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Solar House Numbers

The exterior of your home is important. It’s the first part of your home you or anyone else sees upon arrival. When you are entertaining guests, you want them to feel welcome from the moment they walk up to your pathway or driveway, don’t you?

Therefore, it’s not only important to keep it clean and tidy, but also to decorate it in a way that the same ambiance and atmosphere you are trying to achieve on the inside, starts with the outside. An untidy, dirty and just shabby looking property exterior can be off-putting and can even feel oppressive.

Does the exterior of your home need some attention? Perhaps it needs a little brightening up, especially during the darker days of the winter when there is less natural lighting in general or if your home is in a heavily shaded area anyway. A lack of adequate light can not only affect the experience your guests have when they visit but could prevent couriers from delivering packages to your home, after all, if they can’t read the house number clearly, they might drive past.

Now, there are obviously many ways you can add a little light to the exterior and improve the general look and appeal. The one way we want to highlight in this guide, though, is the use of solar house numbers. Before you dismiss the idea because you think it means gaudy and tacky looking solar signs, give us a chance. We have selected 10 products that we think are the best available. While some of them are more outlandish than others, most are actually very classy and sophisticated.

Best Solar House Numbers 2019

1. Haizuai SIGN Personalised House Number Street Name Solar Lights

We are kicking off our guide with a very smart and personalised option. Not only with this high-quality solar house numbers product can you illuminate your house number, but you can also highlight the street name too. You simply have to send the seller a message once you order the product and they will do the rest for you and print the information in Times New Roman font.

It is made from a rectangular-shaped, 5mm thick clear acrylic material that has anti-shatter properties and is backed by an aluminium-effect panel. The setup is relatively easy, and all the stainless-steel fixings and stand-offs required are included in the package.

The lighting element itself is LED and has a waterproof rating of IP44. Considering its relatively low and extremely competitive price tag, which includes delivery, we think this is an excellent choice if you want a nice and easy way to make sure your house number is visible.

  • Smart and shatterproof acrylic glass construction
  • Personalised featuring house number and street name
  • Includes easy to use fixings and fixtures
  • An LED light with IP44 waterproof rating
  • Some have noted the numbers can be hard to see from a distance
  • Instructions could be clearer

2. Haizuai SIGN Personalised Modern Solar Light House Sign Curved

This next product is practically the same as the one above. It is made by the same manufacturers; it has the same dimensions and is made from the same materials. You even have the same options with regards to the inclusion of the house number and street name.

The major difference is purely aesthetic, in that this has a more attractive and softer-looking curved design along the top and bottom lengths of the acrylic sign. It is even available for the same price, so really between these two products in our guide, it comes down to personal taste and preference.

  • Tough acrylic glass-style plaque
  • Reliable LED with IP44 waterproof rating
  • Personalised to feature street name and house number
  • Attractive curved design
  • Instructions are a little sparse
  • Not as clear as expected from a short distance away

3. De-sign a plaque Modern LED Solar House Sign

Next, we have a slightly pricier modern-styled solar house number and street sign. This is again very similar in design to those above, as it is made from a high-quality acrylic glass material and is 5mm thick. It does feature a panel of a silver-like material that is 300 x 200mm and the house number and street plaque is 170 x 120mm.

Like the others, you get to choose what is written on your solar light sign. You can have just the number or the street name too. A nice difference with this product is that you get the choice of 6 different fonts – Times New Roman, Arial, Century Gothic, Calibri, Comic Sans, and Segoe Print.

  • Choice of different and attractive fonts
  • The high-quality acrylic glass material
  • Smart and classy looking
  • Some have had bad experiences and question its quality

4. LeiDrail Solar House Number Plaque

From LeiDrail is another elegant solar light number plaque for your home which includes a little overturned section where the solar panel is located. This also serves as a little protective roof for the rest of the sign. As it is amorphous, it does not need to be in direct sunlight to have enough power to light when the sun goes down.

It features an aluminium alloy construction and a high-performance 6-pieces SMD white LED light. What’s more, it is very easy to install and versatile enough that it can be placed on a fence, garage, door, and even wall. As you’d hope with a product like this it has adequate water and weatherproofing to cope with more or less whatever mother nature throws at it.

Rather than have the company customise it for you, you get a special pack with this solar light and can actually sort it yourself. You get 4 sets of numbers and 1 set of characters to help you do this.

