley but I bet you my wife wouldn’t be far off that limit with all the stuff she buys when we go shopping.

The 2 wheels on the front are swivel wheels which means moving it around on 4 wheels should be pretty easy. These 2 front wheels can also be removed so that it just becomes a 2 wheel trolley. This means you can have a play around with it and see which better suits your needs.

There is a safety brake on this trolley which we think is a good feature. The last thing you want is to stop for a chat with Doris from next door only to find that your trolley is halfway down the street or has wheeled itself into the road.

When doing our research we found reviews to be decent and people commented on how good it looks. Trolleys like this are associated with older people called Marge and this one helped people feel young as it’s bright and stylish. They also like how light it is to wheel around.

  • Foldable
  • Can be converted to 2 wheels
  • The flap on top can blow about in the wind

2. Winkeep 2 in 1 shopping cart


Apologies as this one is not a 4 wheel trolley which is what the article is about as its got 6 wheels but with it being so good we wanted to include it as an option you should consider.

It actually has 6 wheels and these are made to go up and down stairs easier than other trolleys. This is perfect if you live in a flat and need to get the trolley up and downstairs easily. We also think it would work well if you live near uneven or cobblestone paths.

It has a loading weight of 50kg and the bag that can be detached can hold up to 75kg which is really pretty massive.

The bag has 6 pockets on it which are also a bonus. You can put anything valuable or that needs quick access in the pocket that’s nearest to you and then other items such as umbrellas or spare shopping bags can easily go into the side pockets.

When doing our research we found that users found it very easy to assemble and that people who received it a gift were very happy indeed. People found it sturdy to use and easy to get shopping up and downstairs but a few did not like the style of it.

  • Lots of pockets
  • Multi use
  • Not truly a 4 wheeled trolley

3. Gimi Twin Shopping Trolley

This is one of the most simple shopping trolleys on our list. The bag is 52L in size which is a nice amount and why can’t see why anyone would want anything bigger just to pop to the shops for a few groceries. It holds up to 30kg in weight, which is about 60 tins of beans. Who is buying more than 60 tins in 1 go? My gran used to have a pantry full of tins but I doubt she even bought 60 in 1 go. The frame is made from aluminium.

When doing out research we found that users were pleased with it. One user mentioned that their Auntie Flow uses it to do her weekly shop down at the local Sainsburys and shes had several people comment and ask where she got the bag from.

4.  Rolser Shopping Trolley

It’s very clear just by looking at this shopping trolley that this one has a cooler section on it which is a great feature. The whole bag is not thermal. Only a small section is but its big enough for a few freezer goods or chilled goods on a warm day.

The top is magnetic which means that it closes very nicely and stays secure in the wind, but it also easy enough to open quickly without having to undo a zip or button. The frame is aluminium.

When doing our research we found that users absolutely loved this item and found the cooler section very useful. If you have a long bus ride home from the supermarket then it will help keep your frozen food nice and chilled without the fear of defrosting. We found a review from a user called Mavis who said it’s the best shopping trolleys shes ever used and that she can fit several bags of frozen 1k peas into the chilled pocket area.

  • Thermal pocket for frozen or chilled goods
  • We wish it had some smaller pockets

5. Sholley Deluxe Shopping Trolley


Sholley have over 35 years of experience and you can be sure that this product is one of the most stable and safest on the market. Not only has this one got 4 wheels but each wheel is a double wheel which means manoeuvrability should be good.

Inside the bag itself is a zip pocket which can hold your phone and purse which helps keep them secure. There is also an address tag inside which will be very handy. If you lose it then there’s a good chance a good samaritan will return it to you.

This trolley has a safety foot brake which a feature that not all the trolleys have on this list. There is also a fancy patented handle that can be easily adjusted to suit your height. The frame is strong aluminium.

One thing we really like about this trolley is that there is no rear axle. How does that help you might ask? It means when you are dragging it behind you there is less chance that the metal bar that connects the back wheels is going to hit your foot as there is no axle! They really have thought of everything.

Reviews of this item were mostly positive with people with one lady saying that her mum swapped her walking stick for this product as it gave her more confidence in getting to the shops, and it really improved her way of life. She said that her mum can now buy the grandkids all the fizzy pop they could dream of as it’s easy to carry home.

  • No rear axle – makes it easier to walk with
  • Might be outside of some peoples budget

6. Alexander Graham Shopping Cart


Alexander Graham is a well-known brand in the mobility and assisted living industry and they have produced another quality item here.

This item comes with 4 wheels with the front 2 being a double wheel which also swivels on the spot meaning that it’s very easy for you to move around the isles in the shops.

The bag can hold 57 litres which is on the larger size when compared to others on this list.

We really like the fabric material design on this bag as well. It makes it stand out from the crowd.

When doing our research we found that some users wished that it had some smaller pockets on it for their spare carrier bags and smaller items. They did like how easily it folded down to be put away for storage when it was not in use. It was also very easy to assemble.

