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Verruca Treatment UK

Best Verruca Treatment UK


Pain in the foot while standing occurs due to various reasons like excess body weight or a long tiring day. Rough and hard patches under the foot is an indication of viral infection, known as verrucas. Although they protrude outside the skin, the weight of the foot pushes them inside. At times there are some visible black spots that may ooze out blood. 

Being in the Human Resource department of an MNC, I require addressing long hours of presentation. It was some time back that I noticed discomfort in the right foot. In the beginning, I thought it was due to stress and work pressure. Later I realized there were hard little lumps under the feet, which was causing the pain. Since one of my family members also suffered a similar issue, I knew that it was verruca. This led me to research the best verruca treatment that would let me treat them at home. With the advancements in science and technology, many options are available for self-treating verrucas and warts. Almost all the brands make sure that their respective products are easy to apply and will not require extra accessories. The treating methods range from the spray, removal pens, solutions, waterproof plasters, adhesive patches, and so on for our convenience. 

For any individual to choose from such different varieties is a challenging and time-consuming task. To ease the process, here is a list of some of the best verruca treatments. Along with their respective features, there are individual pros and cons to help you analyze better. Let us start reviewing each of them without further delay.

Top 10 Verruca Treatment UK

1. Verruca Removal Evagloss Solution

Verruca Removal Evagloss Solution

Verruca Removal Evagloss Solution

If you want a treatment to minimize verruca’s growth without visiting a medical clinic, then here it is! With the help of this solution, you can get results within a short time. Your skin will soon turn smooth, and there are no marks after that. Likewise, the solution also helps to tend warts occurring in other parts of the body. Applying the solution is not difficult, and you can do it all by yourself. After cleaning the feet with lukewarm water, use a cotton cloth to dry them. Dip the cotton buds in the solution and dab them in and around the affected area. In case the outer layer of the verruca is insensitive, a mall piercing with a sterilized needle will create an opening. (After) then you can apply the solution. 


  • Although it is just a bottle of 10ml solution, it is quite useful in its natural composition.
  • It is vital to use the solution for a few weeks and apply it twice daily. 
  • With regular application of the solution, the virus does not spread further. 
  • Due to the absence of any chemical constituents, this solution is safe to use on skin. 
  • Besides, it also contains essential oils and other organic extracts.
  • There is no irritation or itching after application
  • Results within two weeks.
  • Applicable for genital warts.
  • Reduces pain in the affected area.
  • Cotton buds included with the package.
  • Low-quality bottle spills the liquid.

2. Scholl’s Easy Application Verruca Removal Pen 

Scholl's Easy Application Verruca Removal Pen 

Scholl's Easy Application Verruca Removal Pen 

Here is the answer if you are a frequent traveller and want to use a spill-free solution for treating verrucas. Scholl’s verruca correcting pen is compact and ideal for carrying in luggage or handbag without the worry of leakage. Further, it is in the form of a gel-like substance that comes out of the tip only on pressing. Secondly, it is equally effective and easy to apply and does not require any other accessories like cotton or buds. Once the gel dries up in the applied area, you are free to move around and continue with the schedule. 


  • Being a single-click application tool, it is easily applicable, and a pen-like structure makes it easy to hold.
  • The pointed tip of the pen helps in targeting the exact location of the verruca on the skin.
  • The gel takes only ten to fifteen minutes to dry up.
  • It is advisable to use the treatment for at least four days
  • Regular Use helps in achieving effective results in seven days.
  • Children from four years onwards can use this treatment pen.
  • No itching or irritation.
  • Does not increase pain.
  • Requires only the press of a thumb.
  • Self-applicable.
  • Not recommended using in other body parts except hands and feet.

3. Freezing Device from Bazuka Verruca

Freezing Device from Bazuka Verruca

Freezing Device from Bazuka Verruca

Cryotherapy is one effective method that requires the use of liquid nitrogen in the affected area. A similar treatment based on the same technique is now possible using Bazuka’s verruca treating device. The device is in the form of a bottle with a pointed tip and is useful for multiple applications. After soaking the feet with warm water, you must dry them with a towel. Keep a pumice stone handy for filing the affected area. With the simple assembling of the device, it becomes ready to apply. Different sizes of verrucas will require a specific time of pressure of application for best results. However, it is essential to repeat the procedure after a few weeks if the virus persists.


