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Motorcycle Auxiliary Light Mount Brackets

What I really wanted that 100% no vibrations on my auxiliary lights. I tried to fit them before myself but every time they were shaking on motorways on high speed.

So I decided to change them and how I finally installed motorcycle auxiliary lights using a bad mount brackets, is a story to tell.

Here are some best selling auxiliary lights if you may be interested.

You can pick a variety of headlight brackets and turn signal extensions, for example from Amazon or Louis Motors. But installing them yourself is a pain the butt.

The fact that I was able to spend a whole day tackling this job with a more than a little help from my friends has got me thinking about how easy it would be for the average bike owner to do the same. I did, however, make one significant mistake. I got too close to the bolts when I was removing the wires from the clamp, and they got pushed out of place when I made the connection. So, I don’t suggest that you remove any bolts at all, or do it while standing on top of the motorcycle. In fact, I wouldn’t even suggest you try and remove bolts with a drill, as your way to remove a cylinder is the wrong way round.

The best way to remove the headlight leads and make sure everything is connected properly is to use a Dremel rotary tool and screwdriver to turn the headlight into a different orientation. Place the correct cylinder head lamp fixture over the socket in the central position, then slide a well-oiled screwdriver into the tube-and-socket joint and wiggle it back and forth to ensure it’s in the correct orientation. If you’ve got a problem with jamming screws, you can apply a drop of penetrating oil to the screw head to ease the process.

To tighten the bolts up again, turn the cylinder around, then tap it into the center position and tighten until there’s no play in the bolt, then you can screw on a new light socket, then remove the bolt to remove the light fitting.

Finally I was able to get it done after spending whole day on this.

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