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Best Work Trousers with Knee Pads UK

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. I never knew the importance of work trousers with knee pads until something dreadful happened to my kid brother while at work with my uncle. He was wearing just plain trousers while helping my uncle out in his workshop, with the hope that his patella will protect his knee, till he fell on the hard ground floor of his workshop and fractured his kneecap. He was hospitalized for two weeks, and the entire family felt the pain.

My dad kept asking, “Why didn’t he wear trousers with kneepads?”. 

And that was when I realized that Sammy would have saved himself from that mess if his trousers had kneepads.

While the kneecap performs its function of protecting the knee, a nice knee pad will go the extra mile to help minimize the impact on your knee, to prevent patellar fracture. A kneepad will also protect you from being penetrated by sharp objects like nails. The importance of work trousers with kneepads can never be overemphasized. 

And that is why I am here for you; to provide you with the best work trousers with kneepads money can buy in the UK.

Below are the trousers which have been scientifically proven to offer the best protection to your knees, and they have gone through several testing to ensure that they offer the best value for money. They will go a long way to keep you protected from the numerous accidental bumps and scrapes that can happen while on the job.

Top 10 Work Trousers with Knee Pads UK

1. Snickers Work Trousers with Kneepads

Snickers Work Trousers with Kneepads


Snickers, as we all know, is a very reputable brand in the UK. Hence, any product from Snickers is always topnotch. And their work trousers with kneepads is not an exception.

Who wouldn’t want extremely hard-wearing work trousers made in dirt repellent DuraTwill fabric and on top of that still has a kneepad to safeguard your knees when you kneel to work.


  • An advanced cut with Twisted Leg design
  • Cordura reinforcements at the knees and pockets for extra durability
  • Range of pockets, including holster pockets and phone compartment.
  • Sizes: 42-62, 84-120, 144-160, 184-204, 248-256
  • 75% Cotton, 15% Polyamide, 10% Wool
  • Kneepad pockets
  • Extra durability in the knees and pockets
  • With the easy-to-access leg cargo pocket, you can put your mobile phone, pen and tools in four separate compartments
  • It is slim-fit, so you may have a problem of tightness if the size you got is not bigger than your size

2. Blaklader Kneepad Work Trousers with Nail Pockets



Do you want a pair of work trousers that looks like denim, feels like denim but four times stronger than denim? Look no more! The Blaklader kneepad work trousers are precisely what you are looking for. Stylish yet professional. And with its trademark black colour, you don’t need to be bothered about appearing dirty before your customers.


  • 88% cotton, 12% polyamide, denim coated
  • CORDURA® denim, 375g/m²
  • Nail pockets
  • Knee protection pockets
  • Reinforced crotch seam, inner leg seam with 3-needle stitching
  • Removable ID pocket
  • Reinforced kneepad pockets
  • Made from a breathable material that is a blend of polyester and cotton. Hence you won’t be sweating much while working
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Comes in only black colour
  • A bit expensive

3. Apache Work Trousers With Kneepads




As far as work clothing is concerned, Apache is one of the most popular brands you can find in the market. Their products are always trustworthy, and their work trousers with kneepad is not an exception. 


  • Black in colour
  • Ripstop cotton
  • Has two front pockets, in addition to two rear pockets with velcro fastening and two side cargo pockets with press studs
  • YKK fly zip
  • Waist 34″/Leg32″
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable
  • Sturdier
  • Reinforced kneepad pockets
  • The side pockets are too small

4. Caterpillar Men’s Trademark Pants

Caterpillar Men's Trademark Pants

Caterpillar Men's Trademark Pants

Do you know two beautiful things about the Caterpillar Men’s Trademark Pants? It comes with so many storage pockets (including cargo pockets and rear tool pocket), and it also comes in different colours, not just black like so many other work trousers but including high-visibility colours.

And with its contrast inside waistband with gripper tape, shirts and pants are kept in place when worn. Additionally, its diamond crotch gusset ensures ease of movement while working.


  • Shell 1: 60% Cotton 40% Polyester, Shell 2: 100% Polyester
  • Contrast inside waistband with gripper tape
  • Diamond crutch gusset
  • C2X: Hard wearing cotton/polyester canvas weave 
  • Offers comfort
  • Breathability
  • So many pockets to store work tools
  • Built-in kneepad pockets
  • Comes in different colours
  • The sizing is not so good

5. Walls Ditchdigger Men’s the Original Outdoor Work Pant Utility 

Walls Ditchdigger Men's the Original Outdoor Work Pant Utility 

Walls Ditchdigger Men's the Original Outdoor Work Pant Utility 

Walls is a famous brand that has produced high-quality bibs, work pants, work jackets, etc. in time past. Their popular Ditchdigger pants come with built-in knee pad pockets.

Unlike the Caterpillar pants we talked about earlier, the Walls Ditchdigger doesn’t have so many pockets. However, it is made of a cotton/spandex blend, which means that it is a bit elastic.

And one more thing: its durable water-repellent quality allows water to bead and roll off the fabric, so you have nothing to worry about the whole working in a wet environment or condition


  • Double and triple-needle stitching for durability with reinforced kick plate at back leg hem
  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Spandex stretch 
  • DWR (Durable water-repellent)
  • YP833
  • Freedom of movement thanks to the crutch which is gusted
  • Articulated double knees with pads
  • Front and rear pockets for storing tools
  • Flexibility and comfortability
  • Doesn’t have enough pockets

6. Dickies Double Knee Work Straight Trousers

Dickies Double Knee Work Straight Trousers

Dickies Double Knee Work Straight Trousers

If by any chance you are looking for painter pants with knee pad pockets, then Dickies’ got you. Dickies has been around 1922, so you have nothing to fear as far as quality is concerned.


