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Best Walking Gaiters UK

One of the best things you can do in the great outdoors in the UK is hiking. It can be a truly memorable experience. When everything goes well and the weather and conditions are on your side, that is. Sometimes, the opposite is more like the truth, and it can be an experience you’d rather forget. Especially if you get caught in rain and don’t have the right gear to protect your clothes and skin.

That is why it is so important to invest in the right gear when you are heading on adventures into the great outdoors. While you may see it as common sense to pack a mac or raincoat, to wear appropriate ankle boots and other practical clothing, you may not readily think to invest in walking gaiters.

These waterproof accessories, though, can help provide comfort and protection and prevent what could be an absolute disaster when the weather conditions do turn bad or you have to traverse a muddy puddle, into something that’s just like water on a duck’s back.

Whether you find yourself here because you know you need walking gaiters or you have only just learned about them, we have put this guide together to make it easier for you to choose the best for you. Below you will find insightful reviews about the top 10 gaiters, in our opinion, as well as a handy buyer’s guide if you are a complete newb.

10 Best Walking Gaiters UK Recommendations

1. Natuce Hiking Gaiters

First in our guide is this pair of hiking gaiters from Natuce made from 600D oxford cloth with anti-tear and weatherproof properties. Whether it’s raining, windy or snowing these will not let you down. They have been produced to be easy to put on and adjust to your own preference and size.

This is possible thanks to the elasticated band with a secure snap fastener that keeps it as tight as you need. With Velcro, there is nothing complicated or difficult about using these gaiters. If you are concerned that you already have a lot of gear and equipment you are going to take with you on your next trip and that this is yet another thing to add to that list and the weight you need to lug around, don’t be.

Natuce has ensured you will not feel too fatigued as it only weighs just 130-grams. With a width of 23cm and a length of 39cm, even if you are blessed with nice long legs, these will still serve you well and keep your trousers and the inside of your shoes, trainers or boots dry.

Regardless of what you plan to do, whether its hiking or you intend on doing a bit of fishing, climbing, hunting or even skiing, these will be a great accessory to either wear from the very start or to keep in your bag as a possibility.


2. Unigear Hiking Gaiters

Another great option we have singled out to feature in this guide is from the company known as Unigear and are also made from 600D oxford fabric with 300D polyester to produce leg gaiters that are puncture, water, tear and weather resistant. We especially like these gaiters because of the highly durable TPU belt strap used to secure them around the sole of your footwear.

Available in 2 different colours and 3 different sizes, no matter what your needs and personal tastes dictate, you will be able to find the right Unigear gaiters for you. Not only are these easy to put on and adjust to fit your leg size and shape, thanks to the Velcro, they are also breathable and comfortable.

Whether you are planning on a simple hike on a dry summer’s day or venturing into the wilderness during winter or spring and are looking for protection against all kinds of irritants that can get into your shoes and onto your trousers, these gaiters are great protection against all insects and critters and weather conditions.

As if all these features weren’t enough to make them attractive, they are extremely affordable.


3. Unigear Snow Gaiters

The second set of walking gaiters in our guide from Unigear are the first to feature the even higher quality Cordura top-notch 1000D nylon material, which is even more durable, functional, soft, quick-drying and lightweight than standard cotton canvas, polyester fabric and nylon.

Like many of the walking gaiters we’ve already featured and are still to feature, Unigear has manufactured these so that they have conveniently wide diameters to make it easy for you to put them on and take them off. Not only are they extremely comfortable and durable, but they are also exceptional when it comes to the protection, they offer against all weather conditions, dust, insects and other irritants that can make it into your boots, shoes or trousers.

Don’t think because they are made to handle snow and other treacherous weather conditions that these need to be saved for those times. Even if you are simply going out into the garden, these walking gaiters are perfect for adding to the amount of the enjoyment you can get out of all activities. Available in 4 different sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large, it shouldn’t be too difficult finding the pair that’s just right for you and your legs.


4. Newoer Premium Hiking Gaiters

Next up we have this great and affordable pair of hiking/walking gaiters from Newoer. Made from the incredibly popular and versatile 600D oxford nylon along with 300D polyester, that is enough to recommend them to you.

However, that’s not all that makes these a great pair of gaiters. The 3D imprint layer found on these gaiters increases their durability and makes them particularly resistant to all manner of conditions. They are puncture, tear, water and weather resistant.

When you don’t invest wisely and opt for a cheaper pair of walking gaiters, you can sometimes have a pair that falls off. That won’t happen with the Newoer pair because they have an enhanced, improved and much thicker TPU belt measuring at 1.5mm strap to ensure they always stay on. When used in conjunction with the top buckle strap, once you have them adjusted to suit your legs, they are going nowhere.

