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Best Earplugs For Noisy Neighbours UK

No more sleepless nights due to those annoying loud noisy neighbours.

Sleep is one of the most important things that we all need. The last thing we want is to be woken up by those annoying neighbours that have no consideration for others. This can be especially bad if you live in a flat where you have people above, below and to the sides. Chances are, one of them is going to start banging around at 3 am or hoover at 6 am. It isn’t just the noisy neighbours, but there’s also your partner who snores, or what if you live right above an airport or next to a new noisy road that has just been built?

The best type of sleeping earplugs in our opinion are those that are cheap, easy to clean and keep the noise out tog vie you a good nights sleep.

Sometimes you just want to shut off all the noise and have a peaceful nights sleep and that’s where a good pair of noise stopping earplugs will help you do that. These 10 on our list are sure you help you get some peace and quiet.

My personal favourites, if I had to pick one, are the first ones from Deep Sleeps.

Top 10 Earplugs For Noisy Neighbours

1. Deep Sleeps Ear Plugs

Deep Sleeps say that these are their new and improved earplugs to help you get a better nights sleep. They have been made to help offer you the best level of sound protection for up to 37db. The shape is specially tapered which means that they are easy to fit into your ear and should stay in without falling out. They use a special polyurethane foam that slowly expands once it’s inserted into your ear which means it will block out as much noise as possible. It takes about 30 seconds for the foam to fully expand to fit the shape of your ear. It is noted that if you do not get the desired noise cancellation the first time you put them in, then take them back out and try again.

In the pack, you get 10 pairs which should last you a while. Obviously each paid will only last so long as they are made out of foam.

They come with a hand travel case so that you can take them on holiday with you for those noisy hotel guests.

When doing our research we found that users were very happy with these. Users said that it helped block out some of their partners snoring while others said it helped cut out the noise their noisy housemates made.

2. Mpow Ear Plugs (60 in a pack)

With these ones you get 60 in the packet, which is a lot for the price.

They can block noises of up to 34db but obviously that will vary slightly as everyone has different hearing levels.

They are made from non-toxic PU which means they are latex-free.

What we really like about these is that you get a little portable holder for them that fits onto your key ring. This means that you will always have a pair on you which is very handy.

As with the first item, the foam on these is self-adjusting and once inserted it will expand and fill up your ear canal without hurting your ear.

These will be perfect for stopping your noisy UK neighbours waking you up.

3. Deep Sleeps Soft Silicone Ear Plugs

These are the first silicone ones on our list and are by the company Deep Sleeps. Straight away these look like a quality item.

Unlike foam ones, these are ones you can mold to fit the shape of your ear. All you have to do is take them out of the case and roll them around in your hand. This will soften them up and make it so they go all soft. Once they are soft enough (make take you a few goes at first) you can push it into your ear until they go hard (takes 30 seconds or so). This should create a tighter fit than the foam earbuds.

When doing our research we found that people really liked these as they were a bit better for sleeping on your side as they don’t stick out of your ear as much.

4. Howard Leight Individually Wrapped Ear Plugs (Pack of 100)

We are back with some more foam earplugs this time. We wanted to include these as we really like the shape of them. With them being this shape, they are less likely to fall out of your ear as they should be a really tight fit unless you have strangely shaped ears.

Each pack is individually wrapped which is nice and they are only meant to be worn once as after that they will lose their shape and not work as well.

5. go Travel Z Zone Adjustable Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs

Back to silicone earplugs again, but these ones are slightly more premium.

It comes with a 4 different size of buds so that you are sure to find the one that’s right for you. These should fit the smallest of ears and the largest!

These ones are made to suppress loud noises so that it doesn’t make them stand out as much. Think of constant noise, like a motorway or someone snoring, or your annoying neighbour playing music with a bass that’s constantly thudding.

As they are made with silicone they are easy to clean and can be reused which is why they come with a hand travel case to put them in.

How To Use Ear Plugs Properly

We will now go through what you need to know before buying a set of ear plugs. You might not think there’s much to think about. You just “stick it in your ear” and try and get some sleep but there really is a lot more to it than that.

Ear Infections

Let’s face it, there’s a lot higher chance of you getting an ear infection through wearing earplugs that not wearing them. They are a breeding ground for bacteria and if not properly washed or cared for then all sorts of stuff can start growing on them. Putting these infected earplugs into your ear could end up with you making a trip to the doctors.

