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Raised Toilet Seat For Hip Replacement

The Homecraft padded raised toilet seat is our favourite and yes, it’s because of the padding. The only reason we highlighted this over the 5cm version, is that the 10cm is just a little bit more comfortable and luxurious feeling. It’s easy to setup, easy to use and very easy to keep clean.

Going to the toilet is something we probably all take for granted to some extent. When your health and mobility are fine, there’s no problem. However, if you or someone you love is suffering from a medical condition or has just recovered from hip replacement surgery, it can be much harder to use a normal height toilet seat. The act of having to bend down and stand up again can really turn it into a painful experience. Although there are lots of renovations you can do to your home and bathroom to make it much easier, you might not have the money or if they are recovering from something hip replacement surgery but are expected to get better, it might only be a temporary issue.

That’s where raised toilet seat for hip replacement might come in handy. This is essentially a product you can add to your existing toilet seat that increases its height, making it easier for you to use because you don’t need to bend down so far and strain sensitive joints and muscles.

If you are hunting for the best toiler seat riser for hip replacement, you have already seen that there are quite a few options available. This can make it harder to figure out which is the best. However, that’s where we come into the picture. At Internet Eyes, we have taken the liberty of looking at the different products in the hip replacement toilet seat market and have put together a guide to what we feel are the 9 best out there.

As well as giving you the lowdown on the best raised toilet seat for hip replacement, we have also included a helpful buyer’s guide further down the page to provide extra help, so you make the best decision possible.

Best Raised Toilet Seat for Hip Replacement 2019

1. Homecraft Ashby East Fit Raised Toilet Seat

First in our guide is a raised toilet seat made by the highly reputable company Homecraft. They are well-known for designing and building toilet seats for people with various physical health issues. Their products are used by physical and occupational therapists and the company is a leading force in producing various living aids for assisted living facility and nursing home patients and just people living at home with ailments.

This is a raised toilet seat aid with a maximum weight capacity of 190kg, so it’s able to bear the load of most people and comes in a one-piece plastic construction. Crucially it’s 10cm high, making it much easier for you or anyone else to use the toilet as normal.

It’s really very easy to install and remove, thanks to the adjustable fixing brackets that it comes with.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy to clean and maintain as it’s a one-piece construction
  • Can be used by other users who don’t have issues
  • Can be used on all toilet seat shapes, not just round ones
  • The height may be too high or not high enough
  • One person commented the grips could be a bit tougher

2. Gima Toilet Seat with Fixed Arm, Height 12.5cm

Another option in our guide is from a company called Gima. This one has a height of 12.5 cm and a similarly robust and solid plastic construction as the model above. The notable thing about this product is the addition of fixed arms at either side of the seat. These will be useful for anyone who has stability issues but does not have grab safety handles or railings already in their bathroom.

Compared the Homecraft raised toilet seat and others in our guide, we are not as familiar with Gima, the company behind this one, so there’s not a lot else we can say.

  • Nice height of 12.5cm
  • Solid plastic construction
  • Fixed handles at either side
  • Comfortable seating design
  • Not many customer reviews to go on
  • Brand less known than others

3. NRS Healthcare Mowbray Toilet Seat and Frame Lite

From the official and trusted supplier to the NHS, who have more than 70 years’ worth of experience in the healthcare sector, NRS Healthcare, comes the Mowbray Toilet Seat with Frame. To say that this is one good hip replacement toilet seat would be an understatement. The first thing you notice about it, is the very robust and sturdy frame, made from epoxy-coated steel, it’s set on.

This makes it much easier to setup and remove when it’s not required. Thanks to the frame, it’s not only height adjustable, meaning it can fit just about any toilet, but its also width adjustable too. Another great feature is the fact the one-piece moulded, and contoured plastic seat has a gentle slope to it, and is higher at the back than the front, to aid people who find it especially hard to sit and then rise again.

With two comfortable arm rests and a front cutaway section on the seat, everything has been considered.

  • The sloped design of the seat
  • The sturdy steel frame
  • Width and height adjustable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Handles could offer firmer grip
  • The central section could be a little wider, for bigger users

4. Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat With Lid

Another great and affordable option from Homecraft, is the Savanah raised toilet seat with lid. This offers a height of 10.1cm and is made from a lightweight but tough plastic and features, like the Mowbray Healthcare model above, a sloped seat design, to make it easier for the user to sit and rise. The addition of the lid means it can be used as a full-time replacement for a normal toilet seat if necessary and just helps to make it a little more sanitary.

