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Best Large Shoe Storage Cabinets

My wife has about 50 pairs of shoes. Yes, 50! Some are for summer, some are winter shoes, some are special occasion shoes while others are holiday shoes and who knows what else! I am sure there are pairs that she’s had since before we met but she won’t chuck any of them out.  She has that many, that she started to store them at the bottom of my wardrobe and that’s when I said “enough is enough” and that she needs to get her own storage that’s specially designed for shoes.

This would then give me my own wardrobe back, and all her shoes will be in one place.

We actually ended up putting the shoe storage in the spare room as the bedroom was not big enough for another piece of furniture. There is also some extra space in there for a few pairs of mine!

Top 10 Best Large Shoe Storage Cabinets

Now we are going to take a look at some of the options available to you. Some are expensive, and others are cheap but I wanted to put together a wide range of options that will suit everyone.

1. Baumhaus Mobel Oak Large Shoe Cupboard

Oak has been around for centuries in houses and I can only imagine it will still be around in another 200 years. It’s a timeless classic that suits any interiors.

Baumhaus say that their oak is sourced only from sustainable plantations which are good for those that are trying to do their bit for the environment/world.

Although this cupboard looks the part it only stores 18 pairs of shoes, which is probably enough for the average person but we would need 2 and a half of these to store my wife 50 pairs of shoes!

When doing our research on this item we found that people loved the fact it came self-assembled and they loved the fact that the bottom shelf can be removed in case you wanted to store any bigger boots or wellies in there.

2. Germania Shoe Cabinet in White/Concrete

Germania is a well-known German furniture company that specialises in producing high-quality products.

There are a total of 5 shelves inside which they say can hold up to pairs of shoes which is quite a lot. Each shelf can hold a total of 5kg in weight which is plenty.

On top of the shoe cabinet is 1 draw which is finished in a grey/concrete colour which could maybe be used to store socks or some shoe accessories.

If you really like this product then you could also get some more in this white/concrete range as they have a chest of draws, mirror and a shoe bench in this range.

3. Baumhaus Extra Large Shoe Cupboard Made From Oak

This is very similar to the product in the first position except that it has an extra cupboard on the right-hand side which allows for extra shoe storage. In this part, there is room to hang up a coat or a few T-shirts on a specially designed clever pull out rail and room for larger items at the bottom.

The item comes fully assembled so you won’t have to worry about putting together solid oak furniture as I am sure you would be scared to put a hole in the wrong part.

When doing our research we found that people were happy with how solid and well made it was. They said it was on the heavy side, but with it being made from solid oak I think you have to expect that.

4. Ikea Bissa

Ikea! We can’t write a furniture article without mentioning the most well-known furniture in the world and this won’t be the only piece from them we feature.

You can tell an Ikea product just from the way it looks. Its a very basic item but we love the way it shoes are angled and then you can flip it closed and hide them away. You can add or take out compartments by using dividers e.g. if you have a lot of small pairs of flip flops you could add a divider into a compartment to put all the smaller shoes into 1 part.

5. Ricoo Shoe Rack and Bench

We wanted to include this one as its a bit different some of the others in the list. It doubles as a bench and we think it would suit a walk-in wardrobe or go nicely in a spare room. The only downside is that it can only hold 6 pairs of shoes and none of these can be large boots. However, it can be configured to only have 2 shelves which would give you room for larger items.

When doing our research we found that people said this was easy to assemble and felt pretty sturdy when put together. One user decided that they preferred to use it as storage for their towels rather than shoes!

6. Songmics 12 Tier Shoe Rack

This is the largest shoe rack on our list and it can hold up to 70 pairs of shoes! Perfect for the shoe lover in your life.

It is made from baked finished iron pipes that are waterproof and rustproof but this doesn’t mean it should be stored outdoors as its made for indoor use only.

The dimensions are 105cm x 37cm x 192cm and each shelf can take a maximum weight of 5kg.

This item comes flat packed and you will have to put it together yourself.

When doing our research we found that people loved it but quite a few preferred to put it in the loft to house all the shoes they are not using that season. It is perhaps not the best looking item to have in a bedroom as all your shoes will always be on display.

7. Songmics 16 Cube Shoe Rack

Ok, this one isn’t the biggest as it only holds 16 pairs of shoes, but we love that versatility of it.

It can be arranged any in shape you wish, which enables it to fit into whatever size space you have. Stack it 1 on top of the other to fit in the gap next to the wardrobe or stack them low on the ground under one of your units.

Why not buy 2? or 3? You can put them all together and build the biggest shoe rack you have ever seen.

When doing our research we looked at loads of pictures and some people have come up with some really creative ways to store their shoes with this system. Everyone just loved how easy it was to put together.

8. Costway 7 Tier Wooden Shoe Rack

We love this one and think that it would suit a small hallway or porch as a place where you can store all the families shoes so that they are not thrown all over the floor. Everyone could have their own shelf as each shelf could easily store 2 pairs of shoes.

The product comes flat packed so you would need to put it together yourself but from what we have read it is meant to be quite straight forward to put together.

9. Sable Shoe Rack (Can Hold 50 Pairs Of Shoes)

This is one of the largest shoe racks on as it can hold up to 50 pairs of shoes!

It measures in at 175cm x 100cm x 27cm and you can even remove a layer so that there’s one big shelf for boots of high heels that won’t fit on a standard shelf.

When doing our research for this product we found that people were really impressed with the item. Many used it for their walk-in wardrobes and some even used a few of the shelves for their handbags.


There you have it, that’s all the options that we think are suitable when it comes to storing all those shoes. There are so many options available to you but I guess most of it just comes down to how many pairs of shoes you own.

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