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Best Waterproof Walking Shoes UK

Regular shoes don’t cut it all the time. Sometimes I want to walk my dog, and maybe I want to go hiking, walking, trekking long distances to burn calories, name it, I need shoes that are appropriately built for that kind of activity. That’s where walking shoes come in.

Unlike regular shoes, walking shoes are specifically built to withstand harsh terrains and physical activities. I usually have a hard grip for traction and sturdiness. When I was looking to get one of these, I was overwhelmed with the broad spectrum I had to choose from, and I was confused because, of course, I wanted to get great shoes that I wouldn’t regret purchasing. Well, I went through varieties of products, some epic fails and misses, till I finally got it right.

If you’re like me and you’re looking to get one of these, worry no more, that’s what this article is for. In this article, I have compiled a simple but comprehensive list of some of the best walking shoes you can ever find. Along with the list of products, I have also added a product guide which would steer you towards picking out the best walking shoes that would be suitable for you. With that, let’s get into it:

 Top 10 Waterproof Walking Shoes

 1. Timberland’s Women’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Lace-up Boots. 

Timberland's Women's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Lace-up Boots

Timberland's Women's White Ledge Mid Waterproof Lace-up Boots

The upper part of the EVA shoes is made with full-grain leather, which makes them very comfortable. For the outsoles, it is made with rubber and features multidirectional lugs for sturdy traction, no matter the terrain.

It also comes with plenty of arch support using the EVA dual-density footbed. These shoes are perfect for hiking, running and other activities and are highly recommended for women with wide feet.


  • The tongue part and collar of the boot are heavily padded.
  • Perforated EVA footbed.
  • Combination of D-rings and Speed hooks lacing system.
  • Rustproof hardware.
  • The boots are seam sealed.
  • EVA footbed provides maximum arch support.
  • Equipped with Timberland’s BSFP system.
  • Two pairs of flex grooves to encourage natural flexion of the foot.
  • Might be a tight fit until the leather breaks in.

2. Berghaus Women’s Expeditor Walking Boots

Berghaus Women's Expeditor Walking Boots

Berghaus Women's Expeditor Walking Boots

These shoes are fully waterproof and excellent for everyday use. It is a standard lace-up shoe made of fabric and leather. It has an EVA cushioned midsole to cushion the heel and an Ortholite footbed for additional comfort.

It has a breathable mesh running through the main upper combined with high-grade suede to ensure air passes into the shoes at all time. This keeps the feet fresh and odourless.

They are perfect for casual walking, trekking, travelling, backpacking, everyday use.


  • It has a Vibram sole.
  • Ortholite footbed.
  • Breathable mesh lining for air passage.
  • It has a standard lace-up fastening.
  • EVA midsoles.
  • Highly breathable.
  • Properly cushioned for maximum comfort.
  • EVA midsole for sturdiness across all terrains.
  • Great arch support.
  • Classy and impressive outlook.
  • It might be a sturdy fit for a few weeks, till it loosens up.

3. Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Waterproof Slip-On Shoes.

Merrell Women's Jungle Moc Waterproof Slip-On Shoes

Merrell Women's Jungle Moc Waterproof Slip-On Shoes

This Merrell Women’s Waterproof shoes are made with 100% leather to keep your feet dry and protected at all times. This Jungle Moc shoes also feature the Merrell air cushion underfoot to add more support and extra cushioning for your feet.

Another essential feature of these shoes is the dry, waterproof membrane that keeps your feet fresh and odourless. Most importantly, it has a moulded nylon shank for arch support.


• It’s a slip-on, so it’s comfortable to wear.

• EVA foam foot-frame for comfort.

• It has an air cushion.

• Molded shank to provide excellent arch support.

  • Extremely lightweight and easy to lift.
  • Amazing arch support.
  • Grippy outsole for traction.
  • Easy to wear and pull off.
  • Offers excellent support to your feet
  • Might take a while to loosen up.