It comes with 2 L-shaped plastic brackets that can be locked onto the toilet and used to adjust the seat to fit any standard sized toilet. With a maximum weight capacity of 190kg and the fact it is fully sealed and therefore very easy to clean using disinfectant, this is worth considering if you need a raised toilet seat for hip replacement surgery.

  • Can be adjusted to fit most standard toilet seats
  • Fully sealed plastic, easy to clean
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Comes with nice hygienic lid
  • Could be more comfortable
  • Some have commented it slopes too much at front

5. NRS Healthcare Freestanding Toilet Frame

We now have another excellent product from NRS Healthcare which is yet another height and width adjustable toilet seat frame. Although this does not actually feature a toilet seat, it does have everything you need to transform your normal toilet into a more easily accessibly unit for anyone with mobility issues or who has trouble sitting down and standing up.

The frame is made from a very high-quality steel and therefore offers a comfortable and stable unit that can give anyone the confidence, safety and assistance they need to go to the toilet. Given NRS Healthcare’s experience and reputation for producing products and aids for the NHS and other clients, it’s safe to say this product lives up to their hype. To stop any accidental slips, the legs have rubberised feet that provide a lot of grip and traction, even on polished and slippery surfaces.

As a nice addition, there are moulded armrests that just make everything more relaxing.

  • Just a frame, so will work with all toilets
  • Strengthened freestanding frame can be removed as necessary
  • Rubberised feet help with the stability
  • Width and height adjustable
  • Some customers have commented on poor instructions
  • No actual toilet riser, just the framework, so it’s important to remember that

6. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Elevated 2-in-1 Toilet Seat with Removable Arms

Made from highly durable and moulded plastic, the next toilet from Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, is a great hip replacement toilet seat with removable arms. This means if you already have special handrails in your bathroom, then you don’t necessarily need to have the arms on the seat. It also means others without the need for a raised toilet seat, can just use the seat as normal without needing to unclip and remove it.

It offers you the extra height you need and has a 135g maximum user weight capacity and is relatively easy to fit. The arms have cushioning all the way round them.

  • Easy to install and clean
  • Removable arms, means don’t have to use them if you don’t need them
  • Sturdy moulded plastic construction
  • Fits most toilets
  • Plastic can be a little on the cold side
  • Some have noted it slips off their toilet

7. Homecraft Padded Raised Toilet Seat

Another great raised toilet seat for hip replacement recovery is this padded option from Homecraft. It sits at 5cm high and easily attaches with 4 hook and loop straps. It has a vinyl covering that means it is incredibly easy to clean and keep sanitary. Homecraft can always be trusted to design and produce highly effective products and this seat is no exception.

We really like the cushion because it makes it much easier on your muscles and aching bones. It also makes it more comfortable for those times when you need to spend a lot longer than usual on the toilet seat. Considering the price, it retails at, it’s extremely affordable.

  • Affordably priced
  • Cushioned with soft vinyl covering for extra comfort
  • 5cm high
  • Can be easily removed if necessary
  • Smaller than it looks
  • Not as padded or thick as it looks

8. Homecraft Padded Raised Toilet Seat, 10cm Version

The following product from Homecraft is a similar model to the one above. It’s padded and has a nice soft vinyl covering that makes it even more comfortable to sit on and easy to wipe clean. The big difference with this one is that it is twice as high. So, if you feel 5cm high would not be enough extra height, then you need to consider this one.

AS it’s made by Homecraft, it is made to the same standard of quality and is an easy to remove and attach riser that just makes life a lot easier. Even people who don’t necessarily need it, will find it enjoyable to sit on.

  • Easy to attach and remove as necessary
  • Sits very high
  • Features comfortable vinyl covering
  • Easy to keep clean and maintain
  • Tends to sink down when you sit on it
  • Not ideal for heavier users

9. NRS Healthcare Raised Toilet Seat with Arm Rests


The last raised toilet seat on our list is the NRS Healthcare option. This is a bit different from the others we’ve featured before because it is equipped with comfortable arms that can be kept down or lifted if unneeded. This helps to make it more versatile and means you don’t necessarily have to remove it when a someone is using it who doesn’t have hip issues.

