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Best Wireless Headphones Under 100 UK

Compromising with sound is certainly not in my list and neither in yours, especially when talking about headphones, more specifically the well-known wireless ones. Yes, in my case, I already had in hand a few of the conventional wired headphones and was pretty satisfied with them. Still, I was annoyed because cables entangled at times and a sudden pull would just break them.

Haven’t you experienced the same? Why should my range of motion experience a halt due to wired headphones? What about my latest smartphone birthday gift? It has no ‘Aux in’ socket to plug a headphone! Does that mean I cannot privately listen to music? No way! That is where my wireless headphones made their entry in my life. Not only me, but even you also walk around with a smartphone which is a more sophisticated item. One does not have to be a tech-savvy in advance to use a wireless headphone.

At some point, it pulled me back into not purchasing a headphone. Still, in the end, it worked like turning the tables around, and the difference between these two are, out of many, encouraging factors to determine which pair of wireless headphones to get. What differs by adding “true” to the wireless or not is that the earpieces of wireless headphones are connected in one way or another. This means the ones you wear over your head or around your neck do not require a jack connection. At the same time, the true wireless ones are absent of any cables or connector between each ear device. We can encounter with other problems such as uncertainty with specific brands, the durability of batteries, the bass, the comfort, whether I should get hold of an over-ear headphone or an on the ear one, does this serve as an all-in-one use or does it work only with certain devices, can I pair two devices simultaneously, are they harmful or not, the Bluetooth version, is it waterproof…all these can cause hesitations converting this exciting purchasing journey into a heavy-loaded task and yes, do not rub this off. Still, the most expensive is not defined as ‘The Best’. So when it comes to pricing, believe me, there are many headphones hidden out there that can deliver a high-quality experience at a fairly low budget. I am talking about less than £100.

However, I’ll call these brain-teasers because, with a solid notion of what each of the following headphones can offer you, you will be able to make your decision right away and save your precious time, like I did when I bought mine. So let’s check them out.

TOP 10 Wireless Headphones UK

1. WorWoder over-ear headphone

WORWODER has engaged in creating cushioned headphones that are dulcet for your ears and giving the users the chance to experiment with their old wired facet with their new wireless one. The one below has excellent pricing, especially if you are aiming to buy them for kids or young ladies, but audience limitation is not necessary. For those who don’t like flashy colours, rose-gold is a great option.


  • Designed to soothe your ears hence long hours of usage. Ear cups are made with soft foam material and are large. Folding them in the cover case allows you to carry them easily. The flexibility of the headband allows you to adjust it to your head shape.
  • Walk, run, go for a bicycle ride, his headphone provides you with a steady connection. Compatible with many branded devices such as Huawei, MacBooks, Samsung. Easy to pair, even with your TV. Enjoy your favourite TV programmes without creating any inconveniences.
  • Built-in microphone allowing you to multi-task freely.
  • Sound quality is of high definition. So a punchy feel to your music is assured along with powerful bass. 
  • Charging speed is fairly long. It completes in two hours and a half. Its battery lasts for 14 hours, so it is compensated. However, it depends on the usage of your headphones. For some, the charge can last a long amount of time.
  • The memory slot is a bonus. You can introduce a micro SD card revealing that you can input loads of music.
  • This headphone can be used with cable or wirelessly.  
  • Flexible to adapt to different ear contours.
  • Cable usage will enable the battery to be charged for an extended period.
  • Expanding memory.
  • You might experience a sound leak. This can be solved by controlling the volume.
  • You hold the risk of breaking the cable as it tends to be fragile.

 2. SoundMagic S20BT Wireless Headphones gives the perfect beat

SOUNDMAGIC was born in 2005. Tony Xu is the founder. With innovative tech attributes and prime materials, it has produced huge quantities of headphones which are long-lasting as well as delivering outstanding sonic performances. It has shown constant upgrades, gained faithfulness within the customers and has received awards for its products. 

S20BT wireless headphone has a softening band which goes around your neck. Even if stretched, it comes back to its original form. Works well with skin sensitivity and can perfectly hold the position of a book cover.