If you do need to clear them then just use some basic warm soapy water and give them a rinse. This might not work that well on the foam ones as they are likely to absorb the water but its better than leaving them being dirty if you have run out of spare pairs.

Also, don’t share your earplugs with others. It freaks me out if I ever have to share an earphone with a person I don’t know that well as I always wonder what’s lurking on it.

A Build-Up Of Ear Wax

Ear wax is actually a good thing and something that the human body produces to help keep out the bad stuff from your ear. However, if you are using earbuds each day there’s a chance you are compacting it down into your ear and pushing it further and further down which could cause problems if you don’t sort it out. Clean your ears regularly if you are using earplugs to help prevent this.

Stopping Important Sounds

You want your earplugs to stop the annoying sounds (neighbours, snoring, planes) but you want to ensure that you don’t stop essential noises that you need to hear, like the roar of a lion that’s trying to eat you in the middle of the night. Ok, that’s a bit extreme 🙂 but you want to make sure you can hear stuff like your smoke alarm, car alarm or other possible things that require you to get up in the night. We recommend popping them in and giving these sounds a quick test.

Some Quick Important Facts

  • Do not push earplugs to far into your ear. This could end up damaging the ear.
  • Do not remove them too fast. Sometimes the earbuds create a vacuum and removing them quickly could cause damage to your ear. Remove them slowly.
  • Try not to use them every night. You will get too used to wearing them and become reliant on them and it’s also not good for the health of your ear.
  • Don’t lend other peoples earplugs that they have used. We touched on this earlier on, but it really is a hygiene problem.

Buyers Guide – Features You Should Look For


This is the most important factor which is why we are covering this first. We would rather have a comfy earbud that let in a bit more noise, than a really uncomfortable bud that kept out more noise. After all, we want to be comfortable when trying to sleep.

The ones on this list are all pretty cheap, so its probably worth buying at least 2 different sets and trying them out. Everyone’s ears are different shapes, so what works for one person might not work for another. My wife’s running headphones stay in her ears perfectly, but I tried them and they fell out after about 2 seconds.

Noise Reduction Rating

The earplugs should have something called an NRR rating on each one. This stands for noise reduction rating which essentially means how many decibels they will keep put. None of them will keep out every noise as that would not be possible, but they will keep out a lot of the noises that are at the same level.


There are 2 main different types of earplugs that we talked about in this article and that is foam and silicone.

Foam Earplugs

Most on our list were of the foam variety, that’s because they are cheap and easy to use. The foam type used actually has a fancy name called polyurethane which is the same stuff that’s found in your memory mattress at home. That’s because its squishy but bounces back to its original shape when you let go of it. The only downside with a foam earplug is that they won’t last as long, so you have to decide how many pairs of foam ones you might go through and whether it’s worth investing in a pair of silicone earplugs.

Silicone Earplugs

These are different from foam earplugs as they are a lot more reusable and can be used over and over. However, they need to be softened slightly to warm them up. Using your hand is best for this. Then pop them in your ear and they will expand slightly to fit the inside of the ear.


We thought it would be handy to include some frequently asked questions that we came across when doing our research and answer them for you.

What is best, foam or silicone earplugs?

This is all down to personal taste. Personally, I prefer the foam ones, they are easy to throw away and I don’t have to worry about losing them etc. My wife, on the other hand, prefer the silicone ones as those suited her better. Silicone is probably the overall better choice as it will fit your ear that bit better, which therefore blocks out more sound.

Is there anything better than just using earplugs?

There are a few options to consider.

One of these is the bose over-ear headphones (link to them here). I have used these for many years while working at home, or on the plane. They play a white noise into your ear which blocks out more noise than earbuds as there’s music playing as well. Head down to a Bose shop in your local shopping centre and pop them on. You will be amazed at how quiet the world becomes. However, they are over-ear headphones so these may be difficult to sleep in.

The other option is the bose sleep buds (link to them). These do not play music or have noise cancellation like the over-ear headphones but they play pre-loaded soothing sounds into your ear to help you get a better night sleep.

Help! My earplugs are hurting my ears.

No earplugs should hurt your ears. This is probably because the ones you chose are not quite right for you. Take them out and try another pair. If those still hurt then it could be worth checking with your doctors.

Final Thoughts on Best Ear Plugs For Noisy Neighbours

We hope that this article has shown you that earbuds might be the best and cheapest solution for noisy neighbours that are keeping you awake at night.

If one pair doesn’t quite work for you, then try another, as like we said, they are all a bit different and everyone’s ears are different, so don’t give up on your first try.


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