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Isn’t it annoying when you get your favourite jumper or sweater from the laundry and it’s covered in those horrible little bobbles? Sadly it’s one of life’s inevitable facts, and you simply have to accept that it’s going to happen. Over time, the fabric comes loose and the result is these little balls that look horrible, and make it look as though you’re wearing old clothes!

It happens to all of us, and there’s little we can do about it. What we can do, however, is buy a fuzz remover! What are we talking about here? You may not have seen them, but there are in fact devices you can buy that remove the bobbles from your clothes quickly and effectively. You want to hear more? Here’s a quick look at how they work, and then we’ll tell you about 10 of the best, what users think of them, and give you our verdict on the best one for you.

What is a Clothes Defuzzer?

So, you’ve just got your favourite jumper out of the washing, and it’s covered in the dreaded bobbles! We reckon you can get a jumper bobble remover that will make it look as good as new. What on earth are we on about?

You might be sceptical, and we wouldn’t blame you, but the fact remains the clothing manufacturers – and a load of gadget boffins – have recognised the problem, and designed simple, effective and easy to use defuzzers. They work in the same way as a ne electric shaver, with a few changes.

You have a blade behind a perforated foil; the blade turns, and the foil presses against the jumper, pulling the bobbles – they are known in the trade as ‘pills’ just so you don’t get confused later on – into the path of the blade. They are cut off and fall into a container fitted into the device. And once again, your jumper is smooth and as good as new!

Sounds too good to be true? We thought so, too, but when we started looking for the best clothes defuzzer UK buyers can get their hands on, we learnt quite a lot about how effective these little devices are, and how some work better than others! So, without further hesitation, let’s talk about the top 10 fluff remover for clothes.

The Top 10

1. Philips GC026/00 Fabric Shaver

First on our list – which, by the way, is not in any order of preference – is a model from the electronics giant Philips, a company that seems to have products for just about every purpose. This one is what we consider typical of the wool bobble remover. It is a hand-held small device shaped like an electric shaver, it comes with three different foil sizes for different fabrics, and has a large blade area for better coverage.

The head can be adjusted for dealing with finer garments and the blade spins at up to 8800rpm, plus the removable pill container – remember, pills are bobbles in technical-speak – is easy to handle. As for what customers say, more than 2000 people have commented on this product.  For the record, the poor reviews all mention it becoming ineffective after a couple of uses, and faults that were clearly individual. It’s not expensive either.

  • Philips brand
  • 3 foil sizes
  • Large head area
  • Removable container
  • 93% customer satisfaction
  • Good price
  • Some customers complain it blunts quickly
  • A few complaints about quality


2. AERB Fabric Shaver

Not a name brand as the above, but AERB does have a range of products of this type that have a reputation for being good quality and reliable. This is a similar concept to the above – most of these will be of the hand-held, shaver-type designs – and features two speeds for dealing with different levels of bobbling – or is it pilling? Triple blades give good coverage and it is USB rechargeable so is entirely portable – great for when you’re travelling.

This neat little device is ergonomically designed for ease of handling and is finished in a nice shade of blue, and is a similar price to the above.

  • Triple blade
  • USB rechargeable
  • Nice design, easy to hold
  • 10000rpm spin
  • 94% customer satisfaction
  • Battery life is short
  • Only one size of foil


3. Duronic Fabric Shaver

Duronic is a brand that offers a wide variety of well-priced, mid-market devices of this type. This fabric shaver is a neat design that is USB rechargeable – it can be used with the cord plugged in – and is supplied with a cleaning brush and a little carry pouch. The handle is ergonomically designed and can turn through 180°, and it comes with just one foil so there are no size options available. We won’t go into how it works as you’re aware of that by now!

The battery life for this one is a claimed 30 to 50 minutes – a strangely wide range that we can only assume accounts for harder bobbles.

  • Rechargeable
  • Adjustable handle
  • Comes with cleaning brush and pouch
  • Claimed 30+ minute battery life
  • Cheap
  • Only one foil size
  • Customer complaints about battery life


4. Flyco Fuzz Off Lint Remover

It’s often interesting to link the pictures with the descriptions, and just for the record, this one does not match the name on the item. So, what have we got here? A standard type of fuzz remover, with a single-size of foil and three metal blades. It’s nicely designed to be easy to hold, comes with a brush, and is very cheap indeed. Like all of the above, it has a good sized compartment where the pills fall into, that is easy to remove.

This one is not rechargeable and is powered by batteries – which are not supplied – and more than 120 buyers have commented on it. Of those, 77% gave it four stars or more – comments include ‘love this’ and ‘great results’. But, and it’s worth noting, just shy of 20% of users marked it a single star item. The battery life is apparently short, they are hard to get to, and it has ‘very small holes’ on the foil, so it’s perhaps one to put to one side.

  • Very cheap
  • 77% customer satisfaction
  • Easy to hold design
  • Large compartment for pills
  • Not rechargeable
  • Poor battery life
  • Batteries hard to get to
  • Complaints about quality
  • Foil size too small


5. Clever Bright Defuzzer Lint Remover

This one is shaped more like an iron than a shaver, and that’s the first way it differs to those above. It also has, around the edge of the face, a brush which is designed to bring loose lint into the shaving area and suck it into the compartment. It has only one size of available foil but does come with spare blades – great for when the first set inevitably begin to go blunt – and it is cleverly designed with a touch of thought having gone into it.