  • The device is travel-friendly without the hassle of spilling.
  • The affected area freezes with just one application but requires a mild scrubbing before the use.
  • The technique extracts the virus from its core.
  • Instead of liquid nitrogen, it consists of an ether constituent and liquid propane, which acts similarly.
  • It penetrates deep till the verruca’s core and later forms a blister and falls off.
  • There is no darkening of skin or irritation.
  • Useful in both hands and feet.
  • Easily and rapidly applicable.
  • One application is sufficient for one verruca at a time.
  • A secure cap to protect the tip from dust and dirt.
  • Some people complain of no effect on larger verrucas.

4. Effective Verruca Removal Solution from Ariella

Effective Verruca Removal Solution from Ariella

Effective Verruca Removal Solution from Ariella

Since most people these days prefer organic options rather than chemical-based ingredients, Ariella’s solution for verruca treatment is apt. Constituting of natural ingredients, this composition is safe on the skin and does not leave any residue behind. Other than warts in the feet, it is useful in reducing the spread in other body parts, including the genital area. Thus, one solution is sufficient for reducing the effect on all body parts. A gentle twist of the pen releases the solution, ready to apply it to the infected area. However, the number of days for application is different for every individual, depending on the lump’s toughness. 


  • There is visible improvement within the first week of application. 
  • Stubborn warts and verrucas take longer than two weeks.
  • There is no pigmentation on the infected area and helps in regenerating tissues.
  • The solution targets only the infected area, leaving no effects on healthy ones.
  • After removal of the verrucas, the area regains its smoothness.
  • It does not take too long to dry up, but just a few minutes. 
  • Cells of the virus disrupt within the first phase.
  • Each pack contains two bottles.
  • Yields satisfactory results within days.
  • No leakage or spilling safe for travellers.
  • Requires thorough washing and drying before application.

5. Plaster Pads for Verruca removal from Cherioll 

Plaster Pads for Verruca removal from Cherioll 

Plaster Pads for Verruca removal from Cherioll 

Another reliable option for treating verrucas is using sticker pads, consisting of the medicine at the centre. Such sticker pads are available from Cherioll that helps in reducing the spread of warts and verrucas. Each pack contains twenty-four plaster pads, which you may use as per requirement. The padding on each plaster supports the infected area and thus prevents pain due to pressure of the body. Further, every dressing has the exact amount of anti-microbial components that help in healing the verruca. It is better to use one plaster for only a day. Then replace it with the next one until the area softens and gets better. 


  • These plaster pads are easy to use, travel-friendly, and helps in cleaning the infected area.
  • Effective on round-shaped verrucas as the pads can target them specifically.
  • It helps in relieving from pain caused by the infection.
  • Regular usage promotes the removal of dead skin and supports the regeneration of cells.
  • The sticker plasters do not displace from the position and help in supporting the feet while standing.
  • If required, children can also use them, and there is no irritation or itchiness on the skin.
  • No worries of spilling or leakage.
  • Fast action and removal of verrucas.
  • Stubborn and large verrucas turn smaller within the first few days.
  • Enough glue to stick for more than a day.
  • Leaves light marks in and around the area.

6. Healthy and Effective BUMAPO Verruca Removing Pen 

Healthy and Effective BUMAPO Verruca Removing Pen 

Healthy and Effective BUMAPO Verruca Removing Pen 

If you are suffering from sudden pain under the foot, check if there is a formation of hard and rough patches. Verrucas are one such infection that usually occurs from moist places, especially those indulging in communal swimming. Since they are contagious, itching may lead to its formation on other body parts also. Thus, it is essential to treat them as early as possible. One such treatment that is easily applicable is a verruca removal pen from BUMAPO. By directly targeting the infected area, this pen helps in healing the infection quite faster. As a result, you can get back to your regular chores within no time. Since some verrucas can also be very painful due to long hours of standing, this pen also reduces the pain.


