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Outdoor Table Tennis Table UK

Table tennis is a great sport to participate in. There is a certain thrill to be had from playing a game with a large group of friends where everyone can have a go with everyone trying to be the best table tennis player at the party. Once you have a table set up, there’s no pricey court booking fees or anything else to make it more hassle than it needs to be. In fact, although you are probably more aware of it being an indoor sport, you might like to know it can be taken out of four walls into the open outside.

You need to invest in an outdoor table tennis table. However, deciding between so many to try and find the best outdoor table tennis table might feel like a bigger commitment or like there’s more research involved than you really want. The last thing you want to do though is feel short-changed because you’ve wasted money on an inferior table.

Don’t get wound up choosing between the many options for outdoor table tennis tables, though. Instead, leave it to the team here at Internet Eyes to do the legwork. In the following post, that’s what we’ve done as you will find a look at what we believe are the 8 best outdoor table tennis tables. As well as the product descriptions themselves, we’ve also included some hints and tips that will make buying one even easier.

This gives you more time to get wound up by the many games and tournaments you’re likely to have on one of these awesome outdoor tables trying to become the best table tennis player in your family

Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table UK 2020

1. Donnay Foldable Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Getting our best guide off to a flying start we have this awesome option for an outdoor table tennis table from Donnay. Donnay is a popular brand that produces sports goods and was founded by Emile Donnay in Couvin, Belgium in 1910. At one point, by the 1970s to be precise, Donnay were the world’s largest tennis racket manufacturer and are well known when it comes to table tennis brands.

Now a part of Sports Direct, it’s nice to see the connection to their past with products like this. The playing surface is foldable and is a full-size beauty at 9 x 5-feet. With just the net needing to be clipped on, it comes 95% assembled. Meaning there’s less time you need to spend faffing around, leaving you more time to enjoy playing some table tennis!

The table is made from a 12mm thick MDF, so is solid and very durable, if you look after it properly. Although it comes with the cover, it is recommended you keep this table indoors when not using, if possible.

Along with the table, net and post, you also get a nifty storage cover to keep it store it under and a set of two bats and 3 balls. In other words, everything you need to get started.

  • Very little assembly required
  • Full-size table
  • Comes with 2 bats and 3 balls
  • Handy storage cover
  • Cover could be of better quality
  • Bigger than some expected

2. Viavito Flipit 6ft Table Tennis Top

Next in our best guide we have the more affordably priced and curious solution to not having the storage space for another huge table in your back garden. Rather than being a full ping pong table, from Viavito, this is just the tabletop playing surface. Why would you want a tabletop and no legs, you might wonder? Well, what if you’ve already got a games table set up or a dining table and there’s limited space for anything else big?

The Viavito table tennis tabletop could then be used in conjunction with those existing flat surfaces to convert your games table or ordinary dining table. While the back is a simple, but smart wooden grain finish, reverse it and you have a cool blue table tennis court with white line-markings in the appropriate places.

At 6ft, it will not feel like you are sacrificing the experience of playing ping pong. With a full kit of extras including the net and posts, 2 bats and 3 balls, once you’ve flipped it, you can start playing. Storage is simple because the tabletop can separate into two flat pieces when it is not being used.

  • Space-saving solution
  • Quick assemble and disassembly
  • Can be used as a normal table too
  • Affordable
  • Package is heavy, so be careful when it arrives
  • Bat and balls are cheap, will need to be replaced

3. Wollowo Green ¾ Size Junior Foldable Table Tennis Table

Table tennis is a great game for kids, as it can be just as exciting as standard tennis, but without all the rules and much larger court size requirements. With that in mind, the next choice we have in our guide is this great option, squarely aimed at kids. It’s a ¾ size junior foldable table with the very much standard MDF top and power-coated steel frame. As its a children’s table, the playing surface is smaller compared to others.

Like most in our guide, this is very easy to assemble. In fact, according to the manufacturer and customers who’ve bought it, the time it takes to remove it from its box, assemble it and set it up for play is around 5 minutes. So, it’s perfect for your kids if they are especially impatient and want to get on and have their own table tennis Wimbledon on the very same day it comes.

Although not specifically made for outdoor use, there would be no harm in folding this up and setting it up in the garden on a hot day or when you just want to get the kids out of the house so they’re not trying their fancy moves close to all your stuff.

The Wollowo table tennis table comes complete with the net and posts necessary to complete its setup and a couple of bats and 3 balls to get started with.

