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Best Masquerade Masks

So, great news, some friends have invited you to a mysterious and exciting masquerade party or ball. Even if it’s neither exciting nor mysterious like they are in the movies, it will be a good laugh at the very least. One of the most important things you need to do for that type of event is find the best masquerade mask. If you are not accustomed to attending these types of events regularly, then you’ve probably not got a huge collection of masquerade masks to choose from.

Searching online for the best his and hers masquerade masks (if you’re buying for you and your partner/spouse) may prove to be more of a headache than you imagined. There are thousands upon thousands of products all claiming to be as good as the next, if not better. As excited as you are for the event and as much as you want to nail this key element, do you really have the time to sift through hundreds of different masks?

We didn’t think so, which is why we have done the hard work for you and have put together this guide to what we believe are the 10 best masquerade masks available. Along with our reviews, we’ve also created a brief buyer’s guide to help identify the things you should be looking at when choosing that mask that’s right for you.

Best Masquerade Masks 2019

1. Tankey Couple’s Venetian Masquerade Masks

First in our guide we have the very sophisticated, alluring and sexy venetian masquerade masks for couples. This set includes two masks, the women’s mask is made from eco-friendly 100% metal alloy and features clear rhinestones as decorations. While the men’s mask is made from robust and durable hard plastic, with a lightweight design that makes it incredibly comfortable to wear all night. If necessary. Although both masks are designed to be universal, one-size-fits-all, the metal mask can be adjusted slightly by hand for a closer and more comfortable fit.

These masks have that very distinctive and classic Venetian eye mask look, with the men’s mask have a more straight-forward and masculine appeal and the female’s mask having a stunning and intricate design. Keep your identity a secret in style for the whole night and really get into the masquerade ball spirit with these affordable and well-made masks.

  • Affordable 2 mask set
  • Sexy and sophisticated designs
  • Made from high quality metal and plastic
  • Comfortable fit
  • Cords could be better quality
  • Can be a little sweaty when worn for a long time

2. Tinksky Men’s Venetian Masquerade Mask (Silver)

Next in our guide is this silver plastic venetian masquerade mask based on the look of a traditional Roman warrior fighter. This is ideal for men with faces of all sizes and shapes and secures to your head with the use of the comfortable and reliable ribbon ties. The detailing on this mask has to be seen to be believed. It really is very cool and extremely attractive.

It’s the design that actually makes it look at least 2 or 3 times its actual price. We would say that although it’s made from durable plastic, it’s important to not be too heavy-handed with it because it has been known to break easily. So, if you’re looking to dress like one of a vast Roman legion for your intriguing masquerade party, whether you are hoping anonymity will find you something exciting or just to get into the spirit of things, this is a great mask to do it with.

  • Intricate and textured detailing
  • One size fit all
  • Comfortable and adjustable ribbon ties
  • Competitively priced
  • Plastic is known to be a little brittle on these
  • Not the most perfect fit, but for the price it does the trick

3. FHS Black Silver Flower Venetian Masquerade Mask

Next we have a great single item for female attendees to a traditional masquerade ball. This hard-plastic Venetian masquerade mask is perfect with ribbon ties to secure it against your face comfortably and a design that should fit most faces. The black silver design with its exquisite detailing is finished with a touch of glittery glamour.

Along with the eye mask, there’s also a pretty flower that will really make you the belle of the ball. Want to attract that suitor or just looking for something to complement that stunning ballroom gown you’ve precured. Even if you are going for something non-traditional, like a hot cocktail dress, this will suit you down to a tee. You will certainly look the part.

  • Finely detailed design
  • Flower accessory to make it even prettier
  • Comfortable one size fits all shape
  • Durable and robust plastic construction
  • Some quality control issues
  • Some customers have complained that glitter is missing from much of the mask

4. Bristol Novelty Black Mace with Lace Attached to a Stick

The first masquerade mask in our guide attached to a stick is this awesome choice from Bristol Novelty. If you’re not so worried about having your identity protected for the whole night or don’t want to ruin your makeup, this is the perfect middle ground. You can hold the handy stick and mask combination up to your face whenever you need and want.

It is a beautifully designed lace eye mask with exquisite detailing. Along with the black lace, there is diamantes to finish it off and give it a little glitz, glamour and sparkle. So, get the heart racing of that gent you’ve been checking out all night or remind your husband or partner that you are the hottest gal at the ball with this killer mask. Just remember, not to put it down somewhere or someone else might use it as their own mask which could lead to some interesting mix ups and mistaken identities.

