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Best Dog Chews UK


Many dog owners like me, know how difficult manual, oral care for dogs can be, especially if you have stubborn mongrels. Brushing for four dogs was a nightmare (I own a husky, a beagle, a golden retriever, and a pug). When the opportunity arose, I opted for dog chews, and I rest better ever since. …

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Best Dog Toothpaste UK

I had been with Jack for a very long while, which was spanning over six years already. Jack had grown from being a dog; I got to secure my home into being a very good companion. We did a lot of things together, including having to walk down the streets together on someday. Until when …

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Best Joint Supplements for Dogs UK

There is nothing worse than seeing your canine partners ageing and suffering from age-related problems. So, you must realize your dog’s discomfort if they are facing any. At times, you may notice that your dog behaves differently, often limping around. You can trace this problem to them facing discomfort in their joints or hip.   Unfortunately, …

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