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Best Flea Bombs UK

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I hate cats. My cousin was travelling for a vacation and couldn’t carry her cat along, so she had her pet stay with me. I never had pets, so I was so confused when fleas invested my apartment. I knew for sure it was the cat, so I sought to exterminate those tiny bastards that …

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Best Dog Toothpaste UK

I had been with Jack for a very long while, which was spanning over six years already. Jack had grown from being a dog; I got to secure my home into being a very good companion. We did a lot of things together, including having to walk down the streets together on someday. Until when …

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Best Joint Supplements for Dogs UK

There is nothing worse than seeing your canine partners ageing and suffering from age-related problems. So, you must realize your dog’s discomfort if they are facing any. At times, you may notice that your dog behaves differently, often limping around. You can trace this problem to them facing discomfort in their joints or hip.   Unfortunately, …

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Best Flea Treatment for House UK

In the previous year, weather reports came in about how the population of fleas in British homes increased rampantly due to the warm but damp summers that favoured their breeding. During the cold season, we tend to turn up heating sources in our homes, but this merely allows flea eggs to develop faster. Consequently, a …

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Best Robot Dog

Quite simply, a robot dog – any type of robot dog – is a lot of fun! Kids love them, adults love them, and it’s very possible that your real dogs will like them, perhaps a bit too much! After all, it’s coming up to Christmas and you’re likely looking for gifts for people, gifts …

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Best Interactive Dog Toys UK

Whether you are just about to welcome a new four-legged member to your family or are currently an owner, it’s important to understand the role play has in your canine’s life. As well as enabling them to let steam off and get the physical exercise they need, play also helps provide them with the cognitive …

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Dog Baskets for Bikes UK

There is not much that can top just how freeing it feels to be able to jump on your bike and take to the open road on a trip, well, anywhere. We say not much, because if you are a dog owner, surely the one way you could improve and enhance your cycling experience would …

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Best Flea Fogger UK

Getting Rid of Fleas is a Problem! Fleas can be a problem in the home, especially if you have cats or dogs. They may be difficult to see, being very small, but their bites are certainly easy to feel! Fleas from your pets will also start to live – and breed – on and in …

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