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Best Knee Pads for Work

The human body is an astonishing thing to consider. Complex, capable and amazingly flexible, we put it through a lot during our lifetime. It’s also surprisingly easy to damage, especially where the many frequently-used joints are concerned.

Knees can be especially problematic, especially if you are involved in a line of work – or even indulge in a hobby – that means kneeling for long periods of time. Knees are exposed and not well-protected – unless you wear knee pads, which is the item we are talking about today. Let’s have a quick look at what knee pads are all about, who uses them, and why you might need a pair of the best knee pads you can find. Whether you are a plumber, building contractor, flooring installer, or just doing some home improvement we are sure the list below has a pair that will help protect your knee joints and knee caps.

Best Knee Pads for Work

1. Everstarke Premium Knee Pads

The first example we have selected sets the scene for the rest. These are promoted as being ‘professional construction’ and a premium item, and they are fully cushioned and for unisex use. They look substantial, and they come from a UK brand, Everstarke. A poly-vinyl shell with EVA foam padding and silicone centre makes for comfortable padding to help prevent knee injuries while fully adjustable straps mean these can be used by people of all sizes.

They come with nice vented storage and carry bag, which is a neat touch, and are recommended for use by a wide variety of professions. Notably, the favourable reviews we read about these knee pad include a choice of professionals such as plumbers plus individuals who use them when gardening or cleaning floors.

  • Strong and durable design
  • Professional standard
  • Fully adjustable straps
  • 90% 5-star ratings
  • Fully cushioned
  • Customers report difficult to wear
  • Heavy


2. Thunderbolt Knee Pads

This pair of knee pads follow the same idea as those above. It’s safe to say that most of the models we have chosen to look at will do so, as they all serve the same purpose of protecting the patella while allowing the movement of the knee. This pair is from the Thunderbolt brand, and they are made from very durable PVC, neoprene and – curiously – ‘ballistic Nylon’. A quick check tells us the latter is nylon made to a very strong standard that was originally used to protect against shrapnel! You learn something every time with us.

These knee pads are fitted with a strong ‘powershield’ – this being the bit that covers the knee itself – that promises to protect against protrusions such as nails, screws and more as well as having great durability. They have fully adjustable straps for all sizes, and are engineered to support the tendons above and below the knee with soft gel and foam padding. 85% of customers rate this as a 5-star item, and the only poor reviews seem to centre upon them not quite being comfortable enough.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Fits all sizes
  • Adjustable straps
  • Ballistic nylon for strength
  • A few reports of lack of comfort


3. Rolson 82711 Gel Knee Pads

Choosing the best knee pads for work means looking for those that are well-made and that go that little bit further in terms of detail considerations. This model, from the Rolson brand, is very popular and also very well-priced, hence they were of immediate interest to us. Designed with rugged hard non-slip caps, plus adjustable velcro straps for fit and quality soft padding, they look good in all areas.

A clever touch with these is a sewn cover within which prevents dirt and debris from getting into the pads and causing problems – the sort of detail we are talking about above. This mans they are less likely to need going in the washing machine. When we checked out the customer testimonies there are a couple of problems that recur. Some users point to the Velcro becoming loose, others that the pads are too small for some. Others, however, praise them for great quality at the price.

  • Great price
  • Very popular
  • Rugged non slip hard caps
  • Sewn-in protection
  • Adjustable straps
  • Concerns about quality
  • Velcro won’t stay shut
  • Too small for some users


4. DeWalt DWCKP Knee Pads

If there is one brand name that resonates quality in the world of power tools, DIY and construction accessories, it’s DeWalt. Their knee pads don’t look like any of the others we have checked out on here – and are, of course, yellow – and they are made from Polyethylene. There’s not a lot of sophistication here – no claims of super comfortable padding and such – and we’re a bit wary of one factor.

The bit we’re wary about is that this is sold as a knee PAD. That is, there’s only one. This may catch a lot of buyers out as it is not that clearly indicated. You can buy two – and the price strangely more than doubles – but the listing is for one. Also, while 74% of reviews give them 5-stars, there are quite a few that point to the following problems: pads are too thin, compress too easily, and are designed to fit in the front pocket of work trousers rather than with a strap. It’s not often we warn people off DeWalt products, but this one lags behind some of the others here.