  • Premium sound quality due to its high-powered 13.5mm drivers. Stable connection, meticulous regarding comfort, the basses are warm and so provide an enriching tone to your music.
  • The Bluetooth connection is solid. You can pair them with various devices such as PCs, tablets, mobile phones and others.
  • A nano-coating of IPX6 is well served. So no freak out in terms of sweat or rain. Carry out intense exercising as per your wish without even worrying that these could fall off.
  • The earbuds are magnetic. When not in use, these are an ideal way to keep them around your neck. 
  • Elegant! It comes with its USB-cable, case in the form of a pouch to protect and transport easily. 
  • The magnetic feature does not allow the earbuds nor the Bluetooth to suffer any agitations. It is a security measure.
  • More than one pair of ear caps made from silicone to adapt to ear sizes to personalize comfort.
  • Broad compatibility.
  • Each time you want to use your headphones, the pairing should be done as you do the very first time. The only way to avoid this is by leaving your device and headphones switched on.
  • This leads to a second disadvantage as it causes a downfall to your battery duration.

3. Sony WH-CH510

SONY is a widely-known brand from Japan that weighs and is an all-time. It speaks for its consistency in producing high-grade products in electronics. When it comes to sound and durability, they really achieve great scores. Not necessarily its products are price elevated such as this WH-CH510 headphone is reasonable being a Sony. What it offers and its outcome makes the spending worthwhile. 


  • Designed cleverly. This cordless headphone has a turning fold and makes it enjoyable for your out-goings. Incorporation of buttons is convenient and makes the listening more lovable. 
  • An integrated microphone allows you to make calls freely without occupying your hands. A thumbs up if you want to keep the phone inside your purse, bag or even pocket You won’t confront with theft, hopefully. 
  • The battery will drain out when it reached to 35 hours of playing. A10 minute refuel can give away a decent playtime: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Compatibility with voice-assistant. 
  • Even if the microphone is located on the right side of the headphone, it doesn’t affect the call’s quality. Saying it is indifferent from using the headphone or not is a pro. That means the sound crosses the superior borderline.
  • The volume adjustment button stands out. You don’t have to refer to the main device to reduce or increase the volume.
  • It is small-sized. Part of your ears is bound to be uncovered if they are big. This can lead to sound outpouring and snatch that intimate atmosphere.
  • It is low in terms of noise-cancellation. Such exclusion results in bearing lousy surroundings.

4. Riwbox XBT-80

RIWBOX is a brand which concentrates on designing and manufacturing headphones. It plays with variety and style. Making you feel updated; it still makes sure that its different types of headphones possess a simple approach to make it easier for the customer to use. XBT-80 is fashionable wireless set. It obliges you to feel the urge of having a headphone if you were thinking to just get away without any.


  • It works magnificently with multiple devices. Bluetooth pairing is really simple. Note that the version is 4.2 and not 5.0. These headphones are ideal if your device is an early model to the actual ones now.
  • A real fillip as the sound is very clear. The bass is deep due to vast frequency variations.
  • A sophisticated microphone is merged nourishing your calling times.
  • No power complaining. A complete charge deals with 13 hours of continuous music or 15 hours of a full talk session.
  • It has a 3.5mm jack cable to introduce in your device.
  • The headphone’s construction is a treat to your ears and head. The earpads material are of Memory protein foam. The tactile property of our skin is well imitated with this type of foam, ensuring a creaseless, cottony touch against your ears. The headband will not suffer corrosion nor rusting as it is chromium steel. It is fleecy, too, so no hurting is possible. This highly motivates into wearing them for a prolonged time.

  • The microphone can be used to talk whether you are using the headphone cabled or not.
  • For those who have small ears and have problems dealing with earbuds, these overhead ones are a perfect fitting.
  • If you face a battery run-out, the cable will supply you a spare usage of your headphones.
  • The cable is a minor con as its lastingness is uncertain. If it stops working, then it will only work wirelessly.

5. AKAMATE Wireless Neckband Headset Bluetooth V4.2 for those who have no 5.0 Bluetooth

AKAMATE made its appearance in 2016. It has produced good electronic goods all over the world. Its purpose till today’s date is to make people’s lives joyful, easygoing and comfortable. Participation from customers is well considered by AKAMATE as they have a continuous desire to surpass the user’s outlook. Not only with adults but, with kids too as they have goods designed for them as well.

The attractive AKAMATE wireless headphone is a high spot in nano-coating. It highly engages in noise nullification. A yes to attend phone calls, watch a movie or simply listen to music without disturbance.


