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Best Bedside Laptop Table

The Top 10 Best Bedside Laptop Tables

We are going to look at some of the best laptop bedside tables. Sometimes you don’t want to use laptops on know knee in bed as there is no room for the mouse pad if you need it and the viewing experience and the seating position can be slightly worse are you are always looking down. With one of these bedside laptop desks, you can work a lot more comfortably than just using a lap desk or a bed tray. They will also help to keep the laptop cool as they can overheat when used on top of a duvet.

1. Emall Life Swivel Table

The first on our list is this clever and rather neat bedside cabinet, which doubles as a laptop table or perhaps a food tray. It features a top layer that is attached to a telescopic support. This allows it to be raised and lowered as needed, and it can also be angled at whatever degree you find suitable. It comes in a choice of black, white or maple finishes, and is an attractive item of furniture in its own right.

In addition to the laptop tray you also get an open shelf for storing books or other items, two good-sized drawers, and a cavity for magazines on one side. It is on castors so can be moved around easily. Self-assembly is required.

  • Clever integrated design
  • Two drawers
  • Fully adjustable laptop table
  • Wheels
  • Magazine section
  • 25% gave it 1-star
  • Quality not up to standard
  • Missing parts
  • Cheap materials
  • Overpriced


2. Simple&Co Multi-Function Laptop Table

When we began looking at laptop tables for inclusion on our list, this was exactly the sort of item we had imagined. It takes the form of a flat surface of adjustable height, supported by two metal adjustable legs at the back, leaving the front free so you can push the table over the bed without obstruction. It could also be used with a chair or at the sofa. There is some home assembly required, but it looks pretty simple.

It has three tilt angles so you can find the most comfortable one for you, is made from durable metal throughout, and has handy accessories such as pen storage tray and a cup holder. It’s simple, and does the job – but what do customers think? As there are no customer reviews we will have to pass on that, but having looked at it, we like it for its simplicity.

  • Adjustable for height
  • Three angles
  • All-metal
  • Pen storage
  • Cup holder
  • Only in black
  • Requires self-assembly
  • Very basic


3. Azuma Folding Laptop Table

This rather neat design is similar in concept to that above in that it’s another that can be pulled over the bed, chair or sofa thanks to having no obstructing legs to the front. The frame is powder-coated steel for longevity, the actual table part is moulded plastic for lightweight. It’s neatly put together and can be adjusted for height – via the single rear support – and also for angle

One interesting aspect of this table is that it folds flat when not in use. There’s no disassembly required, it’s just a case of unlocking some clamps and folding it at the joints. This one does have customer reviews; in fact. There are no real complaints but some say it may not be stable enough for sustained use.

  • Neat design
  • Folds flat
  • Metal and plastic
  • Easy to adjust for height and angle
  • Versatile
  • 82% customer satisfaction
  • Only in black
  • Not entirely sturdy
  • Self-assembly required


4. Langria Portable Laptop Stand

Made from MDF – as many of these items are – and to a design that we would label ‘standard’ for one of these, this popular bedside laptop stand is adjustable for height and angle, and comes with lockable castors so will be steadier than some on the list. It is designed with a single support strut to one side, so will slide over the bed length-ways, and it does require some home assembly.

This model comes with safety edges on the flat surface to keep things in place, and has a level platform alongside the angled surface, suitable for a mouse.

  • Basic design is simple to use
  • Full tilt and height options
  • Lockable wheels
  • Single strut
  • Mouse mat space
  • Complaints of poor quality
  • …and of useless wheels
  • …plus it’s not particularly sturdy


5. Soges Adjustable Laptop Table

Halfway through our list and we are seeing many repeated designs, or at least partly so. This is another of the ‘standard’ design laptop tables, and this one has adjustable legs for height, but there are no angle adjustments. In that respect, it’s more akin to the type of table you’d use to serve someone a meal in bed like a breakfast table, rather than as a dedicated laptop table. For that reason, we won’t recommend it as such, but we’ll tell you what the customers think.

  • Simple design
  • Height adjustable
  • 70% customer satisfaction
  • No angle adjust
  • Not suitable for laptop
  • Not great quality


6. Aingoo Adjustable Laptop Table

While this model is promoted as a laptop table, we’re not so sure it fits the bill. This is because it adjusts only for height, and there is no option for angle adjustment. It’s a decent if very simple table, with the single strut at the end for versatile use and castors for moving it around, and is a largely metal and durable table. It lacks the essentials to be anything more than a bit-player on this list, however.

  • All metal construction

  • Height adjustable

  • Simple to put together
  • Height problems
  • Quality problems
  • Not sturdy enough
  • No angle adjustment


7. Langria Rolling Laptop Cart

Made from MDF – as many of these items are – and to a design that we would label ‘standard’ for one of these, this popular bedside laptop stand is adjustable for height and angle, and comes with lockable castors so will be steadier than some on the list. It is designed with a single support strut to one side, so will slide over the bed length-ways, and it does require some home assembly.

This model comes with safety edges on the flat surface to keep things in place, and has a level platform alongside the angled surface which can be fitted either side for right and left handed use which works perfectly as a mouse pad or somewhere to store your cup of tea.