  • DeWalt brand
  • Great price – or so it seems
  • Simple design
  • Only one pad supplied
  • No straps, in-pocket design
  • Too thin
  • Compress very easily


5. Yoko WK006 Knee Pad

This pair of knee pads is another in the manner of those above: you need to wear a pair of front-pocket work trousers and fit them in the pockets so these are suited more to the construction industry. That’s all very well, but if you don’t have such trousers – and many people who are looking for the best knee pads for attic work, for example, will not – then that’s extra expense as these don’t have a velcro strap for any sort of fastening system. The good thing with that is that they are less likely to stop blood circulation or restrict your movement.

If this design suits you, then there are a few good bits, and a few not so good when it comes to these Yoko pads. The price is very cheap indeed, which is just about the major pro with these. You get two, and that’s a positive. Customers complain that they go very flat if used regularly and need replacing, that they are cheap in terms of quality, and that next time they will be buying something else.

  • Supplied as a pair
  • Very cheap
  • Simple to use
  • No straps, front pockets needed
  • Not great quality
  • Compress very quickly


6. Vitrex 338160 Knee Pads

If you are searching for the best knee pads for construction work, you want a product that is going to give you more protection than one intended for the DIY user, or the gardener. This pair of knee pads from Vitrex is a neat design, made from quality materials and offering protection via strong caps and comfort from the foam pad. They also have a velcro strap on to keep them in place.

They are non-slip, so are good for working on smooth floors and will appeal to tilers, for example, and popular with more than 200 customer reviews. 75% of those reviews are 5-star recommendations. However, there are some that are less favourable. A few customers have said they are great to start with, but after a few weeks of regular use they need replacing – a complaint not unique to this model. Others have said they are too think to start with, so they are perhaps best recommended for light use only.

  • Comfortable fit
  • Great price
  • Adjustable straps
  • Form-fitting padding
  • Not great quality
  • Deteriorate quickly
  • Padding too thin


7. Maison and White Heavy Duty Knee Pads

These are promoted as being ‘professional construction’ work knee pads and a premium item, and they are fully cushioned and for unisex use. They look substantial, and they are also rather aggressive in appearance. A poly-vinyl shell with EVA foam padding and silicone centre makes for comfortable padding, while fully adjustable straps mean these can be used by people of all sizes.

They are recommended for use by a wide variety of professions. But are they any good according to customers? Some 70% of buyers rate these a 5-star product, but others are not so full of praise. Some point to them being uncomfortable, others say the strap adjusters are not up to scratch, and many more state they are heavy and too big.

  • Sturdy design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Strong materials
  • EVA padding
  • Heavy
  • Uncomfortable
  • Reportedly poor quality
  • Problems with straps


8. Redbacks Lightweight Advanced Slide-in Pads

As we have gathered by now, there are two types of knee pads: those that attached on the outside of trousers via straps, and this kind, the type that fit into the front pockets of work trousers. This design is by far the best we have seen so far of its kind, and many users have reported them as being up to the job, but again we’re not sure they are suitable for heavy-duty use.

They are cleverly designed, with some neat detail touches such as leaf spring technology that is designed for added comfort, and are waterproof and washable, but a good number of customers are not convinced. Some say they get uncomfortable after long-term use, others that they offer poor knee support, and even more that they are too big to fit in regular work trouser pockets. They are also expensive compared to others.

  • Some clever design

  • Leaf spring technology

  • Waterproof
  • Washable
  • Expensive
  • No straps, need pockets
  • Not very comfortable
  • Difficult to insert
  • Poor support


9. DeWalt Flooring Knee Pads

We’ll try again with DeWalt with this pair of knee pads – yes, they supply two this time – that are marketed as ‘flooring knee pads’ so they would be great fr workers who need good knee pads. They are of the conventional design, made from high-density foam for comfort and fit, and are described as very comfortable by many users. They come with adjustable straps and are nicely finished, and we can see them being used by people looking for the best knee pads for outdoor work, perhaps in the garden.

But, are they suitable for heavy-duty construction work, or endless ours kneeling while installing or repairing a floor? We noted straight away when researching this item that almost 20% of customers gave them only 1-star. The reasons range from uncomfortable fit, strapping that digs in and hurts, them falling off the knee, and general poor quality – a surprising fail for DeWalt.