  • Lovely pattern
  • Waterproof bag
  • Just 1 big bag – no small pockets

7. Sabichi 4 wheel Trolley

This trolley is one of the most basic shopping trolleys on the list as it does have 4 wheels but none of these is double wheels and none of them swivels which may make it a bit harder to weave in and out of people in the supermarket.

The bag holds 60 litres but the overall weight it can support is 20kg which is on the weaker side compared to others. However, this is a more budget shopping trolley so might be good as a first trolley to see if you use it and if they are for you.

When doing our research we found that people were generally happy for the price and liked how it folded flat when not in use. People did wish that this trolley had a hook so that it can be used to attach it to a trolley at the supermarket. One lady called Beryl improvised got her sewing kit out and made her own hook which solved her issue.

  • Big capacity
  • Affordable
  • Very basic
  • No brake

8. Little Donkee Folding Shopping Trolley


This a heavy-duty cart by Donkee. It can support up to 55kg in weight which is definitely one of the strongest on our top 10 list which means it has a strong aluminium frame. It also folds flat very quickly which is great if you live in a small home as it won’t take up much space.

The 2 front wheels are on swivels meaning that it’s easy to move around. There is also a footbrake and lockable twin ear wheels. This means if you need to stop for a long period of time such as the supermarket checkout you can be sure that it will stay in place as you load it with your shopping. There’s a big pocket on the front as well.

Reviews of this item were top notch with the only slight negatives being that it is too heavy for them. This is a heavy-duty trolley though so expect it to be on the bulkier or heavier size. If you are doing bigger shops then it will be fine, but if you have muscle problems or a bad back then this one might not be for you.

  • Heavy duty
  • On the expensive side

9. Metatex Explorer Shopping Trolley

If we are being honest we picked this one as we like the tartan look.

It has a large 65-litre capacity and comes with 4 wheels although none of these swivels which is a bit of a letdown.

The bag can be easily detached so once you get inside your house you can lift the shopping onto the kitchen work surface or where ever it needs to go to quite easily.

When doing our research we found reviews on this item were not quite as good as others on the list. We recommend not filling it too heavily and only use it for a light shop. People did like the style of the fabric though.

  • Large size
  • No swivels on the wheels

10.  Carlett Lett700 Shopping Trolley With Seat


We may have saved one of the best shopping trolleys until last.

This is another great product from Carlett who have made a shopping trolley with a seat! I am surprised there are not more of these on the market. If you have a family member who quite often needs a rest and a sit down this might be just right. The perfect place this would be used is at a bus stop when you are waiting for the bus. A lot of stops don’t have any seats and we all know how unreliable the buses can be in the UK.

One thing to take into consideration though is that the maximum weight it can support is 15kg (100kg) which is quite a lot.

The bag inside the seat can hold a maximum weight of 15kg which isn’t the biggest compared to others but this one really is about the dual functionality of it being a seat.

  • We love the seat
  • A solid break so when you are sat down it’s secure
  • The rear axle might bash into your feet if you are not careful


Buyers Guide


With the majority of users being elderly you have to think about how much the shopping trolleys weigh before they have anything in. Some are quite light but others can be a real struggle to move before they have anything in. Will they be taking these up a small flight of stairs before they get out onto the street? If they are then you will want to make sure the bag is as light as possible

Trolleys Bags

Some of the bags on these shopping trolleys go up over 60 litres in size which is pretty big. The smallest is 32 litres. How big a shop is a person using the bag doing? This also tighs in with the weight issue above. If you give them a big trolley how likely are they going to be able to fill it all before it becomes far too heavy to push?


We personally like the ones that have some extra pockets on the sides or inside. These can be handy for carrier bags or umbrellas to be kept in. The inside pockets can be good for their purse or something that needs to be that bit more secure.

Removal Bag

A lot of these have removable shopping trolley bags which is nice. This means it can be easily put onto the kitchen table. Or perhaps the trolley can be left in the porch while the bag is carried through to the kitchen. It also makes the bag easier to clean and empty.

Multi Functionality

We really like the last trolley on the list from Carlett as it doubles up as a seat as well. If the user lives in a more rural area and maybe at a bus stop that has no seats then this could be a great option. If they are just popping to the local corner shop then one like that might be a bit overkill. It all depends on your personal needs. Some of these could be used as a supermarket trolley as its easier than pushing around a big trolley or using a basket.


Personally we think all trolleys should have a brake and we were surprised to learn that they all don’t come with one. If they are using for a walking aid then we recommend getting one with a break.

Swivel wheels

A key feature in our eyes. It just makes it so much easier to turn around the shopping isle quickly or if the shops are busy it means you are less likely to bang into people.

Wheel Size

This is important if you are taking the trolley upstairs. Also, if you live in a cobbled street it will be better to have bigger chunky wheels.


The style of the shopper trolley will play some part in your overall choice. No one wants a bag that doesn’t look good. Some of these bags are available in various different colours.

Folding Shopping Trolleys

Does the shopping trolley fold when its not being used? This is an important factor to consider based on where are you storing it.

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