  • Easy to setup
  • Has casters on the legs to make it easy to move
  • Great size for kids
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Table surface marks easily
  • Very heavy considering its size

4. Cornilleau 150S Crossover Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Cornilleau is a name a lot of table tennis lovers will already know. However, if you don’t, just know this – the company was founded by Emile Cornilleau, a joiner by trade from the post-war era in France. Who turned his hand to making table tennis tables and became one of the most reputable manufacturers of this sporting equipment in the world?

We’ve included several different outdoor tables from Cornilleau because we do feel they produce high quality and are the best of the very best. Bear in mind though, they are a lot more expensive, but if you are willing to put in a greater investment, you will get greater returns.

Take the tabletop for example, it’s made from a 5mm resin, that’s been laminated and given a soft mat top and sits on a 40mm scratch and corrosion-resistant tough steel frame. It comes with thick and sturdy legs and there are wheels at the bottom of the frame, two on each side, with brakes so you can always lock in place where you set up the table.

It comes complete with a net and the necessary posts and the net’s tension can be adjusted. Another nice feature is the playback facility so you can play a solo game for practice.

The ping pong table also benefits from being fully weatherproofed and can be left outside in all kinds of weather conditions. It is backed by a full 10-year warranty.

  • 8 locking points meets safety standards for assembly and disassembly
  • Anti-glare coating on top reflects sunrays less and protects against bat blows
  • Side panel storage for 2 bats
  • Playback option for solo practice play
  • Not quick to setup
  • Large and heavy

5. Cornilleau 250S Crossover Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Don’t worry, you’re not seeing double. Although there are many things this Cornilleau sport outdoor table tennis table shares with the above model, there is a slight difference in the design.

Yes, it still has the same soft top and anti-glare coating with a 40mm playing area. It features a set of two wheels at either side and the net’s tension can be adjusted to suit your needs. It can also be used for solo playback. It’s also foldable for easy storage.

So, what’s the difference between this Cornilleau table and the one above? It’s the folding system. Whereas the above model has an 8-point locking system to secure the table whether its folded up or unfolded and being used, the 250S model utilizes an updated and even safer locking system involving 16 different points.

So, if you want the additional peace of mind knowing it will be much securer, it might be worth investing the small amount more for this model. However, if that’s a relatively small matter the one above will be a good enough choice. It really is a personal choice, as any table tennis with the Cornilleau name is better than most without it.

  • Sturdier and safer locking system with 16 points
  • Well-made
  • Oversized wheels with brakes for effective transportation
  • Adjustable net tension
  • Not easy to assemble on your own
  • Instructions could be clearer

6. Cornilleau 100S Crossover Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Again, we’re sticking with the leading table tennis table manufacturer Cornilleau for the next product. Also, again, on face value, there is little that separates this from others from the company we’ve already featured. It includes an anti-glare solution coated MDF playing surface, a steel frame and sturdy steel legs.

It can fold away and uses the 8 locking point folding system to secure it when its folded or unfolded. The tension in the net can be adjusted as with the other ones and you can even set it up to practice your fancy footwork and bat skills without an opponent.

So how is this different? The main difference between this and other models from the company is the thickness of the legs. It’s also a little less expensive, so would be a good choice if you’re considering outdoor tables for a quality item at an affordable price.

  • Foldable for compact storage
  • 8-point locking system for stable setup and disassembly
  • Oversized wheels for easier transportation
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Heavy, like others, requires 2 people to assemble
  • Some have commented on the wheels and legs being unstable

7. Carlton Performance 150 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The penultimate outdoor table tennis table in our “best” list we must highlight is this great option from Carlton. German made; it has a standard 4mm top board of melamine resin laminate top. Like others in our guide, particularly those from Cornilleau, the top has a coating that helps to protect it against hits and scratches from continuous play. Steel is used throughout the frame, for the top part as well as the legs.

As you may have expected by now, there are four wheels at the bottom to help with transportation. On this model, these are in the form of double extra-large wheels and make it easy to move in any direction.

If you have the space, then you are welcome to keep it up all the time in your garden. However, if you are a stickler for tidiness and neatness, you’ll appreciate this is yet another folding table tennis table.

Another major benefit this table tennis table has over others is the price tag. You still get an item that feels sturdy and substantial, but without needing to pay too much.

  • Affordable
  • High quality steel and melamine resin construction
  • Easy to manoeuvre wheels
  • Foldable
  • May still be too heavy for just one person to assemble
  • Confusing instructions

8. Kettler Classic Outdoor 10 Table Tennis Table

Last on our list is this classic-looking folding outdoor table tennis table from Kettler. As is the case with most others the tabletop features a warp, scratch and anti-glare coating, but this one is measured at 22mm. Another made in Germany, this boasts a locking mechanism for the folding system that can be used with one hand.