  • DeWalt brand
  • Foam for comfort
  • Adjustable straps
  • Poor fit reported
  • Straps dig into skin
  • Poor fit
  • Quality problems
  • Expensive


10. Hi-Spec Knee Pads

This very affordable pair of knee pads is clearly aimed at the DIY user, and they are finished in a rather funky red. Strong fabric construction with a PVC cap gives good protection, a moulded outer shell is durable and long-lasting, and adjustable straps are in place to suit all sizes of person – at least, that’s what we would hope with a pair of knee pads. They are also an excellent price.

They are light and easy to fit, yet we have our concerns thanks to customer comments such as ‘if you value your knees look elsewhere’ and ‘poor design’. There are also complaints about the cushioning and fit, and straps that don’t work. Less than half of buyers saw fit to give these pads a 5-star review, so we have to say we remain wary of them, even at the price.

  • Cheap
  • Look great
  • PVC cap
  • Strong construction
  • Poor design
  • Uncomfortable
  • Poor quality reports
  • Weak straps


That’s our list of the top 10 best knee pads for work UK buyers can purchase right now, but which is for you? Before we give you our preferred pick, let’s have a reminder of what you need to look for when buying a pair of these.

Knee Pads Explained

This is one of the most simple yet effective products we have chosen to write about because when all is said and done, knee pads do one thing: they protect the knees on hard surfaces such as concrete and wood. It’s perhaps more informative to talk about who may require a pair. Builders, and others in construction, may spend long periods in a kneeling position to fix flooring, for example. Flooring contractors, it follows, and carpet fitters also do so, and would benefit from a pair of the best knee pads for flooring work.

If you are regularly indulging in DIY, there will undoubtedly be occasions when knee pads would come in useful, and painters and decorators can also benefit from them. Likewise, gardeners – professional or otherwise – will find these items of interest, as long periods kneeling to plant or weed a garden can cause damage to the knees, and it doesn’t take long. For floor tiling, the best knee pads for tile work will keep your knees well protected.

That’s just a few of the professions that will benefit from using a pair of kneepads. Have we explained enough? We think so, so let’s talk about the examples we picked out when researching this product.

Buyer’s Guide – What to Look For

The choice you make when looking for the best knee pads for work comes down to a few factors: are you a professional, do you want strap or in-pocket pads, and how often will you be using them?

Perhaps more than any other product we have looked at, it seems that most – if not all – of these have some level of complaint from customers about the overall quality and lifetime of the products. That makes it very difficult to pick one out.

There is not really much more to say because, when it comes to comfort, that will depend upon the individual, as what is right for one may not be for another. Are you using them in the garden, on wood, or on concrete? We also thought that the DeWalt models would come out on top, whereas the opposite is true!

What is the maximum weight they can support?

This is something that needs to be looked at before you buy. You don’t want to buy a small pair of knee pads for work that won’t support your weight.

Do you need professional knee pads?

You might just need a basic pair of kneeling pads if you are just doing a bit of work around the home rather than a pair of professional knee pads to protect your knees. If you are going to be working on hard surfaces all day, then you will want a stronger paid that are designed to provide extra support with maybe extra foam padding in.


How often are you using these knee pads? If you are using them in the trade each day, then maybe the inserts might be easier and more comfortable in the long run. Do these have the same durability as the others? Yes and no, the pad itself will be durable but the straps are likely going to be the part that fails first.

The padding inside the knee pad

Some will prefer to have foam pads inside their knee pads, while others will prefer some kind of gel technology to provide comfort. This all comes down to personal preference. I think we prefer the gel inserts over foam pads.


Most on this list just use a simple velcro strap or neoprene straps, but there are some that use a slip buckle fastener and some have speed clips. Speed clips allow you to remove the knee pads very quickly and this could be handy for work knee pads where you don’t need them on all the time.

So, given those three factors – price doesn’t really come into it as there is little between them – how do we make a decision? We decided that the best way is for us to recommend one each from the in-pocket and external designs, so here goes!

Our Choice

The external design first, attached with a strap: is, the Everstarke Premium Knee Pads remains our pick in this category. These will help prevent injuries, help if you have arthritis and are just an overall good choice to help prevent knee injury.

For the in-pocket version, we suggest you look at the Yoko WK006 Knee Pad because all the examples of this type of knee pad we picked out had more than it’s a fair share of poor reviews. This one, however, has the same poor reviews but at a much lower price than the others.

So, there you have it: a selection of products we have picked out for you to choose from. None is perfect, and some are much less that, but there are a few that do a decent job of protecting your knees, so the choice is yours!

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