  • The specialized formula in this treatment heals verrucas occurring in any part of the body.
  • The composition is natural and thus does not contain any harmful chemicals
  • Apart from verrucas, it also treats warts and corns, thus serve as a multi-purpose healer
  • It reacts with the verruca quite rapidly and is also easily usable.
  • It is essential to soak the verruca infected part in warm water and then dry it before applying.
  • The treating pen is directly applicable to the skin and does not require any clinical procedure.
  • Safe to use on skin.
  • No further pain or irritation.
  • Helps in promoting the natural skin condition.
  • Ideal to carry in a bag while on a trip.
  • Entry inside the eye can be harmful.

7. Wartner Cryotherapy Treatment for Verruca-affected Feet

Wartner Cryotherapy Treatment for Verruca-affected Feet

Wartner Cryotherapy Treatment for Verruca-affected Feet

Unattended sore feet after swimming often leads to viral infection, which then hardens some areas. In due course of time, there is an increase in pain and large patches of hard lumps called a verruca. Itching or scratching results in infecting other body parts also. Hence, immediate intervention is necessary to treat them before it spreads further. Warner’s verruca treating solution is one of the popular ones that support the self-treatment of such infections.

Further, its mechanism relies on cryotherapy that freezes the infection deep beneath the skin. Thus, the virus disrupts the cell-functioning and reduces further spread. The 50ml bottle is sufficient to treat multiple verrucas of a single person. However, it is better to use a different package for every other individual to prevent infecting a healthy person. 


  • The composition follows the method of cryotherapy and freezes the infection from within.
  • By creating blisters deep in the skin, the verruca protrudes outwards and then falls off.
  • Application by self is convenient and does not require any dependency on others.
  • Although the one-time application is sufficient if the infection remains, it is applicable for multiple times.
  • For harder verrucas, repetitive treatment is necessary after two weeks.
  • The package contains application sponges for direct use.
  • Applicable to both hands and feet.
  • Rapid action and results within weeks.
  • Recommended by medical professionals.

  • Easy to use and reduces pain and spread

  • The included sponge absorbs more than the required solution.

8. Painless Verruca Removing MaxMedix Plaster Strips

Painless Verruca Removing MaxMedix Plaster Strips

Painless Verruca Removing MaxMedix Plaster Strips

Verrucas and warts are contagious and thus infects any healthy person. If you notice any hard, rough patches on your skin, especially under the feet, immediate intervention is necessary to minimize the spread. Instead of visiting a doctor and spending a considerable sum of money, a similarly effective treatment option uses plaster pads from MaxMedix. Each pack contains 28 patches, and you can use one at least for a whole day for maximum effect. Once placed on the infected area, it helps in relieving pain and extracts the germs from within. In case the verruca does not heal in a day, you can apply it for the next consecutive days. 


  • The patch places directly on the verruca and thus targets the exact location.
  • It is safe to use and does not create any mess in and around the area.
  • It effectively removes warts and verrucas from any part of the skin.
  • Regular Use minimizes the growth of other bacteria and prevents further infection. 
  • A single application reduces pain and supports the body to continue regular activities.
  • It is essential to replace one strip every 12 hours with a new one.
  • Softens the skin and helps in further removal.
  • No pain or irritation after use.
  • Includes only natural components.
  • Well-packed to carry along with other belongings.
  • The glue may not work for a long time.

9. Freezing Spray for Verruca Removal from Carnation

Freezing Spray for Verruca Removal from Carnation

Freezing Spray for Verruca Removal from Carnation

If you did not receive any satisfaction with the verruca removing system’s traditional methods, consider investing in this one. This freezing spray from Carnation is effective and has a long nozzle for directly applying to the infected part. Any individual above the age of four can use this treatment and receive fast and satisfactory results. The most advantageous position is that each of the nozzles is in the form of cotton swabs disposable after each use. Thus, if more than one family member has the same infection, you can use the same bottle with different applicators. Further, each bottle gives the provision of twelve applications. Although it claims to remove verrucas with one treatment, some may require multiple times, depending on its hardness.


  • The solution in the form of spray is easily applicable and does not create any mess.
  • It is travel-friendly and effective on both warts and verrucas.
  • The solution penetrates deep in the skin and disrupts further multiplication
  • You will not have to depend on others for applying.
  • Each pack contains 12 disposable cotton applicators
  • It does not cause pain or itchiness on the skin.
  • Easy to apply on any area of the skin.
  • Use and throw applicators.
  • No provision of further infection.
  • Reduces the spread of verrucas.
  • Does not work on tough patches of the verruca.