  • Cotton polyester
  • Fastening: Hook and Eye
  • 85283DN 48 30
  • 100% cotton
  • Reinforced knees
  • Provider extra support thanks to the presence of its signature tunnel belt loops
  • It also secures the waistband with its sturdy metal hook and bar closure
  • Stain-and wrinkle-resistant poly/cotton
  • Durability
  • May soften and break in after you wear them for a long time

7. Timberland PRO Work Bender Utility Pants

Timberland Pro Men's Bender Utility Work PantTimberland PRO Work Bender Utility Pants

When you hear the brand “Timberland”, what comes to mind? Toughness! And that’s precisely what the Timberland PRO offers – toughness and ruggedness. They are usually heavy, but since they are made with a cotton/elastane blend, they tend to have some flexibility. 

But will it last? Oh, yes, it will! You can take that to the bank.


  • Articulated knee in sturdy 1000D Cardura nylon canvas with top loading knee pad opening
  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane
  • Fastening: Button
  • TB0A1OVC015
  • Crotch gusset
  • 10.4-ounce material blend
  • Flexible and durable cotton canvas
  • Kneepad
  • Durable fabrics
  • Flexible
  • Long-lasting
  • Its heaviness may pose a problem to some people

8. BKS Men’s Combat Cargo Work Trousers

BKS Men's Combat Cargo Work Trousers

BKS Men's Combat Cargo Work Trousers

The BKS Men’s Combat Cargo Work Trousers is precisely the work trousers you are looking for. Made of cotton and polyester, it is exceptionally breathable, and its black colour makes sure you don’t appear grimy in the presence of your customers.


  • Cotton and polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Comes in black colour 
  • Multiple pockets
  • Elasticated waistband
  • Simple
  • Stylish
  • Hides dirt and grime
  • Very breathable and comfortable
  • Has knee pockets for works that demand to kneel down
  • The material is not so robust
  • The elastic may make it seem a little too tight

9. Scruffs Worker plus Graphite Grey Work Trousers

Scruffs Worker Plus Graphite Grey Work Trousers

Scruffs Worker plus Graphite Grey Work Trousers

Scruffs is such a household name as far as work clothes are concerned, and this particular product lends extra credence to that claim.


  • Multi-functional pockets
  • Grey with black patches
  • Reinforced crotch area
  • Two velcro patches 
  • Durability
  • Has a professional look
  • Reinforced kneepad pockets
  • Lasting comfort and protection
  • Breathable material
  • May seem painfully tight around the crotch

10. Wright Wears Men Work Cargo Trouser

Wright Wears Men Work Cargo Trouser

Wright Wears Men Work Cargo Trouser

The way you dress determines the way you are addressed. So if you want to work trousers that can make you look attractive or impress a potential customer or clientele, then this is for you. With its practical and stylish work trousers, WrightFits gives you more than just another work trousers; it gives you more in both durability and style.

In a nutshell, it is safety and comfort at it’s best!


  • Heavy-duty polycotton work trouser
  • 65% polyester and 35% cotton
  • Top loading knee pad pockets
  • Triple Stitched
  • Multiple pockets 
  • YKK ZipCORDURA hem guards
  • Black
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Top-loading kneepad pockets
  • Plenty of pockets, including two reinforced holster pockets
  • Breathable material to prevent you from sweating
  • Pockets are too small
  • A little tight

Work Trousers with Knee Pads UK Buying Guide

Choosing a pair of work trousers can be an uphill task. And add to that the fact that there’s a wide array of work trousers in the market, and in stores, it becomes even more cumbersome to make the right choice.

Therefore, there is the need to narrow things down and provide you with the things you should need to look out for whenever you want to buy a new pair of work trousers with knee pads in the UK.


First things first, you need to check your budget and how much you are willing to spend on a new pair of work trousers. So, it would do you a lot of good to check the prices of the products you want and make sure they tally are what is in your pocket.

Kneepad pockets 

If you work in a professional setting that requires you kneel a whole lot working, then you need trousers with kneepads. This kind of trousers makes sure you don’t hurt your knee thanks to their cushioned pads.

So always look out for work trousers with kneepads to get value for your money.


What material was it made from? This is a question you should ask when looking for a new pair of work trousers. So far you want a pair of trousers that can last the test of time, always ensure you go for a pair of work trousers that can withstand the amount of strain you will put on them when you use them for work.

Anti-sweat and breathability 

It is a no-brainer that during work, one is bound to sweat. Hence it becomes of paramount that you go for a pair of work trousers with breathable materials that can help you avoid so much sweat.


Since the work settings mean that you will always be dirty and grimy, you must go for a colour that will hide the grim and make you look presentable in the presence of your customers. So black is quite advisable, and this product come in black, which is just what you need at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every work trousers come with a kneepad?

No, not all of them come with a kneepad. However, all those I provided in this article have kneepads to protect your kneecap.

Must work trousers be black?

No, not really. Work trousers come in different colours. But if you want one that can hide dirt, then black is most advisable.

Which work trousers are the best?

That would be tough to answer because all of them have their distinct specifications, hence it depends on what you are searching for in a work trouser. But if I’m hardpressed to suggest one, it would be the Timberland PRO.


I’ve taken my time to bring to your fingertips the best work trousers with kneepad that you can get in the UK. I’ve already expounded the importance of having kneepads with your work trousers. So with the vast array of options in your disposal in concomitance with the buying guide, I’m sure you will make the best choices.

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