  • In-built microphone and controls allow you quicker access to comfort calls and skipping from one track to another.
  • Magnets integrated to join earbuds together when unused. 
  • It has a standard battery duration. If your noise cancellation is activated, it lasts 4 hours, whereas it would be 8 hours if this function is deactivated. This might not persuade you into buying them, particularly if you looking for longer battery life. On the contrary, if you use headphones at certain times of the day, then it deserves you.
  • Low-density design as materials applied is airy. The packaging is complete. It offers three sized silicone ear caps for pain absence, double packaging case to port it wherever you desire with dual endorsements, a USB cord…an ideal set of headphones you can gift away.
  • Prevention of entanglement due to magnetism.
  • No heavyweight experience for your ears or neck.
  • The noise cancellation is activated manually. When not required, you can enhance battery durability.
  • When talking, the user has great experience with sound quality, whereas the person on the other end can hear the user weakly.
  • The noise cancellation control button is found on one side of the cover. The volume and pause button are located on the other. This could be an inconvenience initially as pressing one button may accidentally activate the others. 

 6. Tozo T6 will amaze you

TOZO is the soul for your electronic devices and accessories. It highly engages with creativity and alive 3C – connect, communicate and collaborate- digitalization giving away the juvenile spirit in its products. For all those sports lovers, it is time you get your hands on the T6 true wireless earbuds of the Tozo brand. One of the best substitutes for the Apple AirPods.


  •  An outstanding bass output signal which is not over exaggerating. This means that you will not feel the audio sound to be dull nor too simple. Even with songs that possess a heavy bass, these earbuds do cross the fair playline. Besides, you need not invite a wave of worry regarding your health. Too much of bass may bring in nauseous sensations, but T6 does not play with excessive bass.
  • Cleverly designed to cover your inner ears completely. No issues regarding noisy ambience. They are considered as noise-cancelling earbuds. You can contently listen to music without increasing the volume level too much.
  • Avoiding water from entering for it is highly water-resistant. Introduce till one-metre water depth due to its superhydrophobic materials applied while coating, the IPX8, which is brushed in the earbuds and their charging box. So going for skiing, walking under the rain or even gym workout is allowable. They are compatible with sweat too. 
  • A true fit as flexible silicone gel has been used for the ear cups. Even if you go running, face no concern at all as they won’t fall off. They are small-sized and lightweight. 
  • These earbuds possess powerful battery endurance. A single battery charge can last for a few days. If measured in hours, then it’s more than 5 hours of durability and a plus of 15 hours with the charging case. This adds up to 20 hours of length. Others have spoken that it can reach 30 hours. There are headphones with higher longevity, but I think that 20 to 30 hours is not a short period.
  • It counts with the latest 5.0 Bluetooth technology which the majority of nowadays smartphones require.
  • Perceive a light touching experience and avoid the fear of damaging your earbuds by too much
  • A time saver while pairing for both earbuds connect in one go
  • Not allowed to use for deep-sea sports such as diving or swimming

7. SoundPEATS TrueFree + are awesome!

SOUNDPEATS, brought about in 2013, comes from mesophiles and sports admirers by origin. They had this purpose of never quitting music while pursuing their emotion-filled life. They have given way to goods, exclusively speakers and headphones, that meet people’s wish of having a headphone which goes fully in sync with all kinds of sports they practice. They have been the leading brand regarding the online purchase and have been awarded for the same.

Life is more engaging with these TrueFree + wireless headphones making your music experience a real delight.


  • Each earpiece has an in-built microphone. You have the liberty to play both pieces or one. This works well when dealing with certain surroundings, such as crossing roads.
  • They have a playtime of 35 hours which is praiseworthy. 
  • Its Bluetooth is more advanced compared to other earphones. Going into the pairing, except the first time, is self-acting once they are taking out from their charge box.
  • It has a high-quality sound transmission due to its 6mm speaker.
  • They are noise close-off.
  • Minimal temperature feel is a plus point. The earbuds don’t retain the heat guaranteeing a decent level of comfort.
  • Earbuds aren’t vulnerable to dust and water due to firm case lid.
  • You can connect each earpiece to a different device.
  • No volume control. Volume adjustment is made through the main device—unavailable short-cut to this.
  • If you have the latest phones, then you would need to purchase an adapter to convert it from USB type C to standard USB cable or directly get hold of the older micro USB cable to charge the headphone’s case.

8. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1, a truly wireless headphone hits under the borderline

CAMBRIDGE AUDIO, as the proper name reveals, sprung from Cambridge in England. It produces Hi-Fi acoustic products and has buyers all around the world. Experts in engineering for 52 years now and constantly moving with the music. It is ranked as one of the tops for providing richness in sound and maintaining the ‘pureness’ in it.

