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Top 10 Potty Training Tips to Make It Successful

Are you counting days towards the transition to the toilet for your child? Your kid is likely to develop new skills using a potty. It’s best to go slowly and keep pace with your kids. Being gentle with them lets them get things right, while you feel irritated sometimes. Maybe in some failed attempts you’ve already experimented? Your child must be well-packed and ready to operate on a toilet. And they’re going to be one day, don’t worry.

You can read more tips on potty training from parenting experts. Follow these 10 potty training tips to potty train your child easily.

Tip #1: Reduce the chance of accidents

One of the most important steps when potty training is to reduce the chances of accidents.

There are a few ways to do this.

  1. Use only one potty. Make sure your child understands that only one potty is for potty use.
  2. Allow your child to urinate in the bathroom. Make sure that the toilet is not close to your kid’s bedroom.
  3. Remind your child to use the bathroom regularly. If he doesn’t, remind him that he must go to the bathroom regularly. If he doesn’t want to go to the bathroom regularly, then get him to wear a diaper or pull-ups.
  4. Use baby carriers when possible. Put your baby in a baby carrier and carry him to the bathroom.
  5. Use potty training aids when travelling

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Tip #2: Expect accidents

Keep in mind that kids don’t always do what we want them to do. As such, you must always expect them to have accidents.

It’s fine to tell your child to go to the bathroom and then put him on the potty when he’s done.

If you forget to put him on the potty, it’s better to leave the bathroom when you see him trying to poop or pee.

Tip #3: Encourage him to poop at least twice a day

Encourage your child to poop at least twice a day. Encouragement is the key.

Even if your kid is not doing it regularly, you must try to encourage him to do it. Remind him that he has to poop at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

Tip #4: Offer stickers and praise when he goes to the bathroom.

When your child does his job, you should offer him a sticker or a praise when he has done it. Don’t push him to do more.

You can also take your time and make sure that he does it right. If he does it right, praise and give him a reward.

Tip #5: Decide when he needs to poop and what kind of rewards to give him.

The best time to poop for a child his age is in the morning. Make sure to take him to the toilet before he eats.

Tip #6: Take him to the bathroom when he wakes up

Take your kid to the bathroom before he eats or drinks anything. It’s also a good idea to take him to the bathroom every few hours. If he does a little, you need to take him to the bathroom again.

Tip #8: Make sure your child has a diaper and change him when needed.

Changing your kid’s diaper when he is wearing a diaper is a lot of hassle and waste of money. Instead, make him change his own diaper.

If you do not think he is old enough to clean himself, get him to wear a diaper or pull-up.

Tip #9: Make sure you don’t deprive your kid of snacks

Sugar can make it harder for your kid to poop. If you put your kid on a regular potty, he will probably want to use the toilet every few minutes.

Keep snacks available to help prevent accidents and make sure that he doesn’t get too hungry.

Tip #10: If you put him on a regular potty but he still has an accident, wait a little longer before you try again.

After your child has had an accident, wait for him to poop first. If he still has an accident, try again in another couple of hours.

Note that there are two types of diapers. Infant diapers and underwear. It’s best to use underwear because they don’t absorb so much liquid.

If your kid doesn’t want to use a regular potty, you can either use diapers or underwear.

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