It is very easy to install and can be adjusted to 3 different height levels, so you can find the right position for you to ease the pain you or the person in your home with hip issues. It’s slightly raised at the back and there is a recessed part at the front which makes it easier for wiping and personal cleaning. AS it’s made from moulded plastic it’s easy to clean and keep hygienic.

  • Made from easy to clean moulded plastic
  • Height adjustable to 3 different levels
  • Arm rests can be lifted if they are not needed
  • Easy to install
  • May be a bit bulkier than you expect
  • Not suitable for toilets where the flush is on the front

Best Raised Toilet Seat For Hip Replacement – Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve discussed the 9 raised toilet seats that are suitable for people suffering from various ailments and disability issues, such as osteoporosis and hip replacement surgery, we wanted to help you out further by providing a guide to buying these products. We appreciate that even though 9 products are less than, say, 99 products, it can still be too many when you are just trying to determine which is the best for your needs and home setup.

Therefore, to help you out further, we have put together a buying guide outlining important considerations you need to make when choosing a raised toilet seat.


The good news is that when it comes to installation, most raised toilet seats, especially those featured in our guide, are designed so that they are not too difficult to setup. Many include a variety of different clips, like hook and loop fasteners and other connectors that you simply just click into place around the rim of the toilet. The easier it is to setup and install, the better it is to remove the raised seat when people need to use it but don’t need a raised seat.

However, if you are looking for a permanent replacement for your toilet seat, though, the installation might not be an issue and more complicated setups may ensure it stays in place better.


Obviously, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a raised toilet seat is the actual height. As the extra height is the main feature of these practical products, you will need to give some thought and maybe do some calculations to figure out the best height. This will involve taking the current height and then thinking out much more you need to extend it by for a more comfortable time on the toilet.

Furthermore, some raised toilet seats and their frames can be adjusted, so if there are different height requirements for different people, you can easily switch between a few different heights for the toilet seat with just one product.

Material Used

As toilet seats are used every day, they need to be comfortable and hygienic. This is an even more important consideration when people in your household, whether its you or others, have physical difficulties. The last thing you want after all is not only to need to bend down and hurt yourself, but also to sit on a toilet seat that is made from an uncomfortable material.

Even if you find a raised toilet seat that gives you the extra height you need, you will want to ensure it will be nice to sit on for prolonged periods of time. You will find that some are padded or ergonomically designed with comfortable contours. Generally, with regards to hygiene, most are made from plastic of varying kinds. This is best for keeping clean because it requires little to no major maintenance and you can usually just use bleach or disinfectant without fear of discolouring or ruining the material and product.

Features That Are Important

In addition to the buyer’s guide above, we thought it would also be a good idea to consider some of the common features found on raised toilet seats that you often find. Obviously, the more special features a raised toilet seat has, the pricier it will be. You need to think then about what you really need and what is just a gimmick or going to get in the way more than anything else.


Not all raised toilet seats come with armrests. If you already have bars in your bathroom and around your home, you may not need those additional bars to help you get on and off the toilet seat (or whoever uses it with difficulties). However, if you do, you need to make sure the toilet seat you choose:

  1. Has them
  2. They are made from strong and durable materials

The second part is important, because if you are going to be leaning on them to help you sit on the seat or while you are using the seat, you will want to make sure they can take your weight and will not break off too easily.

Some feature armrests that are removeable. That means you only need to use them for the people in your household who have mobility or muscular and bone issues and need the extra support, but they can be taken off when children and other members of the household are using the toilet.

Padded Seat

Ah, a padded seat. Why don’t all toilet seats, even for able-bodied and younger people, have padding anyway? That’s a question for another day and another post. However, when you already have muscle and bone issues and your mobility is not so good, you may want something that makes the experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Obviously with padded toilet seats they will have a fabric cover. That means its important to check that the fabric is easy to clean. The padded toilet seats in our guide both have a vinyl covering, which is extremely easy to clean, so this is not an issue.


So, although it’s not something you may think about and we have probably all been guilty of taking normal activities like going to the toilet without issue for granted. Having a raised toilet seat for hip replacement can make things even more comfortable and help alleviate the strain your muscles and bones would otherwise suffer from on a normal toilet seat.

With our guide we hope we’ve been able to show you that there are some very good products out there and because we’ve tried to highlight different types of raised toilet seats, there is something for everyone. Whether you want or need handles or not or need a padded seat or not, is up to you and depends on your own personal situation (or of the person using it) and preference.

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