Melomania 1, for instance, is a true fighter with a connection that works at another level. 


  • 45 hours is the battery duration. Playtime is of 9 hours and 36 hours are added in the charging box. If music is being heard with these earbuds, then you can estimate that an on-going of 2 hours, can drop your battery to 70%. So no quarrelling with battery life.
  • An unexpected rain wash or a crazy session at the gym succumb to its IPX5 waterproof coating. No sound-cuts and equipped with connectivity distance of 30 metres.
  • The bass is adequately well-set and gives you the sensation that your hearing levels have grown insensitivity.
  • The case is decent, and everything seems tightly bonded.
  • Voice-assistant compatibility.
  • Long life and light to take around.
  • Formality subject may arise. Working in a formal environment can determine that this is ideal for you. It will ensure you a disciplined and traditional appearance considering its designing output.
  • Elevated price compared to other headphones.
  • If your ear canals are small, then I am afraid that this is not an ideal purchase. Even having a closed fit, they still fall off. They lack suitable support to prevent the earbuds from falling. Accessible to a few picks of ear tips but not enough here.

9. Soundcore Life P2 deals with sound

SOUNDCORE is the new age for music. It breaks through the hidden cause of success in music sound. It applies advanced and unique technological attributes, user content and profound analytical viewpoints of the ones who have mastered the art of listening to create their audio goods.

Such is the case with Life P2 wireless earbuds defined as accurate and precise. Created with exceptional bass and the transmission suffers no drop. Thanks to its graphene drivers, the final result is a resistant, lightweight, slim and allows the charge to flow. Being graphene a high-cost material, the pricing is surprising.


  •  A coating of IPX7 is reliable in its waterproof factor. Once again, a perfect gym companion. Water companion to some extent, such as having a shower is not suitable, but it will escape the rain. The charging box possesses lower waterproof protection.
  • Choice of choosing from various ear tip sizes and then placing it in your ear is not all complicated. Take into consideration that the microphone should face your mouth to enhance your calls. 
  • Again, a Bluetooth version of 5.0.
  • This one fits as a good source of continuous listening. Have fun for 7 long hours at a stretch and increase this on-going delight by adding those 40 hours in the charging box. 
  • Reducing noise thanks to the up-to-the-minute CVC 8.0 tech attribute
  • Powerful connection with no interference what so ever between your earbuds and device.
  • If an “emergency” crops up, then a 10-minute charge will supply you a 1-hour play.
  • Meanwhile, the earbuds are waterproof, the charging box is not. With time, the nano-coating in the earbuds can decrease its efficiency if you use them in your day-to-day.
  • Each earbud comes with 2 inbuilt microphones, so this sums up to a total of 4 microphones integrated. They aid into decreasing noise levels produced in your surroundings but, your call levels will not be the best compared to other headphones mentioned.

10. Fascinating YINEME SP8 True wireless headphones

YINEME is all about being yourself! It is a brand of 3 years old (2017) and is mainly driven towards true wireless stereo headphones. In a fairly short time, it has achieved impressive feedbacks. Indulge yourself into enriching moments with YINEME SP8 headphones. Affordable and a qualitative product indeed. The beautiful colour contrast of red-black.


  •  Its 5.0 Bluetooth version is easygoing. It is not mandatory to use both earbuds. Just changing from mono to stereo mode can make you use both or either. Perform cardio HIIT sessions if desired as no cabling is involved. The 5.0 chipset installed is JL. This enhances the battery to last up to 12 hours in one single charge, provides stability, and it is low power consumption.
  • The charging box is innovative. Not those typical rubber or metallic based ones, but this one is made with a durable material known as snow cloth. Meanwhile, the regular ones are an open lid; SP8’s case uses a zip for opening/closing providing bigger security and protection.
  • Earbuds are designed with a Memory Wire artefact denoting the ability to change the earbuds contour when required for higher firmness and ease. 
  • The existence of ear loops as effective support is appreciated for those concerned about whether they would stay intact or not.
  • Non-Swifty volume adjustment. If you cannot manage yourself with these buttons, in particular, you can perceive a setback. There have been occasions where volume regulations are easier done through the prime device.
  • Noise isolation is not provided either. This compromises with the volume range as it is not high. However, this is more of a subjective matter.