  • Well made from durable materials
  • Practical stick alleviates pressure on your face
  • Beautiful lace detailing for the design
  • Nice sparkle of diamante finish
  • May be a little floppier than you were expecting
  • Stick is awkwardly positioned close to the middle of the mask

5. TecUnite 14 Pieces Unisex Retro Half Masquerade Masks

Instead of just attending a masquerade ball are you actually hosting your own event? Do you want to make it easier for all your guests to keep to the theme and have similar styled masks but with different colours? Check out our next item, the 14-piece set of unisex Venetian masquerade masks. All of these masks are made from durable, comfortable and lightweight plastic and won’t feel like they are weighing your face down.

They can be adjustable to fit most face shapes and sizes, thanks to the 2 straps at the back and their unique unisex design. The 2-tone design will give all your guests a suitably individual, charming, mysterious and kinda sexy look. Even if it’s all just for a bit of fun and you know who everyone is behind the mask, you will all look and feel the part, as if you are in some hot and heady hedonistic party held in a mansion somewhere in Italy.

  • Money-saving pack of 14
  • Robust and lightweight
  • Uniform design
  • 2-tone colouring mysterious and deliciously sexy
  • Strapping at back is a bit fiddly
  • Some think elastic would be better

6. FHS Black Matte Classic Style Venetian Masquerade Mask

Next in our guide is another masquerade ball mask from FHS. Another that’s designed for both men and women, this has a very plain design. Something that might suit a more subdued and subtle party or event. In some ways your anonymity is kept even more secure with the plain look as no-one would be able to try, and guess based on the pattern or design to ascertain your personality. That is, if you are really going for a real and true masquerade party.

It, like most of the others in our guide, is made from hard and durable plastic and finished in a nice black matte colour. Ribbon ties help to secure it to your face easily and quickly.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Plain, but stylishly sexy
  • Robust and durable plastic construction
  • Great value for money
  • The corners can be a little uncomfortable against your skin
  • Bit on the brittle side

7. Smiffy’s Ornate Colombina Feather Mask

Wanna knock them dead at your next masquerade ball or black gown event? Want to get men’s heads turning and attract that guy you’ve always wanted? Check out this truly scintillating feathered masquerade ball mask from Smiffy’s. the Ornate Colombina feather mask is made from a synthetic fibre, that has been chosen for its sturdiness, flexibility and durability.

The eye slits are easy enough to see through and the dazzling feathered finishing really makes this almost somewhere between a Venetian eye mask and a classic fascinator. You’ll be able to rock up to the ball, prom or party in style and whip the other guests, especially those gents, into a frenzy and have the other women and girls feeling more than a little jealous.

  • Stunning, simply stunning
  • Robust and durable synthetic fibre-construction
  • Ornate and flamboyant feather accessory
  • Same-day delivery
  • The ribbon at the back is not as tight as it could be
  • Unbalanced construction thanks to weight of the feathers

8. Coddsmz Steampunk Phantom of the Opera Venetian Mask

If you’re looking for a half face masquerade ball mask, in a similar vein to the Phantom, then look no further than this intriguing offering from Coddsmz. This mask is one size fits all and has an elastic band that helps secure it in place on your face. What we really love about this particular mask though, is the fact that it lights up. Perfect for those dark and dank moments in that ball where you’re sniffing out your target.

IT’s also a great way to make an entrance to the party that no one will forget. The battery pack that powers the neon lighting in the mask can be attached to anywhere on your outfit, hidden in plain sight, so you can have full control without it distracting from your overall look. Despite the lighting feature, it’s still a relatively comfortable and lightweight mask that won’t feel too heavy on your face. After all, it’s made from ABS, a form of plastic synonymous with quality and durability.

  • Handsome steampunk-style Phantom of the Opera design
  • ABS plastic construction
  • Durable, lightweight and robust
  • Lights up
  • More expensive compared to the others
  • May overheat if worn too long

9. Thmyo Vintage Design Half Face Men’s Phantom of the Opera Venetian Masquerade Mask

Perhaps you want that classic Phantom look without the added light show. That’s what you get with this vintage half face masquerade mask from Thmyo. It has been constructed using high-quality plastic and has been finished to a high standard with attractive and alluring detailing. Designed to fit most men’s faces without feeling too heavy.

Like most of the others in our guide, there’s silk ribbon ties to help secure the mask to your face. This will definitely make the necessary impact you are looking for to get the party stopping as you enter. We love the blue and silver two-tone design and think it will go with just about any suit or clothing in any colour.

  • Classic half-face design
  • High quality plastic construction
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Two-tone colour
  • Silk ribbons are not ideal
  • Pricey

10. Coolwife Men’s Vintage Venetian Masquerade Ball Mask

We’re going all-out with the last masquerade ball mask in our guide. This is hardly the most subtle of our shortlist. So, if you are not known for your flamboyance and would like to keep a low profile at the party, it might be better sticking with something else.

However, we really think this is a stunning piece of plastic construction. Secured as always by two silk ribbons, this will fit most faces.

