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Best Blue Light Torch

For you, we get to investigate some interesting and unusual items. Take the subject of this article: the blue light torch. You’ve probably seen these neat flashlights being used in detective TV programmes such as the popular ‘CSI’ franchise, and they are indeed used by law enforcement for the purpose displayed. However, they are also useful to other people – people who are perhaps not tracking a criminal!

Who would use a blue light torch, and why? Put simply, blue light has a short wavelength: this gives it certain properties that you won’t get with a standard white light torch. Blood, for example, takes on a fluorescent quality under blue light. Great for searching crime scenes, but also great for hunting, when you might want to follow a trail left by an injured animal in the dark.

Furthermore, blue light is often used by fishermen at the waterside, as the short wavelength gives easy view of items close up, while not being long enough to disturb the fish or other anglers around them.

It is also of use in industry, where blue light can highlight oil leaks in places that are awkward to get at, and there are many other uses for blue light torches around the home. Do you need one? You might, but you might not know it yet!

The thing is blue light torches are not expensive and may well come in useful. It’s worth having one in your tool kit for those ‘just in case’ occasions, so we have had a look at some of the best on the market. Let’s check out the best blue light torches on the market right now, and see if there’s one that you like the look of.

The Top 10 Blue Light Torches

1: LE UV Torch 9 LED

The world of blue light torches is not as shady and underhand as it seems – as we have mentioned above – but if you are checking your home for bloodstains, that’s up to you! This compact model is designed for multiple uses, comes with 9 LED’s as the light source, and is neatly styled to be easy to hold in the hand. Aluminium alloy construction makes it very light at just 62gm, and it is less than 10cm in length so will easily slip into a pocket when not in use.

This comes with a wrist-strap and is rated for use in rain – but is not waterproof as such – and can also detect the likes of pet urine, so if kitty has been going where he shouldn’t you’ll soon find out where! It comes with the 3 x AAA batteries needed to power it, has a simple one-touch operation and is given favourable reports by customers, and at a very cheap price – you’ll get change from £10 for one of these – it’s a decent buy.

  • Compact
  • 9 x LED
  • One-touch operation
  • Lightweight
  • Some complaints about the inefficient operation
  • Not UV as described
  • Not fully waterproof


2: Ultrafire LED Tactical Torch

One thing we should say before we go on is that these torches are not toys. If you are allowing youngsters to use them, make sure they never shine the light directly into anyone’s eyes, as it will cause damage. This model is a more robust and serious example than that above, made from aviation-grade aluminium and with durable coating. It’s more considerable than the above too, at 189g in weight and 6.2” long. That’s quite a substantial torch, but still small enough to be compact.

A maximum brightness of 283lumens and a beam distance of 265 yards make this a perfect hunting torch and great for fishing, as the LED supplied emits pure blue light, which can in fact attract fish. Batteries are supplied with this one and it is waterproof to IPX-6, which means heavy rain will not be a problem, but it won’t take kindly to being immersed in water. It’s a good torch, with plenty of power, and comes with impressive customer testimony, albeit only from a couple of buyers. Be aware that this one will cost you over £20, but it is an altogether more serious item than some on this list.

  • Robust construction
  • Powerful beam
  • Pure blue light
  • Heavy rain resistant
  • Long beam length
  • Quite large and heavy
  • Not cheap


3: LEDGle LED UV Flashlight

These torches can also be used to check the security markings on bank notes and official documents such as driver’s licences, so if you take either regularly, this torch might be of interest to you. This is a simple model that features a selection of 100 LED beads as the light source, providing a bright blue/UV light that is suitable for all the usual purposes (note, they can be used for finding insects such as scorpions, too!).

There’s a simple one-touch operation to this one, it’s made from aluminium alloy with durable coating, and weighs around 240g, which is actually quite substantial for such an item. Length is around 20cm so it’s not really pocket-sized, but is small enough to carry around without concern. This one is what we would call ‘mid-priced’ in that it’s cheaper than some but by far not the cheapest, and it comes with some decent testimony from buyers too.