There’s a leg leveller that helps you to always have a flat playing surface to play on even if you are playing on uneven ground and the high-end materials used for the table top ensure the same level of consistency with regards ball bounce and speed, every single time.

As is standard, there are four double large wheels designed to cope with just about any surface, making it incredibly easy to move away.

Although we would always recommend you invest in a storage table cover for your outdoor table tennis table, this has been weatherproofed to cope with the elements. Even if it does fail, through no fault of your own, you are backed by a full 10-year warranty from Kettler.

  • Weatherproof, can be left out without a cover
  • Reliable ball speed and bounce
  • One-arm locking mechanism for the folding system
  • Leg levellers
  • Information does not clearly indicate it requires assembling
  • Corner covers fall off easily

Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table UK – Buyer’s Guide

In addition to our reviews, we wanted to provide information for anyone looking at the best outdoor table tennis tables in the UK as a complete beginner who knows nothing about the sport and what constitutes a good table. So, with the following buyer’s guide we’ve included lots of supplementary information that will help you to make an even more educated choice over which model to buy. We will look at things you need to consider before buying an outdoor table tennis table and the features you should pay most attention to.

Things to Think About Before Buying An Outdoor Table Tennis Table

As we’re sure you’ve seen from looking at our choices of the best, and may have already known from your own research, table tennis tables are not a small investment. They cost a lot of money, but by choosing the right one, you might get incredibly high returns on your investment. That’s why you need to think about the following before making your decision:

Do You Really Want an Outdoor Table Tennis Table?

It might seem odd to raise this question so late on in our post, but it is worth more than just a passing thought. Think carefully about where you envision you and anyone else using the table tennis table will play games most. If it’s outside, then you really need one equipped to deal with the elements. That’s the major difference between indoor and outdoor tables.

Compared to the solid wood construction of most indoor tables, outdoor versions are normally constructed from a composite of both wood and metal and feature a special coating on their surfaces.

However, if you feel as if you’re only going to wheel them out on the better days, it may be worth getting an indoor table.

The Cost

The cost should always be factored into your decision when buying anything. However, you need to think of cost in relation to what you are getting for the price. So, don’t get bogged down in the actual ticket price, but look to get the best table tennis table for your needs that falls within your budget.

Cheaper table tennis tables are often cheaper for a reason. So, if you have young children, you’d wanna see using it for many years to come, it might be better spending a little extra on a more durable table.


While all the outdoor table tennis tables we’ve featured in our guide are foldable and include casters or wheels of some kind, they are not made equally. Some are a lot more portable than others, due to their size and weight. Give that some thought and consider who will be required to do the transportation of the table when its not in use. There’s no point getting a table that no one in your family or household can move.

Features That Are Important

There are a few features and components that are important to a table tennis table and it’s best to familiarise yourself with these a little before making your final decision.

The Tabletop

As you will see from our list of products, tabletops for table tennis tables come in a variety of different types, colours and sizes. Whereas the colour is the least important aspect, it is best to pick one that will contrast enough against the colour scheme and décor of wherever the game will be played, so no players struggles to follow the ball.

However, it’s the table thickness and type you should be most interested in. Tabletops for outdoor table tennis tables are often made of MDF, melamine resin or some other kind of composite, rather than just being made of straightforward wood.

In terms of table thickness, they can range from as little as 12mm to 30mm and even more. The thicker the tabletop is, the better experience you ill have playing on it.

Table Undercarriage

The undercarriage does not have a direct impact on gameplay in any way shape or form. However, it is still important as it will affect how easy it is to setup and transport. Whereas some tables complete as just one unit and feature wheels for making it easier to move them, others come in separate parts and are foldable. Like, most in our guide. This is obviously easier to deal with if you are moving up and down stairs or anywhere else awkward.

The undercarriage also indicates how stable the table will be. So, you will want to make sure you look for steel, zinc or aluminium in the construction and generally, the thicker the diameter of the legs, the greater its durability will be.

The Net

Obviously, the net is a crucial component that you need to play a game of table tennis. Most nets, depending on how comprehensive the design is, consist of the actual netting and the supporting posts and suspension. Nets should be 6-feet long and 6-inch high.


So, if you’re on the look out for an outdoor table tennis table so you can have fun with all your friends and family, there are plenty of great options to choose from in our guide. Although the prices may seem extremely high, the best table tennis table is an investment rather than just a small, one-off purchase.

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