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How to Get Oil Out of Clothes

Best way to clean oil from clothes is with vinegar. Vinegar removes oil better than detergent and is environmentally friendly. By adding a bit of white vinegar to your clothes you’ll have a less viscous and more easily removed liquid that will go into the washing machine along with your other clothes.

Here’s what you need:


  1. In a large bowl, pour your warm water. Add the vinegar and washing soda and stir to combine.
  2. Give it a quick mix. This is done with your hands.
  3. Assemble the laundry. Pour the whole load of clothes in and turn the water on.
  4. Let the clothes soak for about 15-30 minutes (test a garment to see when you should check for detergent residue).
  5. Fluff up the clothes before you go on the washing machine. It will clean the oil up even faster when the garment is soft.
  6. The first few washes will leave a small amount of oil on your clothes. This is normal and will wash right off with the last few washes. Just keep a close eye on the final wash.
  7. The key is to use just enough water. You need to let the detergent foam up to the point that your clothes start to get clean before you turn on the cycle.
  8. This is a DIY cleaning method. You can use this on just about any washable fabric. Clothes that are heavily dyed or heavily colored will require more elbow grease. The final result will be worth the effort.

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