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Best Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

If you go into anyones bathroom the chances are they have a bathroom cabinet on the wall with a mirror. Bathrooms have limited space and we all need somewhere to store our toothbrush, spare soap, cotton buds and whatever else you put in them. Today we are going to take a look at 10 of the best bathroom mirror cabinets that are available and talk you through what they all have to offer.


We are going to split the article up into 3 sections and look at single, double and triple cabinet mirrors. Feel free to use the links below to skip to the section you want to read.

  • Single Bathroom Mirror Cabinets
  • Double Bathroom Mirror Cabinets
  • Triple Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Single Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Neue Design Illuminated Bathroom Cabinet

We are starting off this article with what we think is one of the best bathroom mirror cabinets on the market. It really does has everything. Personally, we love it. For you though, it may be a bit over the top, but let’s talk about some of the features that it has.

This cabinet comes with LED lights that light up your bathroom nicely at night when you don’t want the big main lights on. You can work these by simply waving your hand underneath the cabinet where the infrared sensor is which means that its hands-free. There is also a switch as well.

Underneath the cabinet is also a socket for shavers and electric toothbrushes which is a great feature. The only downside is that you will need an electrician to come and install that part for you.

Some other extra features that you might like are:

  • Soft close hinges and cushioned door stoppers which means people can’t slam it shut and wake you up in the middle of the night.
  • Adjustable shelves so you can decide where they go.
  • A wire-free demister meaning that it won’t steam up after a long shower.
  • A light inside the cabinet!

When doing our research for this item we found people had very positive things to say about it. One user said it was an all-singing, all-dancing cabinet and they would never go back to a boring traditional cabinet.

Ikea Lillagngen

It wouldn’t be a furniture article without us including something from Ikea. Love them or hate them, they do produce some amazing furniture at affordable prices. The only downside is you have to assemble it yourself but they are usually pretty easy.

This one is a cross between being a single cabinet and a double, but we have included in the single mirror category s there is only one mirror. The other side has space to put a few smaller essentials that you need on a regular basis that would save you opening the cabinet every time you need it.

The size of this cabinet is 59cm x 21cm x 64cm which makes it a nice shallow size to go over a kitchen sink. This means it won’t stick out too much that you might bang your head on it.

Croydex Steel Oval Bathroom Cabinet

Not every bathroom cabinet has to be square and we wanted to ensure we included a wide range of options for you. We really like the oval mirror on this one!

It comes fully assembled which is always a bonus in case you are not any good at DIY but you will still have to wall mount it yourself but it comes with all the fittings to do that.

Inside the cabinet has 2 shelves with the bottom one being larger for electric toothbrushes and toothpaste etc while the top shelf would be perfect for smaller items such as medication or dental floss.

While doing our research for this item we found that people said that it came well packaged and looked great in their bathroom. If you love oval-shaped mirrors then you can’t go wrong with this cabinet.

Double Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Bath Vida Double Mirror Bathroom Cabinet

This is a simple 2 mirrored cabinet that has a very traditional look that would suit most bathrooms no matter what the colour scheme or style.

The size is 18cm x 57cm x 47cm.

When doing our research we found that people either loved or hated this item. All the ones that didn’t like it just complained that it arrived damaged. The ones that loved it said that it was a good item, easy to assemble and looked great on the wall.

Homecho Bathroom Wall Cabinet

This is a high-quality item made from MDF with glass mirror on the front of the 2 top doors. The doors have magnets on which makes sure the door stays shut and your items will not fall out.

What we like about this item is that there are 3 big sections inside. The bottom doors could be used to store things that are not used as much while the mirror section could be for the daily essentials.

This item does not come put together and you will have to assemble it yourself.

When doing our research for this product we found that some people said it was easy to put together but a few did complain it was a bit tricky. Most people said it looked great when it was on the wall.

Homfa LED illuminated Bathroom Cabinet

We like this one as its got LED illuminated lights on the side which will look great at night when they are on.

The cabinet is made from stainless steel which means it will be easier to clean. However, it could also mean that it gets more fingerprints all over it so it depends how annoyed you get by fingerprints.

The cabinet comes pre-assembled which is always good. You will just need to attach it to the wall and get an electrician round to fit the cabinet to the mains electric in your house. To work the lights there’s a switch underneath the cabinet which means it’s hidden out of view.

When doing our research we found that people loved the cabinet and said how roomy it was to fit all their bathroom essentials in.

Triple Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Ibath Triple Bathroom Cabinet

This item is definitely on the more expensive side when compared to others on the list.

A high quality looking item that comes with 3 mirrors. It comes fully assembled which is good if you are rubbish at DIY.

The shelves inside cannot be adjusted to suit your own layout which is slightly annoying but we think they are laid out in a way that will be just fine. There is a small lip on the end of each shelf which is a nice touch and this should stop items falling or rolling out of the cabinet.

What we think is good about it is the fact that you and your wife/husband could share the middle section for your shared essentials but both have a smaller cabinet on each end that’s just for your own stuff. Or if you have kids, the kids could have the middle section!

When doing our research for this item we found that people did talk about the price tag but said it was worth it, as it is a high-quality item that will last a long time.

Gedy 3 door Bathroom Mirror

This is by the Italian company, Gedy, who were founded in 1953 so they have been making quality items for over 60 years.

We wanted to include this one as its actually got handles on each of the cabinet doors which is something no other cabinet on this list has.

It is quite big and measures in at 58cm x 38xm x 14cm is made from thermoplastic resins which means that it is easy to wipe clean.

The item comes ready assembled and has ready drilled hanging holes for you to attach it to your wall.

When doing our research we found people were very happy with some owning the item for a few years and they said it was still going strong.

Buyers Guide


Size matters and it’s probably the most important feature. Most bathrooms are small and you don’t want to buy a cabinet that’s far too big and overwhelming, but then again you don’t want one that’s too small which means you can’t even fit your toothbrush in. The most important size factor to think about though is how far it sticks out from the wall. I once stayed in a bed and breakfast that had the most ridiculous cabinet which meant that I was banging my head on it every time I looked down into the sink when having a shave.


We all want our bathroom to look the part and that’s why you should choose one that fits in with the rest of your bathroom. It is likely to be the biggest item on the wall so make sure it’s going to look good as its likely going to be up there for years. Usually, the cabinet range will also come with a matching sink and other bathroom items.


Most of the ones on our list are made from MDF (medium-density fibreboard), metal or a thermomould (plastic). The cabinet you choose you will want to last for years. Make sure you pick the one that matches whatever colour and style of items are already in there. Make sure you pick a material that you think will last the rigour of your daily routine. Does someone in your house make a right mess and get water or toothpaste all over the place? You need to think about how easy it will be to clean this off.


We all have different budgets. If you want something with LED lights and a socket to charge your shaver then you are going to be spending a lot more than if you just want a basic cabinet with 1 door and a mirror.

Where Should You Position The Cabinet?

Ideally, we want it to be over the sink but sometimes that is just not going to be possible. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about where to position it.

  • The toilet – We personally wouldn’t put the cabinet above the toilet as there’s a good chance you are going to bang your head on it at some point. However, if its the only place then go for it!
  • The door – Make sure you can open the door properly before putting it on the wall. You don’t want to fit it only to find that the doors hitting it every time you open it.
  • The entrance – Make sure that if it’s going in the entrance as soon as you open that door that people are not going to walk into it. Chances are if its the middle of the night someone will end up walking into it by accident.


A good bathroom cabinet should be one that combines size, looks and functionality. A great storage cabinet can help you with your daily routine and just make life that tiny bit more stress-free. We hope that our article has helped you choose the right storage solution for you.

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