  • Customise it yourself to meet your needs
  • Charges in all weathers, even when not in direct sunlight
  • Weather and waterproof
  • Easy to install just about anywhere
  • Some customers felt the quality could be better

5. ABEDOE Solar Powered House Number Door Lights

Considering that this model from ABEDOE is one of the cheapest in our guide, it is surprising to learn it’s made of stainless steel. Like others in the light, it is made to meet the IP44 waterproofing rating. The battery type can be replaced, if necessary, but offers around 8 to 12 hours of working time, based on receiving enough charge over 8 hours.

With this option, you get one set of letters and a total of three sets of numbers to put together your own house name, number or street name. All the mounting fixings and fixtures are included in the package and it can be placed almost anywhere including a balcony, square, park, yard, pathway, porch, street, garden garage, fence or door. You don’t even need to worry too much about turning the light on or off, as it all happens automatically when dusk and dawn occurs.

  • Automatically turns itself on at dusk and off at dawn and first light
  • Easy to install anywhere
  • Extremely affordable
  • The stainless steel used in its construction
  • Illumination can be temperamental

6. Steinel Solar House Number Light

Another item from the higher end of the price range this time. Made by Steinel, this has a slightly different look and feel to the others, and features a smaller rectangular section that is completely comprised of a high-quality monocrystalline glass solar panel, that is the same length across as the number and letter plate that takes up the majority of the plaque.

Thanks to an ingenious microprocessor design, this heavy-duty wall light will stay functional throughout the year, come rain or shine. Stainless steel and plastic with UV-resistant properties have been used to build a reliable and effective house number sign and lighting solution that is also splash waterproofed to the IP44 rating. What’s more, the LED used in this sign has a special Passive Thermo Control cooling system that means it will stay functional and provide the same amount of light for around 50,000 hours on average.

  • High-quality materials used in its construction, like stainless steel and tough plastic
  • Includes all the easy to use mounting fixings
  • Passive Thermo Control for 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Solar panelling charges the light in all weather conditions
  • Quite pricey compared to others

7. Humpta 6 LED Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

From a really sophisticated product to this a really simplistic and straight forward item, we’ve tried to appeal to all tastes and preferences with our list. From Humpta comes this set of solar lights. You basically need to order the right set of numbers for your house number and then slot them together.

We love the fact that all the mounting hardware and fixings are to the back of the light, to give it an extremely polished and professional-looking finish when it is on the wall of your house or wherever you decide to put it.

Although it may feel a little simple in its approach and design, we think that’s really what sells this house number option. If you don’t want anything too ornate, just clear, crisp and visually appealing, then this is the right choice for you and your home.

  • Simple, but elegant
  • Crips and clear number designs
  • Professional finish, with all the fixings and fixtures hidden
  • Suitable anywhere
  • May be too simplistic for some people’s tastes

8. De-sign a Plaque Modern House Sign Solar Light

Whereas the above maybe a little on the straightforward and simple side of the design aspect of solar number lights, this next item is a bit more on the elaborate side of things. Made by De-sign a plaque, whom we’ve already featured in our guide, this customised sign features a simple sign design, but with a more robust and substantial lighting option. The light is directed down onto the plaque from above and features solar panelling built into the top of it.

As was the case with the other De-sign a Plaque product, this can be ordered to feature your house number, house name and address or any combination you are looking for. We love the versatility and customisation aspect. If, for instance, you already have a functional lit-up number plate for your home, you could even use it as a greeting for guests. Especially during seasonal points in the year. Easy to install and made to a high quality, this definitely gets our vote.

  • More robust and substantially designed and constructed lighting rig
  • Still will not look like too much of an eyesore on the side of your home
  • It can be used to display a message or details of your house number etc.
  • Nice quality materials
  • The light section might be too big and bulky for some tastes

9. Lactonex LED Illuminated wit Number Solar House Sign

Another smart and sophisticated, but compact and streamlined option is this solar house number option from Lactonex. This is made from white powdered stainless-steel sheet metal and can be customised to feature your house number, name and street name. What we especially like about this particular product is that although the light is not very inconspicuous, it has a very visually appealing design.

Sure, this house sign has a very practical function, but it doesn’t sacrifice style or aesthetics to provide that function. This will give the exterior of your home a very modern and elegant look and feel.

As is the case with all the other solar door and house numbers we’ve featured, you are supplied with all the mounting hardware you need.

