Best Walking Gaiters UK

Are you fond of hiking through the snow-covered landscapes? If yes, then you definitely need the essential gear that will keep you comfortable while hiking. One such important gear to invest in is the walking gaiters.

Gaiters are essential for any walker. The simple design keeps the space between your leg and shoes dry. Hiking through the snow-covered areas and muddy terrain can have you accumulate snow or mud in the gap between your boots and leg.

Once you have decided to buy gaiters for your excursion, it is important to get the right one to ensure utmost comfort. When you go shopping for the gaiters, you realize there are plenty of options to choose from which can be overwhelming.

To make your search simpler, we have listed down the buyer’s guide and 10 best walking gaiters UK.

10 Best Walking Gaiters UK Recommendations

1. Natuce Hiking Gaiters

If you are looking for gaiters for your mountain trek, then these are an ideal option. They are made using premium material having 600D anti-tear Oxford cloth which is highly durable.

The Natuce Hiking Gaiters are windproof, water-resistance, and snowproof as well, but of course up to a certain extent. Not just mountain trekking, these are widely used for all outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, skiing, climbing, and more.

These are designed with an adjustable elastic band to keep it comfortable and also has a snap fastener for a firm tie-up, thus, keeping mud, stones, bugs, and snow away. The gaiters are convenient to wear due to its velcro design as well as full-length entry zip and also light in weight of just 130 gms.

  • 600D anti-tear Oxford material
  • Adjustable elastic band
  • Full length zip
  • Lightweight
  • Velcro is not very durable


2. Unigear Hiking Gaiters

These Unigear hiking gaiters are one of the most affordable options in this list. They are made using 600D water-resistant oxford fabric and a lower leg is made using 300D polyester. Apart from being water-resistant, these also provide tear and puncture resistance. The material is breathable and thus no blisters.

They protect your feet from rain, snow, mud, wind, mosquitoes, and insects from entering and also keep your leg warm. Thus, they are ideal for use in snow, rain, jungle, hunting, hiking, walking, and skiing.

They are easy to fold up and carry being light weight and compact. It will hardly take any space in your hiking bag. These are available in 4 sizes – Small, Medium, Large, and Xtra-large.

With an adjustable buckle strap at the top with 36cm length and TPU foot band at the bottom, these gaiters can fit every physique. It is also very simple to put on and take off with the wide opening velcro. The Unigear hiking gaiters provide maximum comfort with 3 elastic draw cords at the top, mid and bottom.

  • Upper leg – 600D oxford fabric and lower leg – 300D polyester
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Adjustable buckle strap
  • 3 elastic draw cords
  • Affordable
  • Stitching on the velcro could have been better


3. Unigear Snow Gaiters

If budget is not a constraint and you are looking for long-lasting gaiters then these are the best option. These Unigear Snow Gaiters provide you water resistance level of up to 1000mm.

These gaiters are made using the CORDURA high tech 1000D nylon material which makes it quick-drying, lightweight, and provide maximum durability. The longevity of this type of fabric is twice more when compared to the regular nylon fabric, three times the regular polyester material, and ten times more than cotton canvas.

To add to the list, the material is also tear-resistant, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant. It has a durable velcro seal that makes it easy to wear and remove. The top part is covered with an adjustable web and brand buckle for comfort. The bottom part features a 30cm TPU strap and clip that protects your shoes securely.

These are ideal for a number of outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, skiing, mountaineering, gardening, and camping.

  • High tech CORDURA 1000D nylon fabric
  • Tear-resistant, water-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable during outdoor activities
  • Expensive


4. Newoer Premium Hiking Gaiters

The Newoer hiking gaiters are effective and durable. They protect your pant legs from the moisture by not letting snow enter. They even provide you warmth by holding the heat inside and are also wind resistant.

These are made using the 600D oxford material, 300D polyester as well as 3D imprint layer. All these fabrics make it durable as well as water-resistant, tear-resistant, and puncture-resistant. Another plus point of this gaiter is that it is breathable and also comfortable to wear.

These are wearable even at a low temperature of -35 degrees celsius. The tough 1.5mm TPU strap keeps your legs safe, dry, and warm. Just like other gaiters, these can also be used for numerous outdoor activities like snow skating, hiking, camping, hunting, and mountain climbing. They can also effectively protect you from rain, mud, wind, snow, sand, insects, and mosquitoes.

  • 600 D oxford material, 300D polyester, and 3D imprint layer
  • Water-resistant, tear-resistant, and puncture-resistant
  • Elastic tightening hold at the top and zipper at the bottom
  • Durable
  • Straps that go under the shoes are too long


5. Lictin Hiking Gaiters

Another affordable gaiter in this list of best walking gaiters is from Lictin. These can effectively protect you from mud, snow, dew, bugs, and sand from entering the shoes and socks.

Though reasonable, just like other gaiters, these are ideal for fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. Its fabric is thin but quite durable. They keep your legs and ankles warm and dry throughout.