  • Neat design
  • Left or right-handed
  • Adjustable for height and angle
  • Lockable wheels
  • Difficult to build
  • Not very sturdy
  • Wheels hard to fit


8. NRS Healthcare Overbed

If you don’t need to angle your laptop – although this table can be angled, but we wouldn’t advise it with a laptop on it – this might be a cheap option for you. But not that cheap compared to some others on the list. It’s exactly the table they use in hospitals for serving patients food in bed. It’s height and tilt adjustable – but in tended for reading use – and it’s not an attractive item of furniture.

It’s really not going to be chosen by anyone reading a list of laptop tables, and while it does get 7/10 5-star ratings – and a colossal 800-plus customers – that is for its basic intended use.

  • Simple
  • Height and tilt adjustable
  • Great for reading
  • Very popular
  • Not for laptops
  • Ugly
  • Hospital furniture!


9. MultiWare Laptop Desk

This clever design has a feature that we haven’t seen before: a split table-top that can be adjusted to two separate heights. Think about when you use a tablet with a keyboard – this one would be ideal for that. They can be linked together if needed, but we think it’s a clever touch. It can be angled and swivelled across the board, is fully height adjustable, and made from metal tubing and castors and wooden tables.

Our one major concern was that this is very cheap – you can get change from £20.

  • Split level top
  • Metal frame
  • Fully tilt and height adjustable
  • Very cheap
  • 82% customer satisfaction
  • Very cheap quality according to some
  • Instructions in Chinese
  • Doesn’t fit properly under the bed


10. Ultra-Large Adjustable Laptop Stand

This is included so that we can show you what else is on the market. Put simply, it is not a dedicated bedside laptop stand, but it would be useful in that manner if placed upon a sturdy bedside table. What it is, is a very clever laptop stand that can be adjusted in a wide variety of ways, takes even the biggest laptops, has a separate section for the mouse and even comes with its own built-in fan.

Clearly, this rather jazzy design is intended for gamers, and if that’s what you want to use your laptop for when reclining, you might be able to make it work!

  • Clever design
  • Built in fan
  • Folds flat
  • Large size
  • Fully adjustable
  • 90% customer satisfaction
  • Needs its own table
  • Not a bedside unit


That’s our list of the top 10 bedside laptop tables – and a couple that might do the trick – complete, so which is for you? Before we go on, a quick look at how best to choose one of these.

The Bedside Laptop Table

The laptop has become one of the most versatile and ubiquitous of all computer hardware items. Compact, powerful and offering a range of possible functions, you may well be reading this on one right now – and you might even be in bed when doing so! While the name ‘laptop’ came about as – originally – they were publicised as being usable on your lap, rather than having to occupy a desk, it is not recommended that you place your laptop on your lap except for very short periods.

Laptops require cooling, and will have a series of vents for heat to get out of. They may even include small fans for when heat gets too much. These vents will normally be on the base of the laptop. The laptop will also have small feet that give it a very slight gap between the surface and the heat vents. This should not be obstructed, and could be easily if placed on your lap. Some tables have cooling holes in which help with this issue to stop overheating to keep the laptop cool.

Now, like many people you probably like to get tucked up warm in bed on those winter nights, and browse the internet and watch a film, chat to friends or perhaps do some shopping on your laptop. This is where bedside laptop desks becomes a very attractive item of furniture! Before we talk about our top 10, let’s have a brief look at the different types.

What is a Bedside Laptop Table?

When we researched bedside laptop desks and began picking them out for our list, we were quite surprised that there were a variety of different types. In brief, there are those that are designed to be permanent – and are incorporated into an actual bedside cabinet – and there are those that are portable and for occasional use. The latter tend to be on castors so they can be pushed into place quickly and easily.

Some require home assembly, there is a choice of wooden and metal designs, and we feel quite certain that among the 10 we have selected for you there will be one or more that you like the look of – and the price! Let’s crack on, then, with a look at our choice of 10 bedside laptop tables for you.

Buyer’s Guide – What You Need to Know

We would normally give you a list of features to look for at this point, but there are really two main ones that we should mention: is it adjustable for angle, and is it designed for laptops? The reason we limit things to those is that all are – with just one exception – in a very similar price range, and there are a few on this list that we can readily dismiss as not suitable for the purpose.

One thing we will say is that, while we believe customer reviews are vital as they do express the opinion of a genuine user, there are some ‘downsides’ you should beware of. For example ‘doesn’t fit under the bed properly’ – a common complaint with some of these – may actually be down to the design of the bed. Likewise, ‘poor quality’ is very often cited, which makes us wonder on occasion what the buyer was expecting for what is, with each of these, a very low price – especially where 7/10 other buyers say it’s ‘great value for money’!

So, treat these comments with caution but don’t write them off. Now, which one are we going to recommend? Let’s see if we can wrap things up.

Our Choice

There is one item we think is the standout on here and for a number of reasons. The Azuma Folding Laptop Table is attractive as it adjusts suitably for height and angle, it can be folded flat when not in use, it is a very simple, neat and modern design.

Have another look, choose the one that suits you, and enjoy using your laptop efficiently and comfortably in bed!

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