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Indoor Pizza Oven UK

Who doesn’t love a pizza? Whether you enjoy spicy pizzas, traditional tomato pizzas or – if you dare – a ham and pineapple pizza, it’s a great meal, and one that can be enjoyed quickly and as and when you want. Pizza, as a dish, originated thousands of years ago when people started adding various toppings to flat breads. The pizza we know now has its origins in Italy, as you well know, and came about when tomato was added as an adornment in Naples a couple of hundred years ago.

It’s a wonder, in fact, why more people don’t make their own pizza, as it is one of the easiest of all dishes to create. You don’t need wood fired pizza ovens for cooking pizza. What you do need to get it right is a new kitchen appliance – a pizza oven, and there are now many different examples on the market that you can buy for sensible prices, use indoors, and make your own delicious pizzas.

In the following article, we have taken a look at 10 of the best indoor pizza ovens, and we reckon there’s something here for all needs and budgets.

So, before we all get hungry, here are the best 10 pizza ovens that we found.

The Top 10 Best Indoor Pizza Ovens

1. Giles & Posner Italian Bella Pizza Maker 1200W

Our first example is typical of the items that you are going to be reading about, in that it is an electric model designed for use inside the house. Pizza ovens cook on a heated ‘stone’ – originally this would, in fact, have been an actual slab of stone, but in the more modern devices it tends to be ceramic of some kind. The pizza stone is heated to your chosen temperature – in this one up to 390 degrees – by way of an element, which is a 1200W heating element in this example.

The 12” pizza stone is about the standard for a machine of this type and should perform adequately, and is removeable for washing, while the supplied pizza paddles make for an authentic result. A pizza cutter is also supplied, and it’s not an expensive package at around the £65 mark. A lot of customers have commented on this electric pizza oven, and give it glowing reviews.

Key Features:

  • 1200Watt heater
  • Five heat settings
  • 12 inch plate
  • Some great customer reviews
  • Accessories
  • Quality control complaints

2. G3 Ferrari G10006 Delizia

Contrary to what you may think, this isn’t a pizza oven from the legendary supercar maker, but it is a Ferrari, from a pizza oven company of that name! In fact, what we will say is the one we looked at above is most likely a direct copy of this model, which is apparently a leading seller in the market, and not just in the UK. This is another 12” stone model with the clamshell closing lid, and it also has a 1200Watt heating element, and you get three cooking settings that you can adjust with the temperature control with the highest being 390 degrees. They go so high as pizzas need high temperatures to really cook well.

This one has a sense of quality about it – it’s more expensive than the one above by an extra £30 – and comes with many reviews from almost 300 buyers. Do they like it? Invariably they do, with many saying it is excellent and does the job. We say check it out as it sells in great numbers, most of whom are satisfied and say it makes the best pizza.

Key Features:

  • 1200watt heater
  • Three heat settings
  • Removeable stone
  • Big seller
  • Not cheap
  • Some quality complaints


3. Oxford Barbeques Pizza Oven

This is a completely different concept to the two above pizza ovens. In fact, it is what might be called a ‘true’ pizza oven. What you get is a metal box with one end open, lined with material that retains and distributes heat. The idea is you place it on your barbecue, and it heats up. You put a pizza in as you would a traditional pizza oven, and it cooks evenly and quickly, and very much as a pizza should. This does mean, of course, that it is not for indoor use and does not contain a heating element.

The outdoor pizza oven comes ready-made so there is no assembly and is a simple piece of kit to set up and use. It can easily fit a 12” pizza base, and can be used on all types of barbecue, including gas models. It’s not cheap – you can get one for around £50.

Key Features:

  • For barbeque use
  • Metal build
  • Double lined for heat retention
  • Fully assembled
  • Not cheap
  • Some complaints about quality


4. Sage Smart Oven Pro

This is a slightly different take on the theme in that it’s not a pizza oven as such. It is an oven, that goes without saying, but what it really acts as is a portable, small convection oven and grill, one that would perhaps be of great use in a smaller flat or student house. It’s made by Sage, who have a good collection of home and kitchen items, and it is compact and powerful, and also comes with 10 pre-set cooking functions that include a slow-cook option. It’s nice, but it’s also more than £150 at the time of writing, which puts it at the very high end of our budgets.

So, does it do pizzas? Yes, it will, just as it will do any other kind of food that wants grilling or baking, but it’s not a dedicated pizza oven. It is, however, very popular and a lot have made comments about it, most of which are favourable. If you’re short of space it could be an ideal choice, and as there are no actual complaints across so many customers, all we can say is it’s very good for what it is.

Key Features:

  • Compact oven
  • 10 pre-set cooking functions
  • Very good customer satisfaction
  • Not cheap
  • Not a dedicated pizza oven


5. Commercial Electric Pizza Oven

This is the sort of machine that a pizza shop uses to create its dishes; it’s a double oven with two slots for pizzas, and is definitely of a commercial nature in design and performance. It is free-standing so can be moved around, offers temperature controls on both levels of between 50 and 350 degrees, and is sturdily made and powerful. This one is also quite large, so only suitable if you have a big kitchen, and eat a lot of pizzas! It has a nice viewing window which means you can keep an eye on how the pizza is doing.

In fact, we’re not sure why anyone would buy this for the home: unless you have a very large family there are easier ways to cook pizzas on this list of devices. However, that’s not to say it’s not worth looking at, as it does the job. One problem that has been mentioned is that if your oven needs to be sent back, it is in the conditions of the warranty that the buyer pays the costs. Given the size of the machine, this could be costly.