  • Very flamboyant and intricate design
  • Durable and robust plastic construction
  • Golden with cracked design
  • Easy to adjust and comfortable to wear
  • Silk ribbons are a troublesome way to secure the mask
  • Some have noted quality inconsistencies

Best Masquerade Masks – Buyer’s Guide

To go along with the reviews above, we’ve put together this handy and relatively brief buyer’s guide that covers all of the main things you should consider when buying masquerade masks.

Choose a Style of Mask that Fits the Theme of the Party or Event

First and foremost, the easiest way to decide upon the style of masquerade mask is by choosing it based on the theme of the party you’re attending. Some have strict rules. For instance, if you are attending either a traditional masked ball or a black-tie masquerade party, the traditional Venetian-style masks will do the trick. Or if you prefer, those theatrical masks with long noses for men and the vibrant and pretty feather masks for women.

If, though, you are going to a modern Black-Tie Masked Ball, you may be able to just wear an eye mask – you know, the kind Zorro wore.

Masks with Ribbons or Handheld Masks on Sticks?

The next consideration you need to make when it comes to buying the best masquerade ball masks is whether you want one with ribbons or a handheld one on a stick. What’s best will depend on whether you want to wear it the whole night or intend on giving your identity away at some point later in the night.

Masks with ribbons are ideal if you want to wear your mask the whole night and want your hands-free to enjoy the nibbles, drinks and whatever else is happening without worrying about losing your mask. However, if you’re worried about having the weight of a mask on your face all night and possibly ruining your makeup, masquerade masks on sticks are ideal. They are also the best masquerade masks for glasses wearers.

Colour of Mask

The colour of the masquerade mask should match with what you’re wearing to the ball or party. This obviously means you should only choose the mask after you’ve sorted your suit, dress or whatever. Neutral colours like gold, black and silver will go with just about any outfit of any colour.

Type of Mask

You need to think carefully about the type of mask you want to wear.


For men, the most common types include the aforementioned eye, half face and full-face masks.

Eye Masks – These are definitely cool masquerade masks to wear and their lightweight and easy-to-wear designs make them ideal for those evenings where there is lots of chatting, drinking and eating. They also make you look sexy too!

Half Face Masks – Another option you might decide on for events where there is food and drink available, are half face masks like the traditional Venetian style.

Full Face Masks – For some parties, it may be the etiquette to remain anonymous for the entire evening. If that’s the case with the event you are attending, the full-face mask is your best option. The only downside is that these are obviously more difficult to eat and drink while wearing.


Women who have slim and smaller faces will look better with a more petite mask in the form of a flexible eye mask or one of the traditional Venetian numbers. However, you will find most standard-sized masks are one-size-fits-all and will fit most women.

The Right Size

Even if you have a handle on how small or wide your face is and what you find fits it comfortably, when you are choosing your mask it is the shape of your face you really need to consider more than anything. Not only that, but as masks are worn on top of your eyes, whether they are simple eye numbers, half or even full-face masks, you need to also consider the width of your eyes. This simple guide will help you.

  • If you’ve got slim cheeks and around your eyes, opt for a petite mask
  • If you have rounded and wide cheeks but are slim around your eyes, you will be best with a standard-sized mask
  • It goes without saying really, if you have a wider face, you should opt for a wide or flexible and adjustable mask.

Mask Materials?

As you’ll have seen if you’ve looked through our guide or have looked in general online at the different masquerade masks available, there are many different made from different materials. We’d like to point out that while there’s no right or wrong choice, the material the mask you choose is made from will often determine how comfortable it is to wear and how long it will last.

The main materials used to make masquerade masks are:

Leather – This is often used in the making of classic theatrical masks. Leather is a great choice because its soft, flexible and as it warms up, the mask will fit better against all face shapes and sizes.

Flexible Plastic and Cotton Combinations – Flexible plastic and cotton masquerade masks normally feature a thin layer of pliable plastic lined with cotton on the inside and with a layer of fabric on the outside. These are more flexible and lightweight compared to Venetian masks and suitable for the majority of face sizes and shapes.

Resin – This is what is normally used to make those sophisticated and traditional Venetian masks because it provides a suitably durable and solid base. The resin used is normally very thick and is covered in a plaster, similar to papier mache masks that allows designs to be printed onto it.

Papier Mache – Whether they are made by hand or machine, paper mache masks are the lightest of them all. You will find that most half face Venetian masks are made from paper mache. This material lends itself to people with wider faces as they tend to be more flexible than resin.


There you go, if you’re heading to a masquerade ball anytime soon or hosting one of these fun nights of sexy intrigue and mystery, you will find the right masquerade ball mask to go with your outfit and event in our guide. Why search through thousands when you can look through our shortlist of 10? What are you waiting for?


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