As is the case with most featured here, rather than just suiting windy or just rainy weather, these are designed for all conditions and activities. You can stick these in your baggage the next time you go skiing, mountain climbing, hunting or simply into the woods to camp or hike.


5. Lictin Hiking Gaiters

How about a very low-priced pair of walking gaiters if you are on an extremely tight budget. That’s what you get with this Lictin pair. Made from a lightweight, but nonetheless a durable and robust form of nylon, and featuring metal hardware of very high quality, these will not feel like inexpensive hiking accessories, even if they seem that way.

Getting in and out of them is easy enough, thanks to the full-length zipper entry up the back of them. They have also been manufactured with an adjustable and very sturdy elasticated band with a snap fastener that makes them easy to secure around your boots so that they don’t fall accidentally while you are wandering through the wilderness or ascending a mountain.

Despite their functionality, versatility and weatherproofing properties, they are still relatively lightweight and have a drawstring at the top to help you adjust them to the width of your legs. No matter what you put them through, whether its swamps, wet grass, fishing, hunting or even skiing, they will protect and keep your legs warm. If you are particularly wide-legged, they are ideal with a diameter of 50 cm and a length of 41cm. the fact that they are adjustable means that even if your legs are smaller, they can be tightened appropriately.


6. TRIXES Hiking Gaiters

If the above still seemed too expensive for the budget you must work with, then check out this pair from Trixes. Trixes are quite a well-known brand as well, which makes this pair of gaiters more enticing.

Fashioned using a breathable but durable and weather, dust and insect-proof material, they are made with the long run in mind. Much like many of the others we’ve featured so far and will for the rest of this guide, they benefit from a full-length zipper closure at the back of them that makes it easy to slip them on, while the loop and hook fastener in addition to the adjustable toggle at the top is ideal for keeping them from falling down.

As they are lightweight and durable, they are designed for just about any outdoor activity you can think of, from hunting and walking to hiking, climbing and even snow-based pastimes like skiing and snowboarding. Although they look a little on the bulky side as they don’t quite have that streamlined appearance that many of the more expensive products do, these are still worthy of your consideration because of the high-quality materials used and that exceptional price tag.


7. Berghaus Expeditor Gaiter

Now, full disclosure time, the next pair is a lot more expensive than some of the other models we have featured thus far. However, there is a good reason for the hike in price compared to the others – the fact that they are manufactured by Berghaus. Made from 100% polyester, they have three layers of the special high-tech Lofoten fabric from Gore-Tex. Not only does this offer the protection you need from adverse weather conditions, but it also offers the breathability you want that prevents things from getting too sticky or sweaty and therefore, uncomfortable.

Berghaus show their experience and expertise with these as they are very easy to slip on and adjust to the right size. There are a straightforward hook and loop system for slipping it over your footwear, with a robust and durable strap that secures under your foot and a drawstring cord at the top that sits just below your knee.

Although they look very plain, they have a rugged elegance that you wouldn’t expect in this kind of product, along with the blue and red squire logo and name emblazoned tastefully at the tops of each gaiter.

8. TUKNON Hiking Gaiters

Another great pair of walking and hiking gaiters that have been made from 600D Oxford nylon, this set from Tuknon may not be able to compete when it comes to industry longevity of the manufacturer. What they lack in experience, though, the company makes up for in execution when it comes to producing fine outdoor accessories.

Tear and puncture, water and dustproof, these will also prevent all manner of creepy crawlies and critters from getting into your trousers or shoes/boots when you are out and about while making sure you are warm and dry at the same time.

Rather than having a full-length zipper closure to the back, these have a wide-opening Velcro strap and an adjustable TPU belt that slips over the outer sole of your chosen footwear and stops them falling off accidentally when you are busy concentrating on navigating across rough terrain.

Although these are marketed as being snow gaiters, they obviously can be used for protection against all weather conditions and situations. No matter what outdoor activity you are participating in, these will be a great accessory to invest in.


9. CampTeck U6843 Waterproof Walking Gaiters

In the interest of fairness, we always try with Internet Eyes to showcase the high-end products and those bargain-basement ones that perform well but are not what you would consider being “all-singing, all-dancing”-style products. This second-to-last pair in our guide fall very much in the latter category. They do exactly what they say on the time, so to speak. That is, they provide waterproofing for your legs and feet when you are out and about in the Great Outdoors, whatever you may be up to.