It also convenient to wear and remove the gaiters with its adjustable elastic band as well as the snap fastener. It even has a full-length zipper.

Outdoor activities are comfortable with these gaiters as they are lightweight.

  • Adjustable elastic band
  • Light in weight
  • Snap fastener
  • Reasonable
  • Quality could have been better


6. TRIXES Hiking Gaiters

The TRIXES Hiking Gaiter is another reasonable and wroth buying gaiter in this list. It protects you from a number of elements entering your shoes. These are windproof and breathable thus, comfortable while hiking.

You do not have to worry about the fitting because these come adjustable elastic band and snap fastener that is convenient and ensure firm bundling.

Putting on and off is simple and does not require much time because it has a hook and loop fastener. It even has a full-length zip. These are abrasion-resistant and also have rustproof shoelace hooks, thus making it super durable.

  • Wind proof, water-resistant and highly breathable
  • Adjustable elastic band and snap fastener
  • Full-length rear entry zip
  • Ideal for many outdoor activities – hiking, snow skating, hunting, walking, fishing and camping
  • Quality could have been better


7. Berghaus Expeditor Gaiter

Berghaus is a brand from England and has been into manufacturing outdoor gear that is designed to last for approximately 50 years. These are one of the most robust gaiters on this list and worth buying too.

They keep your feet moisture-free with its dry and breathable protection of three layers of Lofoten fabric by Gore-Tex that does not let anything inside like mud, stones, bugs, snow, etc. the fitting is superb and it takes hardly a few seconds to wear them.

It has a hook and loop system, underfoot strap as well as a drawcord for convenient and comfortable fitting. The gaiters are available in 2 sizes, 45cm and 40cm, thus ensuring a fit for every physique.

Cleaning them is not a task too. All you need to do is put it in hot water and clean the mud off with a cloth. Make sure you do not machine wash them.

  • Made with 3 layers of Lofoten fabric by Gore-Tex
  • Breathable
  • Sturdy
  • Simple cleaning
  • Available in 2 sizes – 40cm and 45cm
  • It could have more sizes to fit everyone


8. TUKNON Hiking Gaiters

TUKNON offers one of the best gaiters. These are made of 600D anti-tear oxford fabric and is also water and puncture resistant. It has a TPU belt which is strong and long-lasting.

You can easily fold and carry it wherever you want. It will not wear out soon and it is also simple to clean. You only need to dip it in hot water and remove the mud on it with a cloth.

The fabric is excellent that prevents rain, snow, wind, mud, sand, bugs from entering the shoes and pants, thus keeping you safe and your legs warm. With so many benefits, it can be worn to multiple outdoor activities other than hiking like running, skiing, walking, hunting, and even in the desert.

The wide opening velcro, adjustable TPU belt at the bottom, and the woven tape at the top make it very easy to put on and take off. These protect your legs from moisture by not allowing snow entering through the shoes. The material it is made of keeps you warm by trapping the heat in.

  • 600D anti-tear oxford fabric
  • Water and puncture-resistant
  • Easy cleaning
  • Durable
  • Only a single size available


9. CampTeck U6843 Waterproof Walking Gaiters

Another reasonable and durable gaiter in the list is the CampTeck U6843 Walking Gaiters. These are waterproof and windproof, thus protecting you at any outdoor activity.

These do not have different sizes but it is designed in a way that ‘one fit for all’. What is that makes this possible? They have adjustable foot straps and elastic mid as well as bottom sections that make it the right fit for everyone. Whereas we would always prefer different sizes to have the best fit.

It has zero water penetration with the front hook and loop closure that protects the full-length zip. It has an elastic drawstring with a toggle that will secure the top and the shoe lace hook to secure the bottom.

It fits most boots from B0 hiking to B3 mountaineering boots.

  • Comfortable
  • Full length zip
  • Sturdy material
  • Washable at 30 degrees
  • The strap that goes under your footwear is a little fiddly


10. Karrimor Munro Gaiters

Karrimor is a home-grown brand, founded in the year 1946. For decades, it has been providing quality products and still does. These are one of the most expensive gaiters in this list of best walking gaiters UK, though a worthy buy.

The gaiters are made with waterproof polyester material, which can be worn in up to 10,000mm water. To top it up, the fabric is also breathable of 5,000mm. These can be worn to multiple outdoor activities like skiing, hunting, hiking, etc. and prevents mud, stones, bugs, snow, and sand from getting inside the shoes.

It has durable ripstop panels for added durability to your legs and feet. The elasticated mid and base make it very easy for you to take the gaiter on and off, also saving you lots of time.

It is not a one size fits all gaiter but available in 2 sizes – small and medium. The small size fits the women well while the medium fits the men. It comes with an adjustable underfoot strap for a secure fit.