4. Boteman Walking Shoes Women’s Waterproof Trekking Shoes

Boteman Walking Shoes Women's WaterProof Trekking Shoes

Boteman Walking Shoes Women's Waterproof Trekking Shoes

These shoes are the embodiment of comfort. From the padded insoles to the durable rubber outsoles, you can never go wrong in them. Leather is naturally water repellant, but these shoes are also stripped with a waterproof membrane that gives the assurance that you can wear them anywhere and no matter how wet the ground is, it will keep your feet dry.


  • Perforated upper for breathability.
  • Heel and toes protection.
  • The sole is gum rubber with a lace-up closure.
  • Padded insoles for comfort.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Durable.
  • It has a fully padded tongue and collars to keep debris out.
  • Protective bumper for toes.
  • It is versatile.
  • It might slip in wet terrains, so extra care is needed.

5. Northwest Waterproof Hiking Shoes Walking Piers Low Cut Trainers

Northwest Waterproof Hiking Shoes Walking Piers Low Cut Trainers

Northwest Waterproof Hiking Shoes Walking Piers Low Cut Trainers

Designed with leather skin, this shoe promises long-lasting durability and performance. Northwest waterproof hiking shoes also have a gum rubber sole for traction, plus a breathable lining to keep your feet healthy and fresh. The inner material of the shoes is made of textile, which is soft and would also act as an extra cushion for your feet.


  • Designed with sturdy leather.
  • Textile inner material for the cushion.
  • It has a gum rubber sole.
  • It has a heel height of one inch.
  • It is very durable and can withstand any terrain.
  • Very comfortable to wear and use because of its padded insole.
  • Stylish and classy.
  • Might be a little heavy.

6. Merrell Men’s Moab Adventure Lace Walking Shoes. 

Merrell Men's Moab Adventure Lace Walking Shoes

Merrell Men's Moab Adventure Lace Walking Shoes

Asides being waterproof, these shoes are made of leather, with a Vibram outsole, which is widely known to provide sturdy traction, no matter the terrain. It also has a breathable mesh lining to ensure your feet gets enough air all the time. In addition to the above, it has an EVA midsole to give the user’s feet that extra cushioning.


  • Lace-up closure.
  • It has a Vibram outsole.
  • Breathable mesh lining.
  • Gum rubber sole for traction.
  • EVA midsole for extra cushioning.
  • Great arch support.
  • Comfortable to wear for long durations.
  • Versatility and durability.
  • Not true to size.

7. Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Boot

SALOMON Men's X Ultra 3 Wide Mid GTX Hiking

Salomon Men's X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Boot.

The Salomon Ultra 3 Hiking Boots is a lightweight, flexible and supportive trail running shoe. It has excellent padding in the collar and tongue, and the sculpted insole provides enough cushion and extra support.

For traction, the Salomon Hiking Boots traded the regular solid rubber for a series of gill-like cutouts that bites into the ground.

These shoes are ideal for just about any day hiking or lightweight backpacking adventure. It can also be used for travelling, dog walking and other activities.


  • Nice collar padding for comfort.
  • Latest contagrip outsoles.
  • Featured an advanced chassis that connects to the sole to stabilise your feet.
  • Protective heel cap.
  • Lightweight and moderately flexible.
  • Improved downhill traction.
  • Breathability.
  • EVA footbed for extra cushioning.
  • It is a low rise shoe.

8. Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX M Hiking Boots

Lowa Men's Renegade GTX M Hiking Boots

Lowa Men's Renegade GTX M Hiking Boots

If you are looking for boots for serious backpacking, long uphill walks, running, hiking and other rigorous outdoor activities, then this is for you. Lowa employs Vibram for their outsoles, and in addition to the tread pattern of these boots, you are ensured excellent traction and grip when on volatile terrain.

Although these boots are covered mainly in leather, it is also lined with a breathable lining that ensures a decent job of absorbing and dissipating moisture for additional comfort.


  • Climate control footbed.
  • Monowrap frame midsole.
  • Vibram outsole for traction.
  • Breathable Gore-Tex membrane.
  • Firm and stiff to withstand long uphill slogs.
  • All-round soft padding.
  • Breathability.
  • Amazing arch support.
  • It’s leather, so it takes a while to break them in.

9. Foster Footwear Men’s Ladies Hiking Trail Shoes. 

Foster Footwear Men's Ladies Hiking Trail Shoes.