It comes with a cleaning brush and recharger cable – it takes 8 hours to fully charge – and some 82% of users rate it 4-stars and above. However, some of the negative comments are worth taking into account, especially as this one is a little more costly than most of these. First, claims that the charge lasts no more than 10 minutes are frequent, and some said it wouldn’t charge at all. Others say it is very slow and not particularly effective, and there are complaints about poor quality too.

  • Clever design
  • Brush attached
  • Rechargeable
  • Spare blades
  • 8 hours charge time for reported 10 minutes use
  • Many claims it will not charge
  • Very slow according to some users
  • Expensive


6. Minky Bobble Remover

If there is a ‘basic’ electric clothes defuzzer, this one might just be it. It’s the simple, standard design with just the one size of foil – but it does have an adjustable head for finer garments – and is powered by batteries, and is not rechargeable. It is perhaps best thought of as a model that would be great for having in your suitcase when on the move. Put simply, it’s very simple, with no frills, and comes at a price to match, being not much more than a fiver – you can’t really go wrong with that.

  • Very cheap
  • Very simple
  • Adjustable head
  • 77% customer satisfaction
  • Battery powered, not rechargeable
  • Complaints of quality
  • Damage on arrival


7. Beautural Fabric Shaver

This one is a more advanced model than the one above, and at around ten quid we reckon it’s certainly worth a look. It comes with three different hole sizes set into the shaving head for added versatility, has three different cutting distance options, has two speed choices. You get a protective cap and a cleaning brush, too, and it is simple in design, easy to use and comfortable to hold. It’s pretty good, apart from a couple of factors.

First, it is battery powered and not rechargeable. We don’t quite understand why a portable device such as this is designed this way nowadays.

  • Neat design
  • Two speeds
  • Adjustable cutting depths
  • Cap and brush
  • Battery powered, not rechargeable
  • Complaints about quality
  • Complaints that blades hit the foil


8. EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver

We are always wary of items that use the word ‘professional’ in the description, as usually it means they have added a simple feature and hiked up the price. We fear that may be the case with this admittedly nice-looking clothes defuzzer, which may be pretending to be more special than it really is. It has a large shaving head, that’s true, and it is certainly heavy-duty looking, and it can be used with batteries or with a power cable (it’s not rechargeable). It’s also a good bit more expensive than all the others, so what are you paying for?

It would seem the bonus here is a nice zipped carry case, for in truth, it does no more than any other on this list, and at five times the price of some.

  • Comes with carry case
  • Large shaving face
  • Nice design
  • Long cable
  • Not rechargeable
  • Premium price
  • Complaints about short usage life


9. Amfocus Electric Lint Remover

A standard model at a standard price, this one is very similar to a couple of the others. Triple blades give good coverage and it is USB rechargeable so is entirely portable – great for when you’re travelling. It comes with the recharging cable and has no adjustments, and just one size of shaving head. However, it’s cheap, and it’s presumably designed to travel use, which is promoted in the description by the manufacturer, and it claims a 50minute run time from an 8-hour charge.

So, it’s a no frills model, what do the buyers think? Around 60% of those who left comments gave it 4 or 5 stars – that’s rather less than most on here – and comment that it is a ‘great tool’ and ‘amazing’. Of more interest are the third of buyers who gave it 2 stars or under, with complaints that it ‘doesn’t even switch on’ is ‘totally useless’ and is ‘not fit for the purpose’, so there’s a concern about quality issues to take into account.

  • Portable
  • Rechargeable
  • Cheap
  • 8 hour charge time
  • Poor customer satisfaction
  • Quality concerns


10. Fabric and Cashmere Comb Combo Set

Our final entry is this set of combs – it’s not an electric fuzz remover – that are designed to get rid of bobbles manually. The two different combs are intended to be used when you notice bobbles – and can be used on very fine material as well as wool and thicker fabrics – and come with a very nice organza carry bag, which is a neat touch. But, in the face of electronic opposition, do they do the job that you need them for – remove bobbles from clothes?

  • No batteries
  • Two brushes
  • Nice bag
  • Great for cashmere
  • Cheap
  • Quite simply, not a fuzz remover!

There we have it: a list of 9 electric clothes defuzzer devices and a pair of brushes, but which is for you? Here, we would normally embark on our ‘important features to look for’ section, but we feel we’ve said it all in the descriptions, and that there is really only one factor that you might want to consider: rechargeable, or not? The answer is up to you, but we are dubious as to the claimed run time for some of these on a full charge.

So, let’s see if we can wrap this up – is there one that stands out from the rest?

Our Choice

With products of this type – especially electrical items – it’s often the bigger, name brands that come out top, and we feel it is in this case. With an incredible 93% customer satisfaction record from more than 2000 buyers, the Philips GC026/00 Fabric Shaver comes out top, not least because it does everything you need it to do, and at a sensible price. That’s not to say the rest are not worth looking at – there may be a reason you want to buy another – but that overall, it is the one we would recommend.

So, make sure your treasured jumpers look fresh and new with your brand new fuzz remover!

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