  • Elegant and modern design light
  • A simple, but functional number sign
  • High-quality construction featuring powdered stainless steel
  • A small number of customers felt the light could have been brighter

10. EATYNEN Solar Powered House Numbers Plaque

Last, but certainly not least we have a mid-priced solar lighting house number plaque option from a company called EATYNEN. This boasts, as they all do, a very eco-friendly rechargeable battery. There is no need to connect the lighting up to your mains electric or any complicated wiring. It is powered by amorphous silicon photosensors that collect solar energy and as such, do not need to even be switched on or off, at either end of the night, as it does that automatically.

It is built with 3 LEDs to provide a bright white light that will make your house number clearly visible in the dark and the whole product is extremely durable and water and weatherproof rated to IP44.

Rather than the company doing it for you, this is a do-it-yourself item and as such you get three sets of numbers, from 0 to 9 and a set of letters from a to e. This gives you a lot of scope for clearly displaying your house number. We just think in terms of elegance and simplicity, this is one of our favourite items in this list.

  • Easy to install
  • 3 LEDs offer bright and illuminating white light
  • Amorphous silicon photosensors, help operate the light automatically
  • Might lack some of the letters you need
  • Not ideal for featuring your house name or full street name

Best Solar House Numbers 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Found the solar house numbers you want for your home? Brilliant, we are glad we were able to help you out. However, whether you are completely sure, almost sure or still not decided on which solar house numbers set you are going to invest in, we would recommend you read through this buyer’s guide.

We realise for many people and let’s be frank, we would be the same if we were buying one of these products, it helps to have as much information at your disposal to make the right decision. Although it may seem like a straightforward enough search through the top 10 products we’ve just highlighted, rushing into a decision may result in disaster.

You may not get a product that fulfills all your needs, for instance, or it might be harder to install than you imaged. Either way, we want to help clear up what you should be considering when buying solar house numbers. That’s why we’ve highlighted the important features.


The size of the solar number plate for your home is obviously very important for several reasons. For one thing, if you have a relatively small home or the front of your home is small or you just have a small space to place a sign that lights up, you will not want to choose something too big.

That’s why we included a variety of shapes and sizes in our shortlist of 10 products.

The size of the plaque or sign is also important to consider as it will determine how detailed the information you can display is. Whereas some can fully display house numbers and street names, others have been designed to feature just the house number and nothing else.

Which do you prefer? We don’t really think there is a right or wrong answer, as it all comes down to personal preference. If there is not a clearly marked street name sign along your road, though, you may want to have a sign that reminds any visitors, couriers or postmen and women where they are.

Location of the Sign

Likewise, you need to give some thought to where you are going to install the light. Is it going on a fence or gate to the front of the house or onto the brick wall alongside the front door? These kinds of considerations can help you whittle down 10 to 1, as some will be better suited to specific installations than others.


You will notice that one feature that crops up again and again with all the solar house number plaques and signs we selected for this guide is waterproofing. Generally, most of these products are designed to achieve a water and weatherproof rating of IP44. This is an adequate enough level of protection unless your area is known for seriously bad weather or the lit-up sign will be exposed to bad weather for prolonged periods regularly.

Always make sure there is some form of waterproofing and remember that the higher the IP rating, the more protected it is.

Solar Panel Size and Position

As the power source for all these lights is the sun, you need to pay close attention to the location and size of the solar panel featured in their design. Be aware that although most claim to work in all weather conditions and even when not placed in direct sunlight, much like solar powered flood lights, the amount of sunlight your area receives will impact the light. You can learn about how size and position can impact the efficiency of a solar panel from here.

Sure, it may work in duller areas where there is a lot of cloud cover, but most will definitely work when they have access to the most sunlight possible. That really should go without saying, but is important to mention, to avoid disappointment.


We hope you have found this a very illuminating guide that has helped make your buying decision easier. There are a lot of great options when it comes to solar house number plates, plaques, and signs. It really comes down to personal taste and preference and the size and shape of your property.

Hopefully, with the help of our list of the top 10 products, as far as we see it, and our buyer’s guide, you have enough information to go on.

As the exterior of your property is the first thing anyone will see, it’s important to pay as much attention, if not more in some ways, to its appearance. Even if you have no intention of selling, it will just help set the mood and atmosphere you want for you and your household. Having your house numbers clearly displayed and lit up on those dull days when visibility is poor will also help avoid parcels being sent back to the seller or distributor undelivered because they couldn’t find your house.

If you’ve ever experienced that issue, you will know only too well how frustrating it actually is.


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