Having mentioned the different kinds of headphones, along with its properties, its ups and downs, all brands possess similarities and differences. They tackle diverse sections which cover the needs of a user to have an exquisite listening as a result. Tozo focuses on gifting the customer with luxuries at a low price range. It is very austere with production and very detailed in every aspect. They tend to be eye-catching at the very first sight and transmit warmth. Time brings out the customer’s nature to the surface. It provides challenges ending with a positive finish, be it with the materials it uses or the control buttons.

Soundcore concentrates more in the audible section and is composed by what is in the inside of their headphones. Cambridge Audio work in other sound dimensions. Their designs meet such seriousness that they attract office workers. Of course, they are the most expensive of all brands mentioned here. Soundpeats, Akamate and SoundMagic reward you with the feeling that you are the creator of music. However, with the latter, there is no struggling with the volume.

Riwbox and WorWoder give stance to flexibility as their designings seem more appealing and adapt to different ear sizes. Sony lacks this, but, if your ear size is not an issue, then this one offers you long battery length and superior call experience. 

How to Choose Wireless Headphones UK

There are solved query highlights which can cause last-minute doubts in having a wireless headphone:

Are wireless headphones long-lasting?

 Yes, they do! Just like smartphones, they can last for 5-6 years or even more, depending on how they are treated. It is great to avoid finding your wallet empty. Yearly speaking, the purchase of one wireless headphone is equal to acquiring, let’s say, 6-8 wired headphones. You will certainly end up thanking yourself.

Convenience over sound or vice-versa?

At a start level, wired headphones have earned the fame in rendering optimum sound quality to its user. However, in terms of inconvenience, having a wire interfering between you and your music is not fun, especially when you are applying them in your daily life. With time, wireless headphones have gained wide popularity. When dealing with comfort, these are very demanding. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, sound requirements are met successfully. CVC tech feature assures no sound drops whatsoever, and an advanced Bluetooth gives top sound transmissions. 

So, wireless headphones are suitable and sound-rewarding to the user. You’re not obliged to choose between audio and pleasance.

Is Bluetooth health-friendly?

Radiofrequency emitted from Bluetooth has no link with health issues; otherwise, smartphones would have experienced a sky drop a long time ago. The radiation range of a cellphone is far bigger than the one of a headset. Using a wireless headphone frees you from having the phone near you. You can be sure that your head is protected this way, and you’ll be far away from sickness and headaches. 

Is the battery life mentioned reliable? 

We tend to start blaming when we see that results are different. The battery’s durability is influenced by some factors. How we are using our earbuds is the question. Give them the right charge when needed. Don’t display them in maximum temperatures. Increasing volume and the kind of music you hear are determinative too. Keep them in the charging case box when inactive. Noise-cancelling feature and other smart accessories use more power and so reduce battery life rapidly. Taking these into account, yes they have an impact on the battery life only to some extent depending on you. A wise utilization is the brownie treat for your battery. Still, you can go for the one with a high playtime range. 

Earbuds vs over-ear headphone, which one to go for?

Earbuds headphones are great to port around for their compact size. The noise isolation feature works best in these, and the absence of sound leakage is secured. Although, you might be giving away your comfort as these are placed just at the boundaries of the ear canal. Over-ear headphones are poor for portability as they occupy more space. Noise isolation is good, but you hold a higher risk of experiencing a sound leakage. Regarding comfort, they do win, and the materials applied to prevent the sensation of sweat.

Both types of headphones deliver infinite sound power, but if you desire that beat hitting your ears then go for the earbuds. If you don’t want a direct music pressure entering your ear canal, then opt for the over-ear ones. In the end, its a matter of preferences.


We can see these headphones cover the main problems stated initially. Most of them work with Bluetooth 5.0, which is a true-life enhancer as its properties provide completeness to the earsets.

WorWoder over-head headphone is the most cut-rated of all. For me, it gives a trendy look, completes all the standard requirements of a headphone and can become your first experience with a set of wireless headphones without eliminating the conventional cable usage.

Sony WH-CH510 is my personal choice. There are no difficulties while using the buttons and the sound range is identical to the device’s speaker.

Tozo T6 undoubtedly. They are a copy of the Apple Airpods and have the advantage of being charged wirelessly. The packaging is delightful making you want to play with it as it has a smooth opening lid. It is a fancy headphone as I consider it to be fascinating and luxurious for a very affordable price. Soft-touch and longer-lasting earphones are guaranteed. An additional feature which apple AirPods have left behind.

 Now you have everything in hand about the best wireless headphones before purchasing them. Yes, they have minimum faults, but loads of positive notes. They are convenient and bring an effortless turning point when dealt with. Become wireless and get casual with them.


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