To help ensure they fit your legs, no matter how long or shapely they may be, they have a hook and loop closure system and zipper that make them easy enough to slip on. Besides, they also benefit from elasticated sections at the bottom and middle that help adjust and tighten them, so they sit nice and snugly against your outer clothing and stay tucked over your shoes or boots.

The CampTeck waterproof gaiters are completed by the obligatory drawcord at the top that just gives you another way to make them fit your unique leg shape and size perfectly.


10. Karrimor Munro Gaiters

To complete our guide, we have chosen a pair of waterproof gaiters that are not, in our opinion the most expensive, but neither are they the cheapest. Produced by Karrimor, a company that has a longstanding reputation for producing some of the finest accessories designed for outdoor pursuits, and with a name like Munro gaiters, it’s clear these are gaiters that should not be overlooked too quickly.

Made from polyester, they feature a very breathable, but waterproof design that benefits from special ripstop panelling so you can have full confidence that they will stand the test of time and hold up well against all conditions and standard wear and tear. In addition to the standard underfoot strapping that can be adjusted to give you just the right amount of snugness, they have an easy touch and close fastener and a special storm flap that just provides another layer of protection and comfort.

They may not last as long as a pricier pair but for just messing around in wet, muddy and windy conditions they are perfect enough.

Best Walking Gaiters – Buyer’s Guide

We understand, especially if you are completely new to walking gaiters, that simply providing you with a collection of products, high quality or not, may not be quite enough information you need to really make an informed decision about which you should buy. That is why we have put together this buyer’s guide that aims to help appreciate the different elements and parts of walking gaiters so you know what you should be looking at while trying to tell a good pair from a bad pair by yourself.

In addition to the following, we also offer some tips and help regarding the features that are most important in gaiters.

Different Types of Walking and Hiking Gaiters

Walking gaiters all perform the same basic task – they offer protection against weather conditions, so you that your legs can feel warm and dry while you are out in the wilderness or up the side of a hill. However, they still come in two different styles/sizes – full-length and ankle gaiters. (all 10 of the products we picked out are classed as full-length gaiters incidentally).

It is crucial to understand this as the last thing you want to do is buy ankle gaiters when you were expecting the full protection offered by the full-length options.


In addition to choosing either full-length or ankle gaiters, you will need to find the size that is right for your unique body shape and size. A badly fitting pair of walking gaiters, after all, is hardly going to provide the necessary protection and comfort you require. Furthermore, if they do not fit properly, you may spend more of your time adjusting the straps and slipping them back into place than you should be spending on enjoying the wild and beautiful countryside.

Materials and Fabrics

The materials and fabric used are also elements you should be keenly interested in when looking at gaiters as these determine the number of important things about them – how well they fit, how comfortable they are, how waterproof they are and whether they are breathable or not. Generally, you will find that most on the market offer a degree of waterproofing as well as protection against other weather conditions. Oxford nylon in 600D is commonly used. Other synthetic materials are incorporated and there is often some Velcro utilised too.

Features That Are Important

In addition to the above aspects of walking gaiters that you need to be fully aware of when buying your own pair, there are a small, but significant group of features you also need to look out for.

Type of Fastenings Used to Secure Them

One of the most important features of any walking gaiters is the type of fasteners used to secure them to your legs and over your feet. While the less expensive options will feature simple Velcro tabs, others will offer full-length zipper closures that make it not only easy to slip them on but ensure they sit snugly against your legs.

Storm flaps are another element you should look out for, as this is an additional layer of protection, particularly for the zipper and Velcro to stop them getting clogged up and becoming ineffective due to dirt and debris.

Another kind of fastener that is normally used in gaiters is the lace hook and loop which helps to secure them at the front of your boot and is normally located at the bottom. Elasticated options are great as they offer a secure and snug fit.

Most gaiters are completed in the fastening side of things by a drawstring cord towards the top that ensures the edge that sits directly below your knee or at the top of your calves fits against your legs comfortably.

Underfoot Strap or Stirrup Strap

Finally, the last important feature worth highlighting is the underfoot strap, often referred to as a stirrup strap that most gaiters are made with. This is the part that loops over your foot and grips around the outer sole to stop them from accidentally falling off while you are busy walking up a hill, skiing down a mountain or doing whatever you are doing. Normally these are made from either rubber or nylon and are adjustable.


There we go, ladies and gentlemen of the wild. A comprehensive look at the best walking gaiters available right now. We hope that as we have looked at both expensive and cheap options, we have given you enough of a selection to find the product that is best for you.

May all your future endeavours into the great outdoors be safe, comfortable, warm and dry!


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