  • 100 x LED beads
  • Can be used for all purposes
  • Bright and ling beam
  • Simple to operate
  • Durable construction
  • Not the smallest or lightest
  • Needs six batteries – not supplied


4: Acenix UV 9 LED

Before we go on, it’s time to clear up a little confusion: you will see the terms ‘blacklight’ and ‘blue light’ used to describe these. Both are very similar. Blacklight is usually referring to UV light – this is light that is within the wavelengths up to 400nm, and which does not usually reach our retina. Blue light is the light we do see, between 400 and 500nm. Both, in terms of torches, serve the same purpose, just at slightly different wavelengths.

This torch is, to all intents and purposes, very similar to the first one on this list in both design and performance. It features 9 x LED’s providing UV light, is under 9cm long and is very light at just 41g. That’s a pocket-sized light if we ever saw one. One touch operation gives you the light you need, and you also need to supply the 3 x AAA batteries. Like the similar item, this one is perhaps best considered as a hobby torch, as it is not as capable as some, but then it won’t cost you much more than a fiver so is worth a look.

  • Very small and light
  • UV light
  • Durable construction
  • Others offer more power
  • Not a toy but not a serious model


5: Winzwon UV Torch

There is a pattern emerging here with a few of these torches. This one is just below the blue light spectrum at 395nm, and as such is a UV torch. It’s a little over 9cm long, weighs around 60g, and is very compact. It’s durable, made from aluminium for strength, and has a good coating, and features 9 x LED’s providing the light source. We would describe it as ‘pocket sizes’, and it costs not much more than £5. Does that sound familiar?

The chances are it does, as we believe that this torch is identical – bar the brand name – to at least two others on this list, but we should not be surprised. For instruments such as this to be so cheap they need to be produced in large numbers and then bought by the brand for distribution. This one does come with a nice box, so would make a decent gift for a fisherman, for example, yet as with the other similar items to this model, there are better torches on the list if you want to pay a bit more.

  • Compact and light
  • 9 x LED’s
  • UV light
  • Nice box
  • Very cheap item
  • Not blue light
  • Same as others on the list
  • Not a toy, but not a serious item


6: Icefire T70 UV

Another 395nm model – although not the same as the above – is this torch from Icefire, and at the price we think it’s quite a neat little model that will serve a fisherman at the waterside or hobby hunter quite well. It is not the lightest at around 140g and nor is it the smallest – although 13.6cm length is not too big to fit in a larger pocket – and it is made from durable aluminium, providing UV light that is useful for all of the possibilities we have mentioned before.

As with a lot of these torches, you need to provide the 3 x AAA batteries yourself, which is added cost, and it comes with a simple one-touch operation. This one has something different: you can ‘zoom’ in with the beam and fine-tune it, which has a number of benefits in certain situations. All in all, a decent torch that would make a good gift for a fisherman or hunter, or for anyone else who uses one of these for whatever purpose.

  • 395nm UV light
  • Focusable beam
  • Easy to use
  • Aluminium
  • Great price
  • Not small
  • Batteries not included
  • Not blue light


7: YouThink UV Torch and Goggles

This is another example of a torch that appears in more than one guise – and from more than one brand – on our list. This one is akin to the LEDgle model featured earlier – with the 100 x beads offering the light – and is another that sits at the 395nm wavelength. None of this is a bad thing – it’s a perfectly capable, quite compact and decent enough torch – it’s simply that we would not be averse to a touch of variety among our chosen models!

However, this one does come with something different: as well as the torch, you also get a pair of UV protective glasses. This is a neat touch as the adjustable glasses are designed to protect the eyes against prolonged exposure to UV light, which can be damaging. At the price – you pay a little more than the identical model thanks to the glasses – this is a perfectly decent torch with the added selling point of the glasses, and is worth checking out.

  • Protective glasses supplied
  • UV wavelength
  • 100 x LED’s
  • Simple design
  • One touch
  • Not as compact as some
  • Not Blue light
  • A little expensive in comparison


8: HD Harudone UV Flashlight

Are you a frequent traveller, or someone who spends a lot of time in hotel rooms? If so, a torch of this type may come in very useful indeed! For a start, they can be used to detect signs of bedbugs – which have made a strong comeback in recent years thanks to cheap air travel – and also check if the fixtures and fittings have been cleaned sufficiently. We won’t go too deeply into what a blue or UV light can detect, but suffice to say it includes a number of substances you really don’t want in a clean hotel bedroom.