Key Features:

  • Commercial pizza oven
  • Twin deck design
  • Wide temperature range
  • Large
  • Warranty doesn’t cover carriage
  • Very expensive in this company


6. Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop

When we researched pizza ovens in our quest to find the best indoor electric pizza oven UK buyers could purchase, we felt that we had to include some that are not electric – such as this one. This metal device is a stove-top pizza oven that you use on a gas burner for best effect, and the metal heats up to as much as 600 degrees, which the makers claim can be reached very quickly.

What is good is that it is designed to cook the pizza all-round, has vents in the top so the food will not go soggy, and is said by some customers to be very effective. It doesn’t have its own power source, however, so you do need a burner, and it’s not recommended for outdoor barbeque use. It needs assembly and has a removeable stone, and costs almost £150, which is a vast amount given some of the other options on our list. Perhaps not one for the shortlist.

Key Features:

  • Gas burner stove top
  • Heats quickly – or does it?
  • Designed with vents
  • Needs assembly
  • Expensive
  • Some customer complaints


7. Global Gourmet Table-Top Pizza Maker

Make no mistake here: while this is an actual pizza maker, it’s also very gimmicky. For a start, there’s four openings in the top that encourage you make ‘mini pizzas’ to entertain the kids, with four slices also supplied for lifting them out. Then, there’s the terracotta top – it’s real, believe us – which is meant to look good, but we’re not so sure. Indeed, one customer comment reads ‘keeps drunk people amused for ages’ which we’re not sure is a compliment.

Nevertheless, it is a 1000 watt pizza making machine, it is easy to use and at the price is perhaps a touch expensive in this company, and it does the job it’s meant to, with customers admitting it is a party gimmick, but does heat up quickly and make good pizzas. Be aware a few comments about it tripping the electric; perhaps there’s a quality control problem back at base?

Key Features:

  • Four openings for mini pizzas
  • 1000 watt power
  • Terracotta hood
  • Heats up quickly
  • Not cheap
  • Some customer complaints


8. Smart Rotating Stone Pizza Maker

This model is similar to the first two we looked at, in being a clamshell lid on a base with a stone inside, and an electric heater to achieve the cooking levels required. However, it has a party trick: the stone itself rotates, meaning that heat is distributed evenly all around during the cooking process, giving good pizza browning routinely. While it only heats to 250 degrees, customers are happy with its performance and ability to quickly heat pizzas.

This is only a 1000watt machine and is more expensive than some more powerful models on the list, but the rotating aspect is a definite attraction. It will bake 12” pizzas – pretty much the standard size – and although customer comments are generally very favourable, a couple say it broke down after a short time. It’s a decent model if you want the added gimmick, and we reckon suitable for a shortlist.

Key Features:

  • 1000 watt
  • Twin grills for top and bottom
  • Rotating stone
  • Good customer satisfaction
  • Not the cheapest


9. Steba PB1 Pizza Oven

This model is another with a rotating plate, which we think is a great idea and clearly makes for better cooking results. In fact, we’ll let you into a secret: we believe this one to be the very same item we looked at directly above. It’s the same size, the same power looks exactly the same – even down to the design on the lid – and makes all the same claims when it comes to what it can do. It even cooks to just 250 degrees, which is identical.

Now, do the customers like it? Most do, saying it’s a great item that does excellent pizzas – although perhaps the base is not done to the right level – and it’s easy to use, but a few complain about it burning the pizzas, and simply not doing the job it’s designed for. However, while this is the same item as above, there’s one major notable difference: the price.

Key Features:

  • Rotating plate
  • 1000 watts
  • 12” pizzas
  • Temperature controls
  • Great price


10. Blaze Box BBQ Pizza Oven

Our final selection of best pizza ovens is the second of the outdoor pizza oven designs. It’s a nicely made metal box with a magnetic closing front door. You place the box on top of barbeque, the pizza on the stone inside, and it cooks throughout. At least, that’s the idea, but does it work? Well, the door has a glass panel so you can see what’s happening, the device has a temperature gauge to show you when it’s at the optimum cooking point, and it’s all very neat and tidy. It also comes with a two-year warranty, and is designed to be portable.

As there are no electrical parts with this type of design, there’s less to go wrong. In fact, the only complaints from customers that we found were stating that the stone was broken on arrival. This is clearly a transportation issue, and not down to the makers. If the rest, we read that ‘it cooks fast’, it’s a ‘great little utility’ and many more favourable comments. It will cost you a bit more than £50, but if you want outdoor pizzas, could be the one.

Key Features:

  • Not electric
  • Designed for barbeque use
  • Heats quickly
  • Stainless steel
  • Portable
  • Universally appreciated by users

That’s our ten pizza ovens for you – not all of which fit the bill – so which one is the best? Before we go on to give you our recommendation, let’s have a quick look at a few things to consider.

Factors to Consider

The simple question here is this: are you looking for the best pizza oven indoor UK model? Or do you want one for an outdoor barbeque? This article began by looking for indoor ovens, so we will discard the two that are designed for barbeque use – albeit recommend them if you decide that is indeed what you need.

You also need to consider the different types of indoor models: do you want a stove top design, or would you rather have the convenience of the electric type, where you just plug in and go? In all honesty, much of our research told us that the fuss involved in non-electric stove top designs made them less popular, but it’s up to you. Apart from price, that’s really your considerations when choosing a pizza oven, so which would it be? Let’s see if we can wrap this up!

Our Choice

There are some very nice, and very clever, pizza ovens for indoor use on this list, and most if not all of them do a job with minimal obvious or serious complaints from customers. However, if we were to pick one – and remember, we’re talking indoor and electric here – it would be the G3 Ferrari G10006 DeliziaThere is little to choose between this model and a few others in terms of price and performance, yet the sheer number of buyers who gave it a thumbs up made it our winner.

So, get yourself an indoor pizza oven, and enjoy delicious pizzas with your own chosen topping – and yes, that’s pineapple if you wish – whenever you want!

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