10. Scholl’s Plaster Patches with Verruca Removing Discs

Scholl's Plaster Patches with Verruca Removing Discs

Scholl's Plaster Patches with Verruca Removing Discs

Is the verruca in the feet, making you feel uncomfortable at work? Or are you thinking of cancelling a trip to prevent further infection? Instead of looking for other treatment, use the plasters from Scholl that effectively remove warts and verruca from the skin. Besides, they stick to the skin with the adhesive on the skin, preventing its further spread or infecting other areas. Another added advantage is its waterproof feature. Thus, verruca will not stop you from diving in the pool if you are on vacation at the beach. As a result, you will neither infect others. The plasters’ natural colour coordinates with the skin colour and does not embarrass while in a company.


  • Each plaster contains salicylic acid, which is useful on verruca causing viruses. 
  • Regular Use helps in relieving the pain and releases pressure from in and around the area.
  • The square-shaped plasters cover almost the whole infected area. 
  • The adhesive on the plasters does not harm the surrounding skin and sticks for a long time.
  • Any individual above the age of sixteen can use them
  • It leaves behind a soft and smooth skin after verruca removal.
  • 40% of the ingredients are salicylic acid.
  • Plaster can stay for a few days.
  • Each pack contains 15 patches and 15 discs.
  • Water-resistant.
  • For larger verrucas, you may require more than one patch.

Verruca Treatment UK Buying Guide

To help you make better decisions, below mentioned are some questions that often pop up while purchasing the best verruca treatment method. 

What are the different types of treatment methods available for treating verrucas?

There are quite a few methods available for verruca treatment. Some commonly used ones are solutions, sprays, patches, plasters, correction pens, freezing pens, etc. 

Why is it essential to treat verruca?

Since verrucas are the results of a viral infection, they are also contagious. If not treated early, they tend to spread to other body parts or infect other individuals who contact them. Secondly, leaving them unattended often increases the pain and infects the surrounding skin.

How to use verruca treatment methods?

It is first essential for any kind of verruca treatment to soak the feet or hands for at least a few minutes in warm water. After drying thoroughly with a cotton cloth, you can continue to use the method as mentioned in the package. Most solutions include cotton swabs, which you must throw away after application. Verruca removing pens with freezing solution requires a slight slit or piercing with a needle before applying. Plasters or patches with the medicated discs are very simple to use and requires a simple pasting method on the infected area. 

Are the verruca treatment removal methods reliable?

Yes, most of the available options are reliable and yields satisfactory results. If not in a single treatment, you can use the same procedure after one or two weeks. However, if you have sensitive skin or encounter bleeding, consult a doctor immediately. Sometimes, if the verruca has already spread over a large area and it is hard enough, you might want to visit a clinic.

What are the ingredients in each treating methods safe for skin? 

Yes, most brands use natural ingredients like extracts from plants and essential oils in their composition. Some include salicylic acid, which restricts the growth of further infection. Thus, most of them are safe on the skin and does not cause additional pain or irritation. 

How much time does verruca treatment require?

If you are using a freezing mechanism like a spray or pen, a single application is sufficient for removing it. Plasters and patches require few days to cure verruca but reduce pain and relieve pressure. If there is no complete removal of the infection, apply the same procedure after a 

a gap of at least two weeks. 


While we conclude the article, we hope to clear most of the doubts about verruca treatment. Verruca can cause a lot of pain and discomfort; thus, it is vital to treat them immediately without much delay. Unattended verruca may lead to further spread in other parts or may infect your friends and family. There are a lot of options available with different price ranges and application methods. Choose the one which is convenient and affordable for you. In case you are still in a dilemma due to the wide variety of options, here are our recommendations.

Best Choice: Verruca Removal Evagloss Solution

Good Value for money: Scholl’s Plaster Patches with Verruca Removing Discs

Expensive: Effective Verruca Removal Solution from Ariella

We would like to stress to pay attention to each of the respective pros and cons and choose the one convenient for you. Without further delay, start your purchasing procedure for the best verruca treatment and follow the guidelines included here. 

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