This model is, we are absolutely certain, the same as that above but without the glasses. You get the 100 x beads offering the 395nm light waver, a simple on off, it’s the same weight and size and it is the same design. Once again, this is not a bad thing, as it is a perfectly decent torch, we simply feel that there may be better options on this list at lower prices.

  • 100 x bead UV
  • 395nm light
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use
  • Not strictly blue light
  • Batteries not included


9: Eletorot UV Torch

We mentioned above the possibility of carrying a torch for inspecting hotel rooms: this one, which weighs in at under 20g, would be a great choice as it is compact, simple and uses the 395nm UV light spectrum, and you get plenty change from a £10 note. For once, we believe this one is not the same as any others on this list – it is fitted with a handy clip, for example, which means it can be kept to hand on a shirt or coat pocket easily.

This one also comes with three light modes – full brightness, half and flashing (although we’re not sure what the latter would be used for) – is made from durable aluminium, and uses only 1 x AA battery which is not supplied. It is also popular, with more than 450 people having bought it from one site alone, and comes with very favourable comments. It’s perhaps not a professional torch, but what it does for the price is perfectly decent.

  • Compact
  • Very light
  • One battery
  • Three modes
  • 395nm wavelength
  • Not a blue light
  • Battery not supplied
  • Not fully waterproof


10: Yaezle 395nm Torch

Small, light and compact – yes, you’ve guessed, it’s another iteration of our sub-£10 UV torch offering the 395nm wavelength. ! This compact model is designed for multiple uses, comes with 9 LED’s as the light source, and is neatly styled to be easy to hold in the hand. Aluminium alloy construction makes it very light at just 69gm, and it is less than 10cm in length so will easily slip into a pocket when not in use.

This comes with a wrist-strap and is rated for use in rain – but is not waterproof as such – and can also detect the likes of pet urine, so if kitty has been going where he shouldn’t you’ll soon find out where! You need to supply a single AA battery, it has a simple one-touch operation and is given favourable reports by customers, and at a very cheap price – you’ll get change from £10 for one of these – it’s a decent buy if you just want one of these handy.

  • Single battery only
  • 395nm wavelength
  • Very light
  • Small
  • Battery not supplied
  • Not true blue light


That’s our list complete, so before we move on, let’s talk about the features you need to look for.

Important Features to Consider

We could talk about the brightness of these torches, which across the board is pretty similar, or the size and weight. Given that at least two of these designs are replicated in more than one example, there’s plenty to choose from if you want a very compact torch, or one that is a bit bigger. Cost would also usually come into it but the price range is hardly noticeable, and bear in mind that while most of these are usable in heavy rain, none are actually waterproof, so no matter which one you choose, don’t go immersing it in water!

There is, however, a more important issue to consider here, and that’s the fact we went searching for a blue light torch. We had to compromise, however, as there are few true blue light models on the market. Most of these are UV torches: the difference, as we explained in brief among our descriptions, is the wavelength of the emitted light. UV light can be across a variety of wavelengths up to 400nm – the standard measurement – while blue light is that between 400nm and 500nm. The difference? We do not usually ‘see’ UV light; we do see blue light, as it is within our spectrum.

This begs the question: what do you want your torch for? What will its purpose be? If it is for inspecting hotel rooms, searching for pet urine areas, checking for oil leaks or testing money and other items for secure marks – or, indeed, for looking for blood stains in the aftermath of a murder (we really mean looking for blood trails when hunting) then a UV torch will do the job. If, as we suspect, many of you are looking for a torch to use when fishing, you might consider a genuine blue light torch as the better option.

Our Conclusion

If you are looking for a blue light torch, we strongly recommend you check out the Ultrafire LED Tactical Torch. It may be the most costly on the list, but it is by far the best in just about every way, and will be perfect for fishing, hunting and all other uses.

That’s our list of blue and black light torches for you – we hope we’ve helped you find one to suit!

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