  • Elasticated drawcord top
  • Breathable material 5000mm
  • Polyester fabric
  • The quality of the strap stitching could have been better

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are going on a trek on ice terrain or muddy land, gaiters can keep you comfortable and also clean. Before you pick the first one you come across, ensure to have a read through this buying guide that will help you make an informed decision.

Hiking style 

All the gaiters serve one purpose, that is to protect you from various elements. Thus, the ways in which they provide protection are related to the hiking style you prefer.

If you plan to go on a day-hike occasionally then you require an all-round gaiter that will prevent small stones from getting stuck in the hiking boots. You will require waterproof gaiters if you plan to cross small streams.

On the contrary, if you plan to go on a trail in the wild, close to nature, then you require a tough, waterproof, and comfortable gaiter that can handle everything nature throws at you.

There is a huge rise in people going on trail running. If that is your plan too, then you require gaiters that are light in weight, breathable, and provide basic protection. Before you buy one, understand your need because every hiker’s needs vary and the market has lots to offer.


You may buy a gaiter that provides amazing protection but it is of no use if it can only protect you once.

While hiking, you are in motion, and thus your gaiters flex and fold with every move and your legs will also be striking branches. Durable gaiters will be able to handle all these stresses for years.

A quick way to check the durability is to check the denier rating on the material, the higher the better. For instance, 1000D is two times better than 500D material.

The strongest material in gaiter that you can find is the canvas. But also remember that it is the heaviest. If you are planning hiking on the toughest terrains and camping overnight, then always go for canvas gaiters.

Many hikers find the perfect balance in gaiters made with eVent, nylon packcloth, or GoreTex material. If you are a trail runner, always go for the lightweight synthetic gaiter.


The design of the gaiter is important to consider. The buckles, fasteners, and loops should not stick out because if they do, these parts will repeatedly keep abrading and will eventually wear off.

Physical protection 

Gaiters are used to protect from stones and mud from getting stuck between your leg and shoes. They also protect your shinbone from scratches and provide a maximum shield against snake bites.

There are three factors determining the level of protection provided – thickness, height, and seal it provides at the top opening.

Thickness – the thickness will decide how well the gaiter can handle a beating of thorns, sharp sticks, and rocks. The thinnest gaiter will protect you from a snake bite. Thick gaiters will offer fantastic protection but remember that it will come with increased weight and low comfort level.

Height – gaiter heights vary from knee-high to ankle-high. With the former version, you get a superior level of protection for your leg. Also, remember that knee-high gaiters come with more weight and it won’t be as comfortable as the ankle-high gaiters.

Seal – a good seal will prevent the twigs, stones, mud, and moisture to enter the boots. Remember to choose a gaiter that is adjustable so that you can adjust it as per your physique.


Just like your shoes, you are going to wear the gaiter for a long time and thus it is important to ensure that you are comfortable. The last thing you would want during your hike is to be uncomfortable and not able to hike.

When you hike, your feet will sweat. A good gaiter will be breathable and light, thus minimizing the sweat and keeping your feet cool. A poorly design gaiter will be heavy and create a humid environment that increases sweat and thus causing your feet to slippery, which could even cause blisters. This will make the drying process more difficult and you will have to experience the same thing on the second day of the hike.

The best materials for gaiters are modern synthetics like eVent and GoreTex as they provide the highest level of breathability. These fabrics are also water-resistant and light in weight. The only downfall is that the gaiters made using these materials are expensive.

If you are looking for an affordable option, then the ones made using nylon packcloth can be preferred but remember that they are not as breathable as the other two.

The right gaiters will fit you well on the top of the shoes and around the calf. They should even have sturdy loops that are easy to open and close.

Trying your gaiters on before purchasing to check the comfort is not possible when you buy online. Thus always look for good return policy.

Water resistance 

Before you fall into the gimmick of manufacturers stating their gaiters are completely waterproof, remember that if you walk in rain, through the stream or deep snow, your feet will get wet.

Gaiters with a good level of water resistance will stop your feet from getting drenched in mud, shallow streams, drizzle, and light snow. Look for a gaiter that is closely fitted as that will work the best in preventing moisture entry. Also, remember that if its too tight then it will restrict your mobility.

The type of fabric also matters but not too much. Synthetic materials like eVent and GoreTex provide an amazing water resistance but they should be often maintained well to keep it at optimal levels.

On the other hand, canvas gaiters are rare because they are heavy but also give the best water resistance and do not require too much attention to keep them at optimal levels.


The requirement for reinforcement depends on where you are planning to go on a hike. In case you are going on a regular hike, then you may not need any extra protection as the durable gaiter material will provide you the protection needed. 

If you are going on a tough hike, then you will require extra protection. You can have a kevlar added to the fabric. Also, tear-resistant material will be good.


Buying a gaiter is easy but when you have plenty of options it can be a daunting task. Thus, we have listed down the important points that you need to consider in the buying guide that will help you make the right purchase.

We have also listed the 10 best walking gaiters UK to help you make an informed purchase quickly.

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