Foster Footwear Men's Ladies Hiking Trail Shoes

This boot has all the characteristics of excellent hiking footwear. It has a great rubber sole for traction and textile padding for comfort.

A distinguishing feature is the hook and loop closure, which makes it utterly easy to remove or put on. It is particularly ideal for people with some health challenges like arthritis.


  • Rubber sole.
  • Comfortable padding.
  • Velcro fastening.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Breathability.
  • Velcro fastening for ease.
  • Not very fashionable.

10. Wowei Lace-Up Waterproof Non-Slip Outdoor Men Walking Shoes

Wowei Lace-Up Waterproof Non-Slip Outdoor Men Walking Shoes

Wowei Lace-Up Waterproof Non-Slip Outdoor Men Walking Shoes

Branded by Wowei, these waterproof walking shoes have a superior cushioning effect that gives you freedom of movement and to prevent an accidental crash.


  • It has a Gum rubber sole for added traction.
  • It has a regular shoe width with a lace-up closure.
  • Wide leather around the toe cap for toes protection.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They are comfortable to wear.
  • They have an exceptionally sturdy sole that can withstand wear and tear.
  • The shoes are relatively small, so it’s hard to find a perfect fit.

Waterproof Walking Shoes UK Product Guide

It’s not enough knowing which products are great for purchase, what matters most is getting the ones that are most suitable for you. In this guide, I will be taking you through important factors to put into consideration.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Before you purchase any of these products, you would want to put this factor into consideration. Make sure the shoes have a comfortable footbed or midsoles for comfort.

Also, you would want a shoe that has extra padding to provide arch support.

Lightweight Walking Shoes

If the shoes are too heavy, you won’t be able to walk in them, period. Imagine walking, and with every step you take, and you have to lift the shoes along with you, it would only be a burden.

Durable Walking Shoes.

How long will these shoes last?

Before you pick one out, be sure if the durability. What materials are they made of and how long are these materials design to last? Be sure to invest in shoes that have an excellent sole, like the Vibram soles.

Walking Shoes With Velcro Fastening.

Unlike regular shoes with a lace system, Velcro fastenings are the most accessible type of shoe to wear. They are easily worn or taken off and are suitable for people with arthritis or people who don’t want to deal with the stress of laces.  


We know these aren’t regular, party shoes and all, but you don’t want to come out looking full and drab, so before you cop on of these, make sure it’s one that fits your style.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are they right to size?

Some are. Some are not. That’s why before you decide too for any, you should check the product specifications. It is always written there if they are true to size.

How do we clean them if they get muddy?

These are waterproof shoes, but when cleaning, you don’t want to immerse them entirely into a bowl of water. Instead, you can wait till it gets dry, then brush off the hardened dirt from it.

Would they be useful in a hot climate?

Well, it depends on how hot the climate is. Waterproof shoes mean it is quite padded and seam-sealed to keep water out. Some of these shoes are also white breathable, to allow air to come in to keep your feet fresh and warm, but in hot climates, because of the extra paddings, it can get quite uncomfortable.


Now we’ve come to the end of this article, and I’m sure by now, you already have a particular product in mind. If you don’t, I have some recommendations for you. Even if you do, you can still check them out. For the women’s shoe, I would suggest the Karrimor Hot Route Waterproof Walking Shoes. This is because I think walking shoes are better if they don’t have any heel. It just makes it more comfortable. Asides that, it is also wonderful to look at and exceptionally breathable, allowing your feet to feel fresh, as well as dry.

For men, I’d recommend the Lowa Men’s Renegade GTX M Hiking Boots. They can perform well in absolutely any terrain. They are also comfortable and would not cramp your feet. For the last recommendation, you might want to check out the Foster Footwear Hiking Trail Shoes. This shoe has all the characteristics of the above but is ideal for people who don’t want to deal with shoelaces. If you have arthritis or eye to hand incompatibility, then this shoe is for you.

Now it’s up to you. With all the above mentioned, the choice is still yours. You know what is suitable for you in the long run. Please go through the product guide as carefully as you can before making a choice. I hope you find a product you love.

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